Can everyone strike?


What do teachers, doctors, airport staff and postal workers have in common? The answer is… strikes. And when people ‘down’ tools, it can cause big problems.

However, the severity of those problems can vary. For example many people might be unaffected during postal strikes, especially if they aren’t waiting on any letters. But what about people waiting for something important? Or about those who rely on the postal service for their work?

And should people in the emergency services, such as doctors, be allowed to strike at all?

We want to hear what you think.

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  • When your employer does not listen to your terms and conditions of employment then you can go on strike, but employees going on strike is at our disadvantage because there will not be anyone to attend to our needs. For example Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in my area went on strike for eight months(February 14th 2023 to october 17th 2023)due to the government's failure to meet their demands, and as a result of the strike students were not able to go to school. Strike is good for the employees to get their conditions met and is also a disadvantage to the people because there will be no one to meet or needs.

    1. Well done for giving an example of a strike happening in your area. What do you think would happen if the ASUU were not allowed to strike?

      1. Naturally, students have been at the receiving end and the worst hit is our educational system, of course. However, apart from the disastrous implications on our education system, ASUU strikes negatively affect our economy and may cause a lot of minor and serious crimes to be perpetrated by the fainthearted and those desperate for survival. I will take Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and its economic importance as a case in point.

        1. I agree because... ABU or Ahmadu Bello University has been on strike for a long time I think about 9 to 8 months the strike has affected my siblings in the university they should have graduated that year but it was delayed till the next year

          1. I agree because some of the schools strike about food and they end up with nothing.
            they loose learning, and so on.

            1. I also agree with you, there are some unnecesary strikes that have no sense. I think this kind of strikes are totally unvailable. Also if the end Up with nothing it is a completely stupid thing.

        2. I agree with you ,
          Because the situation in your country is the same as the case in my country, and we, the students, are the affected party in this regard. Therefore, I would really like this problem to end without any harm to both parties.

        3. Thank you for this cure, however I wanted to add simple information, which is when the teachers strike, the students will lose important information and lessons and say that the strikes cause many minor and serious crimes that are when the policemen strike their work and fight the spoilers, resulting in that the criminals will enjoy their downs and thefts. Add to this and say that strikes are not of the same importance, that is, they are not the best at all, as the best of them is to solve problems by peaceful ways without harm. This is what I would like to say.

          1. Yes, this is true, and I want to add to your words the doctors, if they strike, they will cause a number of deaths and injuries, and the construction workers, if they strike, may cause the demolition of some houses that have not been completed, so I say that a solution must be found that is satisfactory to all parties

            1. I agree because... if doctors go on striking, it will ill health of people since there will be no one to care for and treat them when they are sick.So I don't support doctors and nurses to go on striking.

        4. I agree because... Yes, strikes affect members of the society in different ways. But that doesn't mean that workers should suffer in silence because they are also members of the society.

      2. There will be a lot of problems and conflicts between the strikers and those responsible for them, and there will be disturbances in the march of the students because they spend days without studying because of the strikes, and the governments did not respond to them. For example, in the event of a teacher's strike, his or her demands must be met so that they do not affect students and are measured across the board.

        1. This is true, and at the end of the semester, the teachers will not be able to finish all the required lessons with the students because of the large number of strikes, so I think it is a bad idea, as well as the nurses, whose strike leads to a danger to the lives of the patients.

      3. If ASUU were not allowed to strike they would not have achieved their aim for the strike that is the employer meeting the conditions of the employee. This example sheds more light on why people should be allowed to strike.

        1. They still haven't achieved their aim. The strike was called off because the government took the lecturers to court. The case is still ongoing.

      4. I think the undergraduates would not have had to start their courses from the beginning (their loss in courses and programs) ,the lecturers not involved in the strike would have had a source of income for the period at which it lasted.
        Other citizens would have felt safer, though Nigeria is relatively not very safe. Low quality of education as teachers outputs are low.
        Nigeria would generally have been at rest (the tension would not have increased for workers, ASUU and the undergraduates/ students).

      5. I think if the ASSU where not allowed on strike the student might not learn much because the staffs (teachers) might not have much interest in teaching the student because they might be angry, unhappy etc. so due to this the teachers might not have much interest.

      6. If workers where not allowed to strike i think there would be a lot of people that would have quit their job so we would only have a small amount of workers.

