Christmas Holiday Competition!

04 January 2019

communicative_bird and quickwitted_engineer

Congratulations to our two Christmas holiday competition winners. There were lots of very creative entries and a wealth of research had clearly been undertaken, so well done! We enjoyed the entry from communicative_bird which suggested a General Election, cross party agreement AND more businesses suffering in 2019. We also loved the imagination and storytelling shown by quickwitted_engineer who wrote an article they expect to read in August 2019. We'll keep and eye out to see who is closest to the truth. Well done!


We want your Burnet News Club brains to stay warm over the holiday, so here's a special edition competition.
Winners will be announced on Friday 4th January, so you have slightly longer to come up with your idea. Good luck!

The world in 2019

Each year, The Economist predicts which news stories will happen in the upcoming year. For this competition, we'd like you to do the same. What do you think will hit the headlines in 2019 and why?

Top tips for winning entries:

  • Come up with an original idea - let your curiosity lead your research and keep an open mind
  • Write the headline for the story - top journalists need to be be catchy storytellers
  • Explain why it might happen - give reasons for the event you predict and remember to be sceptical of your sources

Comments (26)

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  • I think the upcoming headlines will be about brexit and the 29th of March in which the brexit deal may or may not happen. I believe that this will happen because i watch a lot of news and find most conversations are about brexit. I believe there might also be a headline about article 13, which is a copyright law on the popular website, Youtube. I believe this because it is very popular and it is to do with my previous idea about brexit. These are just a few of my ideas.
    Another of my ideas is that we might find a way to travel to the Sun, though i am doubtful about this idea because the Sun can reach about 15 degrees celsius. I do however believe this partly because we have found a way to get a one way trip to Mars. These are just my ideas so i am not that sure.

  • I believe that in the next year, we will find ourselves in, not a financial crisis, but one to do with the environment. This is because of how plastic is affecting the planet, animals in danger, and our oceans in BIG danger. If course, we CAN solve this if we work hard, but if you read the week junior, you will realise how much danger we are in (if you haven't, it includes lots on the environment and animals. A must get!) If we work hard, we can stop one. Look at this example.
    John works for a business making t-shirts. Every customer he gives a plastic bag to, gets three t-shirts. It is more practical to give them a plastic bag, and he earns more money, how can we stop this?
    We can use a special type of plastic that is being developed, that is actually edible! That would get rid of it easily. This website says lots!
    This was also a good website.
    I think that this website is something that can be trusted, as the second one said they were an environmentalist. They seem to be very sure if their facts, and have said to discuss with your people that also agree.
    Therefore, I think that sooner or later in 2019, there will be a serious crisis with our environment.

  • I think one of the headlines will be about Brexit because apparently it will be happening in 2019. I think it'll happen because the vote was quite long ago and they needed time to prepare and now they are ready to move us out of the Europe so we can be our own independent country

  • 7th August 2019.

    ‘ Brexit has seen a drastic decrease in the value of the pound. Since March it has been steadily dropping until last week on the 30th of July when it plummeted to values even the harshest critics had not expected. The value of the pound is now predicted to have lower values than the Polish Zloty by the end of this year. Also the majority of PLC’s in Britain have suffered tremendous losses on the stock market and 72% of those businesses are predicted to go bankrupt within three years. The entire world has been shaken by the mistake that was Brexit, we had never seen anything of the sort excluding the 2008 financial crisis.
    The prime minister of the United Kingdom has resigned and Theresa May has been replaced by the infamous Boris Johnson who hopes to restore Britain to its former glory. He hopes to make striking deals with intercontinental countries which he professed in his election speech - ‘ Britain is currently economically unstable due to the country’s decision to leave the EU, however this is all but to be expected and I am almost certain that several deals with China and the USA will once more supply us with a thriving economy.’ Despite these promises however, Great Britain has began to severely regret Brexit and pro-Brexiteers (such as Tommy Robinson) are starting to rethink their once profound desires for Brexit. Just two nights passed, there was a major anti-Brexit rally of approximately three hundred thousand people in Leicester square. This rally demanded a second referendum occur and that we join back into the EU. Stay updated for further news on the matter.’

    I have written this news story because I feel as though this may be a realistic circumstance. With anti-Brexit marches already occurring as well as the value of the pound beginning to decrease I believe that this is not an exaggeration. Anybody who disagrees with me may feel free to contest my post and we can have a hearty debate on the subject matter.

