Why is it important to see diversity in films?


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Why is it important to see diversity in films? And how can films make sure they do representation right?

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  • A things that has become familiar for people of color is low representation in films and in older films people of color in the US were portrayed as criminals and thugs but what people of color need is representation, black panther in which the protagonist(Chadwick Bosman) was an African American and the movie featured many African actors it was the first of it's kind, it portrayed Africa in a positive way it was the first of it's kind to hit the mainstream.
    Yes minorities need equal and fair representation in films in media because films are a big cause of stigmatization of races.
    And fair representation in films can reduce the stigma caused by previous media.

    1. I completely agree as I believe representation is crucial for the reduction of stigmas and film is one of the best ways globally to promote this. Can you think of any other films where you think they had good representation and why?

    2. I agree because... it is important to see diversity in films, because in diversity, as in other areas, it is not necessary to specialize. The principle of diversity is not just about race. Sometimes it's better to focus on a small group of topics than to cover everything. Some things, such as race, are of objective importance. There are tastes that differ from person to person, and they must attract every diversity of opinions and tastes to succeed. They also contain messages that help people change their mind about something.
      Moreover, when there is only one type of actor, for example, a white male, not every role or idea can be realized. Allowing actors from all backgrounds to have the same opportunities as white movie stars can create diversity in their performances and in the film itself.
      Films ensure that they are represented correctly, when they are impartial, spread peace, and do not provoke outrage.

  • A diverse movie is a modern themed multi-cultural movie which celebrates the diversity of culture, sexuality and lifestyle.
    Diversity is about culture, ethnicity, political beliefs, age, and religion. Each of these groups contains people who look, act and think in different ways. In diversity, as in other fields, it isn't necessary to specialise.
    The world is extremely diverse which is why representation is so important. There are people of different colours, different cultures, and different backgrounds everywhere. Yet when we take a look at some of the highest-grossing movies of the last decade, or the most popular television series on streaming services such as Netflix, we can not always find this diversity translated back on the screen. This lack of representation has consequences on our society and the people that can not find themselves back on the screen. I do think it’s powerful for people of a minority race to be represented in pop culture to really show a message that everybody has a place in this world. Films and television can influence the views of the watcher on certain people or different cultures. In addition to this, people of colour or characters with different backgrounds can also shape how underrepresented people view themselves.
    Black Panther was the first time seeing a superhero of color on screen. Better yet, this groundbreaking film which has netted over $900 million dollars, could have been the first time seeing a predominantly black cast with a black director, black costume designers, black hairstylists, and more, actively producing representation in a positive light.

  • Why is it important to see diversity in films?!
    Because this diversity will work to communicate different ideas and carry different meanings. You may have seen films (action, horror, comedy or drama). All this diversity works on creativity in conveying a specific message, so we do not put our time on watching the same and repeating ideas, but with two other examples, but with a different and diverse idea We take many judgments after watching

    1. thank you for your comment
      In your opinion, when the films are diversified, they all contain lessons and wisdom? I do not deny your saying, but not all films contain lessons and wisdom, but when the films are diversified, characters are embodied that express our personalities in the present, but they introduce us to various cultures from the outside world.

  • I think diversity is important to see in things like tv shows, movies, cartoons, ETC because it can show and teach kids and 'people' how to not treat people that's not their skin color different like their an animal and a monster. Having multi colored people in things people watch can also help with the history back then. Segregation being one them, segregation put a big racial change on the world. So showing all people coming together as one will help alot with diversity.

    1. I believe it's important as well to see diversity in real life , shows etc. It shows people that we can come together as humans and not hate or fight each other.

    2. I agree with you on the subject of putting people of different colors in movies or cartoons to show children that we are all the same and we must all be treated the same way .

  • Seeing diversity in films is super important in my opinion because it makes everyone feel part of society . It makes us all feel different which for me is important we feel different . Why? Because strength lies in our differences not in our similarities.

    “I can tell you without diversity creativity remains stagnant”.-Edward Enninful

    1. Thank you, really enjoyed the idea of 'strength lies in our differences not in our similarities.' Diversity encourages creativity as everyone can contribute differently to boost innovation. Could you think of any other benefits of diversity ?

      1. Another one I could think of is ,
        Let’s share our similarities and celebrate our diffrences.

    2. I agree with this because we need to see all the different people and so that we can also feel different so we are not like each other and all of us are different.

    3. I'm not sure about this because it doesn't make a lot of sense, for me. But I understood that colour people feel left out and I never think about that way.

      1. Do you think that all people should be represented in films, and that is important to see diversity in cinema?

    4. Great point compelling_hurricane! Can you give an example of where you being different has been a strength?

      1. I am a Latina , and my mom does not speak English so well. Whenever she need a translator, here I am . Also me being able to speak Spanish and English will really help me with my GCSE . And it can give me more qualifications for jobs.

