Would you be a leader?


The UK has a new prime minister, Rishi Sunak – but many people think he doesn’t have an easy job. Like the rest of the world, in the UK people are struggling with the cost of living crisis. Many people are also fed up with political instability and are calling upon Mr Sunak and his government to improve the situation… and quickly!

In order to be chosen to become the new prime minister, Mr Sunak had to first put himself forward for the job. This got us thinking. Would everyone choose to be the leader of their country? Why or why not?

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  • Yes, being a leader of a country would be a good job and i would also one day want to be a country leader because; i would be paid highly which would help cater for me and my family, I would finally get a chance to change the country in a good way like developing it like I would encourage more people to plant trees since these trees help in various ways and also stop polluting the environment, I would create more jobs to reduce on the poverty of my country.

    1. I disagree because... being a leader is not a job but you can be leader without being job.

      1. Can you give an example of showing leadership?

  • WELL,as a young person, being a leader of my country would be a good job because i would like to change many things in my countries forexample the gender inequality in my country where women are considered inferior in every thing and thus given un-equal oppoutunities compared to men.Being a leader would also put me in position to drive the economy of my country through creating more job oppotunities and removing people from slums.so basically,i think being the leader of my country would help me adress all the problems that affected my people and i all these years hence i would consider it a good job that i would want since it can help me change my country for better.

    1. Hey Daring Cherry, you seem like you would be an inspiring leader! How would you help reduce gender inequality in your country?

      1. How would you help reduce gender inequality in your country?
        I would do this by empowering more women into power for example I would appoint women to help me in my work and I would recommend them to other fellow leaders too and I would even encourage them to stand for leadership posts and I would support them them even in campaigns. Through this,women would be brought on board and they will be able to fight for equal rights with men since they will also hold influencial posts as men.Being in such positions would enable them to pull up fellow women financially through giving them developmental funds through women based saccos to help them sustain their lives and start up businesses just like men.Fellow women who are in power could advocate for other women to acquire employment in government institutions like hospitals where they are paid evenly like men. Women in power would be spearheaders of fights concerning protection of women equality rights.
        Generally, empowering women would bring them on board and would put the in equal stats with men hence improving equality in the country.

  • Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good job? And would you want to be the leader of your country? Why or why not?
    I actually think being a leader of a country would be a good job and yes I would love to lead my country so that i change a lot that our current leader is missing out
    I as leader would eradicate poverty and create more jobs for everyone to get a job to earn money for the wellbeing of their families.
    I as a leader would put back the rule of re-afforestation so that our earth gets green again... i would also ban usage of plastic in our country so that other countries learn from my country.

    1. Great ideas @champion_camel. What would you replace plastic with and how would you fund the transition from plastics into sustainable materials?

      1. i would introduce paper bag usage, since paper bags are 100% more biodegradable compared to plastic bags, they are also recyclable and reusable. Besides being more environmentally friendly, they are affordable, paper bags can also withstand more if not the same amount of weight than plastic bags.

    2. I'm not sure about this because it is easier said than done. I think people make the mistake of thinking decisions only belong to one person. That may be in a totalitarian regime, but not in democracy. Aims have to be based on reality and reality is that the majority of the population in some countries still live in the countryside. How do you eradicate poverty? How would you create jobs? And who would do this jobs? The women who care for the children and the old people? They already work longer than anybody else. And what would replace plastic in countries where people are poor? Plastic is cheap, sustainable materials are not. Who would pay and how?
      I think you have to have knowledge of economy but also to be a very convincing and tough person. And still this is not enough because we are not isolated countries, we share a world and an interconnected system. We depend on each other so that's another thing that could get in your way. Being a leader is not an easy thing.

    3. Lovely but have we ever asked why the leaders do what they do when they are in power? Leaders were once citizens too and they also saw problems that they wanted to solve but what went wrong ?

  • Being a leader of your country is not bad because it shows patriotism(love for your country). But as to me I wouldn't step in to be a leader for the country because their is a lot in leadership;
    1.There are many people who will always come to you with their problems and it is a must for you to step in and help them whereby you will always be busy and you won't have time for your family.
    2.In leadership there are always enemies that would always want you off power so they would do everything to make sure that you are off. Some might attack your families and threaten you and it might lead to death of some family members.
    3. You get many haters from the public when they spread wrong rumors on you for example they say u are involved in corruption almost the whole country will hate you which will spoil your name.
    That's why I can never choose to be a leader.

    1. You are right that being a political leader is a difficult job. Can you think of other ways you could be a leader and help to change things?

  • Being the leader of my country will be a good job, as I will work on developing diplomatic and economic relations between my country and between industrial and agricultural countries, I will pave these relations through cultural exchange programs for high school and university students, And work to provide efficient ambassadors who are able to take matters into their own hands and have good communication and persuasion skills in the event of an economic exchange between the two countries. Global conditions also play a role, but
    One of the indications of the success of your leadership is that you will not make your people and the prices in the state more than 10%,Thus, I will help reduce the prices of products and improve the living conditions of the people, that is, I will make economic integration with the major countries and they will become friendly countries.
    Also, to invest the minds of young people in my country, I will develop a study material related to human development in order to contribute to raising human awareness, improving human feeling and opening the horizons of his thinking and belief in his abilities,This is how I will be able to see more projects that support the economy and help me save money for poor families and reduce poverty

  • I don't want to be the leader of my country
    Because I know that there are people who are more qualified than me, and they can assume responsibility without pressures that have clear negative effects on them, and I have no desire to lead a people, government and economy,Because I am a person who hates pressures and I like to give most of my time to myself and develop it, but if I become president, I do not think that I will find this time. I prefer to work in a diplomatic role in the country, not as a presidential one

    1. It's great that you already know your own strengths and weaknesses, broadminded_memory. And becoming a diplomat is a great career goal. Have you started to find out how you can achieve this goal?

  • 1. I think that being a leader of a country is a good job because you will be able to represent your country in a passionate and supportive way. Also, any major decision would be debated within the House of Commons which will give the PM more ideas. In addition, the prime minister would be able to help any other countries that are facing hunger; disease or poverty which means that they will be able to get back on track if another country helps them.

    2. In my opinion, I would not like to be the prime minister of England. This is because it would result in a lot of stress which could mean that I would not be focused on my job or tasks. Being prime minister means that you are passionate for your job and you are very knowledgeable and responsible for all of the decisions that take place. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐲. His/her decisions could affect millions of lives.To add on, even though it makes you a lot of money and elevates your place in society, it doesn't mean that you become the prime minister for the money. It requires a knack for helping people and being very bold and tough.
    Without this, you cannot be a trustworthy prime minister.

  • Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good business? Do you want to be the leader of your country? Why and why not?
    I think if I were a leader I'd be fine, but there are things some people just don't know. The responsibilities of the leader are great and he bears the responsibilities of all citizens and the smallest details of the country. Do I want to be a leader?! Yes, because this is something that a person can be proud of. When he is the leader of his country, he has his place and he is respected by all citizens, and you are respected by everyone. It is something that a person is proud of.

  • If I am being honest I think being a leader is not such a good job because taking wrong decisions would change the way your country sees you . Also the lack of thinking you have to put in decision you make would probably really stress you out.Being a leader means that the whole country is seeing all your behaviour so being a leader means also being a role model to your country .