  • Sorry i meant 15 million degrees celsius

  • In 2019, I believe that Britain will start facing the consequences of leaving the European Union. One of the major risks that Parliament has took is proposing the idea of leaving the EU. As a consequence of this Britain voted to leave the European Union. I predict that in 2019, prices of certain food items will drastically be increased in supermarkets. According to , "UK imports from the EU were £341 billion (53% of all UK imports)" . This is data from 2017 and because the population increases each year, the UK will have to spend more on importation. In my opinion, a situation like this can get extremely fatal for Britain. Also, as a result of Brexit, Britain might end up in a financial crisis again due to other political problems, although I am quite sceptical about this because if Britain could overcome the global financial crisis in 2008, I don't have much doubt that Britain won't survive another financial crisis. Moreover, I am curious to see the actual impact on British society of a No-deal Brexit.

    Another prediction of mine for 2019 is that globally, the planet could struggle with more pollution. I predict this because as a country, Britain contributes a lot to the pollution in the environment. According to "There are approximately 9.92 million cattle in the UK (2015) The total number of prime cattle slaughtered at UK abattoirs in the year 2016 was 1.97 million.". The amount of meet we consume as a country is incredible because cows increase the amount of methane in the atmosphere. Another issue is palm oil. Many items you can find in supermarkets contain palm oil. According to "25 orangutans killed every day because of the production of palm oil and that it would be removing palm oil from all their own-brand products.". This was stated in an advert by Iceland (The Food Warehouse) called 'There's a rang tan in my bedroom'. This advert was put on the internet to raise awareness of the what palm oil is doing to the environment. According to an explanation text on wikipedia "Damage to peatland, partly due to palm oil production, is claimed to contribute to environmental degradation, including four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and eight percent of all global emissions caused annually by burning fossil fuels, due to the clearing of large areas of rainforest for palm oil ...". Environmental degradation is a disastrous problem because it is baisically the deterioration of the environment. I am sceptical about something like this happening because at the moment a lot is being done to raise awareness of what we are doing to our environment.

    1. Great curiosity, thank you for sharing the links to your research.

    2. I strongly agree to your idea, which you have mentioned that, in 2019, you believe that Britain will start facing the consequences of leaving the European Union. However, I believe the consequences in a good way. It is good for Britain and bad for EU since EU need to sell their items to the UK, the UK can make their own terms to buy goods in a better way than now, and if they do not agree on the UK’s terms, the UK can buy goods from outside of the EU cheaper. Then the EU will lose the money from the UK and the EU might end up in a financial crisis (according to your website - - “EU will lose £341 billion per year UK’s money (53% of all UK imports)".

      Since the European Union is already fragile, it might be better for the UK to leave early than late.

  • As it has been on the news recently, i think in 2019 there will be a debate on brexit and once the debate is over there would be more protests about leaving the E.U. My first reason is that i have seen so many debates in Parliament about this. My second reason is that i have witnessed protests in action as it has came back many times. My third and last reason is that it has been on the news and has been ongoing for a while now.
    this is what i think will happen in 2019.

  • I think the next story will be about Brexit.
    This is because Brexit has been hitting the headlines of many newspapers. Theresa May has made a deal for Brexit with the other EU Leaders (it has not yet been confirmed) and the Brexit: Deal or No Deal announcement has been delayed until January, which is already in 2019.
    I also think the next story will be about Brexit because it has been lately the most popular event, spoken and written about in many newspapers/news channels. Contrary to this, we know that the Financial Crisis issue in The BNC was in 2018, but it officially happened 10 years ago, while Brexit is going on currently.
    We have something else to think about; why is Brexit so popular, and why would it be a story on The BNC?
    Brexit is really popular because it may change Britain. As we all know, Brexit means 'Britain Exit'. This means Britain might exit the EU (European Union) however the decision has not been announced. There are many reasons that this is a bad decision (I have written a post about this). It could be in The BNC because this website writes about important events that children should learn about.
    Brexit is really important; therefore it is bound to be on the headlines. However, who knows for how long? 1 month? 6 months? The whole year?

  • I think that the apartheid will hit the headlines in 2019, because….

    Apartheid- The crime against humanity

    Apartheid was a policy/system of segregation/discrimination on grounds of race. It existed in South-America from 1948 until the early 1990s.

    What happened to stop the apartheid?
    Who was involved?
    What started it?