        1. I agree because... if they were not allowed to strike, there would be no one to take care of people's problems.So every one who would get a problem would just stop working. And this would lead to under development since few people will be employed.

        2. I agree because people would not be able to show their rights when they are violated and they are not attended to they will not be able to get basic needs. And the government needs to take quick action or else the country will be in problems like having political and civil wars.

        3. I'm not sure about this because...if the workers were to quit their jobs, they would have no source of income. Naturally some workers would choose to keep their jobs and manage the small pay rather than

          1. I did not think about this but you have made me to understand better and you have made me to look at this from another perspective

          2. I disagree with you because if strikes are not allowed teachers would quit their jobs due to denial of basic liberty rights, tireless work and under payment. Though some teacher stay at their jobs they wont care in order to know what the students are learning.

        4. I disagree with your point wonderful_kiwifruit because as you mentioned if workers were not allowed to strike then I dont think that they will quit their jobs instead they will adjust in that same job or find a new job and quit or issue court cases or petisones about their bad working conditions ,You have said that we will have small amount of workers as they will quite their jobs if strikes are not allowed but everyone as to have any source of income to live so they will have to work somewhere.

          1. But if sometimes a strike is not permissible because there may be something necessary, for example, if the doctor strikes, it will cause many deaths, and if the police strike, the country may become insecure, but if teachers or students strike, the country will become uneducated, and this will lead to a lack of development in the country, and that is why I am I think that sometimes it is not permissible to strike

        5. I totally agree with this because strikes are made for the improvement of the working conditions, payments and a lor more. Forbidding them could be very harmful in terms of working conditions and many workers would quit their job

      7. I think the ASUU would not be paid the amount of money they wanted if they had not striked and also the employees would not attend to their needs and conditions they wanted themselves in. in addition to this i also encourage the strikers to continue striking if their demands are not attended to

      8. I think If the ASUU where not allowed to strike, the employees might possibly quit there jobs, or sue the government to court for not listening to their request and also the employees will also refuse to work if they’re forced to, till the point where they get fired and lastly the lecturers might have to work a second job in order to meet their needs, which will have an impact on the education of the students because of the lecturer’s exhaustion

      9. Hello!
        In my opinion if ASUU wasn't allowed to strike it will have lead to riots and protests around the country because the union may have felt denial of their rights"right fair hearing" so as such I feel everyone should be allowed to strike as denial of allowance to strike could lead to citizens feeling denied of their rights

      10. I think in ASUU will strike and end up killing themselves and will earn anything unless they stop striking.

      11. In response to this question, I believe the students will showcase their disapproval by refusing to buy items in the school and refuse to take part in the activities or programs held in the school.

      12. If ASUU were not allowed to strike things would have been better for all of us.
        ASUU strike disruptes the academic session in terms of disruptive academic calendar, loss of productive time, and over-extension of study programmes.
        ASUU strikes negatively affect our economy and it causes serious crimes to take place by a lot of people especially those desperate to survive.
        ASUU strikes negatively affects the students it makes them feel betrayed and bothered and then the decide to go into some practices so that the would make quick money.
        All of this won't be if ASUU does not go on strike,there won't be as much people who look for ways to make quick money if there isn't strike and our economy won't be affected as much as it is today.

    2. I agree because... if there are no law enforcers law would not be abided and if the were no doctors everyone would be sick

      1. I disagree because... the law has nothing to do with doctors on strike.

    3. I agree with conscientious_mood
      But is a strike really nessecary?
      There are many more option to lay complaints to the government like the following:
      Official letters
      Social media
      Overtime bans and
      Work to rule.
      It will reduce the sum of lives at risk.

