Are COP events sustainable?


If you did this lesson in class, you would have discussed the BIG QUESTION for ‘COP27: is it sustainable?’

This topic’s BIG QUESTION is:

What should event organisers do to make future COP events more sustainable?

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  • Cop can be sustainable by allowing the largest number of change makers to participate from different countries to confirm their voices, opinions and visions in the negotiations that take place in the conference

    1. What do you think the benefits of meeting face to face rather than having virtual meetings is calm_deer?

    2. I agree because... Cop can be sensible by allowing largest number of world leaders to meet.

    3. Can you think of an example of how they could decide how many people need to go to the event to reduce the amount of travel?

    4. i think cop 27 events are not sustainable because it costs loads of money to run and most of these ideas dont get used! If we change this we could live in a way better world

  • The COP events do cost a lot, but it solves one of the greatest problems. It brings out unity in diversity through the participation of different countries in the event. It improves international relationships. It can become more sustainable by fixing a planned budget. The cost can be reduced by keeping such events online, through video conferences. This will reduce the transportation cost and the CO2 released during travelling. I think it is important to solve problems that COP aims for like tackling the climate emergency. Therefore, They are sustainable but can be improved by doing the measures mentioned above!

    1. Do you think that the promises made at COP are being kept?

      1. no because one contry said they wont use coal but their plane was run by coal

        1. Are you sure a plane was run on coal?

    2. How could fixing planned budget be made possible? Instead of wasting resources like this, can't that be used to help a country which is suffering? There are countries which are bearing the brunt of other's mistakes. For instance, the small country Bhutan, are we ready to learn from them. It's a carbon negative country, yet the country is suffering from flash floods why? because of global temperature increasing across the globe. The Bhutanese people are suffering, their livelihoods hit, for no mistakes of theirs. How do we address such issues?

    3. I disagree because... it try’s to solve global warming but they have to fly around the world to get to their host which causes more pollution .And they can travel by train which uses coal while one country said they will stop using coal

        1. Can you say why, inspiring_idea?

  • Being an organizer means you take on the responsibility of making sure the event goes as planned and without any problems. Attaining sustainability is key to success it has to be a continuous process before change can be seen. First of all they should pick a location that is suitable both environmentally and very important eco friendly. Yes, allowing everyone to get an opportunity to host the event is a really cool idea but at the same time indirectly causing harm to the environment because everyone would have to travel and the automobiles they use affect the atmosphere since they release harmful gases in little or small amounts, so why not have an online conference using applications like zoom that way everyone gets to attend without any discomfort or stress.
    The country that is meant to host that year can go on a tour around areas prone to global warming and see how it really affects them and host the meeting there instead of the fancy halls and catering services they should let the people of the community do all that because ones the individuals affected are involved they will be excited because they are been thought of and would want something like that to keep on happening.

    1. I like the idea of hosting in the most affected countries. This year is hosted in Egypt which is a climate-vulnerable country.

  • Ok i want to start with what it really is recently we've been observing that climate is showing us that if we keep messing with our environment it could lead to really serious consequences .
    ## Pakistan suffered from floods and still hasn't recovered from the damage completely (believe me they we catastrophic)
    ## the temperature at the poles has broken all records of increasing at a mind boggling rate .
    ## now floods in Philippines, Thailand.
    ## most importantly the average temperature of europe is increasing far more quickly than other regions .all those fires and extreme heatwaves in Portugal, Italy and Germany etc.

    Now all the leaders are going to get together in Egypt to talk on this matter because now it's getting serious.

    Is it sustainable? Hard to predict as many world leaders are not going to attend it due to war or maybe some of their inter political problems .

    My question is why we humans are successful at building supersonic planes , landing on the moon and build particle accelerators etc but we are failing to save this planet?? This climate has effected my health too i have "chronic sinusitis" and the extreme smog in my area have made it difficult for me to even sleep. This is just me .

