Weekly Competition #2

21 September 2018
Social media

busy_song and fantastic_duck!

Well done to our winners this week, who did very well to come top in a host of excellent entries! We enjoyed the examples given by busy_song, which is a great way to give reasons and explain a point of view. We also thought that the thorough reasoning by fantastic_duck was very impressive. By giving both sides of the argument they also showed great open-mindedness. Congratulations!

The winning entries are shown below in orange.

'Social media is a good place to find the news.'

What do you think? This week, we'd like you to give your opinion on this statement with reasons for your point of view.

Remember: good reasons are true, relevant and give examples to help explain what you think.

Winners will be announced next Friday, so good luck!

Comments (109)

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  • I don’t because you can’t trust every thing you se online

    1. I think you shouldn’t be able to go and search freely on the internet until you are mature enough to be able to deal with cyber bullying.

    2. well what if it's called BBC news OFFICIAL and the BBC announced it

  • No because you can’t all ways trust the internet because it mite be lies so that is why you should watch the news

  • No because social media is not a trustworthy place to find out news because people tell white lies and make up things so people sometimes believe it

  • I think no and yes because there is allot of people out there that can put fake things online and some people are truthful.

  • I think no because a lot of people exaggerate things that happen in real life and post it on the internet.

  • Sometime it’s good to find it on the news or on tv but on social meadia some people lie so you can’t always realie on it

  • I don't think that social media is very trust worthy because lots of people lie and make a big deal out of nothing.

  • no there not always right because some people lie on social media

    1. But although some people do lie/post fake news, some people post correct news and do not lie. Even if people do (in your opinion) post fake news, in their opinion it could be right, so you can't always judge and say that they have posted fake news because from a particular point of view that news could be correct and useful to someone, who lives somewhere else around the world.

  • And you can’t really know who posted it and it might be to get famous quick

  • dont always look on your phone

  • i think this is a good post because sometimes my parrents see news come up and they tell me.

  • I don't really agree on this, i belive in my opinion that the news on the TV is better

  • Yes because you can discuss it with people.

  • yes, but not all news is trust worthy because wikipedia anyone can put anything therefore untrust worthy infomation also some sites are unstable and may damage your computer, tablet or phone because it could implant a virous. So in my opinion it's sometimes
    i hope you agree.

      1. Sometimes you shouldn't trust it everything isn't true

        1. sometimes but not all the times brilliant_lime's

    1. I disagree with your opinion because Wikipedia is mainly always true and even if someone was to modify a fact to their opinion, either a user or the company will change the incorrect information.

      1. I personally think that Wikipedia isn't the greatest place to find new and current affairs. This is because as you said people can put whatever they want on the website. So I think that Wikipedia is more about opinions and how different people remember what happened rather than facts. Although there are still facts on Wikipedia. It is again what to believe and what not to believe.

  • Social media is a good place to find news but it can also be dangerous, because people might send you things that are upsetting or not nice. Social media will be a great place to find news if it is safe.

  • Yes, but some websites and apps like Wikipedia and Facebook etc can be fake since anyone can post things on it.
    So some information might be true but you never know it might be fake or just someones opinion.

  • social media is a good place is't it

    1. I can see where you are coming from, but people on social media can't always be the best thing to go on to find out news. Evidence for this is the fact that people have a habit of spreading rumors. So this is why you should always watch the news on the television or read a newspaper as this will be a more reliable source.

  • I don't think social media is a good place for news because there is lots of people that lie on social media .

  • I do not agree because anyone can access social media, which means anybody can post things on it. Say for example you are on YouTube and you click on a video that has an interesting picture on the front of it but it turns out the content is completely different that is an example of click-bait. It is the same with every other website. do you agree?

    1. You have gained a star for your reasoning skill! Good reasons include examples. Well done for adding one to your competition entry!

    2. I definitely agree with your views and you make a good point! However, just because everyone can access social media doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is untrustworthy and unreliable. I don’t disagree with your point I just think that other sides of this should be taken into consideration so that people don’t trust anyone on the internet or social media.

