Views on the news

What causes people to have different perspectives? And why is it helpful to understand where perspectives come from?


Our interactive game helps students explore why it is important to consider a range of perspectives before making a decision. Students will then apply their learning to two issues in the news: "The Voice" referendum in Australia and the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Use this one-hour Headline to help your students:

  • Discuss why perspectives are important for two issues in the news
  • Understand the benefits of hearing from a range of perspectives
  • Identify barriers which may stop people hearing from or seeking out new perspectives

This lesson develops the following skills and knowledge:

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Step 11: I listen critically and compare different perspectives
Step 12: I listen critically and think about where differences in perspectives come from

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Step 10:
I can explain how the context affected a news story and people’s opinions about it

Find out more about the Topical Talk skills and knowledge framework here.

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