    But I think that our past PM’s were good at being leaders such as Mr Borris Johnson and Terrisa May.

    1. Great comments @compelling_hurricanes. What do you think were good qualities that Boris and Teresa had that made them good prime ministers?

  • I think that the one who likes to nominate himself in the elections should be aware to the demands of his community and his people.He should achieve all theirs in order to be the succesful leader .He has to do alot to reach.

  • From my point of view, becoming a leader is a beautiful thing, but it is a difficult task, because I am a choice that made a rash decision, and it will become a great harm. When you preach a decision, you must think carefully before implementing it, and think about what will unite the world. You must think about poor people and not oppress anyone.

  • We cannot be completely certain that he chose him as a leader for their country, due to the different trends, ideas, and political view of everyone. It is not just words that are fired, but it is a responsibility beyond description, high organizational capabilities, and public acceptance first. Everyone wants to be a leader, but titles do not achieve dreams, work, perseverance and experiences are what make the leader...

  • In theory, I believe being a leader would be a good thing - in real life, not so much. As a citizen of my country, I can see things that need to change and I can think of a thousand ways to change them. However, I do understand that being a leader works within restrictions that would hinder the changes I would like to see. Being a leader, even to a small group, is difficult. It requires being okay with a lot of people being dependent on you, listening to contrasting opinions and making sensible decisions. I wouldn’t want to be the leader because I, like every other human, would lose focus. I would lose sight of my goals and everything I wish to change. The problem is every single leader goes into office wishing to make a profound change. They never anticipate just how difficult being a leader is.

    1. I think this is interesting easygoing_writer and I wonder if you think your president has more restrictions than other leaders because your country is organised in smaller states. Also, do you think it's more difficult to please the majority in a state with many nations?
      It is also interesting what you said about "every single leader goes into office wishing to make a profound change" because a lot of people in my country think that politicians just want to make things better for themselves and their families and friends and don't care about the people. I was surprised about the UK prime minister that he is extremely rich, which means that indeed he is there to do his job and not to make money.

    2. Hello, can you tell us what are the things that need to change and think about

  • _ Presidency is a difficult, hard work and a great responsibility, and in order to be a successful president, there must be a very large and successful economic plan that provides economic recovery for the country.

    _ The personality of the president must have a major role in making decisions at the right time, in the right place, and with the right person.
    The president must choose his superiors carefully.
    to facilitate and implement its policies. The president should follow up on the conditions of the people and their problems To maintain security and order in his country.

    _ In my opinion, I am not fit to be president because I do not have the necessary qualifications. And if I have the qualifications of the presidency, I will carry out all the tasks undertaken by the President, to maintain the stability of my people and the safety of my country.

    1. Thank you for your comment @persuasive_trombone. You're right, people don't realise how hard being a leader is and how much work it involves.

    2. I agree with you. Apart from the work involved, the leader might also have to sacrifice some things. For example friends. Leaders are often surrounded by people but most at times they are lonely. Leaders do not really have much friends becausse sometimes leaders can make laws that their friends do not like and the friends will end up leaving the leader. The leader cannot compromise that law in order to avoid favoritism. It is most times a struggle between doing the right thing and pleasing others. That is one of the scariest part of being a leader to me. So I do not think I want to be a leader.

  • Yes , beacause why not ,i have a big desire to be a leader of Pakistan . I love my culture. As every country has it's own problem whenever i hear news or study politics i think about ways to solve the problem being mentioned, i up come with many ideas and sometimes i am unable to figure out any solution. After becoming a leader i want to give this country a new system.

    In my opinion there is no career more satisfactory than being a leader who is loved by his/her public. But i know it is a great responsibility too .

  • Yes i would love to be leader in my country because of the ability to because of the problems facing the youth in my country like unemployment and fix the education system in the country, leaders have an imminence responsibility of keeping the wants of the population in mind while trying to keep the stakeholders in the country happy.
    Yes despite the number of problems facing leaders i would like to be a leader and leave and legacy in my country.

  • I honestly don't think that I could be the leader of my country mostly because I don't want to be . I think that it is a huge responsibility all the people of my nation would depend on me and if even a single person sleeps hungry in my country and I eat three times a day it would be unfair I don't deserve anything special that they don't get. Thousands of people die because of lack of medical resources and I can't live with that guilt honestly I think that I am afraid and I am not mature enough to lead I need to learn so much more I am honest but being honest isn't enough. I think a good leader is one who is honest , experienced, mature and doesn't think that he is superior to others, understands what are the problems that people are facing and trys to fix them.

    1. Great reflection! I completely agree that being the PM would be very difficult due to the guilt and emotional side of the job. If not being a PM, would you like to take any other role in government?

      1. I would definitely play my part because its my responsibility . I think that I can play the part of an advisor I would ask the local people what are their problems and deliver their message to the PM suggesting a solution . And I would keep an eye on any corrupt activity happening and take immediate action against it .

    2. Hi breathtaking_meteor,

      I like how honest you are - I would be afraid of leading a country too!

      I understand your point about being responsible for people who sleep hungry and for people suffering from a lack of medical resources... but do you think it is worth being the leader of your country even if you could only make a positive difference for SOME of those people?

      I think the world needs more leaders who care about people as much as you do!

      1. Thank you for appreciating my honesty.
        What I mean to say is that if I think some else can be a better leader than me I would support them so that person can improve my country and help all the people but if there is no one who cares about people and they just want to be the leader so they have the power I would definitely stand for my people and take charge if it is necessary.

        1. Thank you for your response. I agree that if there is someone better suited to the position then stepping back to support them is more beneficial. That is a very logical approach - well done.

  • I personally don't think being a leader is an easy job especially in this world of media war, human crisis and climate change . A person needs to be resourceful in order to serve a nation. I think a leader of modern world should be equipped with all the modern technology management tools and skill worth a magician . People expect alot of work, to fulfill their expectations in every short time with very limited resources . Being just, dedicated and visionary isn't enough . I think a good leader must be a good self critique and must have high problem solving skills. A leader today must be well aware of root cause of problems and have courage to solve them with out judgement .
    A leader must keep international standards of justice in mind and take big decisions benefited not only to his masses but keeping the view of the general benefits of this world.

  • I think being the leader of a country is a tough job because its such a big responsibility. You have to take the decisions that may oppose by anyone and you are answerable to the people who vote for you.
    The answer to the question "Would I want to be the leader of my country" is Yes,I want to be the leader of my country just because I want to take my country to the highest possible level. I can't see the people playing with the emotions of my nation. Polititions make the promises with the nation just to get vote from them but as I see they don't fulfill their promises. Moreover, there is patronage system in my country which leads to corruption.I just want to eliminate this factor from my country because "Corruption is the root cause of conflicts". As being a Pakistani, I want everyone living in my country has equal rights irrespective of color,race or religion. I want to give my people basic necessities that they aren't able to get now. I want my country to progress. This is the main reason I want to be the leader of my country.

  • If I am being honest I think being a leader is not such a good job because taking wrong decisions would change the way your country sees you and they can see you as a bad leader.

    1. Hello admirable_alligator , what kind of bad decisions for example?

    2. Good reflection. What qualities do you think would make a PM a good leader?

    3. I agree... I along with many others would want to be a leader. We think that if we become the leader we can take action for the causes that are being ignored. I used to believe that as a regular citizen of my country I knew what all problems needed attention to and I will take unbiased decisions but I never thought of me being as a bad leader. This comment made me realise the bigger picture and the broader consequences.