    4. I agree with what you said very well 👏👏
      This idea didn't occur to me, but it's important It is true that I advise everyone who sees these messages, you should know that the strike is beautiful Some students think that the strike is a nice thing to rest and relax, etc., after the tiring school days But, my dear, it will not be in your favor Do not be happy because of the strike all day, and you will be absent, I mean, but if you are interested and know the value, you will love school and know that it is useful, and strikes are bad for us, but for teachers, they are very good because they take their rights like money and the rights that were taken away from them. This is an opportunity for them, but we are not benefiting something 🦋

    5. I completely agree with you because strike is good for those who strike but what about the others who will not receive for example education and Healthcare the strike has bad effects on them

    6. You are right..and confirmation of what you said. In my country, the government institutions responsible for paying the salaries of employees did not respond to the teachers’ requests to raise their salaries due to the high cost of living and the insanely high prices, which led to schools closing their doors to students and the educational process almost completely stopped for two months. Also, these governmental institutions rejected the strike and the teachers’ requests and did not pay the salaries during these two months, under the pretext that there is no wage without work.
      This was reflected negatively on the students, especially the high school Tawjihi students, who were forced to enroll in private lessons to receive various academic subjects in light of the closure of schools, and the strike continues and its negative repercussions on all groups continue.

      1. But you do realize that there have been no country that there hasn't/haven't been a strike....I feel this is so because different people or employees in the various countries definitely will have a feel of unsatisfation towards a way in which something us being carried out.

        1. I also agree with this because no matter what is done for employees, there is always that one person that would feel that they should be given more.

          For example, if you give someone something free of charge, they might continue to ask you why it is free of charge and couldn't be less free than that.

          And I have come to realize that when workers are comparing their working conditions, they usually compare it to people in other countries with no similarity to them at all.

        2. I admired your wise and wonderful words. I agree with you on a point when they hit teachers. This reflects negatively on teachers and students. On the teachers’ side, they had no income for their families. On the students’ side, it had a negative impact on them by not completing their educational career and not completing their future lives that they have always dreamed of. Some of them dream of becoming a teacher, and some of them become doctors. Since we entered the life of doctors, strikes also negatively affect doctors and patients in terms of doctors. His condition will become dangerous, and some of them will die and die, as this leads to human losses

    7. I agree because even last year teachers had a strike because of salary being little so , it is not necessary for someone to go for a strike.

    8. You are correct that going on strike can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can be an effective way for employees to negotiate better working conditions, benefits, and pay. On the other hand, it can lead to disruption and inconvenience for others who rely on their services.

      In the case of the university strike, it is unfortunate that the students were not able to attend school for eight months. However, it is important to remember that strikes are often a last resort for employees when negotiations with their employer have failed.

      It is crucial for both employers and employees to engage in open and productive dialogue to avoid such situations. Employers should listen to the concerns of their employees and work towards finding solutions that are mutually beneficial. Similarly, employees should voice their concerns through constructive communication and negotiation.

      It is also important for governments and regulatory bodies to ensure that labor laws are in place to protect the rights of employees and ensure that they are treated fairly. Ultimately, the goal should be to find a balance that benefits both employees and the wider community.

      1. Personally, I agree that striking is a double-edged sword as you employed people can fight for what they think is right, for example: pay, better work conditions and hours, but on the other hand it is bad for the education of children. The people in our country of England are missing countless school days and stopping our work.
        The adults that are striking, I get it as they are actually trying to get what they want but they shouldn't have to do this. The government should give more support to schools, hospitals and other places like farmers in the UK. The farmers are a big problem as they can't strike because they work for themselves and provide food for the UK. They are also making no where near enough money for what they do.

        1. Though farmers can't strike they should go to the person in charge of farming activities in their state or district
          to extend their problems to a level where they can be solved immediately because every one knows that famers support the country's well being so much.

      2. I totally agree with you. It is true that strikes are completely necessary tools, that if used in the correct way the can be extremely useful: for example, if someone is paid little for his/her work, or works under harsh or poor conditions, this person must have the right to strike. Nevertheless, strikes can also affect in a negative way our society if they are used by some specifics sectors, or they are used incorrectly: would you imagine what would happen if everyone belonging to the healthcare sector strikes at the same time? exactly, it would be a catastrophe.

        Something similar happened in my country 6 months ago, when a great amount of truck drivers began a new strike, demanding changes to road freight rules and protesting at the cost of living. Altough we all agreed on that they had the right to go on strike, this led caused to food shortages, triggered a bout of inflation and it affected negatively the economic growth.

        Let me now summarize what I think about this: In my opinion, strikes can be very useful tools when they are used in a correct way, however they can also affect negatively our society, mainly when we use them in an irresponsible way. Therefore we must use strikes as a method to create a better and more fair society, but always doing so in a responsible way.

