Powerful Women, Powerful People (Women In Media)

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Jim Morrison said that whoever controlled the media, controlled the mind. This quote in itself helps us understand that whatever people read and see in the media, definitely influences everybody. We need to realise that media is the ultimate weapon. whatever it says, holds great power.

For many decades, media has been controlled by men. Which meant that articles about women were by men. These thoughts have influenced the society immensely. People used to think Earth was flat before they discovered that it wasn't. Similarly many have thought of women differently becasue they have read or gathered information that is biased. When women write about women, many finally get the perspective that they have often overlooked for years. When women write, they not only inspire and influence others but become a source of motivation for many. We get to see personal stories that people connect to. We get to read about scenarios that we didn't know about. Since years, men have gone to places and reported things that people have associated danger with, but with women in media, they have broken many stereotypes. These have broken barriers and continue to channge the world.

Women in media are strong personalitis that have changed perspectives. This proves to be an awesome evidence for feminists as it proves that encouraging women is vital. It is also neccessary to understand that support for women is needed. A blend of information is always beneficial, when it comes from various sources it is always going to bring better results. Therefore having a platform where women can speak freely will always be phenomenal.