        I had a disease but now I am better I missed so many days of school before . Eventually I looked different to everyone else (I don’t really want to say how ) everyday everyone in my class would stare at me . I used to think me being different was bad. Until me dad gave me the quote that “strength lies in our differences not in our similarities .”

        1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Why do you think it is also important to see people's differences in film and TV as well?

        2. Thank you for sharing - your differences make you YOU

  • I think it is important to see diversity in films because people are influenced by what they see. So when they see diversity being represented, they will start to think more carefully about it.
    Also, it is good, because the world is dirverse. People need to see the truth about what has happened through history in diverity. Everybody is different and we should be respected for this. But the truth is-not everybody treates others fairly. We all have prejudices that can influence us.

    Films could make sure they get the representations by making a diversity charter that tells you what you are going to do. People also need to make sure they know what diversity they are trying to represent. We need to address the things we are blind to. Eg: Race; gender; age; even economic class.

    1. I agree that people need to know more about the diversity group they are representing. I think that we risk causing more harm if we do not represent people in a way which is true to them. That is why it is not just about the characters. We should also make sure that diverse people are writing the scripts and directing the films too because only they know how it feels to be this way.

    2. This is an interesting point of how movies should reflect what the world actually looks like! How does that help people in real life? Can you say a little bit more about how it would help people who have traditionally been represented in films change their behaviours by seeing a more diverse cast in movies? Great thought process!

      1. Thanks.
        I think it helps people in real life because it can give them an idea on what is actually happening in the world, some things that they may not have known about beforehand.
        It would help people who have been traditionally represented change their behaviours because when they see that there is a diverse cast and better representations, they could feel happier because that way more people will understand the truth.

    3. I agree because everyone should be threated equal and the people shouldn't be more racist anymore because it will hurt our mental health if someone insults you.I really like your opinion about diversity.

    4. I agree because... People are influenced by what they see, so it is critical that we portray the right things in movies, as this influences how society engages with the subject and interacts with the people in each locality. Having the right representation gives individuals a sense of belonging, which when translated properly helps reshape the minds and thinking of others. We must remember that if there is no diversity in movies, there will be both positive and negative consequences because what we see stays in our memories and becomes part of our lifelong experiences.

      1. Great response insightful_science

    5. I think you are 100% correct.It is important to see diversity in the film because they automatically adopt what is shown in the film .They feel that everyone owns the equality.I too taught of the same thing

    6. I agree with your point because diversity is very important in this globalized world. Most countries have representation from several other countries as well. Hence, focusing on one particular race for all good things or bad things happening around is not correct.

      Recently in our country, a movie made in one of the south indian language, Kannada, named 'Kantara' was celebrated big time by the entire country and beyond too. This movie was made in a language that not many people watch, beyond that particular Indian state Karnataka.

      Generally, when you say Indian movie, everyone thinks it's only bolly wood movies, which is all about good stories, filled with songs and dance mostly. However, India is a land with diverse culture, with several languages spoken.

      Hence, when this Kannada language movie 'Kantara' which celebrated the culture prevalent in the tribal people living forests of the Indian State Karnataka was released, a film about man vs. nature, it became one of the most refreshing and groundbreaking movies of all times!
      Such representation is good.

  • Diversity in films is important because societies are diverse. The more we see people who are different to us, the more we get used to the fact that they are part of society, just like us. Also, people need to see themselves reflected on the screen, so it's not just films, but also TV shows and adverts that should be diverse. People from all backgrounds and especially young people need to see people they can relate to. How are people from different backgrounds supposed to understand they are equal members of society if they don't see people like them on the screen?

    Films can make sure they do their representation right by giving both important and less important roles to different people. I mean, for example the heroes should be both Asian, European, African and American, in a balanced proportion. Also, people from different backgrounds should be given roles as lawyers, politicians, businessmen, scientists, so that young people understand they can become anything they want and that their background is not an obstacle.

    1. With some films based on history, casting has sometimes been "colourblind" (actors have been cast into roles that were historically different in ethnicity from their own). For example, in the musical Hamilton, the role of Hamilton himself (who was white) has often been acted by someone who is black. What are your views on this?

      Likewise with gender. Hamlet, was famously a prince of Denmark. Should a woman portray him? Any reasons for and against?

      1. In my view we should keep historical facts accurate precisely because we need to learn from history. I must admit I didn’t know who Hamilton was but now I read about him and I know. Given the situation in the US at the time, I think it is wrong to have a black Hamilton. I also think it would be wrong to have a woman Hamlet because this is not how Shakespeare created the character. I know this is fiction, but this too was created in a certain historical context.
        I think the solution to the diversity problem is to create diverse characters that portray the world we are currently living in.
        I know about a book that tells the story of a time when people tried to create this perfect world without anything ugly in it and there were no books to inform them about the past. But the truth is the world is not 100% good. Of course we are doing our best to make it good but we can’t do it by hiding things under the carpet.

