Climate change in your country


The United Nations has described climate change as “the largest, most pervasive threat to the natural environment and societies that the world has ever experienced”.

In a recent report, it stressed that "there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all”.

One argument that the experts in the report make, is that if people reduced their personal carbon footprints, it could help to slow climate change. This got us thinking:

What's the best way for people to reduce their personal carbon footprints? And what could people in your country do to help?

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  • India is a country which has a different climatic condition across the world and faces an unpredictable weather condition. One of the common factors contributing to climate change is carbon. How is carbon produced? Carbon is produced from various factors, especially from plastic, fossil fuel and electricity. Plastic such as one time usable or which cannot be reusable or recycled emits 12.5 to 1.5 million metric tons of carbon. Usage of Fossil fuel such as oil and coal also contribute heavily to carbon emission instead, we can use electric vehicles which emits carbon lesser than fuel vehicles. As we can see, it is not possible to use electric vehicles in all climatic conditions. Instead, we can use electricity produced from natural resources such as water, sunlight, and even wind energy. There should be a reduction in usage of electricity which is generated from nuclear power plants and thermal power stations as these sources emit 20 times more than the other source of producing electricity. In India major source of electricity is produced from fossil fuels and even from natural resources. Many people such as youngsters and teenagers from this country have made innovative ideas to control the usage of plastic and using plastics in building houses, constructing roads which is greatest idea for controlling burning of plastics. Nearly 3.4 million tons of plastic is used in the country. Government of India had implemented laws to control usage of one-time usable plastic an using plastic which is recyclable. Every across the world had to implement laws to control usage of plastic and using biodegradable plastic which would be great option to control climate change. Many countries adopted so many methods to control usage of plastic, but some countries have not yet taken any steps to control usage of plastic. Planting trees also contributes in an effective way to control carbon emission. Even sea grass has been used to control carbon emission.

  • In Ireland, where I live, it rains very often and it is quite windy. Ireland has lots of wind farms, which encourage sustainable energy and electricity. However, Ireland's energy system is characterised by a high share of fossil fuels, despite a rapid increase in renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels accounted for 87% of the total primary energy supply (TPES) in 2019, according to, the official Central Statistics Office in Ireland. I think we should stop using fossil fuels and focus on producing and using far more renewable energy.

    Ireland is an island, so many people live on the coast. Floods occur quite frequently and it is likely that in the coming years people’s homes will be flooded more often. Sea level is projected to continue to rise globally. All major cities in Ireland are in coastal locations which are subject to tides, and any significant rise in sea levels will have major economic, social and environmental impacts. Rising sea levels around Ireland would result in increased coastal erosion, flooding and damage to property and infrastructure. Ireland has also seen an increase in average annual national rainfall of approximately 60mm, or 5%. Similarly to most countries, Ireland's climate is gradually getting warmer, with a temperature increase of an average of 0.8°C compared with 1900, according to

    A lot of people in Ireland don’t really do much about the waste and rubbish that they produce. There is always rubbish littering the streets. There are recycling centres, but I don’t often see anybody using them. People just throw their rubbish on the streets and sometimes you can see large black plastic bags filled with rubbish in parks or around neighbourhoods. It is sometimes even upsetting to see how little people care for their environment.

    There is a graph on showing the levels of carbon dioxide emissions in countries in the European Union, as of 2021. According to the graph, Germany has the highest levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with 628.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in 2021. Compared to Germany, Ireland had drastically lower carbon dioxide emissions, with 34.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in 2021. Still, this is not good enough in my opinion.

    Climate change and global warming are active problems, and are getting worse rapidly. I think to help slow down or even prevent climate change, people in Ireland should do more. We should change to 100% renewable energy, because currently, only around 43% of all energy produced in Ireland is renewable, according to and This is good, but we can do better. We should use less coal and gas, and instead use renewable electricity for heating and light. We should recycle everything we can, and do it correctly. Many people don’t know which bins they should put their rubbish in, and if they put it in the wrong one, it won’t be able to be recycled. Our school tries to help the students and teachers with this. We have a Green Schools Committee that takes part in protecting our local environment and wildlife. They explain which bins to use and check that everyone is recycling correctly. We have recycling bins and general waste bins in every classroom, which are clearly labelled. Different people are assigned to empty the bins at lunch every day. We also have large recycling bins and compost bins outside. People should not throw their non-recyclable rubbish on the ground, instead show throw them in a bin. I think recycling and not littering are the easiest ways to reduce your own carbon footprint, and it prevents us from polluting the environment with rubbish. We could also pick up rubbish that we notice on the ground and put it in a bin.

