Women’s role in life and women and media

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

No one can deny women's role in life and society.women's role in life is different across cultures and time periods . In the past , people just saw women as a homemacker and a caregiver but in recent decades, women were more valued and there was alot amazing progress towards gender equality.As you can see women nowadays play vital roles in society like being an engineer , teacher , scientist , political , lawyer , judge , artist , pilot and so on.However,challenges like gender discrimination , unequal pay and limited access to education are still existing in many parts of the world.And also one of the problems that most women face is social media.As social media is a double edged weapon so it can be amazing for women to share their thoughts and opinions and ideas but it could be so bad for women to in line with social media or online beauty standards and that could be so heartbreaking for them as most people now watch things on internet depending on if this woman is beautiful or not even if she shares unpurposeful content just because this woman is so beautiful and actually a lot of women hate themselves just because of the beauty standards on the internet and even if they have very meaningful content they would say I am not good enough or beautiful enough to share things on internet and that would get them social anxiety.In my opinion, every woman is beautiful and special and these beauty standards are just so stupid . Just don't give consideration to people's opinion of you and walk on your path to success and don't care about people because people's opinion doesn't change anything about you .