    2. I agree because racial and gender balance is a major obstacle in film production and acting.

    3. I have joined the discussion of who can change the world. I answered: I think being a hero isn't about wearing a cape or having amazing superpowers because it's not what we have that saves people but what we can do. A hero, in my view, is someone who does nothing but good for people no matter what, sometimes even sacrificing something they really hold dear. I can't really name any superhero characters because I don't watch either Marvel or DC. However, what I can say is this, we shouldn't wish the heroes from comic books or movies, we can all be everyday heroes and not necessarily be someone everyone wants to be like because we're so good or strong. A superhero or just a hero, what makes them different from others is their desire and ability to do something for someone else...
      On the subject of the Black Panther: Representation and Diversity Student: Great From school: Remaville Christian Academy Country: Nigeria And I said: Your way of thinking is distinctive, and your comment inspires hope in the soul of the reader and makes him motivated to try hard to be a good person. It really made me think differently because it is not important to be the hero only in movies and novels, we should always be a hero to ourselves and those around us and do our best to do good

      1. Is there someone in real life you think is a superhero?

        1. Yes, there are many people who are called superheroes, for example my mother who carried me in her womb for nine months and endured the pain and hardships she and my father worked on raising me until I grew up and became self-reliant. Superheroes indeed

    4. I agree because diversity in films has widened the horoscope of many individuals by creating, empowering and inspire individuals of oppressed groups and culture. It has also expanded career opportunities for denigrated category in the entertainment industry and the society as a whole.

  • I personally think that we should have more people of different racial backgrounds on tv. Why? Well, if we only see white people as the main characters or superheroes, we will belive that they can't be like that just because of their skin color. Think about all the marvel heroes like Iron man, Spiderman , Wonder woman, the hulk, and more. They are all white. The films should have all kinds of movie characters because we need to get used to diversity. If we were all the same, life would be boring. I think that Disney making the new actor of Ariel a black woman is amazing.
    On the other hand, I'm not saying that we should have a black Snow White or a white Black Panther. We should keep to reality as much as we can, and the reality is that human beings are diverse. But also that most people in Europe used to be white and most people in Africa are still black. I think distorting reality for the sake of diversity is wrong. For example, a Korean Queen Victoria just wouldn't make sense.
    Another thing, I think it actually depends on the acting skill too. If a certain black man has better acting skill than a white man, then it's fair to hire him and vice versa. In conclusion I think it is important to show diversity as this is our reality but we should not discount people's ability.

    1. That's exactly right @bright_wallaby we should have diverse characters on screen because in reality human beings are diverse! And great point about not distorting reality and the representation of real people like Queen Victoria for the sake of diversity. How do you think films can make sure they represent people from different backgrounds well?

    2. Great comments! Do you think PoC/BME skills are assessed differently due to underlying racial tones in industry or do you think everyone is judged fairly?

  • In the beginning, films are very interesting, sometimes action, sometimes comedy, sometimes drama, etc. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Thinking we only watch a drama now we get bored. How do we know that the representation is correct?! The viewer should be in harmony with the movie, to feel fun and not be bored. The viewer should cry if it is a drama, and laugh if it is a comedy, and be encouraged and excited if it is action.

    1. I'm not sure about this because we're talking more about diversity and how to feel a personal connection with the character on the screen than talking about drama and fun. Even though it matters to keep your viewers entertained, it still matters to give them what they deserve to see. I see your point, but we still have to know if they're showing the representation wrong but still trying to worry about fun, it could lead to a negative and wasteful movie.

  • A movie with diversity and representation can show and celebrate people of different races, cultural backgrounds, sexualities, genders, religions and many more. In Black Panther, for the first time in Marvel history, we see a person of colour as the main protagonist and hero of the movie. As a person of colour myself, I feel that diversity is extremely important in mass media because POC are still subject to stereotypes and stigmatization for things that make no sense. While some stereotypes are not particularly 'harmful', they still make the progress we made in vain. Although non-POC believe that POC have great representation, we don't. If you look at the most popular movies, they all have mostly, if not an all-white cast and crew.
    Sometimes, people believe that representation is just including a character of colour which it isn't. Good representation depends on how you portray a character. A good representation isn't making a Black character a criminal or thug, good rep is making a movie starring a Black person as the protagonist and focusing on them as a character and not the colour of their skin. Black Panther was one of the films that were able to do this amazingly. Black Panther focused on the culture of the characters and not how they have some sort of internalized racism for themselves. This is unlike many films as most of them tend to follow the same narrative. Someone hates the colour of their skin and movie follows them around their journey. Although it's a good idea, it is usually poorly executed as most of the producers and directors and White. In Black Panther, African culture is shown amazingly and it helps that most of the cast and crew are POC. This helps in the reduction of the stigma around Black people.

    1. Thank you for your knowledgeable and informed comment @ingenious _library. I've awarded you two stars as you've used all of the Topical Talk skills of Listening, Speaking, Creativity and Problem Solving really well. You've offered great examples of good and bad representation in films, talked about how films add to the problem of stereotypes as well as how they can help to get rid of stereotypes. Well done!