    1. This is an exceptional comment. You've used research and included where you found your information. You've shared your own experience of action in your school and you've given great context to the situation in Ireland. Great job!

    2. everyone is recycling correctly. I think it is important that more schools and communities create similar committees to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action.

      In addition, we should also reduce our carbon footprint by using public transport or cycling instead of driving, and by buying local produce instead of imported goods. It is important to be mindful of our actions and how they impact the environment. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can collectively make a big difference and help protect our planet for future generations.

  • The climate crisis is basically one of the most serious threats facing regions all over the world and also greatly harms economic growth, so solutions must be found to address the climate crisis, and according to my knowledge they are as follows:
    1. Saving energy in homes: producing a lot of heat that we use from gas And others, it requires us to use energy-saving electrical appliances.
    2. Reducing food waste: When we throw leftovers into the waste bin, we're wasting the resources that were used to produce them. When food rots, it produces methane, which is one of the most powerful and dangerous gases. So the leftovers should be used with useful things, such as composting for the soil.
    3. The practice of agriculture: The practice of agriculture helps to increase agricultural growth, increase production, and the ability to withstand the effects of the climate crisis, and forests are reservoirs for carbon absorption and storage in the soil.
    4. Speaking: speaking in a loud voice and working to encourage others to take these actions.
    Based on my knowledge and studies, these are the four most prominent solutions that may help reduce the climate crisis.

    1. I love this comment, you take into account the economic issues of climate change and what individuals can do.

        In my country most of our resources are air pollutant due to this people might not be able to obey this rule.
        Financial crisis is also a reason why people should not obey this rule.
        Some people use tractors and they release a lot of smoke which pollute the air.
        some people use generators to generate electricity when it is unavailable.
        Some people burn their trash instead of recycling it.
        some people can not afford a gas cooker instead they cook using wood or charcoal.

    2. If you like your comment, you take on the important things in your country and speak proudly about your country. I like that

  • It mostly floods in some areas in my country which is an example of climate change.
    The most effective way for people to reduce their carbon footprint is for them to stop bush burning.
    What people in my country can do to slow climate change is to obey climate n laws.

    1. @greatful_conversation thanks for your contribution! You say that to slow climate change people should obey climate laws - can you do some research and give me an example of a climate law your country has and a reason people might not obey it?

      1. One example of a climate law that India has is the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC), which was launched in 2008. The NAPCC outlines a set of eight national missions aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change in India, including promoting renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and conserving forests and biodiversity.

        One reason people might not obey the NAPCC is due to lack of awareness and education. Many people in India may not be aware of the goals and targets of the NAPCC or the importance of taking action on climate change. Additionally, some people may not have access to the resources needed to comply with the law, such as affordable renewable energy technologies or training on energy-efficient practices.

        Another reason could be lack of enforcement mechanisms. Although the NAPCC has set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it does not have strict enforcement mechanisms in place to ensure compliance. This means that some individuals or organizations may choose to ignore the law or only comply with it to a limited extent.

        Overall, raising awareness about the importance of climate action and implementing stronger enforcement mechanisms could help increase compliance with climate laws like the NAPCC in India.

        1. I agree or rather support you because yes the rate at which bush burning causes climate change is very high and deforestation is a very big cause of climate change

      2. One example of a climate law that people might not obey in Ghana is when the government announced citizens to stop mining because mining destroys our waterbodies causing people to get sick randomly.
        Now the reason why the citizens of Ghana will refuse mining is that mining is the only Ghanaians can get recourses such as gold, diamond, bauxite and salt. Because of this greenhouse gases and other dangerous gases have affected our weather cycle causing so much heat to the country.

    2. I support u because the rate at which bush burning is causing climate changes is too high. In my country, Uganda, deforestation is also a very great cause of climate change. It has led to floods in low land areas and landslides in highland areas like Mbale region in Bududa which have led to high death rates of people and loss of property.

      1. I agree because... if deforestation is also a very great cause of climate change then reforestation and afforestation will slow down climate change.

    3. I agree because... in many countries people can only reduce the climate crisis by obeying the climatic laws, like when they have been refused to cut down trees, uncontrolled bush burning, things that can only easily rot.

