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Women play a very important role in the society. They are the backbones of the family, supporters to their husbands, care givers and also educators. Women play a very crucial role in the development of the society and nation as a whole but yet they are downgraded and discriminated by men, take a look at the gender pay gap, this is a very wrong way to treat women they do the same work as men but yet men get a higher pay than women this is a very wrong and unfair way to treat women . Women are very important especially as a mother because mothers play a very crucial role in the life of their children like teaching them manners, nurturing them, mothers also encourage and support their children when they need it. Now the question is what did women do to be treated this way. Women have done nothing wrong to deserve this kind of treatment. Below are some great women and their remarkable acheivements;

Emmeline Pankhurst- She created a group for women known as Suffragettes. This group fought for the women to be allowed to vote in the USA.

Florence Nightingale- She is the founder of modern nursing.

Marie Curie- she was a physicist that made a significant contribution to the field of radioactivity

Mother Theresa- She was a selfless nun that helped the poor and saved lots of lives through her missionary and charity work.

Margaret Thatcher-She was the first female prime minister in Europe and the longest serving prime minister of Europe in the 20th century

So please let me hear your opinions on women playing a very important role in the society.