Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Great Thunberg is one of the most well-known young climate activists in the world. She recently said that 90% of her clothes are second hand and have been passed onto her from other people, such as her family and friends.

Wearing second hand clothes is one way of cutting back on the waste produced by fast fashion. But what else could be done to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle clothing?

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  • Awareness campaigns should be implemented to allow people understand and appreciate the outcomes of these actions. this can be done through the internet and social media platforms to enable capture a great deal of people most especially the youths. the awareness campaigns will give room for information and once ignorance is broken, tolerance prospers

    1. This is an interesting concept patient_fruit. What would you have as the main focus of your first campaign? What would you want to raise awareness of?

    2. This is true, and all people here in this world have grown up on different cultures and started with them from childhood, but now they grow up on these behaviors and cultures, so there must be a long period of time to spread awareness, and perhaps awareness will not succeed at all and we have to resort to other parties.

  • Whatever famous fashion brands declares openly as a "new trend" stays like that for a while so I'm thinking of famous people spreading awareness of safer and more eco-friendly styles that are still delivering glamour as they are saving the planet. Probably sticking out some fliers that shows how modern clothing can be great if we start making dresses from polyethylene terephthalate bottles and reusing some leftover cotton is a step.

    1. I agree because... the more Eco-friendly clothes there are, the closer our planet is to becoming a safe environment.

  • To be honest we all know how easy it is to get influenced and who influences better than celebrities, literally all celebrities have to do is just say a few word and boom! everyone follows. They can organize clothes donations and people will show up. I feel big brands can organize things like a return and get where people return clothes they have used and get a small money token even if it's just about $5 or so and they can recycle the clothes and get a little more money. In the community we could try to do something like and clothe exchange people could gather together and exchange clothes with each other like a top for a jacket or a dress for some trousers that way they spend less and have a larger variety of clothes.

    1. I think it's a great idea for big brands to organize recycling scheme and offer cashback/ voucher to customers for swapping old clothes. I aware some brands have been started promoting some related schemes. Do you have any idea on which brands allow you to swap old clothes for vouchers?

      1. Recently there are many upgrowing companies care about Earth and start recycling clothes. I love how "Recycle Coach " website called them Ethical Companies in this article

    2. I like your train of thought, and you raise some very good points regarding the influence of famous people and that big companies are capable of organising recycle drives. The money in return will encourage more people to recycle their clothes instead of throwing them away. Do you think thrift shops or charity shops can also implement this strategy? Do you think influencers on social media should also be spreading this information and not just big celebrities?

    3. I agree because... we need to start recycling and yes celebrities are really good influencers and they can influence the world with what they say even what they wear . now a days people want to dress like celebrities and copy every thing they do . So I believe that if celebrities start reusing and recycling especially their clothes other people to will do it and we can fight climate change.

    4. I agree with you a lot, especially when you say that celebrities can influence people in a better way, and this is true. Purposeful projects related to clothes, people here will follow the lives of these celebrities, where when projects and companies related to clothes are set up, a source of income will be provided for unemployed people.
      I salute you for this idea.

  • What can you do in your community to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    First, introducing people to the recycling process is the first and most important step in this process, by publishing
    Videos and information that inform people about the importance of collecting old clothes and donating or disposing of them in ways that allow them to be recycled, and fortunately, the Internet has made this task easier by providing many videos and programs that tell us in detail about the process of recycling

    1. Do you think people will need an incentive to take part in this? Or is awareness enough to get them to do it?

  • I think celebrities can be an example to their fans and also others when they reuse and recycle clothes, because when people see them doing it they will actually be motivated and will want to do it. Celebrities can also use their fame and popularity to prompt reused and recycled clothes.

    1. This is a great point on celebrity influence. What do you think it would take to make them want to use their influence in this way?

    2. Very good point. Don't you think that an encouragement should come from the general opinion as well? For example, follow more actresses that have reused their dress?

  • Celebrities can do a video of recycling some of their clothes instead of throwing them away, so people watch the video and try to imitate that famous recycling of clothes

    1. I agree because...Celebrities can easily post a video about recycling clothes so people can try to listen to a famous person talking and imitate and respond to the video.

      1. Yes, in that work we contribute to recycling, and everyone becomes imitating celebrities and reusing clothes instead of disposing of them. With this work, we get rid of throwing clothes, and there is a shortage of waste and waste.

    2. i agree because if celebrities do a video of recycling some of there clothes then more people will start to do the same so i think it would help

  • They make new beautiful and attractive clothes from old clothes and this is something that everyone will love to recycle, an example of that
    Making a dress from an old shirt, so we can benefit from the shirt instead of throwing it in the trash
    Making a hat from a winter jacket
    Making a pillow case from a shirt
    Quilt work with an old T-shirt
    Making a market bag using an old shirt and tie
    Making a skirt from an old T-shirt

    1. Those are some wonderful ideas for simple recycling at home! People can also use old fabric pieces as dusting cloths, rugs etc!