    2. I agree because representation isn't only about adding a character of color and their culture isn't showcased enough. We need more good representations like those done in black panther.

  • It's important to see different people in movies because we will create a good image about them. We are scared about things that we don't know. My teacher at the start of the lesson told me think about how do you feel if you enter a dark room. At first you feel scared because you don't know what is inside but if you turn on the light you see that it is just a normal room. That is the same for diverse movies. The movies are a guiding light to the unknown of diversity. If the movies aren't diverse they won't teach you to love the people among you. That's why we should see diversity in movies.

    1. You have provided some great insights poetic_buffalo. I love the visual imagery of turning on the light. How do you think movies could be made more diverse? Or convey positive messages of diversity to enlighten others?

      1. I think that the starting point should be that we should see each other as human beings who can do the same things irrespective of race or gender. So if people from different backgrounds are given parts as important jobs but also unimportant jobs, heroes but also villains, we are all going to understand that in essence there are no differences between us.This will tell to the public that all humans are equals.

  • I believe it is important to see diversity in films because it gives people not familiar with diverse people the idea that they're not so different from other types of people and it encourages them to make friends from different places. Film can make sure they do representation right by having an equal amount of diverse actors. That way, people will see others can do interesting things. Do you think diverse people should be in films or only one type of people should be in a film? How can we see the real world if we only see it from one point of view?

    1. I agree it's important to get to know and understand other people both to learn about your similarities and differences fun_rainforest. Beyond actors, how else could films be made more diverse?

    2. What part does the purpose and the plot of the film have in this?

      Sometimes a film can have diverse characters and it makes no difference to the story being told.

      However, for example, there was a film a few years ago named Loving. It is about how a racially mixed married couple were not allowed to live in Virginia in the United States. What does representation mean in a film like this?

  • To see diversity in films is important because white people realise that they should treat different skin colour people the same. The films can make sure that they do representation right by putting different skin colour people as the main characters and role models in the films. In my country the Roma community are always put down in films which is wrong and it makes people treat them differently. Could Romanian films make the Roma community the main characters and the good guys for once?

    1. Hi @incomparable_armadillo, you're right that it's unfortunate that everyone has the ability to discriminate and treat other people badly. That's a great example about the Roma community. People who make films should make sure they don't just repeat stereotypes and that they represent people from different backgrounds accurately.

  • I think that it is important to see diversity in films, because of the mindset people get if they only see the world through movies one way. It doesn't matter if it is a fantasy or sci-fi film. People will always believe at least a few things from a film, so I think it should really exist more diversity in films. For example, to get used to seeing more different people in real life, without being that surprised and maybe even afraid of them. My teacher told me today in class that when he was younger he was afraid of diverse people because he is from a place where it is not common. He said that he changed his mind because of TV. Maybe we can entroduce different characters. People might actually change theyre mindset this way.

    1. Very true, TV can really affect your mindset! How do you think people who make TV programmes can make sure they represent different characters correctly?

    2. I agree because Our different opinions and perspectives on life led to diversity in films Movies should be done right by putting all the positives in the movie characters Since we are naturally affected by what we see, we will realize the importance of being positive in our society.

  • I think it is important to see diversity in films because not only that it tells people to respect other races but it also develops confidence in people of all the different races . I my self remember how happy I was this year when I saw the first Pakistani super hero( ms marvel ) it gives all the people the courage that they can be a part of something big and gives them a sense of belonging that they are not less than anyone. Black panther was the first black lead solo super hero movie so it was a big step against racism. And I think it is also important because all the children who see the movie develop a healthy mindset that all humans are equal and a black person can also lead us. Also seeing shuri becoming the new black panther shows that a woman can also be a leader defying the concept of that only men are strong enough to lead.
    So , I think that it's important to see diversity in films because it eliminates the complex about a race or religion and also creates an environment in which we are all equally human.

    1. You've used some great examples to showcase different types of diversity representation in film breathtaking_meteor. You have also broached the concept of intersectionality where an individual may belong to more than one diversity group e.g. black heritage and female. I really like your statement in which we are "all equally human", that's such a beautiful sentiment. Great job!

    2. Breaktaking_mentor, thank you for your comment. I like the character of Ms Marvel: not only does she bring more diversity to the world of superheroes, the comic strips show what life can be like to be a muslim in the US, and so provides the gentlest of educations for many in the West.
      You may have given a spoiler about Shuri becoming the new black panther!

    3. Hi breathtaking_meteor,

      I agree that diversity in films develops confidence in people of different races - I remember princess Jasmine being the first Disney princess that I could relate to!

      Do you have any ideas of a story-line for a new movie which celebrates diversity?

