The Enhanced Games: The Future Olympics?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Recently, multi-billionaire Peter Thiel invested millions of pounds towards the controversial Enhanced Games. The Enhanced Games is a new form of the Olympics in which athletes are not subjected to taking an anti-doping test. Doping is when an athlete takes drugs such as steroids to strengthen their muscles and give them extra energy. Despite claims that it could ‘show the full potential of humans’ many are against the concept and have expressed this categorically.

The Enhanced Games have promised to push the human race to their true potential by using science and mankind in harmony to create a competition which will show what we are truly capable of. As we all know, we are an ever-evolving species and improvement has never harmed us in sports. We’ve already made the F1 combining mechanics and drivers: this is no different.

Another vital difference from other sports competitions is that the athletes are tested on health rather than fairness. Due to this, there will be a huge decrease in over doping. To expand on this: it is thought that already 44% of Olympic athletes dope illegally yet only 1% are found which has a huge negative outcome for their health and can ruin their career.

Finally, the enhanced games will pay fairly. This is a massive change from the Olympics – who pay less to a gold medallist than a Wimbledon player who doesn’t win a match. This will help the huge sum of athletes living in poverty.

Despite all this, many argue that this can easily break down. One of the most engaging aspects of sport is the passion and people you can share the passion with. Surely there cannot be passion towards harmful drugs showcasing none of what the human race is capable of.

Furthermore, there will be a huge amount of inequality with richer countries using greater sums to buy more advanced drugs which may force countries to use unethical drugs which may result in fatal over doping. This truly only has one outcome which cannot help with the huge amount of inequality we already have.

To conclude this, I feel that the enhanced games shouldn’t be allowed as I love the desire to succeed in sport and I feel this will not only effect the passion but also the athletes health reducing the amount of people willing to show their talent.

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