Israel and Palestine: news literacy

News about the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine can be upsetting and some people have strong opposing opinions. Whenever there is a humanitarian crisis, people are more likely to see more misinformation, conflicting opinions and distressing images.


Our 1-hour Headline resource helps students reflect on the types of news people might see and explore how to navigate the news during conflicts and humanitarian crises.

Use this lesson to help your students:

  • Understand the history of Israel and Palestine
  • Explore how bias affects the news people might see
  • Discuss the impact of misinformation, distressing images and polarisation

This lesson develops the following skills and knowledge:

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Step 6: I show I am listening by how I use eye contact and body language
Step 12: I listen critically and think about where differences in perspectives come from

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Step 6: I can explain why it's important to find reliable news sources
Step 7: I can explain how bias affects the news I see and hear

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