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I believe that they shouldn't have the power to do what they want but they can rule the country... The role of royals 01/5/23
When I talked about striking with my teacher and peers, I learned that people strike as they are... Can everyone strike? 25/4/23
Unfortunately, because of Climate Change the sea levels are rising drastically and needs to stop... Climate change in your country 20/4/23
I think people should only use cars three times a week because they let out more carbon dioxide... The law in your hands? 19/4/23
There are lots of things you can recycle like bottles, cardboard, food waste and also glass. Climate change in your country 19/4/23
I believe that people should be able to strike because they want to get payed fairly and have a... Strikes poll results! 19/4/23
My country is affected by climate change because last year in England it was the hottest summer(... Climate change in your country 18/4/23