    They have done cop26 before in 2022 but they never took it seriously. It's cop27 if all the previous last 26 meeting haven't created a difference this could be a failure too but still i am hoping for the best

    1. Very critical thinking @zestful_deer!... I'll take the optimistic side of the argument and ask: do you think discussion about these impacts is helping spur greater understanding of the problem (by leaders and/or young people)? Will new-found economic opportunity in these areas compel gov/business to pursue solutions more vigorously?

      1. I agree because...
        Definitely a picture always has two sides this meeting is obviously creating awareness in leader and some are even taking actions to make the environment better but the situation is getting worse very fast and the steps taken aren't sufficient but we shouldn't give up hope anyway.

        1. I am in total agreement with you if cop27 isn't bringing a change to my local environment then i think it's not sustainable at least for me and my family.

    2. What a great comment @zestful_deer, you clearly have a very solid understanding of some of the devasting effects of climate change. What action do you think could be taken to ensure COP27 and future COP meetings are addressing the problems and making a real difference?

  • To make COP28 more sustainable, we can have it on zoom so people will not have to travel by plane which is using fuel, only main countries like Russia can be apart of the zoom meeting but other minor countries like Vatican City can still contribute and someone can take a new job to look on social media platforms such as Facebook for normal people to share their ideas or there could be an online survey where the people can vote on specific ideas.
    All of these ideas were shared in class by the way!

    1. Fantastic ideas spirited_thought! Great problem-solving and creativity

    2. If only main countries are a part of the talk while minor countries will have to watch via social media.We would never get a wholistic understanding of issues and problems. All countries will not get equal voice to share and reprecent their idea convincingly enough .Hence i feel that a virtual event can make COP 27 sustainable .Where we have to spend we have to and where we can cut we should .What do you think about this spirited_thought ?

      1. Well done for replying to another student!

      2. Well. The minor countries can still contribute but they do not have to attend the meeting as all of this would cost money. Wouldn't you think all of this money ( instead ) could be used to grow trees or clean the air e.t.c. ?

    3. good idea because then you will use less fuel.

    4. That's a great idea to get the public more involved. Any ideas on how you could reach out to everyday people to invite them to contribute?

    5. I agree because pollution is part of the reasons COP was organized in order to make the world a better place and the use of fuel depletes the ozone layer because it release carbon mono oxide to the ozone layer which can cause harm to us. Carbon monoxide is harmful when breathed because it displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the heart, brain and other vital organs of oxygen it is formed when we burn fuel from cars , engines, and so on. so we can use social media for the COP meeting the world will be happier and safe place to be in.

  • if event organisers want to make future COP events more sustainable they should do the following;
    Since every year a different country should host the event they should make sure that the host has good environmental surroundings like the country should have a good climate because some representatives have allergies like they can't live under some weather conditions. The host should also put some good entertainment which will kill the boredom and that can encourage more people to attend the events.

    1. Are you sure organisers should put on entertainment to bring more people to these events? Wouldn't attracting them for entertainment distract them from the pressing business of solving climate change?

      1. Actually this would boost there morale because if you go to a meeting that is boring this can make them even sleep during the process where by we need some entertainment during their break to make it lively.

        But then they can also create a chat group where by they can propose the ideas which can help their work easier than travelling to another country to discuss that or they could also have an organized online meeting which can also prevent spending a lot of money

  • The climate conference will be held this year in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This is a wonderful thing by hosting this event in a brotherly Arab country. I see the solution by everyone's commitment to the outcome of this conference, and I hope that solutions will be sustainable and that we live in a planet free of problems and conflicts and live in peace, security and stability.

    1. Thank you for your comment cooperative_sea. You say that you hope the solutions will be sustainable but I think you've missed the question - what do you think the organisers can do to make future COP events more sustainable?

