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Skolstrejk för klimatet. I chose this because Greta Thunberg, a Swedish schoolgirl and young... Weekly Competition #35 31/5/19
1) It is both fair and unfair for where it is fair for some, it is unfair for others and where... Weekly Competition #32 13/5/19
My headline is...Trump refuses to secure a trade deal with U.K It's supposed to be...fake. If... Weekly Competition #26 21/3/19
Brexit is like an argument between your parents about your future job because it is completely... Weekly Competition #25 14/3/19
I chose D because research shows that the worst violent crime in the UK is in London and the... Weekly Competition #22 18/2/19
Patisserie Valerie rescue saves 2,000 jobs This is good because unemployment has become a... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
I read a headline that said 'Adolescents who self-harm are more likely to commit violent crime '... Weekly Competition #18 22/1/19
What he did was unacceptable and I will never forget what happened. He is the reason that I am... Weekly Competition #17 18/1/19
Emergency training: Man in background can do nothing but stand and stare at the tragedy as he... Weekly Competition #16 06/1/19
Police force gather around victim of violent crime and one individual documents the tragedy. Weekly Competition #16 05/1/19
I believe that we may have General Election because day after day Theresa May is slowly losing... Christmas Holiday Competition! 04/1/19
I would like to give some advice for young adults. I would like to state my advice for... Weekly Competition #15 15/12/18
I agree with the idea that bank aren't perfect because they aren't but is anything actually... Weekly Competition #14 12/12/18
Let's make a difference Learn from our naive mistakes Improve and be bright Weekly Competition #14 12/12/18
I would invest in a second-hand-selling business because I could ask for 20% of the business and... Weekly Competition #10 11/11/18
I think you could use a number. By this I mean you can have a personal number which shops could... Weekly Competition #9 05/11/18
Even though that some people may think that the odd one out is Picture A because it has no... Weekly Competition #4 05/10/18