Standpoints by students of International Public School October 2 A | Egypt

Comments by students of International Public School October 2 A | Egypt

Student Comment Post Date
willing_impression Hello In my point of view I think that our country Egypt is mostly representing C .We in Egypt... Climate change in your country 28/3/24
awesome_guitar Hello, Topical talk I want really to thank you about this amazing photos!!!! Amazing!!! I... Festival snapshots! 28/3/24
willing_impression I agree with A and B, because that local factory made that AI ,so they are responsible for any... AI accident: who is responsible? 28/3/24
beloved_dolphin Hello 🤗 In the beginning, I would like to clarify that if I were the owner of a brand, I would... The face of a brand: poll results! 28/3/24
beloved_dolphin Most people will say preventing crime, and this is certainly very important, but from my point... Prevent or protect? Poll results! 28/3/24
fabulous_editor Hello everyone, I think that the media is a good thing for elections. However, you need to be... The media and elections 28/3/24
excited_snow Wow prodigious_globe!! I liked your prononciation, your opinion was very clear but the only one... Immigration: Divisive Policies, The Way Out 28/3/24
efficient_fox I agree because AI systems include tools that predict weather, track icebergs and identify... Why I agree that AI should help out . 28/3/24
excited_snow Your standpoint is perfect fabulous_editor, in my opinion it’s amazing 😉. I liked that you’re... AI and Eco-Anxiety 28/3/24
efficient_fox i think apps and social media i really saw many apps uses ai like Snapchat it used ai for make... Jobs of the future 28/3/24
willing_impression Most of people don't change because everything is ok in their point of view as you may listen in... Why don’t people change? 27/3/24
willing_impression I learned from the amazing expert Mrs.Caroline Hickman that there must be a balance between good... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
beloved_dolphin I think that elections couldn't be during wartime and that's for a lot of reasons for... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 27/3/24
awesome_guitar Hello🖐🏻❤️‍🔥, in my opinion I think it's important to be open while listening to other people's... Why so divisive? 27/3/24
beloved_dolphin Hello 🤗 First of all, before I say my opinion, we must understand the meaning of the word... Who should fund news about elections? 27/3/24
beloved_dolphin Hello 👋 I think that the most people who have the power in a democracy is voters because at all... Who has the power? 27/3/24
beloved_dolphin Firstly I am so glad to be in the festival because I learnt allot of things such as connecting... Competition #10 winners 26/3/24
beloved_dolphin The results show that half of people said no but the other half said yes and this means that... Future leaders: poll results! 26/3/24
awesome_guitar Ai in education may also involve a form of bias and this may even traumatize the students of... AI and Eco-Anxiety 26/3/24
excited_snow Hello 👋🏻 The festival expert I learned something important from was Phyllida Swift. I learned... Competition #10 winners 25/3/24