      1. I believe that the natural human being among us can change and affect the environment by staying away from pollutants as much as possible. If the change does not start from within each of us and understand the magnitude of the danger that we will be faced with, no change will happen! This is on a personal level. As for the conference solutions that make decisions sustainable, I see that Every country begins by itself by applying and shedding light on a broader view of this catastrophe, which I see that most people are ignorant of. The people and people in every country feel the scale of the problem, and they will bring the solution closer to sustainability.

    2. Very good point, however travelling by plan or car, cause more harm than good. Have you thought on how to make the event less polluting overall?

  • The event organizers should create a online meeting instead of traveling to the meeting. This would also prevent more damage to the environment because cars and planes release greenhouse gases. If world leaders are traveling to a meeting, they shouldn’t travel on a private plane so it would release less greenhouse gases.

    1. Great answer shrewd_hyena! Can you think of any other reasons why hosting COP online would make it more sustainable?

    2. Yes you are right but how can we release less green house gases because it is not a Leaders issues it also our issues

    3. I like this idea and it’s preventing climate change

    4. I agree because then we use less fuel to travel places like uk to Egypt for an example

  • In my opinion, One major initiative organisers can to make the COP events more sustainable and environmentally friendly is to implement an internet-based system the hold the COP events. All prominent participants can join the event via digital meetings. Also, people all around the world should be enabled to share their opinions through videos, articles and whatnot, this would allow World Leaders to listen to the suggestions of the people they are representing and a much more interactive discussion to take place.

    1. A good answer positive_glockenspiel, I've noticed you've said people around the world should share their opinions, can you think of any pros and cons of doing this?

      1. Well the only significant consequence i see is maybe lack of effectiveness, you see in such case too many opinions may be shared decreasing the focus on one good sollution.
        For the pros as iv allread mentioned that such a way would be so so much better for the enviornment, with reduced carbon emissions and addition with increased participation the probablilty of getting better and more effective sollutions increases increadibly

    2. This is one view but I believe that that in order to make it more accessible it should be held locally around the world in order to have more people take part and increase the awareness.

      1. I definately think this can be a wonderfull option as locallly held meetings would allow people allready united to focus on a sollution yet we are her to solve a global problem and a way would still be needed to express the ideas on a global level

    3. I agree with you, and I would have suggested the same outcome, however, I also thought about the engagement. When something is online, once the laptop is closed, the problem disappears. Travelling where the problem is, could be more impactful. Do you think that there could be an additional layer to online meetings, to make them more impactful?

      1. I would love to agree with what you said, however better for the enviornment it is online mode will allways lack imoact as compared to a offline meeting. There shoukd be an additional layer like maybe a offline meeting with very less people.
        You opinion is reallly appreciative and i must agree

        1. How can new technology make online meetings feel more like in-person ones.

    4. I agree but we also can make compaing and students group at school level

    5. I agree with you @positive_glockenspiel because this is a very good idea. The meeting should be held virtually. It can be held on an app like Zoom or if Zoom and other similar apps are not preferable, a new internet-based meeting app should be designed specifically for such a big event as Cop28 and for subsequent Cop meetings. It will help to reduce pollution, emission of dangerous gases from planes, cost of traveling other risks associated with traveling.

      On the other hand, face-to-face meetings are also good because the issues being presented at the meeting are important issues so this method of holding meetings will show that the presence of the attendees is appreciated their time and want to connect directly rather than over the phone. They are issues such as climate change that affect the whole world. It also helps to improve relations between different countries but this method has more disadvantages. There will be issues of pollution, emission of dangerous gases from planes, high cost of traveling, and other risks and problems associated with ensuring the safety and comfort of those attending the meeting.

      Weighing the pros and cons of both methods, I think the virtual meeting is better and it is more sustainable which is the major aim.