      1. How can you make sure your decisions are "unbiased", eloquent_nature?

        1. For a leader to be able to make unbiased decisions, he/she ought not to let his/her emotions affect their decision. One should not just blindly follow his/her emotions on a matter. For example, a leader can make a law, and his/her very close friend or loved one disagrees with the law but making the law is the right thing to do. The leader should not let his/her emotions get the better of him/her and should make an unbiased decision while having a clear head. This is often very hard for leaders as sticking to the right thing can lead to them not having friends or being lonely but the leader must be strong and not lose focus.
          The leader should also consider various options, scenarios, and perspectives before making a decision. The leader should make sure he/she makes an all-rounded and well thought of decision that puts the needs of everyone into consideration.

  • Thinking of being a leader and actually being one are two different things. We all think that we know how to lead but what happens when we make the same mistakes we swore never to make. A frequent question that is asked is what attribute must a good leader posses, in order to lead and after thinking I believe the answer is nothing a good leader must be willing to sacrifice everything in order to lead. Yes, I would like to lead but I am afraid that I might not perform as well as I want to.

  • Being the leader of a country would be a good job but....a hard, responsible and difficult task it is.
    It's not about lead a house or a school.
    It's about running the entire country!!

    Millions of people dependent on you.
    One wrong decision of yours can endanger the lives of many people....

    Would you want to be the leader of a country??

    I think...i can do this responsibility well at the same time I also make sure my team is best because a person alone can't do anything.
    I just want to resolve all the major issues of my country whether it's about education, poverty, terrorism, freedom of religion, children rights.
    I make sure to stable the economy first!!
    I'll do everything for the happiness of people. I will not only talk but also do practical work.

  • I think being a leader is a good job and i have faith and hope that one day i will be the leader in my country like Rishi Sunak the prime minister of the UK. he had the dream to be the first Asian to become the prime minister of UK.
    I also have a dream to become the first ever president from my tribe in my country.
    Lastly, _ In my opinion, I am not fit to be president because I do not have the necessary qualifications. And if I have the qualifications of the presidency, I will carry out all the tasks undertaken by the President, to maintain the stability of my people and the safety of my country.

    1. Good luck with your ambition, digital_seal! Why do you think no-one from your tribe has been president yet? What do you think needs to change?

  • I feel like being a leader of a country is a good job because you get to make major decisions in the country and no one can oppose them which I find really cool. I wouldn't really want to be a leader of a country because, it's a hectic and tiresome job. It also makes one insecure because there might be people in the country that don't like you and are trying to kill you thus making you lose faith in some people that you work with. Another reason would be that the country leader has to keep government secrets hidden from the public and I find it hard keeping a big secret from the public

    1. Do you think it's true to say that no-one can oppose the leader's decisions? Why do you think that would be cool?

      1. Unless like the public or the entire body of government disagrees on what the leader says then maybe there would be some opposition. I find it cool because like the leader has full control over their country.

        1. Do you think one person should ever have full control? What might the dangers of this be?

  • Being a leader of my country is a wonderful thing, but it has a lot of responsibilities, so I do not want to be a leader of my country because a leader has a lot of responsibilities to be performed, and I want to be in my life full-time. My family is very much and I cannot bear the responsibilities of the leader, so if I am a leader, I will oppress my people in terms of these responsibilities because I cannot bear them because they are too many, so I will leave this field to those who are able to bear these great responsibilities

  • Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good job? Do you want to be the leader of your country for what and why not?
    I believe that being the leader of a country would be a good job, but before that you should take a good look at the characteristics of a good leader, which are to be just, of good character, of good character, of great power, of high position, of a soft heart and kindness to people and the poor, He is highly intelligent, and it is known that the leader or president is a good example to his people, so the president must be of good qualities, because this guarantees him continuity and continuity in his rule and position for many years. In all honesty, I would like to be a leader or president of my country, so that I can spread peace among the people Spreading love and happiness and spreading justice throughout cities and countries.

  • Do you think being a leader of a country would be a good job? Do you want to be your country's leader? Why and why not?
    I think that being my country's leader is impossible, but in my imagination, I really wish that, and if I become sure, it would be an act.Well, I want to change a lot of things in my country, really, I want it to become better, and I want to develop it wonderfully, and I don't want to see my people suffer from anything.

    1. It sounds like you have a lot of ideas to improve things in your country, poetic_banana. Why do you think it's impossible for you to become its leader?

  • I think being the leader of a country is a good job but a hard job right now, the government is unstable so the job is even harder than before. I wouldn’t want to be the leader of a country, because leaders have a very big responsibility, they need to push their country in the right direction, which can be very hard.

  • Yes, I would be a leader because I think it's a good paid job which is good so that I could pay for my whole family for things that we need. I would love making everyone happy by letting them have a big say in it all. I would make giant changes with climate change I would make it a genuine lovely place to live in. I think I would make great decisions sometimes make them quickly, but some take my time on.

    1. I'm interested in your desire to make everyone happy. In the UK it seems that we have become more politically fractured and unhappy over recent years, so we could do with a dose of happiness! What do you think can be done to change this? How would you give people a greater say, and what impact do you think that would have?

  • Yes, I would like to be the leader of a country, I will govern them well, I will be a responsible person, take responsibility, and act wisely in difficult times. I will be well treated with him, sympathetic to them, not that I am the leader of a country that I am arrogant and treat it with contempt and contempt. A person who is risky and ambitious and I want the world and history to immortalize my name like Salah El-Din and Yasser Arafat and also like Mandela, Gandhi, Alexander and other great leaders in history

  • Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good business? Do you want to be the leader of your country? Why and why not?
    Well, the role of the leader is a very important role in society, where the role of the president is different from the rest of the roles. He bears the responsibility of his people and his state, where the head of state participates in official occasions and official visits in the country, and abroad, and he acts as an envoy and a representative of the state. I think that the person is a leader Order and job well done and I don't want to be my captain
    Because this is hard work and a great responsibility. I do not want, because I am afraid that I will not take responsibility, because that depends on the fate of the people and the state.

  • As for the presidency, it is a tiring and hard work that requires great responsibility, but any person has the right to run, provided that he has qualifications and experience to help him carry out his job so that he can provide solutions to all the problems he faces and advance his country in all areas, and he must possess a strong personality. To help him make decisions

  • i would love to be a leader but i think it will be a hard job. As you know Boris Johnson resigned and Liz Trust couldn't handle the pressure.So i think it would be hard but fun.

  • - Do you think being a leader of a country would be a good job?

    I don't think it really is that good, I mean sure you can decide a country's fate, but the amount of pressure you're put on when you're up to making decisions for your country is imense. One wrong decision can honestly cost your entire reputation or life. Plus, imagine if your country's stability just starting collapsing. The amount of stress you would have at that moment will harm you, for life.

    - Would you like to be the leader of your country? Why or why not?