  • Diversity is the beauty of our world .When a film maker projects diversity with people of different cultures,religions,colours and background...it signifies that everyone is accepted and inclusive .Diversity makes us feel as citizen of the world.Recently,i watched an indian Movie' PK 'which was great in its impact .It reflected that our people minds are hijacked by zealots.We have forgotten the message by Allah .Our belief system is diametrically convulated...it left many logical questions on my mind.The movie impacted to billion of people.Thus diversity in movies impact our mental health.

    1. Great insight! What do you think about PK impacted you the most e.g. was there any particular scene or actor that you felt had an impact on you personally and why?

  • Why is it so diverse to see diversity in films? : This diversity communicates different ideas and different meanings from one person to another (some people think in terms of creativity and intelligence from those different films they have seen).
    Different people should be affected by what they see in the movies. For example, we made a movie and had black heroes and white heroes in secondary roles, white people the idea that they are no different from white than they are and that they are equal in every color
    And people will believe some things
    To show and celebrate people of different races, cultural backgrounds, nationalities, genders and religions Because of her opinion of the article the person holds (by what he does after watching the movie or for example in the movie so-and-so - the hero acted like a mover or what is sometimes said about him)
    Movies can make sure they get representation by putting in a diversity meth that tells you what they are going to do or do correctly by assigning important and less important roles to different people.

  • Diversity in acting is very important, with diversity, people do not get bored of watching movies, and when the movie has a new story with a new diversity, the curiosity of viewers increases to know the story and the axis around which the movie revolves, and everything is in a special way so that it convinces the viewer to complete watching to see what will happen
    People also benefit from this diversity in their lives. It is possible that the situations in this movie happen with someone and through the movie realize what they are going through, or raise the awareness of the ignorant, as we learn from diversity. And this is a different judgment and values ​​that we benefit from in our lives and learn and how to act in certain situations that happen to us, where there are people who do not like a certain type of film, with different films, everyone has the right to pursue the genre he likes.

  • diversity is important because it teaches us how to act, it influences our choices and gives us hope and it includes everyone and inclusion of everyone's viewpoints and perspectives is key to a better community. It also enhances our creativity, every culture and everyone views the world in different and useful perspectives.

    1. I agree because... all the people living in the world are different and have a unique perspective .
      Especially in my country there are people with unique culture . So here diversity plays a vital role. Here we can learn the culture of different people . Also we can have a connect with them .
      ( If anyone wants to add any point please share it )

      1. I agree because... exactly what i was trying to emphasize, if there is more diversity, we could really solve even the most basic of problems and people would feel more involved. Also a lot of issues would be solved.

  • Seeing the diversity in the films brings excitement and enthusiasm to the viewers, and it is also possible to take information from the films that we did not know before. The films are very beautiful and also beautiful according to the type of the film. The film has types, including action, thriller, drama, comedy and others, all of which are entertaining and interesting in the viewers' point of view.
    I think it can be ensured that it is represented correctly when the viewer enjoys watching and likes the story of the film.

    1. Hi Great_Mango - you say that seeing diversity in films brings excitement and enthusiasm to viewers. Can you say why this would be the case?

      1. I think that it is because of their love for the heroes of the film and the main axis (the story) of the film, or their admiration for the writer's writing of the film and the film's story for the director .

      2. When we bring enthusiasm and excitement, there may be some valuable information that must be communicated to the viewer, or we make him expect new things, and with this we can develop his mind and make him developed and mentally predictable.

  • There should be diversity in films. I feel that it would help to reduce gender inequality and also discrimination. When all the different genders and races are well represented in films, it introduces a feeling or sense of equality and belonging. It helps to portray to society that there can be unity in diversity, when everyone works together to achieve a goal.

    1. A good point of view, I liked it, because you looked at the issue from a sensitive side, which is discrimination and inequality, and also unity in order to achieve goals, this is wonderful, thank you

  • Not only does on-screen representation give us the chance to see outside of our bubble, but it also allows others to feel included and seen. Having a cast with a specific background can often break certain stereotypes that come with the culture through character and plot development. Diversity in films also makes an accurate portrayal of society that can affect both the over and the under represented groups of society. It helps raise awareness and empower individuals.

    Film companies can make research on a culture before representing it poorly or badly in movies which would offend a huge group of people. When looking for cast members they must get someone who really can represent the culture they are trying to portray in the movies.

    1. Hi Joyous-Guitar - I agree it's important for film companies to carry out research before they make a film. You say that cast members should represent the culture they are trying to portray in the movies. What do you mean by that? Can any one person truly reflect an entire culture?

      1. Yes, a person can try and portray the culture. The film companies can start by looking for people who belong to that culture or something similar to that culture to try and make a proper representation of it.

  • Diversity in films is important because it helps to portray an accurate show of society both the over and under-represented groups of society. Having diversity in the film industry is therefore a better representation of the different members of society. It is not only films that need to be diverse. Magazines and adverts too, need to be diverse. We as a global community are diverse hence all our affairs ought also to be diverse.

    Diversity in films is also important because it helps people to be open-minded it will open up people's minds to new ways of thinking. Films influence people a lot and having a good representation in films can help people to develop a good mindset toward other people.

