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philosophical_skill Firstly:The aco anxiety effect is that animals become extinct because they do not have the... Eco Anxiety 28/3/24
miraculous_explanation Hi there I totally agree with you, but I want to say my point of view, and I think it's similar... How can we stop water pollution to save the eco system? 28/3/24
serious_melon The Indian election system is a complex tapestry of democracy, reflecting the nation’s diversity... Politics Behind Indian Election System. 28/3/24
miraculous_explanation I'm not sure about this. Nowdays, AI has been evaluated a great evaluation in many aspects. AI... AI in education 28/3/24
persuasive_ocean First, and before I say anything, I would like to say that it was a great honor for me to join... Competition #10 winners 28/3/24
miraculous_bilberry I had a very wonderful experience ❤, I improved my writing as well as writing comments and... Competition #10 winners 28/3/24
miraculous_bilberry Hi everyone, In my opinion, robot teachers are not as helpful as human teachers although there... AI can not outdo the human teacher 28/3/24
miraculous_bilberry Hi everyone, in my opinion, artificial intelligence (Al) started in 1950-1956 and it was made... AI can not outdo the human teacher 28/3/24
wonderful_attitude Everything around us runs on software, and coding is everywhere. It's a very important skill to... The Importance of Learning Coding at a Young Age 28/3/24
miraculous_explanation I totally agree with you that AI is a double - edged weapon and it has many advantages, like it... How will AI change our lives? 27/3/24
philosophical_skill Hi my opinion isScience fiction books and movies feature machines that are more intelligent than... Businesses and AI 27/3/24
sympathetic_clarinet Hello everybody I'm sympathetic clarinet I'm going to this kiss my opinion with you about... AI and it's possibilities 27/3/24
serious_melon The impact of AI on the future is a topic of intense debate. While I don’t have personal... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 27/3/24
miraculous_explanation Hi there most topics I was passionate about was AI - education & the future of work, because I'm... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 27/3/24
persuasive_ocean I personally agree with the first paragraph in this standpoint. As you said "Although climate... My standpoint for Eco-Anxiety. 27/3/24
miraculous_explanation Hi there! This year was a great advantage for me, because I entered the Tropical Talk festival.... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
glorious_melon I have learned so many things from the Topical Talks festival. I have learned how to share my... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
trustful_region ❤️ I would like to thank the festival much as as possible because I have benefited a lot from it... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
sympathetic_clarinet In this festival I have learned many things and also I've shared by opinion in many topics and... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
persuasive_ocean In my opinion, AI and technology in general is a double-edged sword. It can benefit our world,... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 27/3/24