    A few reasons why I think that the ‘apartheid’ could become one of the BNC’s topics, is because....

    The apartheid was an event that occured, in which people worldwide know about, however in some primary/secondary schools it is a topic that is not talked about regularly with a lot of teachers, so many students have still to hear about it. The apartheid can have different sides of arguments, making it an interesting topic to read and write about, and therefore argue about. It also gives children a greater understanding about what is going on in different parts of the world, such as South Africa, and what has been done by people, such as Nelson Mandela, to stop it.
    The Apartheid in South Africa ended in 1990, not just because of one person. It ended due to massive protests, which were inspired mainly by the African National Congress (ANC). Nelson Mandela was a huge figurehead in the abolition of apartheid especially since he spent 26 years in jail for ‘unjust’ reasons because of it.

    However, on the other hand, people could disagree with the topic apartheid through saying that people could use evidence from online websites and use it to be racist to another person whether accidentally or purposefully. Although, personally I think that this has already been solved on the BNC, through our comments and posts having to wait for approval in order to be published. If someone did put anything racist in their comment or post, it can always be unapproved by the BNC.

    It can also be an interesting topic to talk about, because I think that there is bound to be different types of races on the BNC, so different people will understand different things and then argue their point across because of it. Therefore I think that the apartheid will be a good topic for the BNC.

    1. I agree introspective_bilberry, this would be a very interesting topic. If you worked at the BNC, introspective_bilberry and anyone else, especially at the BNC, what would you say if someone was racist or unkind?

  • In my opinion i think that the next story will be about need it and if we decide to leave the European union but I also think that there could be headlines about the Gatwick airport incident here is the link as to why I think that the incident will be carried out about longer in to 2019
    Link for brexit

  • In 2019 I believe something amazing will happen ,which never has happened before .Everyone will be stunned by this.
    I believe headlines will be based on something new such as 25 people winning the lottery at the same time (this might not happen).But will it happen?.

    This is my thought about what might happen In 2019.
    In 2019,i believe the moon will change colour at the start of new years day.Do you think it will happen?Who knows but maybe one day it will happen.The headlines for this mysterious news could be:Stunning news breaks through the world!,Purple sky appears out of nowhere .Could this mean something?,Look at the Moon.If this happens one day this news will explode every bodys minds.It Could go around the world making people think:is it really true?...

  • Apologies for that! My prediction for the year 2019 is that the Queen, who has been reigning for the longest period of time, will abdicate her role as head of state to Prince Charles. Prince Charles will then accept the role as he is confident in himself and not socially awkward. Also, he has had an increasing role in the palace over recent years. However, this decision will be to the dismay of the English population. Many people have a grudge to bear with Charles because of his affair with Camilla while he was married to Princess Diana. Many people dislike him as a result of this - especially since Diana was killed in the car accident. Due to Elizabeth not being monarch anymore, less American tourists will visit the country and tourist based businesses will have a smaller profit. Also, the leader of the Church of England is the current monarch of England. Because Charles is a divorced man and the Church frowns upon that, will the church be happy with this appointment?

  • In 2019 I think that the Headlining news article will be
    Harry and Meghan's royal baby.
    I think this because when they first announced it, lots of people were very excited when it was not even born. Moreover, when Kate Middleton had her baby and nobody had seen it, people were staying outside of the hospital waiting to see it and this could be the same for Meghan as well. Adding to this is the fact that she was an actress could mean there are more people interested in the fact that she is having a baby instead of people who just follow The Royals.

  • I believe that we may have General Election because day after day Theresa May is slowly losing grip of our country's and our MP's - Member of Parliament- trust. Quite recently, there was a vote of confidence about Britain's exit deal; fortunately for her, she escaped this one but who is to say that she will next time?
    Also, I believe that governments will join together as one to produce drone security ideas. In recent times, there have been drone attacks where drones come in plane-lanes and prohibit them from flying. These actions have made huge impacts on people lives and it would inhumane not to address this issue in some sort of way.
    One other thing that I think is going to be reported for is a company that either went out of business or lost a large number of stores/offices. This happened to many stores in 2018 and I don’t feel anybody is doing anything about it so that is why I think it will continue in 2019.