    In order to ensure diversity in films and in the media, certain things can also be done. They include:
    1. People from different backgrounds(Asians, Africans, Europeans and Americans) should be employed to make adverts. This will also help to attract more people to the advert.

    2. Heroes in movies and even comic books should not only be from one place different people too can be used.

    The effects of lack of diversity in films and the media.
    1. People who are not adequately in films and media feel bad and inferior.

    2. Actors from other backgrounds that are not being picked to act in films, lose opportunities and money.

    3. Society will not have an open mindset about people from other walks of life because they are not represented in films and in the media.

    4. People will have inaccurate, little or no information about other people, and as a result, people become unaware of how diverse and beautiful our world is.

    5. Since people are influenced by the media a lot, they copy the attitude of a lack of diversity in things to that they do in their daily life. For example, someone can learn the habit of not having diversity from films and can bring it to his or her workplace, home, school, or society.

    1. Hi Amazing_Computer - you say that it is important for films to portray an accurate cross-section of society. If you're making a film about a historic person, how important is it that the actors reflect the gender, ethnicity etc. of historical figures or should they reflect modern society?

      1. It is important that when creating historical movies they are factual and should be acted and portrayed based on true facts not necessarily based on modern society this is because people learn a lot from movies and if a historical movie is portrayed inaccurately or leaves out some parts of what actually happened in history, it can cause people to go around believing the wrong thing in their head which can be dangerous as some inaccurate historical films can cause hatred between people from different walks of life. Generally, I feel historical movies irrespective of whether they are accurate or not are always viewed as accurate by the public because it is believed that since the movie is historical it should be factual. Although I no longer have that stereotype and I always try to check out the accuracy of historical films before believing them many people may still believe that all historical films are accurate innocently so it is important to make such sensitive films factual and even if it is to be modified to suit modern society for example, in terms of diversity, where there is none in the actual sense then it should be clearly stated for all and sundry to see and not to misinterpret.

    2. I agree with man because some people out there need money and a lot of people have dreams about being a actor and a lot of people do lose opportunities and everyone is a different person in life and they need what they want like a opportunities in life. Having a good representation in a person have a lot in them.

  • Diversity in films is important because societies are diverse. The more we see people who are different to us, the more we get used to the fact that they are part of society, just like us. Also, people need to see themselves reflected on the screen, so it's not just films, but also TV shows and adverts that should be diverse. People from all backgrounds and especially young people need to see people they can relate to. How are people from different backgrounds supposed to understand they are equal members of society if they don't see people like them on the screen?

    Films can make sure they do their representation right by giving both important and less important roles to different people. I mean, for example the heroes should be both Asian, European, African and American, in a balanced proportion. Also, people from different backgrounds should be given roles as lawyers, politicians, businessmen, scientists, so that young people understand they can become anything they want and that their background is not an obstacle.

  • What would you like to inspire someone else to do for me? I will inspire others to have a measure of hope, optimism and positive energy. Hope is the most important and influential emotional and human need in practical experience and the constant pursuit of achievement and progress.

    1. Yes I think hope is one of the most important and influential emotion for human. Can you think about another emotion that is equally important? Also, it would be great if you can share with us more how will you inspire others!

      1. I agree with you that hope is an important thing in life. For example, a person has a dream and wants to achieve it. He stopped realizing his dream because some obstacles occurred in its path. So he should not despair of that. There is an emotion that is no less important, such as self-confidence. If you want to reach your goal, that is, your dream, for example: You dream of having your own business, you must believe in yourself and your abilities!

  • Our world has always been a heterogeneous mixture of people from different races, religions, regions and genders coming together. This diversity is what makes our world so unique and valuable. Which also means that every single community deserves representation in films and the media. Due to initiatives by Marvel such as Black Panther, Miss Marvel, Shang Chi etc., these groups are being represented in the global world.

    The youth, especially, idolises its favourite actors and characters from the books, movies and shows it reads or watches. Having characters from different regions all across the world opens our minds and makes us welcome their cultures and the values they bring with them.

    It is very important to display such communities on the global screen because what we see is what we practice. We get greatly influenced by the characters we see in movies specially in this digital era, making it very necessary to give proper representation to all social and economic groups. Just like a bench never discriminates between the physical appearance, the economic status, the social background or anything like that when anyone sits on it, we should actually learn from that bench because then that will make us inclusive and will ultimately make the world a better place for every single person to live in.

  • In my opinion it is the most important to see diversity in films . A diverse movie is a modern themed multi-cultural movie which celebrates the diversity of culture, sexuality and lifestyle. People may know about other's culture , ethnicity and rituals . This makes people more united by their own means . Indian films known as Bollywood is the best example which shows the diversity in their movies . By showing diversities minority group never feels alienated . When we see something our mind also jot down good values and at time we implement them . Diversity hence plays an important role in our life for making us united and we can connect to each other through their culture , traditions and many more .

