COP28: investigating numbers

Between November 30th and December 12th 2023, world leaders will come together in the United Arab Emirates for COP28. What kinds of numbers might be discussed? And why is it important to consider stock and flow when looking at numbers to do with climate change?


Hear from The Economist's global energy and climate innovation editor and explore why it's important for leaders at COP events to ask questions about the numbers that are shared.

Use this one-hour Headline resource to help your students:

  • Learn about stock and flow
  • Explore examples where stock and flow might affect people's opinions and decisions about a number
  • Discuss why questioning is a vital part of developing ideas

This lesson develops the following skills and knowledge:

Creativity icon

Step 1:
I imagine different situations and can say what I imagine
Step 9:
I develop ideas by asking myself questions

Knowledge icon

Step 2:
I can use important vocabulary specific to a news story

Find out more about the Topical Talk skills and knowledge framework here.

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