Views on the news

Ready to explore different perspectives from across the globe? Discuss why it's important for young people to understand the news and help students identify how someone's unique viewpoint might affect how they feel about a news story.

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Use this one-hour Headline lesson to help your students:

  • Hear different perspectives on current affairs
  • Explore our Festival Highlights magazine through a fun bingo game
  • Explain why someone's perspective might affect their views on the news

This lesson develops

  • listening-colour

    Step 3:

    I listen to others' opinions and can tell someone else what they are about

  • listening-colour

    Step 2:

    I listen critically and think about where differences in perspectives come from

  • knowledge-colour

    Step 4:

    I can explain how the context affects a news story and people’s opinions about it

Find out more about the Topical Talk skills and knowledge frameworks here.

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