    Even if you offer me the most luxurious life I would still decline this Offer. Why is that? Well, just as I mentioned before, the amount of stress and pressure you're under is huge, sure, there are lots of things that I would absolutely love changing in my country, but like I have no idea how to manage those certain things, like I could say "I want that to happen" but at the same time, how do I make that happen or what do I need for that to happen? Plus, when I'm under a lot of stress, I tend to make a lot of bad decisions, so if my people don't like that certain decision that I made, they're gonna rise up and protest which leads to more stress and to even more bad decisions.

    1. It certainly does look like a high stress job, and I expect a lot of bad decisions have been made (and will continue to be made) by political leaders as a result of this stress. What more do you think nations could do to support their political leaders with this stress? If you woke up one day to find yourself as the political leader of your country, what would you put in place to manage stress down to a healthy level, and what would you do to help you make the best decisions possible?

      1. The people can show their appreciation through social media about their leader, giving emotional support and respecting their laws. People can show empathy by recognizing that the blame doesn't just lie with their leader, but other factors.
        As a leader you can reduce your stress levels by making the country more stable, seeking some mental help or other exercises like meditation, lower stress can lead to better decisions. Other ways they could reduce stress is by having other people manage their social media accounts and only showing them positive comments or constructive criticism instead of hatred. The prime minister could also exercise to reduce their stress levels.

        1. I really like the support structures that you would put in place to manage a high-stress job. That and the self-awareness to know that stress affects your decision making, almost certainly makes you a good leadership candidate (even if politics is not where you want to go in life!).
          Your point on people showing empathy with their political leaders also got me thinking. How do we help people do that? Social media has the opportunity to bring us much closer to our leaders, but instead of greater understanding we seem to have a lot more hatred (as you point out).

  • Do you want to be a leader?! Yes, I would, because I like to assume responsibilities and I have a strong personality. Is the leader an important profession in society?! Yes, it is important. If we imagine the country without a leader, how will we stand? And how will we cross?! I do not think that there is a country that is unable to cope without a leader. Do you want to be the leader of your country?! Yes, I want, because, as I said, I like to assume responsibilities and can act wisely in the most difficult times, sympathize with people, and make laws that change the country, for example: I will make everyone work, no one will be without work. I will make my country express its opinion on television. I will change my country to become the best leader. My country will not differentiate between women and men.

  • Presidency (and being a leader) is a very difficult and tiring matter at the same time and a great responsibility, and in order to be a successful leader, there must be a very large and successful economic plan. The personality of the chief (leader) must have a major role in making decisions at the right time and place as well as with the right people, take responsibility for the corners (or largest part) of your community, have community leaders take responsibility for the welfare and development of their community, and be just in a nostalgic situation I can choose to lead and participate in ways that energize and help me develop, I can choose to work on issues that interest me, and I can Facing enjoyable, rewarding, or interesting challenges, being a leader that helps me grow and expand my life, and as a leader I will need to communicate with large numbers of people, negotiate and deal with suspicious situations, I will become more confident in myself and my world.

  • Can you be a good leader and why?

    _ I think I do not have enough ability to be a candidate for the presidency of the state because I am actually not able to manage between my work life and my responsibilities at home. But I may be a member of the presidency and I am not able to assume the whole presidency.

    _ I can solve problems and propose a solution to them, but I do not solve them in a radical way. I can propose a solution that alleviates this phenomenon.....

    1. You mention some positive qualities that you have, generous_argument. Remember, leaders like the president can't do it alone - they need a whole team of people to help them. What other jobs can you imagine doing, using the qualities you mentioned?

      1. I can be a member of a national council myself, or be an ambassador of a country, or be a military soldier in a military base

  • Yes, I think that being the leader of a country will be a good job because I love the presidency and I hope to be the president of my country to govern it well and to do my best to rid my country of the occupier and also I want to develop my country and help other countries to be a wonderful and beautiful world that does not suffer from anything.

  • Who among us does not aspire to leadership and become a head of state, everyone loves power, authority and status, and man by nature loves to be important and the owner of a position that attracts the attention of many,, but!! Have we asked ourselves, can we achieve this? What are the qualities that we have to become presidents? According to a logical and rational calculation, we cannot all be presidents. The president has important and precise specifications and qualifications that push him to the presidency and not to choose the presidency for himself. I personally cannot bear that responsibility and trust that I cannot fulfill to the fullest extent in my country, because it is the task of difficulties and the fate of peoples and the culture of international interaction is incapable some about her

  • " Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good job? And would you want to be the leader of your country? Why or why not?"
    I think, being a leader of a country is an amazing job, as you can have a lot of opportunities, but this job is a bit complicated...
    And... Yes! I would want to be a leader of my country, because I want to make a change in my country's
    policies and laws . First of all, it's a great way to earn money. Second of all, I am really interested in politics, also I like to organise, manage and guide others...
    As I said before, being a leader of a country is a bit hard job, because you should be responsible, quick-witted, a good listener, have the ability to organise people and the most important thing, is to deal with the pressure and learn how to handle the failure...
    A wise person once told me: " The one who's afraid of failure, limits his/ her activity "...
    So, you should never give up!
    Thank you! :)

  • I expect yes, I will be a good leader, as I have the perfect economic and political plans that will enable me to solve the problems, but in fact this is possible, as no matter how much you can, there are laws that prevent us from doing whatever we want, but the work of the president is very difficult work No one can reach it or bear it, because the president has a lot of difficult responsibilities and duties, and he must also win the trust of people so that you can help them.

  • Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good job? And would you want to be the leader of your country? Why or why not?

    Yes, I want to be president, because in our city Gaza there are problems with water, such as water
    Contaminated and also drinking water 50% clean and electricity is not available for all citizens and it is our right to provide all citizens with water and electricity, and if you were supervising these things, you would have provided the right of every citizen..
    In the end, I hope to solve these problems that we are facing..and this was my opinion ✨

  • Leading is a tough job, and it's not as easy as people think it is, and being a leader is a good job, so you're helping people.
    If I were a leader, I would rule with justice and equality and work to solve the problems in my country and defend it and redeem it and whoever wants it. This is a huge responsibility that he should be able to take on

  • Yes, I can be a leader for my country in the future first, because I have the ambition to be something great and I do not have a pessimistic view of the future. To be a moderate personality far from extremism and to be closer to the mind and heart of the people. All these qualities that I possess at this age can be developed through education, experience and contact with others, so I see myself as a leader who can move my country to a new stage away from poverty And hunger and wars.

  • It's great I liked the idea of ​​becoming a president. I have to make achievements that raise the profile of my country, and in particular, I will tackle the problem of chaos in the manifestations of daily life because I believe that the system is the basis for the advancement and progress of people. I will impose financial fines on those who exceed the permitted speed in driving cars. I will find solutiins to Young immigrants to work outside the country and create job opportunities inside my country because they are the future. At the same time I am afraid that taking such a position will hinder achieving my dream.

    1. Hi Gentle_Cat - you've clearly got lots of ideas. You say that taking a leadership position would hinder achieving your dreams. Why would that be the case?

  • I do not think being a country's leader is an easy job because people have different needs and they want different things and you can't please everybody. I think it is especially difficult if you are the leader of a poor country because you have to share resources to satisfy all the needs and you might not be able to cover any of them.
    It also depends on how you are allowed to lead because it is different in different countries. Some leaders have more power than others. So you might not be able to do the things you want to do because the system doesn't allow you. Also, leaders are human too so I think they have to sacrifice a lot. Being in the news all the time and being judged for everything they do and also their families being in the spotlight must not be an easy thing. Not to mention having a conscience, as they have to make decisions that impact a lot of lives. In conclusion, I don't know if being a leader is a good job, but it definitely is a difficult one.

