Standpoints by students of St Mary's Catholic Primary School B | United Kingdom

Comments by students of St Mary's Catholic Primary School B | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
fair_seagull Yes! I totally agree with you AI can be used wrongly in some ways for examples lazy students... Will AI transform the emerging world? 17/2/24
fair_seagull Great idea I really like you’re thinking ! Will AI transform the emerging world? 16/2/24
fair_seagull I feel like AI could be helpful in the world as it can get things done quicker and make stuff in... Will AI transform the emerging world? 15/2/24
sociable_parrot Hello! This may seem like a bold or even odd suggestion but Barry Bee Benson from ‘The bee... Competition #4 winners 14/2/24
sociable_parrot Hi! I talked about eco-anxiety with my classmates and we came to a conclusion you are able to do... Report back 14/2/24
noble_saxophone I think that some jobs humans are better at like teachers, because it would be easy to help... AI companion 10/2/24
noble_saxophone I think that I would use the robot for catching bad guys and I would also put them in the army... AI companion 10/2/24
noble_saxophone If I had a robot I would make it help the poor and only do good jobs. AI companion 10/2/24
sociable_parrot I think an AI robot should be able to do some jobs for people with disabilities or medical... AI companion 09/2/24
careful_dragonfruit i think ai is a wonderfull thing but it should not be able to do jobs that should belong to... AI companion 09/2/24
genial_chicken I think this would be a great idea for everyone especially disabled people AI companion 09/2/24
fair_seagull i like you're thinking but what if it goes wrong example surgery ? AI companion 09/2/24
outgoing_sealion If I got the chance to meet Caroline my question to her would be: How can you approach... Caroline Hickman 09/2/24
powerful_llama I think AI is a good invention and it should stay the way it is but what I would do is try not... AI companion 09/2/24
trusting_studio I think AI companions would not be as popular as they wouldn't have the personality that real... AI companion 09/2/24
discreet_woodpecker If I had an AI robot that could do any job I would have it as a banker because AI is good with... AI companion 09/2/24
polite_rabbit I think that AI will not take over all jobs but it could take over some jobs like factory jobs... AI accident: who is responsible? 09/2/24
fair_seagull it would probably be best for making medicine to cure or helping people get cured but AI will... AI companion 09/2/24
forceful_trumpet if i had am AI robot I would make it like a mini helper for those who are disabled so they could... AI companion 09/2/24
thankful_dog I agree i would ask him lots of questions mostly about how Ai will advance Daniel Hulme 09/2/24