Climate change: extreme temperatures

Last month global temperatures broke new records as heatwaves in Asia and America contributed to a higher-than-usual global average. Should governments spend money on solutions to slow climate change or focus funds to help people live with the effects of extreme temperatures?

Headline 47 - Climate change - extreme temperatures - Other assets - 23.08.17

Use this one-hour Headline lesson to help your students:

  • Explore the impact of extreme temperatures
  • Discuss examples in the news and potential solutions
  • Debate which solutions should receive the most government funding

This lesson develops

  • creativity-colour

    Step 3:

    I generate ideas when I’ve been given a clear brief

  • creativity-colour

    Step 8:

    I develop ideas by using mind mapping

  • knowledge-colour

    Step 13:

    I can identify a theme in a news story

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