    1. I found this interesting illuminated_chameleon. I agree with you saying it is not an easy job: there ar lots of responsibilities and there will always be someone who disagrees with you. However, whilst there are some cons to this job, what are the pros? Surely it must be nice to see people looking up at you in awe, we would not be human if we didn't. I think that the prospect of being leader is nice, but it is definitely something where you can easily forget the strain of responsibility. If you were leader, how would you make sure that the choices you made were best for your community.

  • Being a leader is not easy for me. Because it is hard and tiring work and needs to bear responsibility. If you want to be a leader, I do not prevent you from that. I remind you that the leader needs a mind characterized by sound thinking, a mastermind, and characterized by planning and creativity; This stimulates the learning of other skills in all ways, such as: taking educational courses, researching e-books
    The president must have vision of where the country is going on and a plan to bring it there. The leader must have a crisma to gain the support of their country and he must always keep reminding people that it exists.The leader must willing to take tough decisions , decesions that not everyone accept it However he must truely listen to advisors and critics.

  • To be the leader of a difficult task, you must come in this capacity by learning the skills and techniques that qualify him for it a successful leader always aims to influence and influence others in a positive way which gives the work force strength and production, and here are some points that must be available in a successful leader.
    1- Culture and creativity: Good culture, creativity and innovation are among the important things that characterize a successful leader,which makes him look at the issues and problems of the people ,which helps to overcome them easily .
    2- Commitment to justice : with all members of the country and not giving preference to anyone over others, which negatively affects the general goal and work objectives .

    1. Creative problem-solving and a sense of justice are both very important to successful leadership. What other traits do you think are important? Is there any negative trait people should avoid when choosing their leaders?

  • When a head of state is elected, he must be nominated according to certain standards. From a social point of view, the president must have deplomatic and political skills as he should maintan strategic relations with other leaders. He also should be fully aware of economic development polices and practices inorder to face the economic challenges of poverty and unemployment. He must also have some leadership skills and personal qualities like patience and endurance to bear the full responsibility.

    Due to the previous reasons, I think that I am not qualified enough to be a head of state. However, if I became well_skilled oneday, I will be thrilled to solve as many challenges as I can in millions of people's lives.

  • Being a leader of a country would be a good job and i would like to be a leader of my country because as I am growing, am seeing the mistakes and areas that need improvement from different leaders and I am sure that when I become one, I will be able to improve on all these and maybe do even better. As I study, am going to different places and when I look at their methods of administration and conduct, I think they could be adopted in my country. For the years I have seen, the problems I have seen such as unemployment, poor access to social services, I have seen the ways they can be controlled for building better schools for better education which could be a big step to development and those are some of the things I would like to do when I become a leader.

  • Each of us wishes to become a leader of the country, but when he thinks a lot, he sees that the position of leadership needs to assume many responsibilities that no ordinary person can bear, so he must be aware of every big and small in order to benefit himself, his people and his country. Any small bug or problem has to be solved It serves the public interest over the private. His thoughts are to be the country This affects his health, psychology and family relationships. He cannot move whenever he wants, so everything will be for him to be reckoned with. His sitting, sleeping and going out are not natural, I think. He must be familiar with all languages ​​in order to communicate with the leaders of other countries ** Finally, I myself do not want to be a leader because I simply cannot bear all these tasks and responsibilities.

    1. You are right that leadership is a big responsibility @glorious_lake. But is it really necessary for one individual to have all the skills to solve all these problems on their own? Could a leader also draw on a group of people with different expertise and skills? How important are collaboration and cooperation in these situations?

      1. The leader is firm, has extensive experience, and is educated so that he has the ability to allocate a group of people with experience and honesty to assume responsibilities and with competence. By dividing the tasks among them, and each official allocates a group of individuals under his hand. Cooperation is necessary between individuals in order to accomplish the tasks easily and smoothly.
        A leader alone cannot take responsibility for huge numbers of individuals unless he cooperates with other individuals.

  • I see that heading the government is not an easy matter, but rather needs a great leader who can manage the affairs of the state with all skill and has the full ability to take the right decisions at the right time that will prevail in the country. We rule the country, I think the presidency should put the right person in the right place

  • Making the wrong choice/decision makes you look like a bad leader to many people in your country if you make it. Citizens are harmed by some decisions because of their consequences. It is also not easy to be a leader, since you continually have to respond to citizens' requests.

    1. Hi Tidy_Twilight - you're correct that making unpopular decisions can be hard for a leader. Is an unpopular choice always the wrong decision? Could you give an example of an unpopular decision that may be the correct course of action?

  • yes, I personally think being a leader is good thing but being good it's also a responsible duty because a leader of country or nation is not only the leader but he or she is also the representative of the nation. And the second thing is that the leader has to face many problems regarding own nation because in some of the decissions not every one is agreed.
    And the question that weather i want to be the leader of my country or not. So the answer is "Yes"
    i really want to be the leader of my country because I really dream to do something for my country and in the current situation i cant see my nation is being destroyed in the hand of politicians because i really observe that thing the politicians make promises only to get vote and don't even fulfill it
    I really want to make my country to escape from "corruption"
    As everyone knows that corruption is mother of all conflicts.
    and the second thing which i want to do for my nation is to support my youth by supporting and inspiring them because in Pakistan there is no good importance of engeniers
    and i really want to support the culture of my country
    there are also many things which i wanna do for my country .I just want to lift my country in highest possible

  • No, I don't think everyone will elect Mr. Sonak to lead their country, but most will elect him, because that will solve the cost-of-living crisis. Others will not elect him because the economy is too high for Sonak to control.1- Yes; I will try to help with the crisis of high cost of living, food waste, helping the needy, providing clean water and food, providing electricity, providing security, safety and stability.2- Yes; It is an effort to help my country overcome high prices, polluted water, power outages, poverty, security and safety, stability and employment opportunities for the unemployed.

  • It is a complicated question whether I want to be a leader or not it seems to be a very shinny career but I don't know what this responsibility is really like .
    Being a leader is a heavy responsibility because when you are a leader you have to lead the millions of people and help them achieve their combined goals .In my opinion it's a pretty difficult job .
    So whether I would like to become a leader or not would definitely depends on my instincts in future .

  • I think that being the leader of a country would be a good job but also it is of great responsibility because being a leader you are the representative of your nation
    The question that i want to be the leader of country or not so the answer is " Yes"
    I really want to be the leader of my country because i want to serve my country by following :
    firstly i would give women all the rights of freedom for choosing their career and will declare not to bound women . they should have equal rights as men have .
    i will enhance the educational system, especially for women because i think in my country the women have less opportunities than men
    i will try to make my country's economy strong by increasing the exporting ,providing jobs to youth and increasing the rate of industries
    the most important thing i will do is to eliminate corruption because "corruption is the root of all economic disabilities"
    by summing up this i want to lift my country to highest possible rank.