  • Cop must be sustained and strongly, as for the sake of our planet, it can no longer bear the pressure on it from us, so I suggest
    * ending dealing with non-renewable energy sources as quickly as possible and replacing them with renewable energy such as wind.
    *I propose a solution, for example, North Africa is the largest area on which the sun falls throughout the world and with great intensity. If we fill an area such as the Libyan desert with solar panels, we can supply the entire world with electricity, and this is how we will eliminate the largest cause of the production of Co2 gas

    1. Great ideas @receptive_outcome. Do you think the solar panels solution should be a collaborative projects between the members of the UN, or should it be the responsibility of the country who has the land space to initiate such a project?

      1. I believe that there will be a balance between international and local support, as if the state is able to do so, it will strengthen its economy as it sells energy and electricity to neighboring countries, but if it is unable to secure the price of this project, then the countries in general must participate in the project and Cooperate with each other. Of course, it will be for each country to take a percentage according to the agreement that they will set

  • In my view, COP event organizers should start the use of solar panels on the buildings where the event is to be held to reduce the amount electricity used during the event. They should also buy food from local sources to spend less on food and they should use reusable cups and plates for serving food and drinks. In another way, they should use internet services like zoom, google meet and skype to host the meeting or they can also invite leading countries for the meeting so that there is less travelling to reduce pollution from cars and planes. Alternatively, they can also send discussion topics to the different countries through emails for them to discuss and give feed back on a discussion without travelling. Actually am thinking that they could also start a policy of (TREE WORLD) where every country is required to plant new 5oo,000,000 trees in order to attend the event and failure to comply is punishable.
    I think this way,COP events will be MORE SUSTAINABLE.

    1. daring_cherry that is a well detailed answer, well done. Which of your suggestions do you think will make COP events themselves more sustainable and why?

      1. Among my suggestions I think, ''Use of internet services like zoom, google meet and skype to host the meeting or inviting leading countries for the meeting so that there is less travelling to reduce pollution from cars and planes. Alternatively, sending discussion topics to the different countries through emails for them to discuss and give feed back on a discussion without travelling. '' will make the events themselves more sustainable since alot of money will be saved,less emissions and fast working hence saving time.

    2. Interesting points. How did you decide on 500 million trees? And how should failure to comply be punished?

      1. Well,i actually didn't have any criteria for giving 500,ooo,000 trees but i just felt like it would make a difference in the climate of those countries where they are grown for example they will increase the process of evapotranspiration where water go to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration and its responsible for 15% of the atmosphere's water vapour. Without that input of water vapour, clouds couldn't form and precipitation would never fall so more trees more rain ''simple.''

  • Instead of using all that money to fly to different countries they can simply organize online meetings where they can simply share their opinions. They can also create websites where adults can also share their point of views about the climate because not all the geniuses attend the events and this can give them better ideas.
    They can also have a group chat where by they won't need to wait for the meeting and they can simply share their ideas daily so that the work can quickly be done.

  • What came to my mind after reading all points against sustainability of COP was; why can't this meeting be an online meeting??
    All participating countries join the online forum, decide action plan and start it as a campaign in their countries...
    No one need to host such a big event, no one need to pollute environment by arriving at the meeting spot....

    1. Hi @fierce_moose. What, if any, do you think are the some of the positive points of having the event in person?

      1. Yes in person meetings have many travel all the way from your country to the meeting spot reminds you that how important this issue is... You are using your time, money and energy for a great cause... You can't survive if you think you don't care what's going in the world. ...
        You have to keep all personal issues aside and stand with other countries for the sake of survival of this universe...
        Also you can share your ideas and get instant views on a table and your talk can be more meaningful

    2. I agree with you, but could we make the online meeting more impactful. Could we make the problem more real for the people attending the online meeting?

      1. Yes... Only and only if we involve community and educate the people on grass root level that how a small act can cause a big disaster....
        Our representatives can't make these meetings successful unless they teach their people that every act matters...when I cut a tree...or waste a bucket of water,. I m not wasting it from my house...rather I m depleting world,s resources...
        I m destroying the whole environment which I m sharing with many others...
        We are not living in our country..we are sharing the world...
        This sense of responsibility will help our leaders to make these COPs successful

  • I think that to make cop27 more sustainable by changing from planes to zoom as going to Egypt would use a lot of unsustainable fuel, by switching to zoom it would also allow smaller countries that can't afford to participate to share their views on climate change. A problem this would cause is that it would be more complicated to televise but away to overcome this problem would be to record the zoom meeting and put the recording on the news. Another way to overcome this problem would be to use electric planes these have no need for jet fuel but are not fully developed and not many are used.