    4. I agree with you comment because in my country , we suffer severe drought which is an example of climate change.
      To reduce drought in my country people must stop cutting trees. Government should band all illegal mining from destroying our forests and waterbodies. Burning wastes and plastic is a major problem in my country that must stopped my the citizens. Government should find better ways of disposing off our waste and plastic , by recycling them into designs , artworks or decomposing them into fertilizers, this way more trees can planted to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Switch it off, turn the light when natural light is sufficient and when you leave the room, climate control wasteful windows minimize plug load, phanton power, give it rest ,take the stairs, loaded laundry.

    1. I agree with turning off the light when it's not needed or get a smaller light because natural light is sufficient and also we can turn off the sink water and try not to waste so much water when we don't need to.

    2. @ excited_signature can please explain more about what you said "Switch it off, turn the light when natural light is sufficient and when you leave the room, climate control wasteful windows minimize plug load, phantom power, give it rest ,take the stairs, loaded laundry" in a way that i can understand more about what you are trying to say

    3. I agree with turning off the lights when you leave the room can help save energy . It can also help reduce carbon emission and other harmful greenhouse gases . Nevertheless turning off your lights is a simple way to help protect the environment and save the planet.

  • Humanity faces many threats but none is greater than climate Change, in my own country it has caused more intense and untimely rainfall in some parts of the country this have added to land degradation, erosion and floods. It has worsened some of the most vulnerable states across the country, sudden and uncontrollable flood erodes the soil and causes loss of life and property.
    The easiest way for reducing carbon footprint in my country is by the government provision and generation of enough power for it growing economy through the use of renewable energy source, with this more than 60% of electricity would come from solar and wind a shift from fossil fuels will pay off in socio-economical activities. Recycling and proper disposal of waste , increase in the use of energy saving (Eco-friendly) appliances will help in the reduction of burning fossil fuels and the usage to generate power.
    Climate change can be tackled and reduced by saving energy, example is through the use of a fluorescent light bulb, walking or riding a bike to short distances instead of driving will reduce gas emissions. And also reuse and recycle, to help our climate recycle what you can .

    1. Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts could be natural, but since the nineteenth century, human activities have become the main cause of climate change. This is mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and gas) which produce heat-trapping gases.
      I agree with you. You explained the topic very well 👍❤️

    2. I cannot agree more because the role of governments is really prominant. Regarding my country, I think it is affected by climate change through various ways, including rising sea levels, water scarcity, extreme temperatures, and more frequent and intense natural disasters such as floods and storms. These effects have a severe impact on the already vulnerable population, exacerbating existing issues such as poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity.

      The easiest and most effective way for people to reduce their personal carbon footprints is to reduce energy consumption. This can be done through various steps, including using energy-efficient appliances, turning off lights and electronics when not in use, using public transportation or cycling instead of driving, reducing meat consumption, and using renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

      People in Palestine can help slow climate change through various actions, including promoting renewable energy sources, reducing waste and plastic consumption, supporting sustainable agriculture, and advocating for policies that promote environmental protection. Additionally, individuals can join local environmental groups and organizations to raise awareness about climate change and push for concrete actions to mitigate its effects.

    3. I agree because the solutions listed here are very effective and will reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

    4. I agree with your comment because humanity faces many threats but none greater than climate Change, my country faces intense drought and severe heat making it difficult for farmers and fishermen to get crops and fish. Food has because difficult to find and the prices of things in the markets have gone up. Animals die because it is difficult to find water and our livestock declining.
      The best way we can reduce our carbon footprint in my country is for the citizens to stop burning their waste openly and find better ways of disposing of them, secondly, the government to stop all mining production, to stop polluting our water bodies. government should band woodcutters from entering our forests and destroying all the trees, and lastly, the citizens should start planting trees at places where trees have been destroyed,

  • According to me I really feel like the most effective way for people to reduce their carbon footprints is by preserving and planting trees/vegetation. I say so because since trees absorb carbon during photosynthesis the amount of carbon in the environment is reduced and on top of that they as well release oxygen which we need for different activities concerning health. I feel like this is more effective because carbon can not be prevented but rather reduced and even if the government puts a law that abolishes the practice of activities that lead to carbon footprints like the use of transport means that use fuel I feel like this would be a much more bigger problem because most of those activities contribute to the well being of people.

    1. In your comment, you have become all other ways, and there are other ways to reduce carbon fingerprints, which is the lack of use of cars and trucks from which huge carbonate and harmful to humans at the same time and allocate areas designated to throw garbage, for example, to form three shelves above each other for the glass, the other for plastic and the other for the carton and in the case We decreased something at home, we can recycle with ease. You know how to do it.