  • The job of a leader is good thing but it is quite tough and it is a responsible job. In my opinion I can't be a leader because a normal person can only pass her comment on another decision but do not feel burden and responsibilities of a leader .
    It's a very big responsibility that a single wrong step of a leader can destroy the whole nation
    And the second thing is that we can't be the leader only for our desire without knowing the management and rules of being a leader.
    In summing up,I can play a major role in advising people but I can't lead as I am afraid of conflicts created because of my step.

    1. What's the difference between a "normal person" and a "leader"? How could a "normal person" become a leader?

      1. Thanks for replying on my comment
        1-Difference between an "normal" person and a "leader"
        An normal Person has only concern with the interest of his own self and his family but the leader has to see the whole Nation before taking any step
        The wrong step taken by a normal person can only affect his own self but the wrong step taken by a leader can affect his country or whole Nation
        2-How normal person can become a leader
        An normal person can also become a leader if he
        •-Was sincere with his task because in my opinion the leader was not a job it is a task and assign to be a responsible person
        •-Do his task with honestly and responsibility
        •-Now all the rules and regulations of being a leader
        •-Must has a power and strength to face the conflicts that arises in country in any time
        In summing up I say that an normal person must be have all the qualities that the great leader have like the leader of turkey "Tayab Erdigan "

  • Yes, I think being the leader of a country would be a good thing. I wanted to take it as a task not job. Yes,I wanted to become a leader of my country as my country is going backward in every sector due to various reasons like . There is huge number of corruption in my country which is leading to low GDP in my country. First of all,I would like to know the problems of people of my country.And know what people wants from their leader. Then, As a main problem of my country:
    I would remove corruption from my country and creating employment to many youths.
    I would remove gender inequality in my country as many women are being considered inferior to men in my country. I would make good education system by making high schools and by taking well educated teachers experts in their teaching subjects. As Teachers are second god to children teachers should not teach only lessons from book they should teach students the good lessons from their life and well-manners and i would take special care of it too. I would make the supply of drinking water in my country in every house of many people. I would stop child marriage and dowry system fully from my country by making strict rules. I would banned plastic bags and deforestation in my country and making my country as well as earth green full of green plants and trees.I would stop import of unnecessary materials from other countries as it creates unemployment and the hardwork of farmers will be also wortless.

  • When you cook the food, put the amount of seasoning in an even proportion so that the standards do not shift.
    Yes, I will be a good leader, because I will work with judgment and justice and make my country the most beautiful country and it will not lack anything; I want to be a leader until I put in place a new constitution and system.
    In my area there is a big mosquito problem. If I were a leader, I would suggest solutions
    1- That the municipalities spray a gas that kills insects and spray it between the streets
    2- Distributing incense in the form of incense to the homes.
    3- Reducing the price of a mosquito bite device so that everyone can buy it.

  • From my point of view, being a president or a leader is not an easy thing. You have to meet everyone's needs. Presidency is a tiring and hard work. If you want to be a president or a successful and popular person, you must develop successful plans that work on developing the economic and social situation and ... in the country as it should. For the president to choose competent ministers to help him, which leads to the progress of the country more and the spread of security, security and order.. In my opinion, I am fit and suitable to be president because I have the required qualifications and can carry out the tasks that are obligatory and obligatory for the president to spread security and peace in the country

  • No I would not want to be a leader to be honest the, according to the Harvard business review people who are capable do not want to lead because they are afraid that they might harm the interpersonal relationship they have with people, and to be honest i understand that fact whenever i am put in a leadership role I never want to lead especially when I am paired with my friends, I rather be a leader of a group with people I am less familiar with than people I am familiar with because the chances of me ruining the relationship I have with them is less especially because we aren't that familiar. Another reason is that they might be afraid of being blamed. If I was to lead a group and the members of the group are not cooperating as they should, I wouldn't want to be blamed for it, but I would still be held responsible because I am a leader. Same thing with ruling a country if you ask me, if laws are set in place to protect the citizens of a country and one doesn't comply if at the end of the day something goes wrong the citizens would not be blamed rather the leader would be. Also, people do not want to lead because they feel it gives them some type of image, the fear that I might look like I know it all is scary. Yes, these risks can be prevented, but the preventions do not really have a wide effect.

  • Everything has its positives and negatives, as well as the fact that I liked the idea. I will say what are the negatives and what are the positives / the negatives are that the presidency is a hard and tiring work and a great responsibility / The positive thing is that I will change the things that need to be changed and others. If I were the leader of my country, I promise you to transform my country into a green palette of beautiful colors in order to decorate the country with flowers and trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. To provide job opportunities for young people to eliminate unemployment and to increase families' income, thus providing safety for women, children and society as a whole.

  • .Yes, I think that I will be a good leader for my country because I have the courage the strength to take responsibility also nominate myself to be the leader of my country because I will change some laws and I will deal with countries to help me introduce some types of auxiliary forces to expel any kind of colonialism that is trying to colonize my country also I will work on the development of the world to get out Scientists are able to create devices to fight colonialism, I will make it a strong and courageous country. I do not forget that some of the things I mentioned are present in my country, but only a little.

  • From my point of view, being a president is not as easy as you think. If you want to be president, you should know how to eliminate problems because many presidents have no experience in how to solve these problems. I think I can't be a president at this age because at this age I don't think like an older person and mind. If I want to become a leader, I will think about how to get rid of the problems I face. You want to become a leader you have to have a leadership style. No one has a leadership style. I studied in class to be a good leader You need to follow these steps:

    1. Everything should be organized because chaos is the enemy of collective action

    2. Good communication to ensure the exchange of information between him and ministers

    3- Going through experiments

  • In my opinion, being the leader of a country would be a wonderful job, but, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Whether the country is developed or developing, being a leader is a respected and important job. Not everyone has the leadership skills to guide a country. Being a leader is not easy, a person has to manage a lot of things, but it is even tougher for Rishi Sunak, the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom. UK is suffering from issues like cost of living crisis and political instability and the only person people blame is the leader who in this case is Mr Sunak. I hope he tackles all the problems and proves to be a great leader.
    Yes, I would love to be the leader of my country, not just because it is a reputed job, but because I would get the opportunity to make all the improvements that I and all the residents of my country always wanted. Being a leader is not all good, there are a lot of negatives. You won’t have time for yourself or your loved ones, leadership is a very busy job; There are always haters that don’t support you and cause trouble etc.
    I appreciate all the World Leaders who are working hard so they can make the world a better place.

    1. I agree because... Yes, presiding over a great job but at the same time it is hard and tiring work and you must have enough responsibility to solve the big problems in India.
      The president must follow up on people's conditions and problems in order to preserve security and order and to preserve his place and rank in his country.

      Also, because you would like to be the president and leader of your country, I have some questions that I will ask you:

      1.What would you do if there was a significant increase in poverty rates?

      2. How will you solve problems related to health and education in your country?

  • My first day in office I want to sign an ordinance to give a motivational gift depending on the type of business and employee to participate in the re-cleaning and rebuilding of the country and make sure that everything goes as planned.
    I hope to open a series of parks and public gardens for people who are related to humans as volunteers in their construction, and the incentive will be to complete.
    I want the citizens to rebuild their homelands with their own hands so that they will not destroy them later and under any circumstances.
    I want to reach out to my people and encourage them to reach out to direct cadre for views, honor people who come up with intelligent and useful ideas, and make their way to me smooth and to
    choose intellectuals and thinkers from each neighborhood to represent them.
    I meet with these people in person and discuss issues with the new constitution.
    I want the security elements to be very private, to be given their salary, and to be evaluated periodically.
    And address the spoilers in society by employing them in "special" tasks to build the new homeland.
    Finally, I would encourage students to learn.

