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our local hero's save our cummonutiy once again Weekly Competition #16 09/1/19
I think the headline that hits it the most is wonderful happy 2019 because it sounds so popular... Christmas Holiday Competition! 26/12/18
My advice is for elderly people because they need to spend money on electric, food and water,... Weekly Competition #15 17/12/18
money matters because u could have a happy life, by asking for money when your homeless u could... Weekly Competition #13 03/12/18
I am most sceptical about headline A because if every person (under 18) had £1,000 it would just... Weekly Competition #12 26/11/18
The most valubale thing that could wash up at shore is a dead bird because at night time there... Weekly Competition #11 19/11/18
I would invest my money in Mcdonald's because it is the most popular fast food restaurant and... Weekly Competition #10 12/11/18
in my opinion gold would be used by giving people very good luck because gold is worth a lot of... Weekly Competition #9 05/11/18
I disagree because sometimes people have good intentions and may want things to happen in a... Weekly Competition #6 15/10/18
im good Weekly Competition #6 15/10/18
I agree with loving cloud because I do Weekly Competition #6 15/10/18
I agree with credible insect because it could of started the war because they probably want to... Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
I think the odd one out is b because a and c look similar because they both took part in a... Weekly Competition #4 01/10/18
I think they all are different because they have different settings and they have different clothing Weekly Competition #4 01/10/18
I think that c is the odd one out because b and a look like they need help Weekly Competition #4 01/10/18