      1. In our home, we use pieces of cloth as dust and other things, and we benefit from it

      2. In our house, we use dust cloths from excess fabric and make beautiful things such as flowers,,, things that decorate the house of our own making, and we can also make clothes for Barbie or our toy

    2. I agree because... I think that making new stuff from old is a great idea like you said " Making a dress from an old shirt, so we can benefit from the shirt instead of throwing it in the trash
      Making a hat from a winter jacket
      Making a pillow case from a shirt
      Quilt work with an old T-shirt
      Making a market bag using an old shirt and tie
      Making a skirt from an old T-shirt "

      1. We enjoy this work, we benefit from less waste and even benefit from the new things that we have made

    3. I agree because this would reduce waste by a large amount, however, don't you think that the material is also causing pollution? shouldn't we go more towards a natural fabric, and the fashion should show how to use those material better?

  • It is possible to collect all the clothes that need to be recycled and work together as one to return and beautify them and make good clothes that attract customers

    1. This would be a great collective effort committed_tsunami. Do you think there's much that could be done to either reduce or reuse in the fashion world before there is a need for recycling?

  • Since celebrities are really influential and role models for many people, all they have to do is put on second hand clothes and talk about it and if they are shy about doing it then maybe they should all do it together that encourages them

    I think when people buy brands, they don't buy clothes, they buy the logo, the brand, the name. It wouldn't be different for them if companies used used clothes so they should sell it as a replacement

    I have to keep my clothes good, because there are people who will wear them after me, this encourages their purchase and we have to spread environmental awareness, because in order to buy jeans, you will contribute to wasting 20 thousand liters of water, and I have to accept wearing second-hand clothes, whether I buy them or one of my clothes . Relatives gave it to me.

    1. That is a wonderful way to re-use second hand good quality clothing. It brings some responsibility to the wearer to take care of their clothes which is really nice.
      What do you think about cheap clothes that people buy over and over again to keep up with fashion trends? How can we break that cycle? Those clothes are often very low quality so many people just throw them away after they're done

      1. I don't like it because despite its low price, it will make me buy more and spend more and harm the environment more. I feel that the reason for this incident is the person's feeling of deficiency in himself, so he tries to bridge this gap by consuming like them. Consumption is the only way to become like them. Immediately, the idea of ​​fast fashion should go away

    2. Can you think of any reasons why companies WOULDN'T want to use used materials for their products? (It may seem like a simple fix but it's helpful to think about why these changes haven't already occurred. Then we can find ways to remove the things that are blocking that change.)

      1. Most of the time, the goal of the companies is to achieve profit and fame, so the reasons for these cancellations of Festko will be:
        1_ People's refusal to wear my clothes, used materials, and their fear of not accepting customs. 2- They are afraid of the company's reputation, so the company's reputation will be destroyed, and its profits will be reduced, and this means that its bankruptcy will close, even though this problem can be solved with some documents that confirm the cleanliness and safety of its product and the prices. 3- Lack of environmental awareness.
        4- The desire of some people to create a new type that is special to him and carries his code, his name, and this problem can be eliminated by taking the clothes and recycling them in specialized factories, so that the threads are washed and he repeats his compositions, removing the symbols and slogans on them, and then printing your own slogan.

  • To be honest we all know how easy it is to get influenced and who influences better than celebrities, literally all celebrities have to do is just say a few word and boom! everyone follows. They can organise clothes donations and people will show up. I feel big brands can organise things like a return and get where people return clothes they have used and get a small money token even if it's just about $5 or so and they can recycle the clothes and get a little more money. In the community we could try to do something like and clothe exchange people could gather together and exchange clothes with each other like a top for a jacket or a dress for some trousers that way they spend less and have a larger variety of clothes.

  • By opening specialized institutions and stores that encourage the sale and recycling of old clothes or unwanted clothes to wear and employing people with the ability to be creative and think about creating and reshaping clothes and making people accept to buy them by reducing their prices

    1. This is an interesting idea. Can you say more about the creativity required by those employed to process the old/unwanted clothes and sell them? What else attracts a prospective purchaser of recycled clothes other than a reduced price?

  • The question: What can celebrities do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothing? They can dress up more than once to show their fans that they're not just spending their money on clothes. Famous or non-famous mothers can wear pieces of clothing that no longer fit her child, immediately give them to her younger child and a size than him, and work to mend the torn parts so that her child can wear them. Mothers can convert the piece into a small bag by redesigning it through the use of a sewing machine, to be used as a bag to carry clips and ropes or other items that may cause chaos inside the house, and may resort to converting a piece of jeans into a small handy bag or school bag. I hope you like my ideas!

