In my opinion Doping is not fair, here's why

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

To start off, everyone should know about doping. Doping is when athletes take a sort of drug to improve their performance in their sport. Many people think that doping is both good and bad but I think that doping is bad. I’m sure many people already agree with me on why doping is bad but I just want to provide more closure on why I don’t support it, which might change other people's opinion on doping too. My first reason why doping is bad is because it’s unfair to other athletes. It might be unfair to other athletes because they might not feel like their hard work is being appreciated because they’re other people taking drugs to be somewhat on their level and to be where they are now in life. Secondly, doping can be dangerous. Doping can be dangerous because the drugs the athlete is taking can be laced with something else instead of the other drugs that the athlete was supposed to take. Doping can also be dangerous because not only can the athlete be laced but the athlete can also end up hurting somebody else around them which can lead to even worse consequences such as the athlete going to jail for hurting somebody, somebody being hurt, and death for whoever the athlete hurt. Lastly, the athlete can have long-term effects due to doping. Doping might mess up your body, the way your peers think about you, the way you perform your sport, etc. Overall my view of doping is bad, I think anything can go wrong and that it can affect your future life in numerous ways which is most likely bad in my eyes. To end this off I would like to say who I am trying to spread awareness to. I am specifically talking to all athletes out there who are thinking about going to the Olympics since that is where doping is most popular. I say don’t do it no matter what. Not even if your opponent is better than you just do the best that you can do.