    2. I agree with you that planting trees is an effective way to reduce carbon footprints and climate change.. plants called the green lungs of environment due to its role of air purification during photosynthesis.I hope that the world will be covered by green dress decorated with flowers.

    3. But I am of the opinion that we should find another way to prevent the cutting of trees because the world is increasing in population, so people are forced to cut down trees to build on the land

    4. I agree because we produce carbon and the plants then use the carbon for themselves.

    5. I agree about that comment because these means of transport has improved the way of our living.

    6. I agree with your comment because cutting down of trees releases billions tons of carbon dioxide in the air . By planting trees you are helping to combat global warming because trees absorb carbon dioxide . You are also helping to reduce run off water from hills.

  • 1, My country is affected by climate change through indiscriminate cutting and burning of trees, forests and bushes
    2, In my own opinion the most effective way for people to reduce their personal carbon footprints is to show them the effects of what happens if they don’t stop their personal carbon footprints using the aid of an expert to on personal carbon footprints
    3, The things that people can do in my country to help slow down climate change is to recycle more, make more use of solar panels or other methods of clean energy and to stop the indiscriminate cutting of trees, forests and bushes

    1. Some great points there @amazing_horse, well done. Which method to slow down climate change do you think is the most accessible (is easy/has the least barriers to do it so more people could) and why? Also, which method do you think the most effective and can you find any evidence to support this?

  • 1.Our Country is affected by Changes in weather and climate that leads us to live in risk. Heat in summer is one of most deadly whether in our country. As the Ocean Temperature rise,hurricanes are getting stronger and stronger which cause an indirect and direct death. Because of heavy rain and thunderstorm there are many poor people which lost there houses,job and so on.It leads to the food scarcity and health issues.

    1. How do people cope with the heat in the summer?

      1. To Cope with the heat in the summer by taking cold food and drinks or use cold water to make our body Chill . We can get natural cold breeze during night Because at night the temperature was gone better than at day time by using these ways we are just manage to live in summer

      2. This comment caught my attention because people do not know how to control them selves during the heat,and these are some tips that you can use to control the heat
        1-Drink plenty of water, do not be exposed to the sum too much in the summer, and wear sunscreen and a hat that may protect you and help you in the summer and during the extreme heat

        1. I agree because... you had provided us with useful tips how to behave during high numbers of temperature.

        2. Are there people who can't follow this guidance? For example, what about those who have to work outside in the summer or don't have access to clean water?

          1. Of course, not everyone is able to follow these directives due to the difference in geography, the climate factor and the economy, if they are poor or rich as well. Those who work abroad must have a special uniform that protects them and a special place to rest.

      3. People deal with the heat in the summer in several ways, including:
        • Wearing cotton clothes.
        • Limit afternoon departures.
        • drink a lot of water.
        • The Egyptian Foreign Lighthouse.
        • Use of air conditioners.
        • Sitting under the shade of trees.

      4. I like your question , I have some solutions to avoid the sun like:
        1- drink water.
        2- We put sunscreen on our body so that our body does not burn from the hot sun.
        3- Drink cold drinks to make our body cool.
        4- Go out at night because the night breeze is cool and refreshing for the body.

      5. People cope with the heat in the summer by using electrical fans, air conditioners .
        The people who live around forests or woods cope with the heat through natural breezes because the trees
        produce a lot oxygen.

        1. Air conditioning is often criticised as being damaging for the environment. Coming from a hot country, do you think it's realistic to expect people to give up using air conditioning? What alternatives can you suggest for people who live in the cities where there are fewer trees?

      6. We should not drink drinks that contain caffeine or sugar because they lead to loss of fluids from the body. She indicated the necessity of wearing light and loose clothes, wearing protective head coverings and hats, and taking a break, especially for people whose work nature requires staying under direct sunlight for long periods, so that no one gets sunstroke.
        Therefore, you should drink a lot of cold fluids to keep the body cool and also help lower the body temperature.

    2. I agree with your comment because, in my country, our weather cycle has changed in the past few months, heat levels are increasing every day causing intense drought in our country. There are fewer rains and our crops and livestock are dying. Farmers find it hard to get water to water their crops because all the nearest waterbodies are all dried up. Prices of things especially water and food have gone up. People come home every day from work with empty stomachs and no food to feed their children for the day. People are dying out of starvation and thirst and health failure.