  • I expect that I will be a good leader in the future, but in reality, I don’t know anything, let’s say at the outset that I have many plans that would help my country, economically, politically, socially and other things, and I can provide the money needed to provide the best projects, and Exploiting and investing the creative minds of young people
    But in fact, I should not deny that there are negatives and positives of leadership, as these ideas are all positive and enable me to change my country for the better, but one of their negatives is that people themselves do not know what the extent of the leader’s work, difficulty, seriousness and diligence is for the sake of leadership. Changing it for the better, or getting enemies because of their hatred of your country, your family, or personal reasons, and this spreads a bad reputation among people, which may lead to the non-application of laws in your country, and this will cause a lot of material and moral losses .
    Tanks for read

    1. What could you do to help you become a leader, free_snail?

      1. In my country, the leader is chosen through elections, and everyone has the right to participate.
        What could you do to help you become a leader??
        I have to develop my personality at the beginning, so that I can not be discouraged by anyone, or be blackmailed, and also I must show my plans in all areas that will enable my people to benefit from them, and that I constantly follow up with my people and coexist with them, so that I can Understand their original problems and solve them

  • No, being the leader of a country is not an awesome job according to me as It makes a person condescending from the inside. The individual has to give up upon his/her personal life including his/her family and other momentary joys for the greater good of the nation, for example The Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh (A town in my home country,India) Yogi Adityanath left his family in a very early age and his family still runs a small tea business in a village.
    Globalization being on it's peak provide people better jobs which offer them a stress free life and a good bucket of money. On the other hand, leaders are always stressed about the competitions in the political sphere and even a small move of them could bring them down from the top. The common ideology of people that leaders always have a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle is completely wrong as they too are subjugated to immense amount of hatred and merciless criticism by the public on a daily basis.

    "With great power comes great responsibility" But only a few are able to understand the true meaning of responsibility and match up to the traits of a good leader, I find in myself a few of them. I am well-versed with my country's capabilities and strengths and also of it's main enemy: corruption. Firstly,I would want to somehow eliminate corruption completely and make my country corruption-free. I, personally feel that I have a connect with my country and for me my country is like my second mother , I would definitely like to see it on the top and become a superpower. This could only be done when someone accountable and with a patriotic spirit is the leader.

  • Do you think being the leader of a country would be a good business? Do you want to be the leader of your country? Why and why not? In fact, being the leader of a country would be a good deed. I would like to lead my country until I change much of what our current leader is missing, that would eliminate the problem of poverty and reduce it. The problem of poverty in my country I will do the following / I will help reduce the prices of products and improve living conditions as a leader of the people, that is, I will carry out economic integration with the major countries - and my country will become a friendly country to other countries. And also to invest the minds of young people in my country, I will develop a study material related to human development to contribute to raising human awareness, improving human feeling and opening horizons for his thinking and belief in his abilities, and this is how I will be able to see more projects that support the economy and help me provide money to poor families. And the problem of education, climate change and limiting the migration of young people to Western countries and the problem of wars in my country and the reduction of diseases. I will make my country advanced and developed in all fields, and I will work to build the country from
    new. There are those who say that “every leader takes office and wants to make a profound change in his personal life only” because many people in my country think that politicians only improve things for themselves and their families and do nothing for their country. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is very wealthy, but he is already there to do his work and not to make money.
    People don't realize how difficult being a leader is and how much work a leader involves.

  • I think that this job is quite bad as a lot of the time the government are choosing what people are doing and those people don't like doing what the government. Also the government are going against their own law. I would want to be a prime minister as I would be able to make things right. I wouldn't want to also as I would have a lot of pressure on me to make things right.

    1. I agree because you could get stressed being a prime minister (or leader) of a country but it also could be good to make a difference in the world. However you also have to make sacrifices to get to a higher job to make a difference and affect the world around you.

  • Yes I think that being the leader of my country would be a good job but I know that it would not be easy . I have always had this dream of becoming the first female president of my country if I can't be the first female president at least become a president of my country at a stage in my life I don't want to become the president because of the name or money but because I want to lead Nigeria so well that they would never forget me. I believe that in my country ewe can do a lot more than corruption, we are great but we just need the right leaders and I one day become the president I would bring out the greatness in Nigeria.

  • I would and wouldn't be a leader of my country.....

    I would:
    I would be because I would be showing love for my country,
    I would be able to, hopefully, be able to make a difference in the world ,
    I would get payed a lot of money to then give to charity and my family,
    I wouldn't:
    I might get stressed from speaking in front of heads around the world,
    Making important decisions,
    People may not listen the government,everyone listens to social media.

  • Yes of course , Ican be the leader of a particular country because I keep things fair and correctly , and if the country faces an econmic problem like the low percentage of food diversity in the country , I import and export , for example , we take from neighboring countries the plant that if famouse for it and give them the products that we are famouse for . If had the opportunity to be leader of a particular country , I would choose the country of America , Beacuse its people enjoy high morals , as well as the picturesque and attractive places there . I well also set conditions for this country , wich are
    • first : not to steal , and whoever steals is sentenced to 10 year in prison.
    • seconde : not to travell expect for necessity or work and permission travel outside the town , the population decreases and thus the state level is low among countries the scintist . And if there are poor people , I help them and offer them job opportunities .

  • To be a country's leader it's not easy because people have different needs and you can't please Everybody.
    If I want to be a great leader I should be fair,intelligent, brave and have a strong personality,also work with that says "Justice is the basis of ruling "to make the community safe.
    In the end I respect every leader who works hard for his country

  • I think that being the leader of my country is a great and very beautiful thing, because I am fair and with a strong personality. I think that I want now because I love to work as a leader because if I can take the leadership, I can solve all the problems in my country and establish a constitution and comprehensive rules for all aspects of life, but it is a somewhat difficult work because it bears responsibility Large by the people and the necessary requirements.

  • Actually a leader is not a bad idea because the leaders have opportunity to run everything in the country and I would like to change a lot of rules in the Egyptian rule as the schools system so if I had the opportunity to be the leader of my country.

  • To be the leader of one of our countries is a very wonderful thing, but from my point of view, this is a very tiring matter. To bear the many pressures and problems. Being a leader is not an easy thing. You must develop a leadership personality that thinks logically and seriously in Implementing decisions and thinking logically and soundly, and although it is difficult work and requires patience and knowledge, it is also a wonderful work if you control matters in

  • Elections are the formal process of choosing a person to hold an official position. It is important to distinguish between the form and content of elections.
    As for my belief that my job as president will be a good job?
    My answer to the question is yes, this work is fun.
    But I don't think I can become president, but if this thing happens, I have many ideas that are suitable for me, the most important of which are:
    1- Solve the problem of starvation by providing food to the poor.
    2- Solving the problem of illegal immigration, by employing young people and persuading them not to emigrate.
    3- Solve the problem of the high cost of living, by providing assistance to people who do not own homes.

  • In my country, there is no one leader. I strongly believe that we, the people, are the leaders. We often consider the politicians to be our sole leaders. Maybe, it is because we believe they take the decisions for the country. But that is not quite true since we, like other democratic nations, have the power to choose our government and question their decisions. Hence, we take the decisions for the country.