    1. Great problem solving shy_duck!

  • To make future COP events sustainable the event organizers have to make it
    a) The event as inclusive as possible : It should be made a compulsory event for all countries. The event can be organized in two or more venues to ensure maximum participation and cut down on cost due to travel. Choosing different time for the event to be conducted would help countries to ensure participation in at lest one . Each country can choose the venue that it would attend.
    b) There should be a five point action plan for implementation from each country towards Climate change with details of implementation which is to be approved by a minimum of 5 countries during the event. This will provide a collective responsibility of all these countries towards the cause.
    c) Since there is diversity in problem and approach freedom to be given on choice of implementation pointers of countries. The developed nations must collaborate with under developed countries to work on carbon mitigation , green energy etc. through knowledge sharing and funding projects .
    One important tool is to create global awareness on COP and climate change and the consequence of the same. This alone can bring a collective solution . We should walk the talk

    1. good proposals, @receptive_mandarin -- but do you think there are any disadvantages to having two or more events? Is progress more likely with all the world's leaders under one roof, all having the same discussion?

      1. Everything has advantage and disadvantage for example having multiple events for COP may mount up cost .But a country will hav choise of selecting venue to attend which will cut down on transportation and make it little more flexible for participating countries . A venue in Asian country will help leaders from Asia to attend easily. When all leaders have same agenda we may have solution at one roof but the problems due to climate change have diverse impact based on geographical location for example India has a long costline and large land area has problems due to unpredictable tropical cyclones , tsunami etc while that of a mountaneous country like Tibet may be different . The solutions that each country may feel feasible is also diffent I think .thank you

  • Being a students its great opportunity that i am getting is an eco friendly Festival. Having a great deal of new ideas at the length of a touch, observing many percepectives across the glob without creating a fuss of environmental hazards. Having fun to participate in competitions as well as great deal of learning about the risks at stake towards sustainable life.
    I want to extend Topical Talk idea for the future COP meetings as it should and online forum i.e. e-COP or iCOP.
    In next meeting give the opportunity to all the stakeholders to talk about the sustainable future by such online forum in which they learn from young minds through different talks, debates and suggestions that how the sustainable future look like to them? What they can contribute to develop eco friendly habits? And what the stakeholders at COP end can contribute practically to extend the treaty and involve the other parties as well.

    1. Thank you, a brilliant idea! Keep the open discussion and tracking progresses, exchange expertise and solutions will definitely be beneficial for COP members, at the same time online forum is more sustainable. From the other perspective, can we also think about the pros and cons of hosting it online?

      1. Regards for the application.
        There are many percepectives involving the hosting of online events. There should be an APP should be introduced regarding sustainable life. The students are now a days more interested in sofware and games. This is the need of the hour that forum should introduce online games and Apps to help the students understanding sustainable ways of life.
        TV or cartoon series should be introduce to involve the kids.
        Online forum also have disadvantages that many countries have power connectivity resources and Internet cost issue. They can't take part in the discussion. Communication gaps due to language boundaries also play role in drwabacks of online forum.

  • Future event organizers when creating a meeting should create it online rather than traveling to the meeting, because it is travel by car and plane that causes 90% of the impact of transportation on the climate, and that air travel is the most polluting, and also travel By ships causes pollution of the seas, and travel by planes and cars leads to global warming, and if any world leaders are to attend a meeting, it is not preferable to travel by planes or cars to reduce global warming that leads to a rise in global temperatures. All this was shared in the chapter !.

