BRICS: a new superpower?

BRICS is the name for the group that brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – five countries with big economies that have the potential to grow in importance. BRICS often appears in the news because some people believe that over time it could become a global superpower.

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Use this one-hour lesson to help your students:

  • Understand what BRICS is and why it often appears in the news
  • Discuss why countries might want to form groups and alliances
  • Evaluate the power of BRICS

This Headline develops

  • problemsolving-colour@4x

    Step 8:

    I explore complex problems within BRICS by analysing the causes and effects

  • problemsolving-colour@4x

    Step 11:

    I analyse complex problems within BRICS by using logical reasoning

  • knowledge-colour

    Step 12:

    I can define some common themes in the news – for example, power

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