    1. That's a very good suggestion, I like it. It would reduce waste. In addition to that I would love to have the possibility to buy new cloths, but made with sustainable material, easy to recycle, or that just doesn't create pollution.

  • As a generation we are the most fortunate generation that has ever lived on this beautiful planet, we have constant access to information and we can educate ourselves on a daily basis by accessing YouTube tutorials, LinkedIn articles, newspapers articles and so on. The challenge behind is the power of the will, do celebrities want to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes, do brands show enough initiative in changing their perspective and the way they work around the reuse and clothes recycling?
    Everyone is inspired by everyone, celebrities could perhaps wear the same outfit they wore at their last seen event, or big brands to use the same fabric or materials used during they're last fashion show from the clothes that have not been sold and advertise that through events or advert.

    1. Well, your right about the power of will but personally i think that if its connected to saving our planet from its threats due to CO2 emissions and massive waste production then i think its everyones responsibility to fight for the future of earth inclusive of celebrities, it becomes their responsibilities as change makers and humans to save the world buy accepting to encourage others to reuse and recycle clothes

  • Clothes became a commodity that was used many times and then was thrown into used clothing containers.
    In terms of celebrities, they can set a good role model for others to follow. As we all know how easy it is for celebrities to influence others in a better way. They can encourage people to recycle clothes. They can also provide direct support to the needy and make donations to the poor and needy.
    I think big brands and (popular) stores are working on going to the place where people throw away, recycle, and save on clothes they used to buy.

    Some well-known stores also dedicate a part of the clothing to support the needs of the poor or who are unable to purchase by providing them with clothing, and in the community we can try to do something like exchanging clothes with friends and family. These are interesting things as each person can bring all the old clothes they don't need and exchange them with others in need. This can increase the spirit of cooperation, happiness and excitement between individuals and communities.

    1. You have considered a few solutions here using your problem solving and creativity skills careful_jambul!

      1. Do you think there are other ways besides our friend's creations here?

    2. But from my point of view, I think that celebrities can open a small project and it depends on opening a store to sell the clothes they used and in this way they will earn a lot of money because this generation is related to celebrities in an unusual way and most people like to wear clothes that are completely similar to celebrities And when they earn money, they buy new clothes to donate, which are beautiful and clean

  • I aspire for the famous fashion brands to be environmentally friendly and suitable for all seasons and to harmonize their colors. I ask celebrities to display their clothes to be suitable for all groups, the rich and the poor, so that they have the ability to buy them. We ask them to recycle them to take into account the conditions of people and make videos to recycle them and publish them to everyone through social media platforms.

    1. Great comment @glad_concept. What could the videos demonstrate? Would the celebrities show themselves wearing second-hand clothes for example? Or would the videos show them recycling at a clothes bank?

    2. I liked your comment too but you made me very confused why are you so sure celebrities will accept? And why would they choose you over others? And how will you convince them?

  • Many people think that worn clothes should be discarded, but some of these pieces carry some special and beautiful memories associated with some people. In my opinion, there are many innovative ways
    To reuse old clothes
    like making a quilt with old T-shirts.
    A quilt can be made with old "t-shirts", by collecting the old pieces and stitching them together until they turn into a cover for the bed.
    You can design a “pillowcase” from an old shirt, by choosing old shirts, cutting the sleeves, flipping the shirt over, stitching it at the back, lining it with foam or cotton, and turning it into small living room pillows.

    A small coin purse can be designed using an old shirt bracelet.

  • People should be encouraged to recycle clothes and use them in other projects such as the manufacture of bags, umbrellas and hats, and there is a lot of their use. Awareness campaigns should be carried out in the streets, making banners and hanging them in the streets, schools, workplaces and parks to spread them, and also through devices such as mobile phones and radios and showing them on applications and also showing them On TV channels and campaigns in schools, parks and public places, I think that this is what works, because the recycling process reduces waste and reduces pollution in the environment, and because it works to return clothes in beautiful shapes

    1. I'm very interested in your awareness campaigns calm_deer. I like the digital campaigns you suggest such as mobile phones and applications. Do you think the production of banners would have enough impact to outweigh the environmental impact of making them? Could the banners then be used for other purposes?

    2. These banners can be recycled. We can turn them into waterproof bags.we can donate them to a school to use them for floor during missy play.

  • I think they should reuse clothes

    1. Can you think of ways in which clothes could be re-used neat_statement? Would they be re-used to make other outfits? Or re-used in a different way?