  • 1.My country is affected by climate change through the gas exhaust given out by cars and generators,and,industries.
    2.The best way for people to reduce there personal carbon footprint is to engligten them about the dangers of carbon footprint.
    3.Some of the thing the people in my country should do to slow down climate change is:
    •Reduce bush burning
    •Stop cutting of trees
    •Plant trees
    •Use solar energy as source of electricity instead of generators.

    1. How easy is it to do these things?

      1. Hi.
        through creating awareness and providing cheaper alternatives to be used to serve this purposes

      2. It may be difficult to do it, but with the effort and desire to do it and educate the people around us about the importance of doing it, we will be able to do it and apply it in our society

  • We must increase the planting of trees in all places and allocate places far from children and large and wide to plant trees because trees work on the environmental balance and withdraw carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and we must also use renewable energy that generates a large part of the greenhouse gases that surround the earth and trap the heat of the sun By producing energy, by burning fossil fuels to generate electricity and increasing the construction of flexible, low-carbon cities that reduce carbon emissions and protect the natural environment and preserve green areas in the tides, so we must plant more trees and build flexible cities with low carbon emissions

  • In my country, we suffer from a lack of water. This topic caught my attention! And I decided to do a search for its causes. I concluded many reasons, one of which was climate change, as it leads to a change in the abundance of water and increases the possibility of drought, and the solution to any problem already exists. All we have to do is ask the right questions, and I asked an expert who works in the water municipality in our city, and he said: The solution is to improve the management of water resources to prepare for any problem, and I agree with him, what do you think??

    1. This is a very interesting comment and it is great you have researched further and asked some experts! How can we manage water better? Do you have any advice for others on what individuals can do?

    2. That's an interesting point - how do you and the person you spoke to think water should be managed differently?

    3. I totally agree with our comment . This problem occurs in my country as well. People suffer also suffer from lack of water everyday so this topic also caught my attention. Based on my research I also concluded with some of your reasons as well but it seems in my case, asking the right questions won't help but finding answers to those questions and acting on them seem to be the only way we can survive. My country mines a lot therefore deforming lands and making fresh water sources scarce by pouring their waste from their mining activities as we call it (galamsey) in water bodies. Some citizens in my country also add up to this massive problem. Some leave their refuse in water bodies, some bathe in water bodies and so on but I feel some of them do this because of their current situations , let me explain; some are so unfortunate to the extent that they must do this to survive. So I can say one cause of this is the government and another is the government's approval to constant and illegal mining. Another cause is that the neglectful people, that just don't care, because they are way too fortunate by having access to running water at any time of the day. Therefore I think our government should stop all illegal mining production, villages without water should be provided with running water constantly. government should find better ways to dispose waste, by recycling them of turning them into compost. This way our waterbodies will not be effected and will be clean for people to use .

  • Climate change is negatively affecting my town especially in recent times where there are a lot of intense heat waves which is for a day or two and then the next day is cold while we are still in the spring season, the temperature should be moderate ,but there is destabilization in the climate and many fluctuations in weather conditions which led to the spread of many diseases such as colds and influenza This is due to the transition from a warm environment to a cold environment and vice versa.

  • What people in my country can do to slow climate change is stop burning waste As this problem is very widespread and I think it is very bad as burning waste will increase the percentage of carbon which will lead to an increase in global warming and also the burning of waste negatively affects the health of the population as it works on diseases of the respiratory system.
    And I think we can plant a lot of trees and by planting them the carbon dioxide will decrease
    The percentage of oxygen will increase, and this is a positive and beneficial thing.

    1. great comment! How should young people become more active in the fight to slow climate change? How does climate change make you feel about the future?

      1. The climate makes me feel scared about the future because there will be more signs of droughts, heat waves, sea level rising, melting of glaciers and sea warming which can cause harm to both plants, animals and humans.
        It can also change our weather cycle which can cause a lot of disadvantages.

      2. Young people can become more involved in the fight to limit climate change by educating others about what it is and what their actions can do to the environment. Social media is a wonderful way for them to spread their message. Influencers and celebrities can also utilize social media to communicate with their followers or fans about the impact their activities have on the environment and the various ways they can delay climate change (due to their larger following). When people listen and decide to do the right thing, climate change will slow dramatically, which will benefit both us and the environment significantly. It will also be beneficial to future generations.

        1. I agree some great points raised and you are not alone in the anxious feelings about how we can try and adapt to a changing world. I think it is important for the young generation to increase awareness of climate change and the actions that everyone can take to reduce their impact. I think it is a great thing that you are educating yourself on Climate Change!