  • I predict that the three major headlines that will come in the news in 2019 will be:
    • AI (artificial intelligence) take over jobs
    • Online ordering
    • Thrifty space travel

    AI take over jobs

    My predictions that I believe that are going to happen in 2019 is that AI (artificial intelligence) robots and advanced technology will take over our normal day-to-day jobs we have. The reason to this is because robots can now do many incredible things like having facial expressions and emotions, they have more advanced thinking than a human has –they win games like chess and noughts and crosses- and not only do they have advanced thinking, but have quick thinking. From what these robots can achieve, humans can program robots to do some of the jobs that we have currently like: surgeons, teachers, engineers, lawyers and many more. With their quick and advanced thinking, as well as their facial expressions and emotions, the AI technology will able to do work efficiently and properly which will completely change the world. The most advanced AI robot in the world is Sophia, which can do the same things that humans can do. Therefore, if they have made robots like this, it will be likely that they will make AI robots that will take over some of our human jobs.

    AI can be an advantage to humans since they can achieve many things that the human can achieve and can do work more efficiently. This could make work much easier for humans and will make a big impact on the world. Robots can quickly finish work and everything will be rapid and speedy. If you have a delivery or a package that has to be given to you in an hour, robots will deliver it right on time and it could be a good impact.

    On the other hand, it could be a big mistake since with AI working quicker and efficient; they could be better alternatives for humans. This could be bad since the robots will take over jobs and many people would have their jobs lost. This means that people would not have no wages meaning that they cannot earn any money. This could be the start of another global financial crisis.

    How will humans work and earn money?

    How will common people react to this massive change?

    With AI technology helping and calculating quicker than human brains and doing work more efficiently, will the humans only rely on robots?

    If the humans rely on the robots to help them to calculate equations, will this cause people to not think at all leading to further problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

    Will the government give them free wages since they have no jobs or will people have to be stressed out ( which will cause mental health problems) and have to find another way to get a job?

    Online ordering

    Another prediction for next year is about online shopping. I predict that in 2019, people will shop online on their computers or laptops rather than go to shops to buy their products. I believe that this will be very likely since this has already been happening- many shops are shut down for the day, less people work in shops and more people are doing and starting to do online shopping. People’s jobs have gone currently and many shops in the high street have closed down as well. According to, 51% of the customers that are buying products prefer to shop on computers than going outside and buying their items. This research also shows that 55% of consumers buy more online now than they did at 2017. Thus, if online shopping is getting more and more used by people to buy their products, it will be possible that the world next year will only shop online to buy what they need.

    This could have a positive impact since online shopping could mean that people would not have to travel far distances because all of the shopping is online. It also is much easier than shopping outside because you can easily find what you need when you search in the website instead of wandering hopelessly around the shopping centre without knowing what you need. Another reason that this could benefit people is because the business or company would not have to spend lots of their money making huge stalls and warehouses everywhere but could keep the extra money to put forward in their business.

    At the same time, this could be a disadvantage. It could also be a bad idea because with nobody going outside to shop, people would not go out, it would have a lack of exercise, and if you do not exercise, you could be deconditioned. Your muscles weaken and you will have to breathe more oxygen than usual to circulate air through your muscles in normal day-to-day activities. Daily tasks like walking and running will be difficult to achieve. This could also have an effect on screen time. People will have too much time on the screen and not in the real world making them addicted to the computer. In addition, if you look at the screen for too long it can damage your eyes, your vision and will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

    What will happen to the world of computers and laptops?

    Will the screen time on buying have a psychological effect on the human body and their social skills?

    With these predictions made, will humans stay at home and have a lack of exercise?

    Thrifty space travel (space tourism)

    My final prediction is about space tourism. I strongly believe that it will be a big headline in newspapers from 2019 is since many astronauts have ventured far into outer space, to the moon and above Earth’s orbit and atmosphere but even though they have been able to accomplish this task, they haven’t been able to bring common people into space and make it a tourist attraction. The reason to this is that going to space costs the tourist who is travelling roughly £2,000,000,000. A few tourists have been to space. Helen Sharman (the first British space tourist) blasted off into space in a space shuttle, being one of the lucky people who have ever did this. She was 27 years old and amazingly, she was chosen out of 13,000 people- Helen travelled in the Mir Space Station and stayed there for seven days, twenty-one hours and 13 minutes (approximately eight days). However, the space journey cost a huge amount of money. People, because of this reason, cannot travel to space because they cannot afford to pay the huge amount of money however with the advancing technology (as soon as next year) people will be able to fly to space only spending an affordable amount of money. NASA predicts that space travel will be possible since we are redesigning and creating new models of space shuttles and finding ways of improvement, especially moneywise. As technology advances, tourists that are not billionaires will be able to afford to have space tourism as early as next year making it likely that this news story will hit the headlines of 2019.