  • I think they should use different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube where they can have there meetings live so that many people from around the world can follow them and for some of the people that don't feel comfortable using the above social media apps, they can also create online meetings on ZOOM which is the best since it also has a chatroom where people can share their ideas. They can also create groups or websites on those social media apps so that people can get a chance to share their opinions and doing this will even help to reduce the expenditure they are supposed to use since they won't have to spend their money to fly to the different countries to attend these events.

    1. idealistic_song this is a unique suggestion, thanks for your contribution! Can you think of any downsides to hosting COP on social media platforms?

      1. The downsides of hosting COP on social media is that bench marking will be very difficult because these COP events are held in different countries and bench marking this is where when you attend the event in a different country you get to adopt many things that you can apply in your country like their administration, the way they manage their stuff like wastes and revenue and this can help in the development of countries so I think putting in money to fly all the way to these events is actually worth it because to leads to the development of different countries.

  • To make COP28 more sustainable, we can have it on zoom so people will not have to travel by plane which is using fuel, only main countries like Russia can be apart of the zoom meeting but other minor countries like Vatican City can still contribute and someone can take a new job to look on social media platforms such as Facebook for normal people to share their ideas or there could be an online survey where the people can vote on specific ideas.
    All of these ideas were shared in class by the way!

    1. @majestic_piccolo what you be your own idea on how to keep the events sustainable?

      1. If only main countries are a part of the talk while minor countries will have to watch via social media.We would never get a wholistic understanding of issues and problems. All countries will not get equal voice to share and reprecent their idea convincingly enough .Hence i feel that a virtual event can make COP 27 sustainable .Where we have to spend we have to and where we can cut we should .What do you think about this spirited_thought ?

  • The COP should be prioritised to be held in countries which are more vulnerable to the climate change effects, like Pakistan. Floods and smog events are seriously affecting our country. Not only countries like ours, will learn from experiences of the other countries - but also general public will focus on the discussions and suggestions - once the COP event is focused in the local media. Thus urge for implementations of the recommendations to contain climate change effects will be seconded by the people, and then by the public representatives in the legislative bodies for corresponding legislation.

  • I think they would make it fairer and also make it And making it more creative by developing it and employing experts in it so that it flourishes more and also to do aid and other things to the people and this makes it more popular and permanent.

  • If COP event is held in the countries which are facing environmental problems and climate change effects more than other global countries, then it will be better because it will boost the cognizance level of the general public there specifically. This is because the event will get prominent coverage from digital media there.
    Moreover, world leaders arriving from other countries will get an opportunity to see and visit the affected sectors individually. In this way the country will get immediate help and measures for the target sectors.

    1. This is a brilliant point @succinct_engine, can you elaborate further on how you think this would make the COP event more sustainable?

  • To make COP28 more sustainable, we can have it on zoom so people will not have to travel by plane which is using fuel, only main countries like Russia can be apart of the zoom meeting but other minor countries like Vatican City can still contribute and someone can take a new job to look on social media platforms such as Facebook for normal people to share their ideas or there could be an online survey where the people can vote on specific ideas.

    1. Can you think of any arguments against making COP virtual?

      1. I think that if there are any arguments against making COP virtual it would be that it could lack personal touch.Physical presence of world leaders is really necessary in places such as this where huge decisions are made.

  • I feel like for future COP events, some world leaders should stay behind and meet online while some other leaders can go. I'd suggest this in order to cut back greenhouse gases that the planes and the cars the leaders would use to go to the COP events.

    1. Hi Idealistic_Song - it could potentially reduce the climate impact of travel to COP events if some people met online. Would it be easy to choose who attended in person and who attended online? Could this have disadvantages?