        2. I agree with more young people getting involved in the fight to limit climate change, they should be the new generation who changes the old way of thinking where people don't believe we even have climate change.
          Educating others is such a great way and since as you said social media is a wonderful way to spread it, there should be more popular posts about it, I would love to see more celebrities also use their social media to spread the word around and help a little more since others would listen clearly.
          We should listen and do the right thing and stand up and actually do something about it rather than just talking about it and as you said you're also anxious, I am too but we can stand to this fight.

      3. Climate change makes me wonder what will become of the Earth and how we will live, and it makes me anxious to think about how a few decisions may affect every aspect of our future, how we live, do and see things.

    2. I agree with your comment because burning waste and plastic is a major issue in my country, because of the number of citizens that burn rubbish every day our weather cycle has changed, therefore causing intense drought and the increase of heat 🔥 levels. Because of this issue, food is scarce and carbon dioxide levels are increasing. Farmers' crops are drying, making it hard for them to sell food at the market. This can affect people's health because there is nothing to eat.
      I think the best way to resolve these issues is through planting more trees, this way oxygen levels will increase. Government should ban all citizens from burning their rubbish publicly and find better ways to recycle ♻ them.

  • Well, everyone say that climate change is a bad thing and harms the environment and so is it, but for me I think it is good and even beautiful as well, as we all know there is always something good in bad things and so is the climate, today in my country there has been a big change in Climate The weather was very hot for a while until it changed in moments to cold weather, strong rains and hurricanes, can you imagine this? I love such an atmosphere, but at the same time this was a reason for stopping the daily life of the citizens in moments. Also, I think that climate change is not something we can control. I mean, we can't change the climate as much as we like. Each region has its own climate, although it may change in Moments, so we must get used to it and our geographical environment in which we live and accept this only, as it is not something easy to change.

    1. You say we can't control the climate, but it is agreed that humans are contributing to climate change. What are some steps that can be taken to reduce climate change?

      1. We can plant trees, reduce riding in transportation, reduce eating unhealthy food, and reduce the use of mobile phones, and all these factors reduce the percentage of carbon and increase the percentage of oxygen in the air.

        1. How would reducing the consumption of unhealthy food and mobile phones contribute to climate change noble_clementine?

          1. Well I think that the batteries, integrated circuits, speakers, and screens used to manufacture smartphones — along with every other single component that goes into their manufacture — are themselves mass-produced, creating carbon footprints, heat emissions, and environmental pollution of their own and also Food needs to be grown and processed, transported, distributed, prepared, consumed, and sometimes disposed of. Each of these steps creates greenhouse gases that trap the sun's heat and contribute to climate change. About a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions is linked to food.

        2. I agree with your comment because planting more trees can help reduce cardon dioxide, reduce heat waves and increase the population of trees . Reducing unhealthy food can help your body in many ways such as boosting your immune system , lose of weight , lowering risk of heart disease , some cancers and type 2 diabetes ,and limiting the times you use appliances and mobile phones can help reduce carbon footprint and save energy.

      2. The following are some of the steps we can take to reduce climate change;
        1. By sensitizing the public on the dangers of climate change.
        2. By supporting the communities with different tree species for planting.

        1. I disagree because... The climate changes can be reduced in many ways ,even though the public knowns the dangers of climate changes they will do many activities like manufacturing goods which is part of employment to sustain their lives . This can be done by the government and ministry by being examplary to the citizens.
          2These tree species can be cut down because of the qualities they have to make good raw material for fire wood ,medicine and timber. secure them by fencing and planting more trees

      3. We can help reduce climate change by eating less meat ,this can prevent meat industries from sharing global greenhouse gases which can cause direct environmental pollution , planting more tress can help prevent global warming and reduce green house gases ,and recycling plastics can help reduce energy consumptions. Using recycled plastics can make new products and reduce the need for virgins materials

  • The impacts and climatic changes in India are Drought and Rainfall. The unexpected and unpredictable rainfall during the harvest period of paddy and other crops causes a huge, irreparable loss for the farmers and also the commoners. Because of this, the Market price increases and the common people couldn't able to buy, farmers and the merchants will not get profit. So that the profit from agriculture to India goes a bit down. Some of the best and easiest way to control carbon footprint are, first it starts from our home...
    • Switch off the lights and other electronic appliances when not in use.
    • Can reduce fast fashion
    • Can reduce our trash output
    • Avoid using vehicles for a short distance.
    In our country most of us use cloth bags for purchasing products, instead of plastic bags. And also we have some plants and trees in our home. And we avoid fast fashion. Most of the students and women takes public transportation.