    This could be an advantage because many people could discover the wonders of the universe and we could learn more about space and have an enjoyable experience. We could bring in scientists to explore and investigate space for a very little price to pay and discover more about the vast universe that we are currently living in.

    In addition, it could be a bad idea. My reasons for this is that it is easy and affordable to go to space in a space shuttle, there will be space shuttles zooming off every hour, every day. This is a potential threat to the environment
    since the shuttle’s exhaust fumes damage the Earth’s atmosphere and the space shuttle on is described as an eggshell on and egg.

    Will the new model of a space shuttle have solar energy from the sun if the space shuttle is exposed to the sunlight?

    How much money will it take for the new model of the space shuttle be?

    Will the new model of the space shuttle be eco-friendly to the environment?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write this competition entry. It was jam packed with BNC skills and showed excellent evaluation too. I wonder whether these headlines are likely for 2019, or more realistic for 2029? It would be interesting to keep a record of your ideas and check back to if or when they occur and how close your predictions are to the reality!

  • I think the headline that hits it the most is wonderful happy 2019 because it sounds so popular to everyone who enjoys the 2019 as well as I do. HAPPY XMAS

  • I predict that a future headline in the news will be about Theresa May and the general election. I think this because she is under a lot of pressure at the moment, cleaning up the mess that David Cameron (the past Prime minister) had left behind.

  • My prediction is based on varities of problems that may occur.

    The UK population is made up of different ethnicities. 87% of people are White, and 13% belong to a Black, Asian, Mixed or Other ethnic group.
    There are high chances of a problem, based around skin tones, to appear. This may happen because of places like: schools and other places which involves youngsters. This may happen because of cultural factors such as problematic group histories, stereotypical perceptions, and grievances over cultural discrimination. This wildley seperates the unity.
    The fact that limitations on religious and cultural practices, unequal educational opportunities, and restrictions on the use of minority languages may also cause conflicts however it has a lower chances for most of these things to happen in the UK.

    Political Actions
    An issue we may need to think about would be brexit.Some people think that being in the EU brings lots of benefits, while others reckon it has plenty of disadvantages.So the government took few actions which the result haven't yet been announced to public. This may be a problem that might appear in UK again. This decision was made because of the increase in people's multi decisions about the brexit and them willing to conclude with a positive answer.

    Medicine Industry and Health Issues
    Another one might be health issues and how Uk is either needing more medical equipments or just too much issues to fix. The most common mental health problems are: Mixed anxiety & depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain, with 7.8% of people meeting criteria for diagnosis. 4-10% of people in England will experience depression in their lifetime. So basically, I think money might be an issue to include in the medical format.

    Carbon Dioxide
    And finally one important problem would be something our modern life is using regularly.Fossil fueling. This means we burn lots of coals and fossil fuels which creates carbon dioxide- a specific type of gas which containss chemical and causes pollution. The important part would be when the ocean absorbs the gas and be the reason to kill many living things in the ocean such as coral reefs, little, different types of fishes and many others. This is global warming and an issue for us because we can't live in an enviroment of dead creatures as it will cause illness and may fade away nature.

    These or one of these might be the headline for 2019 in my opinion.

  • I predict that the headlines will either me Brexit or Crime in the UK. Crime in the MU increases every year by 30 percent and something has to be done about it

  • I think that in the up coming year Brexit will be hitting the headlines because ......
    Brexit is the main reason that has been included in pretty much every newspaper in the UK and i believe this headline is going to arrive in the new year.Also from what i have researched i have found out that the Brexit's deal or no deal has been delayed to January 2019 and it is already because of this delay is being taken in the year 2019. I also believe that this reason is strong as people are focusing on this more than anything around them in the environment. I also think that this is going to hit the news because it is a good topic to talk about. But prime minister May might as well make this headline a good headline to discuss as she changes a lot of thinks in the society around us. This topic is also a very exceptional topic which includes the 5 BNC mindset. Discussing this with us children will increase our curiosity as children always want to know what is happening around the community. Having Brexit in the next year will also be good as it has a lot of reasoning to it. The topic that i have choose is also an open-mindness topic as it will allow us to go against with others and tell them what are opinions are. For example some of us might think that the deal will happen whereas others may think there will be no deal. So i think my idea of what will hit the news in the year 2019 will actually be a good topic to discuss in The Burnet News Club(BNC).Talking about brexit is also helpful for us as it will allow us to more interested in what is happening in our country.
    Political A ction
    Well some people may think that the EU will bring benefits to the country however others may totally think the opposite . So because of this the goverment took some action and the result have no been annoounced to the public(yet).