  • I learned that the climate in clayton county is sustainable and the climates are.
    september 84° / 64°
    october 74° / 52°
    November 64° / 42°
    December 56° / 36°

    1. Can you say what makes Clayton County sustainable?

  • Sustainable aviation fuel can be used
    Once the fuel is sourced from renewable sources, it is mixed halfway with kerosene to produce a blend of sustainable aviation fuels and conventional fuels. This fuel mixture can be used in the same way as regular jet fuel. There is no need for any modifications to the aircraft to use it and thus it can benefit from renewable energy without polluting the environment

    1. Hi Inspirational_Groundhog - the development of sustainable aviation fuel offers real opportunities in the future! What do you think is the main difficulty for the aviation industry in adopting sustainable aviation fuel before COP 28?

  • The COP should endeavor to convince the third world countries- which are unable to to address the climate change effects and pollution problem they face - because they are less capable to carry out tasks for reduction of climate change effects and pollutants because of poor economies. If any poor country want to plant trees or need technologies to tackle pollution problem then COP can suggest or extend co-operation to this connection to them. Moreover, the COP can present their problems - both financial and pragmatic - in front of the world for necessary attention. Once the fruits of such efforts in collaboration with COP are achieved , then COP will of course get the credit along with voices for collaboration from other problem facing countries.

  • Developing countries have faced serious effects of climate change. According to World bank Pakistan needs $348 billion for development challenges between 2023 and 2030,which is equal to 10.7percent of cumulative GDP for the same period.

    1. Hi Believable_Engineer - thanks for your comment. Can you give an example of a serious effect of climate change?

  • Go on Google and see some pictures spotting some glaciers saying, ''30 years ago - and present''. It means you will find many place where there was snow 30 years ago but today it is just bare mountain peak. Ata Abad lake in Chitral area of Pakistan was made spontaneously because glacier melted there. Why a glacier melt? Of course because of warm atmosphere. Global warming is going on rapid pace and 0.6 centigrade rise has been noticed in the last two decades of the ongoing century . 0.6 centigrade rise was for the last whole century. Is it not alarming?
    The COP27 is hearing the alarm and is to sustain for being active to the alarm.

    1. Hi Quickwitted_Persimmon - thanks for telling us about the formation of the Ata Abad lake. Do you think COP27 will benefit Pakistan?

  • I think that cop 27 is not as sustainable as we think because they are taking money from a company that is polluting the environment, spending billions of pounds to get them there also to ge there they are using planes which by the way is really bad for the environment.

  • I think cop27 is good because people around the whole world [not all countries] can meet up and make a desieon.But it is also bad because it costs so much to plan, and they can sometimes make wrong desieon .

    1. What kind of decisions? Can you please explain a bit more? alert_buffalo

  • Yes, it can be sustainable. These events are very important to remind all nations that they have a responsibility towards controlling and minimising climate change by reducing emissions. It will surely bring a little bit of discomfort as we move from fossil fuel based energy to renewable due to the cost but it will pay off in the long term. Costs will go down as we make more investments into renewable energy.

  • The two groups could simply hold online meetings instead of spending all that money traveling to other countries. Adults can also be invited to share their viewpoints on climate change through websites because not every genius attends the events and that will help them develop better ideas. In addition, a group chat can be used, so they won't need to wait for a meeting, but simply share their ideas each day to accomplish the work as quickly as possible.

  • These days, in Cop27, in Egypt they're working on (climate change), I think this gathering ,unfortunately, is not  sustainable, because when the leaders  meet  they come from different 197 countries in private planes, and private cars which burn a lot of fuel, and this contributing  climate change to get worse. Therefore, I think they don't need to travel from one country to another to meet face to face, they can do it via the internet to reduce climate pollution. Besides, I recommend the organizers for COP28 if they saw that the online meetings wouldn't be sufficient enough they can use both ways face to face meetings for the main countries only, but they have to be careful in choosing the sponsores companies which build on green economies. I want to add some ideas about the factors that lead to climate change, including:
    First- Fuel and Gasoline Cars, the Arab world contains approximately “60%” of oil and is spent on cars. We reduce the impact of this problem if we get benefit of the  recent American machine which called the smart scooter . It is avery economical tool for moving from one place to another that helps reduce climate pollution. This machine works on electricity as it is charged and used for transportation. It contains a battery when it is fully charged.  I think that if we could provide it in my country to commute, this will help to reduce climate change. We can post videos advising young people to use them.
    If we worked together in order to find things that could alleviate the climate change even if it is simple, we can make a difference.