    1. Some people think businesses have a bigger responsibility than individuals to make changes. Why might they think this?

      1. Yes, I agree your statement because businesses includes many people's life. If the changes affect the business, the workers who depends on it can be affected . If the large scale business is not affected the individual who depends on it may live happily. So in my perspective business has more responsibility than an individual.

  • 1. My country is affected by climate change in such a way that it is causing more intense and untimely rainfall which is making everywhere flooded and making it hard for people to go out. It has also been causing erosion and lost of lives and properties. It has destroyed many infrastructures which has affected many businesses and has caused the economy to be backward.
    2. To reduce personal carbon footprints we need to: consume local and seasonal products, limit meat consumption especially beef, select fish from sustainable fishing, use reusable shopping bags, make sure to buy only what we need to avoid
    waste e.t.c.
    3. We can slow climate change by planting trees,saving energy at home, walk, ride on bike, or even take public transport, eat more vegetables, and throw away less food.

    1. Brilliant you have stated what individuals can do! Have you considered what businesses should do? Do they have a responsibility?

      1. Businesses need to consume less energy too, just like the individuals. They can also go into tree planting or preservation of rainforest. And also, business owners should ensure that thier companies or structures are solid or built of high quality materials.

  • I think climate change is happening as a result of changing volcanic activity and the solar cycle. People should contribute to reducing their carbon footprint by replacing cars with bicycles. Eating more vegetables instead of consuming much of the animal meat. All countries are affected by climate change. In Gaza, it is exposed to many recessions that cause us financial losses, such as fluctuations in the amount of rain and the spread of diseases and storms which affect the agricuture field. Also, schools, societal institutions and officials must educate people in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by launching a campaign to explain the effects of each of our daily activities. People can be persuaded by setting material taxes for those who break these laws.

    1. I really like how you made links to where you live, and also to how climate change is related to economics.

  • 1:in my country climate change increases the burden of diseases ,like Malaria . mosquitos breed in stagnant water and then spread to cause malaria by biting .climate change also affects the characteristics and nature of fresh water source 2:creating public awareness . enlightening the public on carbon foot print and showing them the dangers related to it ,and also showing them the negative impact it will have on the earth if it is not reduced.
    3:The public could help slow down climate change by investing in energy efficient appliances, and also by powering home with renewable energy ,throwing away less food . Switching to use an electric vehicle and avoid too much usage of generators which pollutes the air and can reduce climate change

  • 1.Climate change is affecting my country by causing more intense and untimely rainfall. Also through land degradation, flash floods and landslides.
    2.I also think, to reduce personal carbon footprints we should only use electricity when really needed, use more of fire and charcoal and toilet paper. 3. I think people in our country can save electricity at home, throw away less food and Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy will help slow the climate change.

  • Climate change has increased the burden of diseases in my country especially malaria. mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and they spread to cause malaria through bites, which is life threatening to the environment and especially among the children under the age of 5
    There is a very big opportunity to secure the environment to have a great community for the future if we could :
    Consume local and seasonal products,make sure to buy only what you need to prevent or avoid waste
    Bring reusable shopping bags and avoid products with excessive plastic packaging which causes the stagnant water we experience in our community.
    The best way to reduce our carbon foot print,we needs to reduce
    The amount of energy we use,shop locally, travel smart and reduce the amount of our waste.

  • In my country, we are very affected by climate change, as it damages agricultural crops, and most of the population of my country are farmers and depend on agriculture, so climate change increases the poor class in society and increases the high prices, which will consist of dependence on imports, other than health reasons that affect the elderly patients Elderly and those with chronic diseases.
    - From my point of view, the population in my country should stop doing the following to reduce carbon emissions:
    1- Abolish the habit of burning waste in the streets, because in my opinion it is very dangerous for the atmosphere, and the government must provide more cleaners and provide a place for waste recycling and not leave it on the street .
    2- Stop using private cars or taxis. I will not say that we will refrain from using them, but we have to replace them with environmentally friendly means such as bicycles and take mass transportation, as instead of a car for each passenger, it has become a large transpor And this, of course, reduces the huge carbon emissions.
    3 - Stop throwing waste into the sea, especially plastic, because it pollutes the environment and increases global warming. In addition, it reduces biological diversity that is important to maintain the balance of the environment. If an element is lost and we do not find an alternative for it, the balance is disturbed. And there was a loophole in the system

    1. There are some great points here - particularly #2 as you acknowledge it's likely we will never stop using cars completely.