  • Movies play a crucial role in shaping the minds of their viewers and therefore it is important for the movie to have content that inspires and acts as a role model in society. Diversity is an important asset of a movie as it helps reach a more variety of viewers and helps every person irrespective of their race, color, gender, etc. to be united as one and relate to the characters and the content of the movie. For example in the movie, Black Panther the main protagonist is a black person who is shown as a kind, strong and powerful person and this character has inspired many black people in society who are generally discriminated against and seen as inferior because of prejudices. Such movies help a lot in overthrowing the prejudices in society and displaying a message of unity in diversity to the viewers.
    Films can make sure they get representation by making a diversity charter that tells you what you are going to do. People also need to make sure they know what diversity they are trying to represent. We need to address the things we are blind to by including inspiring characters of different races; gender; ages; colors etc. and giving out a positive message that eliminates the prejudices.

    1. What if the scenes wasn't really capturing lived experiences or was based on stereotypes or in some cases Blacks, Asians or Muslims .
      So Is there a way to estimate this cost of doing diversity wrong?

      1. I agree with your point, and it is totally true that the first challenge is to eliminate these stereotypes that are shown in movies as it's the most forthcoming way in which society discriminates against people like Blacks, Asians, or Muslims. To eliminate such scenes the best possible way is to censor them, for which a proper censor board must be developed for each country and finally, as a responsible citizen, such racist movies must be boycotted by the viewers.

  • If there was no diversity in films, I don't think anyone would be interested in watching any movies anymore. Movies are a way of social expression and society is not made up of only particular groups of people but different cultures collectively. Why should we let simple differences like race, skin color, sexuality, and age group stop us from bringing our cultures together for our benefit? Racism especially has been the major cause of segregation in humanity. But for the first time, we see a black hero everyone admires. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, " I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Our within should matter more than our without. If our society is diverse, why should the very expression of it not be? Why do we allow simple differences to separate us so much that we lose sight of how beautiful it is to be together?
    This brings me to speak up about something I think everyone should be more open-minded about. The way we stand up to racism.

  • Why is it important to see diverty in films ?
    Becouse viewers of the films come from diffrent countries and cultures , and also peaple are greatly affected what they watch .

    How can films make sure they do represention right ?
    When the number of followers and positive comments for the movie increses . When the number of followers of the movie increses the actors must make sure that they are also viewers who comment negative comments and in this case the actors try to fix the mistake and start acting better .

  • I believe it is important to see diversity because some people can have insecurities and by seeing others different yet in the end, being the protagonist in the film really brings the reminder that everyone is different yet special. Also, since children are quite easily manipulated into thinking various things, it is of paramount importance that they learn at a young age that no matter your gender, skin colour or culture, you can work together. By watching different films with different plots, I have learned to love my class in reality as all "corners" of the world meet. We are like jigsaw puzzle pieces, each one intricate yet different, but in the end, when we join, the picture is complete : peace, harmony, unity.

  • I thick watching diverse film help one understand more about how other people from different society conduct their daily activities and it is good to get the correct information so as to not annoy the people involved .

    1. I agree because if you watch a film with people that act the same, do you think they would pull viewers.

  • diversity is one of the best thing that brought marvel back to the scene, because it made people influenced to see people of their colour and behaviuor and way of leaving being the leading or the protoganist of the movies this really captured people's attention making black panther the best selling movie in its time.
    this action of diversity shows that the movie makers think about the others races and they follow there way of behaviour. This really excites people to see themselves reflected on screens. And since the world is diverse so the more people seeing there culture and people makes them like the movie and the movie makers so diversity is another thing that helps the movie makers gain more attention of the crowd because an accurate portrayal of society affects both the over-and under-represented groups of society. Whereas an inaccurate, often offensive portrayal is harmful to both entire communities and also individual people if diversity is used in a wrong way.

  • Black Panther is one movie everyone gives credit for its breakthrough in racial segregation in the film industry. But what do we all know about upcoming black actors who struggle in a bid to secure a large protagonist role for other movies? Black Panther is not just a movie, it is a success story. Many black actors and actresses dream of making it big in the film industry, but how many actually do? I see Black Panther more deeply because of this fact. Chadwick Boseman, the actor who plays the main role in the movie was able to secure such a big role for himself, but the movie is not as entertaining as it is insightful for me. I understand that most of the actors and actresses in the movie were black individuals, but what about the actors and actresses who play roles in movies influenced more by white people? Of course, not all of them may get to play big roles or get to act in movies with more black culture in them. So why isn't anyone remembering those struggling actors? It may even interest you to know that there is discrimination even among black people. Let me give an example, an actress named Amandla Stenberg of a light-skinned complexion, stepped away from acting "Shuri" in the 2018 Black Panther movie by her own violation. When asked why she replied that she didn't think it would visually make sense for her to go after a role and it wasn't appropriate for her to play in that role. And what about the darker-skinned actors or actresses, who get turned down or turn down roles just because they were made to think their color was not appropriate for a particular role? I do not discredit the movie, in fact, I really appreciate that it was able to come out and stand up for black people in the film industry but why should we forget that discrimination is finding other ways to still affect our lives?

