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I would like to be a doctor personally. A lot of people actually would want to be part of the... What causes doctor shortages? 01/12/22
I believe that what cause shortage of the medical workforce is the fact the most people get... What causes doctor shortages? 29/11/22
We all know that fashion is an important trend. we can use our environment to improve our... Reduce, reuse, recycle! 23/11/22
hello everyone. I am going to disagree with that because I personally think that it doesn't... Controversy in Qatar! 18/11/22
I personally think that the legacy that this world cup is going to leave is that this world cup... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 18/11/22
Well I personally think that diversity in films is a very important because it helps bring... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 15/11/22