    2. I agree because it means you will save cloths

    3. I agree because... you dont need so many clothes you could just use your old clothes there is no reason to get more clothes if you already have some so i agree

    4. I agree because people have way to many clothes if you don’t wear it sell it

    5. i think you are right neat statement because not many people reuse there clothes there just throwing them away

  • Celebrities have a great impact on people's lives, especially teenagers, and they should use this influence to educate people about the importance of recycling used clothes by creating videos that show the experiences of celebrities by donating old clothes or using them to make pillows for the living room or make bedspreads for the floors of the house or for some furniture.

    1. These are some great examples of recycling and celebrity endorsement awesome_sea. Can you also think of examples that cover re-use. This is even more environmentally friendly than recycling.

  • Some people have personal shoppers who take back clothes and bring new ones. These are usually borrowed, not purchased. Purchased items can be sold, donated or thrown away. Donated clothes can be sold at charity auctions. (The famous Princess Diana donated her dress to a special charity). After all, we all play in our own lives.

    1. emotional_moon this is a great example! Do you think we should encourage renting and hiring clothes to help with the fast fashion problem?

  • It is a good idea if celebrities wear these clothes to their parties and the owners of famous stores make commercial ads supporting these clothes and Ivisit these places monthly to buy wath we need and encourage those who buy them

  • Fashion is stupid, yes I understand that is allows us to express ourselves, but we can express ourselves in several different ways, in my opinion, it is a waste of time, money, and effort, you see, society has been extremely judgemental against looks, to the point where people would starve, just to fit the latest trend. Life shouldn't depend on looks, instead, it should depend on personality. A few years ago, there was a study, where an ugly actor and a beautiful actor made a scene, where their cars broke down, the attractive actor got THREE times more help than the ugly one. It really exposes the flaws in society, and how modern day fashion is mentally unhealthy.

    1. This is an interesting example inspired_acorn! Do you think fashion can give people a way to express themselves, or should it just be functional e.g. to keep us warm?

  • I think celebrities should hold talk show programmes about what they've been through that is, their clothing from the start of whatever industry they belong eg music and their opinion or feeling about the idea of reduce,reuse and recycle.Honestly, not all especially big brands and shops will consider the idea but they can start a cloth recycling industry just so to provide their products to all classes of people no matter the standard.

  • I very much agree that celebrities influence people, and this is through several ways, as they can appear in clothes more than once, or exchange clothes with the poor and make videos and films in which they represent reality, or turn them into other pieces, and They can take advantage of natural materials, to show people that they should choose the best, not the most beautiful.

    1. I like the example of choosing natural materials free_snail! What natural materials could they choose?

      1. There are many natural materials that can be used, including vegetable and animal Vegetables such as: cotton, which absorbs sweat in the summer and keeps heat away, and linen, which gives a soft texture and a beautiful look. Animals such as: animal skins, as they are used in heat and cold and stay for a long time, as well as fur and wool that is used for heating in winter. In your opinion, can we combine more than one material to give us a new one??

    2. I agree with you, because the life of luxury has become the reality. Here I also suggest the owners of international brands should recycle their used clothes of the same brand. When buying, it is agreed to return the piece after use and deduct a small part of its price after returning it and recycling it in the same factory and with the same brand and selling it. in poor countries

    These brands and shops can use the internet and post to inform people that waste clothing can be used to make different things like carpet padding ,rubberized playgrounds and many others, in this way people can understand and put it into actions, and some programs help people donate clothes for recycling which earns them money in the end. In my pinion most people are inspired by celebrities fashion and in case the same fashion brands celebrities put on reach them they are willing and ready to fix the clothes so that they can atleast be like their inspirers at some point. In the community we could try to tell or inform each other about some of the advantages of recycling clothes like they could sell them to recycling companies and get money, they can make amazing clothes out of the old ones, and could donate others to the people who need them to avoid a wastage life.

  • Celebrities are among the influential people and indeed they are the trend makers so, celebrities some products of recycled clothes in their trends for example blankets made from recycled t shirts and encourage people to recycle their unwanted clothes so that more products like those are made. Big cloth brands could also make some nice products from recycled clothes for example blankets and also put prizes for people who shall be recycling the most and also they should make clothes that can be reused and recycled.
    I can encourage people in my community to recycle and reuse clothes by telling them the benefits of such an act.

  • I like this project because this project will help the poor a lot. In my opinion, he should shoot videos while they take the recycled clothes and wear them and talk about that these clothes are beautiful, and the brands and stores should make boxes with a big sign that says "Put your piece of clothes and come in a week and we will recycle it and it will be more beautiful than before" This is how they will be encouraged. To put papers in public places and to post a message on social media, which is "Let's recycle our clothes and give them back better than before."

