Easter Holiday Competition

18 April 2019

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thoughtful_raisin and creative_sparrow

Our Easter Holiday competition saw some great reflection from students who searched back through the Experts archives and gave their opinions about the answers that were given. Well done to thoughtful_raisin, who explained why they agreed with Robert Bates from the Leave Means Leave campaign, and creative_sparrow. We’ll leave you with their thoughts:

My science text book says ‘‘We all swoon at people in authority, but you have to ignore that fact and look at the evidence, just because someone has got a whacking great list of letters after name (ie. BSc, PhD etc) it doesn’t mean the evidence is good. Spotting biased evidence isn’t the easiest thing in the world - ask yourself ‘Does the scientist or the person writing about it stand to gain something or lose something? If they do, it’s possible that it could be biased.” If we all adopt the scientific method to everything we read and hear, or at least apply it to the important things in life, then our chances of being duped by fake news would be minimal and therefore the pros and cons would be so much clearer for us all to see to make a better, informed judgement.



It's the end of the Issue! We loved reading your comments, posts and competition entries on the Hub this half term, and wish that adults in the UK and EU could have critical conversations that are as good as yours. We've also enjoyed your videos, artwork and questions for the experts.

The Easter holiday competition is to make the most of the Expert Answers (the posts with the purple rocket). Watch the Expert videos, read their answers and respond!

Tell us:

  • If you agree or disagree with the Expert's answer and why
  • If you think they answered the question and why

You'll have to write your comment on the expert's post. Then, come to this page and write:

"I have responded to [name of expert]" - For example: I have responded to Ruth Smeeth.

We're looking for excellent open-mindedness to different opinions and fantastic reasoning.

Good luck! We'll announce the winners over the Easter Bank holiday weekend!

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