    1. What fascinating insight terrific_acorn. You articulate very well that the debate for what is appropriate to encourage diverse representation remains nuanced and there is still a lot of progress to be made towards truly diverse representation in films. What do you think it will take for upcoming black actors to struggle less in securing leading roles in the film industry?

      1. I think the white folks play a bigger role in this. Let me get historical to give a clearer picture. According to the National Library Of Medicine on a comparison of skin tone discrimination, slavery consisted of a strict caste system that distinguished black slaves by their skin color. Although I cannot go into full detail about my findings, I realized that there is also discrimination amongst black people just because of darker and lighter skin colors. The lighter-skinned in past times use to be granted more privileges than the dark skins, they were made to believe that they were of a higher social status than the darker in complexion. Something that may be termed pigmentocracy. What can be done about this in the film industry, is by firstly, eliminating this mindset about the black community. Everyone should know that we all are equal no matter what race we come from or color we have. This would be a big step.

        1. Thank you for bringing this topic to the discussion. Some might know what you're talking about as colourism. Can you explain how this manifests in the film industry?

          1. As I said before, the favoring of a person just because they are light or dark enough to be what you are looking for. Many people can't help but conform to their insecurities and are desperate to change how they look. A dark actress may want to play a lead role but she is not granted that opportunity because it may be for a light-skinned individual. Why do you think bleaching and toning skin products are high on the market? People feel like having too much melanin isn't at all attractive. Nobody should be made to feel this way in any circumstance.

            1. Thanks terrific_acorn- this sounds like it links to colourism which you might be interested to look into.

    2. I agree because... With increasing racism and political instability, the Black panther film has changed the views of many people towards marginalized groups of society. And he fought the human oppression that some people were suffering from. In the words of Nelson Mandela, "No body hates another human because of his skin colour, origin or religion. People have learned to hate, and if they can be taught to hate, then we can teach them to love. Especially that love is closer to the human heart than hatred." The diversity of film has helped to address this problem.

  • It is very important to diversity in films, because the whole world does not have the same opinion or the same mentality.
    Films have a great impact on people, including negative and positive ones. Film directors must turn to the benefit, not the negativity, when preparing films, as they are the main influence on the people who are interested in that.

  • It's important for us to live in a discrimination free world. Noe one should be discriminated against based on their race, creed or religion,. Movies have a great influence on child and adults all around the world and it's very important to highlight diversity in movies so the minority communities can also participate and grow their influence. It's very important for the movie industry to show the world that diversity is important, normal and most importantly healthy.

    1. For big budget films such as Black Panther, they are made by profit oriented business such as Disney (which owns Marvel). What do you think that diversity means in terms of people watching films, and so profits for these businesses?

  • People love diversity in watching their movies because everyone has favorite ideas and things they are attracted to, whether they are young or old, so the word diversity has a beautiful meaning because it includes the meaning of difference, for example, boys are attracted to cars and racing movies and some of them are attracted to fighting movies just as girls are attracted to movies Brides, Disney movies, princesses, and others, and there are girls who love watching cars and racing movies, so diversity is a wonderful thing. Also, in choosing the specialties that people want to enter, they must be diverse. If they were similar, everyone would have lacked other specialties, and because diversity is a good thing for the individual and society, for example, doctors advise diversity. When marrying and not marrying those who have a kinship relationship, such as a cousin and a cousin, as I am, diversity is useful because if there was no difference in the films and in the details of these films, people would be bored of watching them.

    1. Thank you, allowing_flute, for your comment. maybe some people don't love diversity. What would you say to them?

      1. I think that everyone has the right to love what he loves, so we should not impose and design our opinions on people who do not like diversity to change their point of view, because every person has a point of view that they tend to in life, so they think that diversity is something that is not necessary to do because He has entrenched in their minds the idea of ​​not being diverse because everyone has a different way of thinking than others.

  • Why is it important to see diversity in films? And how do you make sure that the films are tamed correctly?
    The beginning of films is a type of very long videos in which the actors discuss an important matter or it may be that the aim of the films is to entertain and entertain the viewer. There are many types of films, the most famous of which are
    Disaster films, war films, sports films, musical films, superhero films, and other films, but the main question is what is the reason for the diversity in films and the answer is
    * Do not get bored of the viewer.
    * Excite the viewer about what will happen in the coming moments.
    * Good listening.
    * Communicate the idea of ​​the film in a fast way.
    Actors can ensure that their representation is correct by
    * There is a lot of movement for the actors in order to move people's minds.
    * Arrange the musical rhythms according to the situations.
    * Ensuring the presence of talents in each actor.

    1. This topic is diversity in films - meaning to include the contents, actors etc with a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations and its values. Could you please re-write your comments on this?