  • I prefer that they recycle it and make clothes in a different way that others like like a famous channel of a famous person named Dar Man who made a video about used clothes and recycling and got a great and great success The only thing I can do for cheerleaders in my country is give them tips and watch them recycle nicely.
    Each of us has ambitions and dreams that he wants to achieve. In determination, will, confidence and diligence, a person succeeds, his ideas succeed, and his dreams come true.

  • . Since celebrities are the most influencial people in the world, they are capable of changing the trend. Wearing the same cloths in different music videos and as they take pictures, this shows people their love for their old cloths hence trying it. For the big companies, there is need to delay in producing a new type of cloth so that it delays on market and gets scarce too and the shops should sell the cloths in small amounts too. In addition, i think for people in my community to reuse and recycle clothes they need to be informed about the dangers of dumping cloths since it affects the environment negatively .

  • We can recycle spoiled clothes, cans and cans
    And we can advise and kind people to recycle things
    For example, spoiled food and fruits are turned into natural fertilizer for plants, or we can donate our surplus clothes to the poor.
    And if we recycle things, we will preserve the environment and prevent pollution from sweeping it

  • We all know that celebrities make a huge impact on their followers, their followers imitate them in the way they dress and sing, so that we can benefit from it. We repeat clothes in more than one party. Then the audience imitates us and they repeat their dress, this reduces the phenomenon of throwing clothes, and there is another way, which is if I am a singer, I will sing about recycling and always choose what is good for our environment and not choose the worst for the environment and distribute the excess clothes to the poor, then we can see the smiles on their faces

    1. I love the idea of a pop star singing about recycling clothes to help change their fans' fast-fashion habits!

  • Celebrities most importantly should start repeating clothes and stop bringing new trends so often then they can start a boutique that have their old clothes so people can come and buy them instead of getting new ones that are in vogue. Big brands can promote reuse by offering rewards for old clothes on a large scale also they can promote recycling by promoting the buy one, give one culture and offering discounts on their products in return for customers leaving a bag of any brand of clean, dry clothes. In my community I can encourage people to buy clothes made out of eco-friendly materials, repairing old clothes, donating and buying quality over quantity.

    1. You make a great point that the responsibility for reducing the waste from fast fashion needs to be shared. Influential people like celebrities can set a good example and turn rewearing their favourite clothes into a new trend in itself. Businesses of different sizes can shape the market and limit the supply. And if ordinary people can be helped to understand the consequences of fast fashion on their environments, they will also be encouraged to start to change their behaviour. If you think about these different groups – businesses, individuals, and also governments – who do you think needs to make the first move to help kickstart these positive changes?

  • Celebrities can say motivating phrases to people and tell people that reusing and recycling clothes is not a shame because if we follow this method we will reduce the waste generated by fast fashion and reuse and recycle celebrity clothes and big brands and stores can be from the unimportant clothes wonderful and attractive clothes like this People will be attracted to buy and use recycled clothes and also they can picture a lot of celebrities reusing and recycling clothes because people imitate celebrities a lot. What I can do in my country to encourage people to recycle and use clothes is to open a big gallery and everyone puts pieces of Clothes that he does not need or that are too small for him, and then these pieces are recycled, so we can use them again

  • for celebrities; It is possible to display their clothes in an exhibition at an affordable price that everyone can buy, whether from the artistic community or any ordinary person

    As for merchants, they can allocate stores that use the barter method (exchanging a commodity for a commodity) to relieve people and exchange their used clothes with newer ones, or use their clothes and coordinate them with other stores in a new and unfamiliar way

    As for the community, they have to exchange clothes between relatives and neighbors as a beautiful custom that works on love among community members and spread joy to all

  • The importance of recycling for the environment Many people seek to find solutions to reduce environmental pollution through several practices that help solve this problem, and the process of recycling has positive effects, and we note that these days people wear fast clothes more than before. It is also considered the fashion of the modern era, but I think that the clothes of the modern era are very bad because of the ruptures and breaches of values, morals and human customs.

  • Everyone knows that fast fashion is bad for society and it needs much money every time, so There are many of creative ways you can reuse your old clothes like ,you can buy a sweater ,trouser and shoes and look after it and use it in many ways with others pervious clothes . Also , you have to fous on quality than quantity to keep it more. we can watch some video which influences make it to show ways to recycle the clothes in fresh shape and turn old one to new.

  • Celebrities start by themselves, show people what they're wearing, recycle them, announce it to people and shops, recycle them, put new touches on them, and sell them at the right price . I try to recycle a piece of clothing that i love, tell people how I do it: a pair of jeans, you can have shorts or Bermuda or abag.

  • I think that celebreties could use their popularity by advertising for clothes charities where people can donate with their unneeded clothes but ofcource these clothes can’t be ripped or ruined because there are other humans that need to use good stuff for sure so this is a type of (reusing) Also there has to be in all countries in each city at least two huge containers for ruined clothes so the factories can come and (recycle)it by doing different stuff from the materials of these clothes.