    The royal baby
    I also believe that the royal baby will hit the news because the royal baby will come to this world the same time brexit will happen. This might as well hit the news because it has a lot of curiosity to it like what will happen to the royal baby, will the queen walk to the church like she did on Christmas day,or what is the gender of the baby.

    I will conclude my idea by saying that either brexit or the royale baby will hit the headline in the up coming year as they both are going to arrive or come to and end (brexit might come to an end ) in the year 2019.
    Thank you for listening and understanding my idea so well .

    1. I agree, both your ideas seem very likely...
      I believe that in 2019, there will be a sudden drop in child communication and we will find ourselves in a world full of people with screens up their noses. I think this because of how many people you can see, walking down the street, or on a bus, or on the tube, or when they have friends round, but they just go on their devices, or... I can go on and on and on.
      This website shows the damage screens can do. I think the passion the people show, and how seriously they acted when they found out the problem, shows how much danger we are in and how soon this could happen, i.e we need to do something if we DON'T want a screen addictive world.
      There is another website I found useful but it goes into some sort of 59 beauty things after so BE CAREFUL! There is also some photos which are a bit odd but I think that some of the research is good.
      Of course, the title was what 'TOO MUCH' screen time did to you, not what a little bit does, so I'm not saying that you if go on you will soon have some massive brain damage thing. But if we carry on going the way we are, then we are in for a hard 2019.
      I don't want to be right, but things like this so what is worrying me.
      Max lives in a house with his family. He has two siblings, a brother and sister. Max has a phone and the first thing he does when he gets home is uses it. At meal times he goes on it, in the mornings he goes on it. When friends come round he goes on it, when he is alone he goes on it. His parents and siblings NEVER see him.
      The sad thing is, this is the reality for a lot of people (adults and children) which is why I think it is possible for us to be heading into a year of problems with screen addiction.

      1. I like your thinking impartial_panda_bear's as the new year having problems with screen addiction as it can cause brain damages and many more problems which i don't want to name. But on the other hand i disagree with your idea as people can be using devices( such as phones,i pads,laptops and many more) for important work related to business or school work . Like i mean when we are asked to rite something on Burnet News Club we always research so that our idea is strong and is of a capable structure.Also if we don't use devices for research our teachers will not know how much of it is true and how much of it is our brains work.I also disagree because devices are like another help for researches except of books , parent/careers and teachers. I will end my comment here by saying that i like your idea of what we can be facing in the new year also have a happy new year.

        1. Thank you so much! Devices can be useful, but there is still a large chance they can be dangerous. People survived without screens many years before us! Therefore, we could survive without screens, but could we with screen addiction?

  • I think that in 2019 there will be more pollution - especially in the seas - and sea mammals and creatures will cease to live - become extinct.
    I believe this because Marine pollution occurs when harmful effects result from the entry into the ocean of chemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural, and residential waste, noise, or the spread of invasive organisms. Eighty percent of marine pollution comes from land. We are constantly using factories to produce material, and factories lead to the making of smoke, as they often burn materials, then release the smoke into the air, and then that smoke will go into the seas and pollute it.
    Sticking to the subject of seas, marine pollution and extinction, I believe that however hard SOME try, humans will continue to use plastic - not recycling - and litter, causing landfills of plastic. Creatures in the sea then eat them, not knowing what harm they can cause, and that can lead to, in some cases, extinction.
    However, this can go the other way round too. People might stop littering plastic - or find (in the late 2019) another alternative for it. This would be a good alternative, where the above not so much.
    I suppose there will be hi-tech (sort of, or higher-tech, I don't know..) for the bank and their vaults. I believe this, because in 2019, I bet many will be trying to come up with new tech, and banks need it to please their "customers" (when I say customers, I mean people who loan with them and keep their money with them). If the public know their money is not safe, they will not continue keeping the money there, will there? If they don't have any members of the public with them, they, like the sea creatures, will cease to exist; Go bankrupt which leads to other banks doing the same. That's not exactly good...

