The Effects of Enhanced Games on the World

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  • HELLO fascinating opinion,
    I strongly agree with you because many people get addicted to the enhanced drugs and that is a dangerous and serious thing to go through, to me we should not be allow for people to take enhanced drugs because when the athlete are suffering people or athlete will start saying that they wish that they have not been taking enhanced drugs. as i have all ways or should i say that they is a saying that says it better save than sorry.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • I agree because sports are about working had, competition and team work that are able to impact athletes lives in many ways of their life but if these athletes use drugs to make them better then they would not know the true value of hard work ability to success of winning most people focus on winning and use drugs. these drugs do not just make them better but also have side effect that is going to affect them in the future. And besides the true joy of sport is winning after hard work