Enhanced games: Is it ok

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Hello, let me talk with you about the enhanced games. All athletes around the world are following the enhanced games. You may have read about it. It is an international sportive event with no drug tests. I think it will be a fantastic event to explore great athletes. The fastest man in the world said that he broke the Usain Bolt’s 100m record. We may explore many other outstanding athletes who the Olympics refuse because of ingesting drugs, while they are amazing. Do you think that this competition will let us know if it is it ok to use drugs or not?

Aron D’Souza, the founder of the enhanced games said that the Enhanced Games is the next step in sport’s evolution, while it is a moral stain on the sporting landscape for others, he also said it is my body, it is my choice.

I think that the establishment of that event will increase the number of participants who join such sportive events, this will let them to take more drugs to be more powerful and easily break the previous athletic records. Other perspectives like doctors, scientists and philosophers expect that it will be really dangerous for our health, and it may cause a lot of body diseases. The Australian Olympic Committee called the idea "dangerous and irresponsible”.

The Egyptian weightlifter Mohamed Ehab was rejected from the last Olympics because he had a positive drug test, and I was really angry because I thought he might win a lot of medals, I wish he could join the enhanced games.

I want to say to all the opponents of the event that it is better to try to hold that event and see what will happen, so that we can know who is right! and I encourage all athletes around the world to join the enhanced games to know if ingesting drugs in the sportive events is a great choice or not? Do you know that most people around the world will curiously watch and follow that event like the ordinary Olympics or maybe more.