  • I think that there will be a lot of unexpected stories next year, it's the news!
    We can predict some stories though.
    - Self Driving Cars.
    Although it may seem impossible, self driving cars have already been developed by companies such as Google. By next March, Google has said that the cars will be open to the majority of the public with the United Kingdom included.

    - One of the most wanted things to expect in 2019 are movies.
    Although most of the movies coming in 2019 have already been announced, some are less known. For example, Dreamworks Animation said that the new How To Train Your Dragon Movie will be the last and is being released on the 23rd of January 2019. Another movie from the books is Artemis Fowl, which until recently was going to be cancelled. A major movie coming in 2019 is Avengers Infinity War, which will first be seen on April 26th after a change in date, originally it was going to be released on the 3rd of May.

    -Back to self driving cars, many officials have been wanting a referendum to see that self driving cars are banned. Why, I hear you ask? In the USA, self driving cars are already released. Already, hundreds of minor accidents and a few major accidents have occurred. People believe that for once, Google has not delivered what it promised.

    - The 29th of March 2019 will mark the end of the Brexit deals. Although unsure if this date will stay, the majority of the public have been wanting deals that were already made. Some politicians say that they will try to bring back previous deals to see if now, the majority of the Parliament will accept.

    - Technology in general.
    More used technology (apart from self driving cars which I felt deserved their own statement) include,
    -Folding smartphones and folding TVs
    -5G smartphones
    -Holographic smart watches
    -Apple TV (not a TV but an app like Netflix and Prime)
    -8K television (actually better than the human eye which only operates and notices 7K)

    These are all stories we can expect in the year to come.

  • I predict that in 2019, visa and transporting items to other countries might be an issue.

    Visa- The mis-use
    Visa, as we know, is the important thing to travel to different countries. If your country is part of the EU( European Union) then to visit certain countries, you don't need a visa.But going to to a country and living there without a visa is ilegal so this might actually be a problem and hit the headline next year with the over use of ilegal actions. Many people visit other countries by vehicles which doesn't check if they actually has visa. This may be because someone is traveling in a private ship, coaches or other private vehicle. For example traveling to France from UK doesn't require only traveling by planes, you can visit by car or coach but you still need visa. But some people doesn't follow rules and use that as an opportunity to go to a different country. Most of the times, people live in other countries without a vis then apply for one after settling there.
    Nonimmigrant visa-it is a temparory visa to visit other countries and usually used for purpose like: tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study and visiting family. People comes to countries with a nonimmigrant visa and permantly stays by applying for citizenship later.

    UK, brought out new rules in 2016. The home office reduced the grace period for anyone making an application after their visa has expired from 28 to 14 days. This gives more chances for any non expired visa to get new in time. However this is not beneficial for most people. A new requirements to have valid reasons for failing to apply before the visa expires was also introduced. So, even though it is really difficult to capture everyone who either doesn't have a visa at all or who has an expired visa, all countries can bring out strict rules like the UK did, This would help and reduce the amount of ilegal use of visa which could create a good change to countries.

    Tading and transporting items with other countries

    The first long-distance trade occurred between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley in Pakistan. Long-distance trade in these early times was limited almost exclusively to luxury goods like spices, textiles and precious metals. In the past countries traded items. It worked like this; some countries have thing that other countries don't have, so the trade (exchange). Following many reasons trading has now became rare. And one of the reason was that it was not convenience. So some countries still trading for little business may cause problem and this might hit the headline coming year. But coming to the main point, trading has been almost like 'replace' with transporting items. For high businees quality, they started transporting for money. This is beneficial because by trading lets say metals to gold it won't be a fair trade or at least we won't know. But by transporting something you can ask a fair amount of money. But this won't always be handy because for security reasons, so if someone transpotrs items by ground vehicle then they can enter the country ilegally without a visa. Or it's not a good security for the products, it may be damaged or products could be missing before it reaches a different place.
    This surely will happen as traveling in vehicles like cars and vans won't give exact guaranteer and might cause danger.

    I thought these things may hit the headline in 2019.