    I also recommend to people to have a middle quantity of clothes not a little bit and not too much to let people have different styles and in the same time not to waste all their money on clothes only because there are more stuff to buy,So each person has to have different styles for different places and seasons ofcource.

    So I would just save my community by recycling and reusing the clothes that I’m volunteering and like that I’m giving one of the needs of the poor that are always willing to have .

  • These three "Rs" symbolize the common goal of how to heal our world from all the toxicity and harm our activities, knowingly or unknowingly, have caused to it. We all can make a difference like Greta through the little changes we make in our lives. Stylish clothes are fashionable but you know what else is? reducing global warming. As our styles change, so does our climate. Should we compromise staying in vogue with saving our world, of course we should. I think the latter is more important and everyone else should too. If fashion stops us from having a safer world, then let us do something about it. No matter what, we must not lose focus on the goal which is to save our world. I personally have made changes in wardrobe ( But positive ones though). I encourage everyone else to do so.

  • 1.What do you think celebrities could do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    ~ There are a lot of celebrities have a personality brands,instead that they can make fast fashion brands,of course that will make the followers so excited to buy more of used clothes.
    2.What could big brands and shops do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    ~ Non-manufacturing any new clothes,and tell people to return the old and used clothes,to reuse and recycle it then sell it cheaper.
    3.What could you do in your community to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    ~ Create campaigns..., make a day to exchange their clothes with each other.

  • I agree because... we should use what wast we find and you can use old clothes

  • It would be better if they use less oil for man made fabric and stuck to using sheep and other animal wool for clothes

    1. I agree because the oil is making the world have global warming so I agree.

  • people could reuse materials to make new clothes.

    1. i think that is a good idea because then people wont have to throw away there clothes that they dont want anymore and there will be less waste

  • i think it is good to save cloths becase you are saving fabric

  • I agree loads, thousands of people wear the same clothes tons and tons of times. yet fashion designers keep making loads of clothes and don't recycle them. They should reuse, reduce, recycle!

    1. I agree because... thats exactly what everyone can and should do

  • i agree that you should reuse clothes for as long as you can keep it so its better for the enviroment and the world its also good because designers work realy hard

  • I think that we should reuse clothes and rubbish and make something new or even give some warm clothes to poor people so we should reuse clothes.

    1. Totally agree we should reuse clothes just like you said good job!

  • Honesty we all know how easily we get influenced by celebrities . All they have to do is to tweet something and boom people have already started doing it. When it comes to dressing (clothes) people easily do it for example people buy brands of clothes like Nike, Gucci ,Splendid .All because they see celebrities wearing them .Celebrities like Angie Harmon, Kristen Bell and Mark have taken part in the reduce ,reuse and recycle . Then big bands of clothes can divide themselves and go to places where people gather to donate clothes .They recycle clothes and rise a little amount of money .In my community we try to do it by exchanging shirts for trousers and many more .In that way people don't spend alot but gain more

  • I think 90% of the people in the world are being influenced by celebrities. A child and an elder are both influenced by celebrities that is why most brands use celebrities to be the faces their comes.
    Big brands should go in areas where people are more populated and advertise "THE REUSE AND RECYCLE CLOTHES." If this is done people in different areas will learn and will reuse and recycle clothes.
    In my opinion, I would have carried out a donation policy in order to collect clothes to reuse and recycle. In case of reusing, i would donate the clothes to the needy people.

  • I think that celebrities could teach people how to reuse and recycle clothes by recycling their clothes and turning to sum the new.I think that brands and shops could show how to help those that need clothes by recycling their old clothes.I could help by shoon them what is good by recycling they clothes.

    1. i want to answer your question what is good about recycling clothes
      First and foremost is to drastically reduce the amount of waste
      Second, we give to people who can't afford expensive clothes
      Thirdly, we benefit from it as a profession and learn spinning and sewing
      Fourth, reduce the amount of wool and cloth extracted from nature

  • Celebrities have the most influence on people these days. They are like the original and every other person is like the copy. Celebrities have all the resources they need in order to pass a message to the world or to start a trend. Celebrities can start by using recycled cloths. They can wear them to the Oscars, Grammy or Even Met Gala. They can post do it yourself videos on their social media pages with recycled cloths. A whole trend can start about reusing used cloths. Celebrities like Tiffany Haddish has famously worn her white Alexander McQueen gown multiple times, Elizabeth Banks has rewore her Vanity Fair Oscars party from 2004 sixteen years later . Tiffany Haddish uses recycled cloths and this has made so many of her fans feel comfortable reusing cloths and recycling cloths.

    Big brands can tell their customers to return their wore out cloths for a remodel or repair this will encourage people to reuse cloths. They can also make some of their fashion show theme based on a recycled cloths.

