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Interestingly, as Europe began to cut their emissions China's began to increase. Reducing our... Weekly Competition #37 19/6/19
I have varying opinions on this matter. First, school is there for a reason. As students we... Weekly Competition #36 12/6/19
Stop climate change Before our world falls into disarrange! Weekly Competition #35 05/6/19
I believe the world would be better with borders as we need borders to survive. Without anything... Weekly Competition #32 15/5/19
A world with out borders is a world without any restrictions. Without restrictions our world... Weekly Competition #32 13/5/19
I would argue that we should be looking over the barriers in our way to see the things we can... Weekly Competition #30 02/5/19
In desperation, President Trump attempts to call upon emergency funds reserved for the direst of... Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19
I have responded to Phil Wilson - "I definitely agree with Phil Wilson on this point! What's... Easter Holiday Competition 08/4/19
Indirect democracy is where the citizens of a democratic country vote for and elect a Member of... Weekly Competition #28 05/4/19
People living in Mozambique and Zimbabwe were drastically affected by Cyclone Idai. Amazingly... Weekly Competition #27 28/3/19
A new youth club was set up in my area recently, it runs in the evening on Friday and loads of... Weekly Competition #27 28/3/19
"Brexit expected to ruin the lives of millions around the world, take action whilst you still... Weekly Competition #26 21/3/19
Brexit is like water vapor. It travels in unpredictable ways through the air until it lands on a... Weekly Competition #25 13/3/19
Brexit: When I first heard about the results I was confused, I was perplexed. Why, I thought,... Weekly Competition #24 06/3/19
One person is incapable to rule such a large landmass, but still we think we can, so wars rage... Weekly Competition #23 27/2/19
"Champion Boxer Donated Entire $9 Million Purse From His Big Fight to House the Homeless" -... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
Should the discussion really be about individuals. I believe peer pressure and groups are the... Weekly Competition #20 06/2/19
I believe that option 2 (Reformation) is the most beneficial as it benefits many people on... Weekly competition #19 30/1/19
"What is Theresa May's Brexit Plan B and when will Parliament vote on it?" This is an article... Weekly Competition #18 23/1/19
I'm empty, I'm cold, I'm distraught. This life changing, soul crushing heart breaking event has... Weekly Competition #17 16/1/19