  • My headline would be called:
    'Brexit Breaker'
    In 2018 we have had many problems in the government because of Brexit. Many good politicians have resigned because they are not sure about the Brexit deal. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have had many arguments about Brexit.
    A few years ago we had a vote. This vote was to determine if we wanted to be an independent country or not. Many British people said that they didn't want to be in the EU anymore. Therefore, here came Brexit.
    I don't think many British Citizens actually knew what this meant. If we are no longer in the EU, prices for food that have been imported from places that are in the EU will rise. This means that we will have to pay much more for our food. Another downside about Brexit is that we would have to get a Visa to go on holiday to other European countries in the EU. This means that we couldn't go on holiday to our favourite places if our Visas were denied. So the only good side about Brexit is that we will be an independent country. What is the point of that?
    Therefore I think in 2019 we will have another vote about Brexit when people have more understanding about it. I think people will realize that it is very beneficial to stay in the EU.

    1. I sort of agree, and I think we SHOULD have another deal, but Teresa May can't say that she doesn't like the outcome and we will hold another vote. It doesn't work like that. Then, the few people that DID want Brexit would be cross because even though they had more people voting for their side, the government still won't listen to her. Teresa May is trying to make a deal, but things are still not working. My only idea to stop Brexit is if a VERY large group of people decide to boycott all things to do with the government and the EU. People can't ignore that! My class participated in a type of music festival about Rosa Parks. She and many other people boycotted the buses because she thought things were wrong and unfair. If many people got together, then we could do that as well. The only downsides are that people would need to organise it, we could get in trouble, and it isn't A very practical thing to do, walking down streets, screening for another deal. This was s my opinion.

  • This is the websites I used to help me:

    I believe in 2019 this will be the article (further down below) because all over the news they are boasting about the environment, so I worked deeply into this topic and I created my own (future) article.

    The environment is in danger

    The council is responsible for the environment, like for health and safety requirement in businesses, pollution and many more businesses in the borough. But we need your help because our air is filled with pollution which can really damage human health, which can cause acid rain containing harmful amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. These acids are formed primarily by nitrogen oxides and sulfuric oxides released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned.
    A landfill site, known as a tip, dump, rubbish dump, garbage dump or dumping ground is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial. But sadly, it’s filled with plastic which goes to the sea and plastic items can take up to 1000 years to disintegrate in landfills. But plastic bags we use in our everyday life take years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 years+. Plastic can kill sea creatures/animals and can affect our drinking water.
    Do you like astronauts? Or space? I do! But we may be thinking differently afterwards. When astronauts come back to earth, parts of the rocket absorb in the orbit which can cause natural light to be dark and we won’t see. If space junk touches it maybe could cause an explosion.

    This how I believe an article in 2019 will be like.

  • My headlines for 2019

    • My headline: The battle about the border: the governmental shutdown continues...

    So, one thing that I think will be in the news a lot in the next year is the border between Mexico and the USA. This is for several reasons. Over the last year I have sure you have all heard a lot about Trumps famous wall, about how he was ‘going to build a wall’ and ‘make Mexico pay for it’ in his campaign to ‘make America great again’. Last year there was the debate and controversy of families, so parents and children being separated at the border, and at the very end of last year and now, the government is shutdown because the American government cannot make an agreement about what should be done about funding for the wall as, not surprisingly, Mexico did not end up paying for the wall. Trump wants 5.6 billion pounds for his wall, but he cannot get this passed. The fact that they can’t sort what they are spending on the wall out means that other things and people supported by government funds are suffering. In fact, ‘Roughly 420,000 workers were deemed essential and are working unpaid, while an additional 380,000 have been furloughed.’. Unfortunately, there is little end in sight as the two parties (republicans and democrats) cannot come to an agreement with Trump not accepting a compromise of 2.5 billion and Charles Schumer saying, "So President Trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, plain and simple,". Clearly neither side is going to budge, putting many people without pay. If this shutdown continues, pay may not even be being given to the coastguard as well as many other crucial, life saving services. This is going to be in the news for so long because even if they do reach a comprises and the government shutdown ceases, which is unlikely, there will still be problems. If trump is forced to compromise, he will be complaining about the wall and if the democrats are forced to compromise, they will not have the money they want for other things. Even if this wall is built, immigration is still likely to be in the news, children are still separated from their families at the border wall and immigrants are still likely to try and find some way round the wall.
    The final things that I’m not going into detail but I think are going to be in the news are: global warming and the environment, because year by year there is evidence to suggest these two problems are getting worse and we will be forced to make sure it doesn’t continue deteriorating; Brexit, as Theresa may will try and get her deal agreed and there will surely be much more negotiating to go and I think, like the last months, movements like #metoo are going to continue being in the news as the movement progresses and reaches more people around the world.


    1. Excellent curiosity shown by your extensive research. Well done!