    I can reuse clothes and make different nice and glamorous everytime I wear them and also teach people in my community how to maintain and manage their cloths.

  • Clothes have become a commodity that is used a few times and then thrown into used clothes containers, where it is estimated that more than one million tons of clothes are sorted and often dumped in one of the used clothes containers. The clothes can be recycled by promoting these clothes and making them with high quality until Arouse people's interest, cooperate with international companies to promote clothing and advertise on both print media such as newspapers and fashion magazines and electronic media platforms such as radio and television

  • once you have finished with your clothes dont throw them in the bin otherwise it would be bad for the enviroment so you could give it to charity or children in need so there happy and also its way better for the enviroment remember reduse reuse recycle

    1. I agree very much with you because loads people are in need and you just think "this is out of trendy stuff so bye bye I mean I never worn you but I don't care so nothing will happen if I throw away one t-shirt"and then you throw away your whole wordrobe and buy more and more again and again when 60% of the world is dieing from cold and hunger

      1. How can we change that mindset?

  • Some well-known stores and brands offer to allocate part of the clothes to support the needs of the poor or those who are unable to buy by providing them with clothes. or When there are good clothes, or that we could not wear, or of famous brands, and we cannot throw them away, in this case they can be uploaded to commercial sites

  • Celebrities have a big role in encouraging people to recycle clothes, as they can make a positive impact in society for a better and brighter world... Kate Middleton, despite belonging to the British royal class, has no problem in repeating her look and reappearing more than once in The same clothes, even on her official tours.. she did not consider this a defect, but rather carried two great messages, the first: a clear message to the economy in consuming clothes that harm nature and cause pollution, and the second: a proof from them that elegance does not presuppose the spending of wealth and that man must be environmentally friendly

    1. Good examples.

  • We are all fully aware that we live in an interconnected ecosystem that depends on all the resources that are available in it. Therefore, each of us is responsible. I can give them ideas for recycling clothes, including: reusing clothes that may carry memories and happy occasions and turning them into a pillow cover, for example. I advise them Using it as a fertilizer after removing the buttons from it. Or you can use a skilled tailor to narrow the pieces that have become wide after losing the extra weight.. The most important thing is that I can donate it to friends, relatives or those in need.. There are specialized stores or online to sell used clothes, so those who need those are for you. Clothes because they can't buy new clothes

  • These banners can be recycled. We can turn them into waterproof bags.we can donate them to a school to use them for floor during missy play.

  • I think celebrities could encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes by repeating their outfits onscreen for award ceremonies , promotions , events etc . As we all know that no actor or actress repeats their clothes so maybe if they , their fans might get inspired and try to follow them .

    Big brands and shops could promote reusable clothes by using durable cloth in the making of clothes so that they last longer and stay in same condition even after wearing it several times . They could share different ways of how to style the particular outfit every time the person wears it so that it looks interesting and new every time .

    I would reuse and recycle clothes by donating my old clothes to underprivileged people . I would encourage people by recycling the torn and waste clothes into cloth bags , cloth napkins and other many useful things .

  • Talking about celebrities and people ,we all know how easy it is to get influenced and who influences better than celebrities, literally all celebrities have to do is just say a few word and boom! everyone follows as we have the attractive point of views, observations towards celebrity. The age group from childhood the the ageing age, everyone gets attracted towards the term celebrity. And the recycle reuse term can be very common among us but on the matter of fashion ideas or materials, I guess non other than celebrity could be alot to encourage people for the recycle and reuse of clothes. We think that celebrity don't rewear the same clothes and we do the same, but what we need to think is reusing the clothes is normal and recycling is the best. Celebrities can do a lot of things to encourage others to recycle and reuse clothes: they actually can make videos on it about using the clothes for many other uses, they should and can think that using clothes are normal , also making new stylish clothes by your own in videos can be a better option.Also the better idea can be when the clothes are used by your younger one if it doesn't fits you, or giving the clothes to orphan kids , or the one who are actually suffering in their lives for better clothing . Thus, I think none other can be the best influencer than celebrity.

  • If you want to be an designer you can be it.You can be like Be like Beethoven everybody told him he can't be a composer and pianist because he was death but he didn't care and became a very famous composer and pianist.

  • Celebrities are like an important figure in many places and there are may people that follow and copy what celebrities do so in order for the celebrities to encourage the reuse and recycle of clothes by wearing the same clothes they put on at a past concert or even just improve it and show people their creativity. They can also donate some of their clothes to the needy so as to show an example to rest.

    Big brands and companies can encourage reuse ad recycle of clothes by hiring people to move around to pick up the clothes that people threw away so that they can recycle them. They can also decide to buy second hand clothes from people and sell them at a much lower price to help the people who can't afford the new ones.

