The Enhanced Games

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My topic is about the enhanced games; this topic is danderous in some ways because people could be harmed and hurt. It is important to me because everyone (even children) have to understand what points are right or wrong. This is so because it is actually fake.

A perspective from a gold medalist in 2021 would be:

I think this is all so annoying, because I`ve won a medal and hoping to get more but how am i going to get more if the rules change? I have a very strict way of playing sports, no cheating, so with a possible new rule like this, it could make my whole job fade away.

My opinion is that if it were to become an actual thing, then make it seperate to the real olyimic games and have only over 18`s because children may feel inspired and do illegal drugs.