    1. Hi Amazing_Parrot - thanks for sharing your ideas for using electric scooters. How would the electricity be generated for powering these scooters? If everyone had a scooter, would there be enough charging points?

  • Some ways COP organisers can make COP28 more sustainable than previous COPs is by having the COP conferences online to save fuel, energy and time. The event organisers had the meeting in Egypt on COP27. Due to the living cost crisis, prices of everyday necessities are skyrocketing. Petrol to fuel the aeroplane to Egypt would have cost a considerable amount of money, and in addition, the money used to fund the conference, would be unimaginable. Instead of wasting the time taken to go to Egypt and back, the event organisers could have used that time to plant trees.

  • To make this COP event more sustainable,we can have meetings via online platforms such as zoom virtually instead of having it In-Person.By this,there is no need for travel by planes and cars and this reduces the release of CO2 and other gases.This also helps to lessen the travel,food and accommodation expenses and this saved budget can be used for another good cause.Also,a forum like this can be created for the people and students to share their opinions and views and the best of ideas can be adopted.

    1. Hi Crafty_Quince - it's interesting to flag the impact of travel to COP events given the focus on climate change! Can you think of any disadvantages of holding the next event virtually?

      1. A virtual event means that we will not have that person touch.We are well advanced in technology.This means that we can have our office meetings or even classes through online.But we don't.We still opt for physical classes and meets.The same goes with such a big world event.Also,people may be in different time zones.When people across the globe wants to participate this could be a big factor.Another disadvantage is connectivity issue.I beleive that these are some of the disadvantages for which we have to find a way through.

  • When Hybrid Mode has become order of the day, why shouldn't COP28 be organized virtually. The UN could bring some best minds from various countries join virtually as well and seek their ideas and support for sustainability. Climate issues hit the common people more. One of the main points of discussion for any COP event is People-Centered Initiatives. Hence, the best way to organize COP 28 is to involve the public opinion before drafting the policy.

    Otherwise, what is the point in the leaders coming together but unable to come to consensus about the climatic changes that is devouring the natural resources, wealth and even people due to its effects.

    Today we youngsters are together in a virtual platform like this airing our views, sharing our ideas for sustainability, solutions for issues taken for discussion, give constructive criticism to the policy makers, moderated by some best minds. Why can't COP28 too be organized similarly?

    For instance, organizing an event of this scale, calls for lot of resources, manpower and ultimately for what? If that it is not going to translate into results.

    Hence, it is important that the common man is also represented in discussions like these and not just the political leaders! The best to make it happen is Hybrid Mode. Both Physical and Virtual.

    For instance, a movement SAVE SOIL was initiated by one of the most revered people from our country India, SADGURU JAGGI VASUDEV. A movement to address the soil crisis, to bring people together across the globe for soil health. to increase the organic content of the soil. He travelled around 30000 KMS from the Caribbean shores and touched 27 countries, meeting the leaders of the countries, influencers celebrities, public figures and large number of public to create awareness on this issue. This was to bring policy related to soil revitalization in place.

    Such grassroot level event will touch millions of people. Tell them the reality. Climate issues cannot be addressed by an individual. Its collective effort. Every person should take responsibility. Only if we bring everyone's opinion to the table something constructive can happen. Hybrid mode is the only solution for that.

  • From my humble point of view, I see the COP climate conference as mere formalities and acquaintances rather than discussing what is happening around us in terms of climate change...especially the absence of some heads of state linked to political agendas. in our atmosphere. I see the absence of an energy-filled youth component to give serious solutions. The COP conference must have captured the category of specialized university scientists..otherwise, it is a failed climate conference.