    The people in the community can also decide to give out the clothes that they no longer need to those who need them which will even teach the children how to reuse and recycle. Many different people who don't have jobs in the community can decide to collect clothes that were thrown away and use their creative skills to create something new and sell.

  • celebrities could have different adverts, adverts like short videos on how people with clothes that are just lying around their houses could put down for charity that will be handed down to child that actually need these clothes and these adverts can be posted on different social media platforms and the web.
    And doing this there won't be need for newer clothes hence reduction.

  • Clothes are a commodity that is used several times and then discarded in second-hand clothes.
    Celebrities have such an influence that they can be good role models for others to follow. Celebrities can donate their used clothes to the poor and needy and also they can encourage people to exchange and use clothes several times and recycle them as well. Not only celebrities but stores that sell used clothes can influence people with this thing since it is cheap, it helps people who do not have much Money to buy and recycle clothes. Also we can exchange clothes with our relatives and friends!!
    Everyone should bring his old clothes and exchange them with others.

  • Most people around the world are obsessed with acquiring the latest, trendy outfits and therefore in such a short amount of time , the products are out of stock. However, even if these people are wearing jaw-dropping, expensive outfits, the negatives certainly outweigh the positives due to the following outcomes :

    . There will be a drastic rise in Co2 emissions
    . More people will be pressurised to purchase these clothes
    . A hierarchy will be formed where the rich are clad in expensive, ostentatious garments whilst the poor will be marginalised. Therefore, they will yearn to have these specific attires thus spending "precious" money on pointless necessities.

    If we want to stop not only Co2 emissions but also reputation standards, then we could host annual events such as :
    . Charity events where you can donate second hand clothes to charity
    . Simply avoid any temptations such as reduced clothing
    . Try to repeat what you wear and mix and match. Sometimes, even more modest styles give a better impression than constantly changing flashy outfits every day.

    1. Great suggestions brilliant_vegetable!

  • 1. What do you think celebrities could do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    To indulge a greener red carpet or any other fashion expo, to wear up cycled clothes like Lady Gaga or to use their influence to convince people through social media platforms or word of mouth which I think is more convincing.

    2. What could big brands and shops do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    Similar to buy one get one free, for any five clothing items returned in descent condition, a customer gets a bonus or discount on subsequent purchases.

    3. What could you do in your community to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    There could be like an annual or biennial event were people scavenge for materials in their environment to create new innovative ways to make clothes with no risk of hurting the environment. Every country has yet to be found materials or already found materials that need to be creatively explored.

  • We can reduce, reuse and recycle by following some simple rules:
    #1 Increase the time of wear your clothes.
    #2 Repair your clothes.
    #3 Donate.
    #4 Sell your clothes online.

    80% of the textile that are thrown away can be recycled and use again.

  • Ceebrities are oftwn the most followed on every social app so they should spread awareness regarding it .They alreay have a number of fan following which belong to different classes so it might help many of them out .they could say to several people as well nd they r popular enough to b followed .

  • What could big brands do to encourage people to reuse nd recycle clothes ?
    Bug brands nd ahops of course earn alot and many of their items dont get sold out ;they can donate those clothes to charity .rhwy should make clothes in free size so wvwry one is able to wear it so it doesnot cause any problem in donations

  • What can celebrities do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes?
    To post videos about their use of used clothing because many people consider celebrities to be role models for them, especially adolescents What can major brands and stores do to encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes? They sell used clothes and display them in luxury shops for people to buy and used clothes can be recycled as wipes used in cleaning and as a pillow cover and much more.

  • Celebrities influence a wide variety of people if they were to make like a short video clip or even a song about recycling most people would end up following their directive. Even just going to the red carpet or the Met-Gala and say that the outfit that they are putting on is recycled it would probably start a new fashion trend which would help cut down on cloth production maybe like a good 15-20%. The big brands and shops could make a deal with customers where as when u bring back old clothes you get discounts on the next item that you buy. I'd say that people could organize a day within a month and exchange clothes that they rarely or no longer put on. That would also help cut back on production costs.

  • honestly i think celebrities can encourage people to reuse and recycle clothes in many ways for example, celebrities can re wear their clothes ,they can also donate their old clothes to poor people and then post about it with a hashtag like "reuse and recycle" , they can also donate clothes to a clothing collection facility then tell the people how it will help to stop clothes waste , they can also recycle their clothes through clothing recycling programs like H&M's garment collection program and lastly they can also recycle they old clothes by being creative for example making a bag out of an old jean and then use it on the red carpets .

    1. It is an interesting point and a great idea that celebrities, with lots of followers, can help to promote sustainable fashion. Do you think that governments can help with this too?