    My country is not run by one leader, but some millions. Whether it be a teacher, spreading the light of knowledge, a doctor, fighting dangerous illnesses, or even a sweeper man, cleaning the surroundings to save us all- these figures are the nation's proud leaders. Being the leaders of the country are honorable roles we play everyday. Rishi Sunak's role in leading the UK is indispensable, I agree. But I also feel that everyone has a duty to lead in the country, not just the Prime Minister because of his powers.

    If you ask me whether I want to be the leader of my country, I will insist a vehement yes. I do want to join the leaders of my country. I want to take responsibility and work for the better. In my opinion, I am already a budding changemaker by participating in this discussion, writing and voicing out my thoughts.

    I will be a leader, and, I believe, so will we all for our countries!

  • Already being a leader of my class group project is a workload not to even imagine ruling a country and being watched and criticized by everyone sounds painful. I would definitely not want to be the leader of my country because most of all I value privacy and that is something leaders do not have apart from that making choices is not really my strength and it is one thing to make choices for one person and a group of people. Being a leader is a good job when you have the support of your citizens and cabinet and your pay is good. Also your sacrifices are appreciated and the little you do matter.

    1. I'm not sure about this because the criticism only makes you stronger and a better leader because you are able to take correction and think of new innovative ways to lead your people. I make bold to say that it is only corrupt and unaccountable leaders who have 'skeletons in their cupboards' that are concerned about their privacy because when a leader is sincere, he/she will not be concerned because the public already knows everything about them.
      Everyone has to make decisions in one way or the other. We think that the decisions we make sometimes affect only us but that is a mistake we all make. Most at times, the decisions we make affect others around us indirectly, therefore decision making is a necessity of life. A leader can only have the support of his citizens when he/she does the right thing and avails himself for service to the people. Being a leader is not easy but it is easiest when the individual concerned is of good character.

  • "Would you be a leader?" This is a question that if asked by many children where I come from, many wouldn't hesitate to say yes. I conducted a test with five children in my neighborhood and I asked them this question, "Would you be a leader?" This is what some of them said.
    Person 1: "Yes I would. I am quite frustrated with the government of this country. If given the chance, I am sure I would accomplish more than what our president has done over the past seven years!"

    Person 2: "I am not sure if I would want to be a leader because on one hand, if anything goes wrong I will be the first person to be questioned and it is not easy bearing the weight of the aspirations and hopes of everyone in the country and with the bugging problems of political insecurity, corruption, and insecurity present in this country, I am not sure where I would begin to solve the problems if I were a leader. On the other hand, I feel like I have what it takes to be a leader. My mom has always said I would make a great leader. I think she may be right. I do feel like a leader."

    Person 3: "Yes I would, that has always been my dream. Though I am aware that I am not perfect. No leader is. I will have to face many challenges and I will have to face many oppositions and learn a lot of lessons. I am training myself now by volunteering to take up leadership roles around me so I can get some experience in being a leader. One day, I hope to be the president of this country and I want to be very prepared for the herculean task ahead."

    1. OK -- but what's your view, amazing_computer? Would you be a leader?

  • Yes, I think being the leader of my country Nepal would be a great job. Why I don't know people used to hate to be a leader. Well I am a teenager,if I was given this great chance to be a leader then I will make my country fully developed.
    If I get this great opportunity, my first aim will be to make my country polluted free. Whenever I used to go outside I just see the garbages,waste particles and smoke coming out from factories and vehicles that's why nowadays I don't like to go for visiting. So I will control the pollution like sound pollution,air pollution and water pollution. I will also spread awareness programme for not to cut the trees,to preserve natural resources and heritages. If anybody will found harming these important things of the country they will be strictly punished by the law of the country.
    I will also try my best to control the social problems like gender inequality,dowry system,deuki pratha, untouchability,human trafficking and so on. I will start the programmes like woman empowerment. Corruption is the main reason which is stopping the development process of a county. I'll also try to make my country corruption free.To make my country developed I want to be a leader of my country.

  • My answer is not yet. I don't want to be a leader yet because I want to improve myself first. Being a leader is easier said than done. Although I have not formally been in any serious leadership position and I have not had enough experience to know whether being a leader is actually harder than it looks or not, I think it is because a leader is one who carries the hopes and aspirations of the people in a country. A leader inspires passion and motivation in followers. A leader is someone with a vision and the path to realizing it. A leader must be brave, patient, and careful all while being considerate at the same time. It is not an easy task and I still have to work on myself in order to fully be ready to take on that responsibility.

  • I believe that being a president or leader is not a simple and easy task, all eyes will be directed at me and fingers will be pointed at me with everything that is going on in my country
    It is not an easy responsibility. You must be familiar with the affairs of your country in all economic, political, cultural and social aspects, and satisfy all people and all their different needs.
    He should be familiar with his country's foreign affairs, the army, and the protection and defense of the state

  • Leaders are individuals who people look up to especially when things are tough. They set the pace and standard of a country regardless of if they are good or bad. Definitely being a leader is a good job. It exposes the individual to a lot of things and gives various opportunities to dialogue with world leaders and see different people opinion and views and after all the pay is worthwhile.
    I would definitely would like an opportunity to be the leader of my country so that I would finally get an opportunity to put women in the limelight by first of all understanding my leadership style and making sure is not one sided so that people would be encouraged to support their government. I would also like to be influential and be a model that people can emulate, someone who her people can look up to and be proud of and respect not because of what I have or the position but because of the character I have.

  • Being a leader for some may be easy, but being a 'good' leader is not and it never will be. Being a leader involves being able to work under pressure, making good decisions even in the most trying times and setting goals that he or she must work towards achieving. Some leaders start off well but lose their aim while being carried away by all the fame and money. As a leader, not everyone will be in support of the decisions you make. Having this in mind, some leaders make decisions just to make others happy and to remain in their good books, even when it would not benefit the masses. Some other leaders who remain firm in their principles make the right decisions not caring what his or her corrupt colleagues think about it.

  • In Africa, for a long time now, it is the elders we have always regarded as wise and experienced enough to solve problems and help with difficulties. The young were considered to be ignorant and incapable to handle complex tasks and matters. I think we should reform this mindset not only in Africa but around the world. Maturity is not only the entitlement of the old. Maturity depends on understanding and not age. I feel anyone can be a leader, all it takes is to possess leadership qualities. Most young people understand what is around them and so are willing to take up posts that will help them influence and change whatever they see as wrong. When opportunities like this are not granted to them, why do you think they come out to protest against the system? This should be changed.

  • Of course I would like to be a leader or a president of a country especially Egypt . There is one drawback of being a leader is that you will have many responsibilities such as 1-providing homeless people homes and a place to live. 2-giving poor people money and food 3-preventing any crimes all around the country such as murdering , stealing , physical damage and kidnapping. 4- I will try to prevent any wars with other countries . Even being a leader of a tribe is hard to take care of it's people and you will also have many responsibilities . I would like to be a leader in the future . You must know that your country or tribe has it's own culture and traditions. Being a leader is not easy.

  • I think being a primeinester is a bad job because ..... you can make the publec dislike you ,its very easy to make a mistake and you will be under a -lot of pressure !!!!