        1. Good thinking! Who do you think should be in charge of managing strikes to ensure they are done in the right way?

      3. I completely agree with your perspective on the matter quiet swan. Strikes are a necessary tool for employees to negotiate for better working conditions and benefits, but they can also have negative impacts on others who rely on their services. It is unfortunate that the university strike resulted in eight months of disruption for students, but it is crucial to remember that it was likely a last resort for the employees involved.

        Effective communication and negotiation between employers and employees is key to avoiding such situations in the future. Both parties should listen to each other's concerns and work towards finding solutions that are mutually beneficial. It is also important for governments and regulatory bodies to ensure that labor laws are in place to protect the rights of employees and ensure fair treatment.

        Overall, finding a balance that benefits both employees and the wider community should be the ultimate goal.

    9. I agree with you and the opinion that the strike is good for the employees to meet their conditions, but the employees will not have an income, and most of them will not continue with the job, and there will be a loss for the employer. Thus, the damage will be on the strikers and the target, but the strikes will not solve all the problems, so from my point of view the strike has a bad and a good side
      Do you think the strike is good or bad?

    10. I agree because my brother has been o strike a lot and I feel like it has a affected him but he does not show it but I think he has missed out on a lot of work and has fallen behind

      1. I think that they should strike because if they are not getting fair pair why should they work

    11. I sincerelly agree with you conscientious_mood. Staff in my school went on strike and as a disadvantage, my younger sister and her comrades weren't permitted to recieve their full education. Furthermore, a primary point which I'm willing to point out is the fact that, not only do children not recieve their full potential but those children whose parents are self-absorbed and don't pay much attention to their child's studies, are not being challenged to their full potential.

      Moreover, not in relation to this topic, children who are not challenged to their potential, aren't able to exceed in subjects without knowing what they are worthy of doing; they are not able to be passionate to a topic because they don't know what willingness is surging within them.

      Back to the topic, not only do children recieve a lower hand but so do teachers as they dont recieve their salary. However, it is the teacher's choice what they decide to do.

      Thank you for listening to my discussion.

    12. Can everyone strike?

      I disagree and agree because …. everyone cant go on strike because some people have important jobs like a Police officer or a Nuclear powerplant worker because if Police officer goes on strike the streets of our cities will not be safe and if a Nuclear powerplant worker goes on strike the powerplant that they operate will not be safe. But some less important jobs like a cleaner or an accountant they can go on strike because they will no impact other people .

      1. I can appreciate your view on this, such it is widely shared. Having said that, if a Police Officer, for example isn't able to go on strike, how would you suggest they meaningfully campaign for better wages, working conditions, pension, etc?

      2. Good_starfish, I sincerely agree with the first few sentences which have been listed. For example, Police officers or Nuclear power plant workers are needed for countries or colonies to stay safe, however, I am not very sure with the last statement which you have written. The reason being that all occupations play a role in our society. In India, people have personal cleaners. One would be dependent that their cleaner comes to their house every week; that their cleaners cleans the floors and that cleaner will always be there. So, if one were to think of this as a police officer and neighbourhood, the same thing will apply.
        What I mean by this is that: the neighbourhood is dependent on the police officer to keep the place secure and safe. In the same way, one would be dependent that the cleaner would come and clean the house.

        To conclude, all jobs are essential in life because they contribute to something else. MOreover, businesses and other organisations need accounting systems to know if they are making money. To continue, without accountants businesses could either fail or not be able to have a certain department running at all times. This would not be beneficial to the company. Furthermore, this defines that even the job of being an accountant or even a cleaner is primary and shouldn't be underestimated or called 'less important'.

    13. I agree with you. Strikes can also cause economic instability also banks are also affected by the this, financial banks are generally in the business of managing the cash flow in an economy, in a situation of strike, businesses are usually forced to close and as result they won't make any sales.This lack of sales will have an adverse effect on the cash flow as result customers won't have money to deposit in their bank accounts and also to settle their loan obligations. This will consequently affect the PROFITABILITY of banks and possibly lead to LIQUIDITY CRISIS.

    14. Good point and well done for considering both sides! Do you think striking is effective to get employers to listen to their employees? or is there other ways you think may be useful to get what they want?

      1. I think that strikes take place when the people have made a complaint more than enough times to their employer who has refused to listen and then the employees resolve to go on strike.
        So I feel like strikes happen when the employees have used every other method.

        1. I would agree!