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I think the legacy will remain with a bad reputation about the LGBTQ community but will still... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 21/11/22
I think nobody owns space because nobody knows who founded space because other people could of... Expert challenge: who owns space? 21/11/22
I think in COP28 should be on a international internet line because the world leaders would not... Are COP events sustainable? 18/11/22
I would not like to be a leader but I would like for the election to be in 2025 so we can see... Would you be a leader? 18/11/22
Koalas are effected by climate change because of wild forest fires because it destroys their... Expert challenge: protect the animals! 18/11/22
I agree because fuel can pollute the atmosphere damage the way plants live as well as polar bears Expert challenge: protect the animals! 18/11/22