      Why do you think people burn waste in the streets (#1)? Are recycling facilities not in place, or do you think people are just not aware of them?

      1. Yes, as I said, it is impossible to get rid of the use of cars completely, but we have to find a solution that is close and similar, but clean for the environment, such as cars powered by solar energy, because it is clean and environmentally friendly energy. From my point of view, people burn waste for several reasons:
        1- There are no good landfills, because people are disturbed by the sight of garbage dumps that are full and not beautiful in addition to the unpleasant smell, so they find that they have no solution but to burn them and dump them in the sea (and of course this results from Their lack of awareness of its damages)
        2- Waste bins fill quickly, as it may be in the middle of the day only, so the person in charge of the bin or the adults in that neighborhood are forced to burn the waste, because the waste car passes once a day in the early morning, and this problem can be addressed by hiring workers
        3- Finally, the most important problem is the lack of awareness, as the previous reasons can be caused by spreading awareness as well, as it is very unfortunate to see young men and boys burning waste even though it is not full, and I am speaking from my point of view and I demand awareness committees In schools and youth associations about proper methods of waste disposal.
        - I have another solution to attract opinions, and I admit that it is a result of my admiration for this project, as a subject related to the environment and climate changes is taught in schools, and a project is requested from it. Funding for these projects to attract more creative minds

        1. Thats right , but I think there is some waste that can be recycled .

          1. trusting_pineapple Can you give an example of waste than can be recycled?

            1. Yes 😊...
              There are a lot of things that we can recycle, but we overlook them, given that these actions will take us time and will not benefit or harm us, but in fact the recycling process is very important to us and our environment on which we live.
              I show you some things that can be recycled:
              ♻️ Recycling cardboard or paperboard as we use it a lot into handmade things that add beauty to our environment.
              ♻️ Recycling plant peels by making them compost for girls.
              ♻️ Recycling glass and making plastic bags from it.
              ♻️ Aluminum recycling in all its forms.
              ♻️ Recycle metal cans. And other things that make our lives easy, fun, inexpensive, and even bring us money 🤑 But the world's population is now resorting to throwing waste that is recycled at a very large and huge rate.
              🤔 Do you have solutions?
              🧐 We discuss how we can help the earth and living nature breathe clean air?
              We discuss: Some people collect metal cans and then sell them?

            2. There are many recyclable wastes such as glass, paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, tires, batteries, compost, etc. There are also biodegradable materials such as foodstuffs.

            3. * Recycling is the process of processing waste for use in new things, and it is considered to be of recent origin.

              *From waste that can be recycled.
              1 carton
              2 paper
              3 newspapers
              4 magazines
              5 aluminum materials
              6 textile materials
              7 plastic
              8 glass
              9 iron
              10 unused car tires

              The importance of recycling
              1 Waste reduction and disposal.
              2 keep the environment clean.
              3 Preventing climate change.
              4 Increase job opportunities.
              5 Increase the workforce
              6 Preventing global warming
              7 Production of new materials.
              8 reduce pollution.
              9 Reducing energy consumption.
              10 Composition of new cardboard and paper and other use thereof.

            4. Down here in my country Nigeria, the FG has made rules to indiscriminate dumping of waste material by individuals and know carry out an activity the call sanitation, this happens once a month, the FG has appointed workers who ensure that all waste which are disposed to the national center of waste are recycled and examples of such wastes are:
              -Paper including newspapers, magazines, and mixed paper.
              -Cardboard (OCC)
              -Glass bottles and jars.
              -Rigid plastic products.
              -Metal containers, including tin, aluminum, and steel cans.
              This the best way for Government to make their citizens to reduce their personal carbon footprints

              1. I agree with your points because... we are still exposed to a lot of pollution affecting us due to people dumping their waste on the street, thereby increasing the chances of serious diseases affecting the health and standards of living. However, we can change this mentality if the FG should enforce stricter laws such as bi-weekly sanitation exercises across the country and improving on facilities such as incinerators that would help keep the environment healthy. The FG could also enforce laws for all to dispose refuse by burning with a incinerator instead of people burning in the open fires which constites a threat to the environment and our survival as humans. Lastly. there would be need for more sensitization programmes as a way of educating all especially the younger generation on the dangers of not protecting our environment and how to reduce the risk of climate change.

            5. There are lots of things you can recycle like bottles, cardboard, food waste and also glass.