  • No, because anyone can upload anything onto social media/youtube. If you just believe anything then you won’t educate yourself. Some people could make their news look professional and newspaper-like and if you don’t explore it more you could fall for their trap

  • Most people will tell the truth when using social media, but there are quite a lot that don't. Literally anyone, anywhere could have written that story you just read. If you were using facebook and saw something that looked interesting/shocking, you've got no idea who wrote that. They might have spiced it up to shock and get people to read it. If you get your news from a more reliable source, say the BBC, it's a lot more likely that it'll be correct.
    Having said that, a lot of the world news on social media is correct, mainly because anyone who is tempted to post fake news knows that someone's bound to report it correctly.

    I think social media could be quite a good way of getting news, but take it with a pinch of salt.

  • I don't think this is true because on social media you can't really trust everyone. But, only News channels like the BBC, SKY SPORTS and ITV NEWS you can trust. So, its better to just stick with normal news on the TV.

  • Personally I believe that it isn’t very reliable as many people can change or manipulate the truth. Although, they can be harder to detect, you must not always trust what you see online. You should check different: websites,apps and any other form of social media checking whether they say the same but ensure to do it at least three times so you can get a reliable source.

  • Also, lets say that you where on twitter and then you clicked on a picture with a mysterious or interesting picture and you start reading it, you will probably realise it is 'click-bate' ( which most YouTubers use ) you will start to regret what you have done because they just use it to get views or to be famous.

    1. Good point! But it’s also important to know that not every website is like that but it’s just good to know the difference between fake and real websites so you know who and what to trust. You make a good point and I believe your views are true. It’d be good to make a note of the websites you know you can trust so you can always go to them first for advice/guidance on whether a story is true or not. But ensure you don’t click on a copy of a website. An example of this would be bbc. Obviously this is a wildly known and used website but it isn’t deficult to replicate or copy and change the story’s so make sure you triple check the story before fully believing it and spreading the news of this ‘story’.

  • I think both yes and no because there are two different ways you can see it. If you find the news online, then you can always get updates and know what is happening straight away. Unlike newspapers which you have to wait a week or more to get information that will now be old news. However, the media makes people feel less confident about themselves. When they see a woman or a man with a perfect body, they start to question their looks and can feel very insecure, But what they need to know is that it is just Photoshop and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Also, there might be false information on social media.

  • I don't think so because anyone can write any news on social media

  • Not all the time since the internet can be lying because sometimes people can hack into google and put fake news about something and people.

  • But at the same time yes.

  • Anything online can be a pro or a con and also whatever you don't know or your parents don't know can be fake so I wouldn't say that a statement that everything you see on the internet is true because it isn't . Fake news is sometimes what you get and then you write it in your homework then your teacher said this is fake so you have just experienced FAKE NEWS and got into trouble for it.

  • Everyone loves social media just bear in mind that once on the internet always on the internet

  • Just remember to think if it is a fake news gossip news or true news

  • Just remember to think if it is a fake news gossip news or true news

  • You can never believe anything that you see on the internet because people can Photoshop things and make up things yet people believe them because they can influence a lot of people and so you believe big stars on YouTube.

  • Social media can be a good way to find out information but only when you are on reliable news sites like the Daily Mail however some sites are not always reliable and post fake news so you need to make sure you know what is fake news and what is not, then you can find real news.

  • I believe that social media can be an excellent source for recieving news, as long as you know that it is reliable and from a source you can trust. Even if it seems rather odd, there are ways of verifying those facts to see if they are correct. Many people, when they watch the news, take everything they say as law, because it's on TV and therefore can't be wrong. However, when people see news on verified accounts or on their explore page on Instagram, will probably research it if it is interesting to them. Since everyone has access to a social media account, and they are overall cheaper than buying a TV and a TV license, I think that social media is one of the most important and useful way of collecting news, even if it may not be 100% correct. It gives every person easier access to the news, for as much as the cost of a phone, as opposed to the cost of a television and a tv license.

  • let's say that you are on Instagram and you are texting your friend but you are only a young age and your friend is older than you, say about 4 years older than you, but a moment later this text came and says that you are a fake liar age. After you feel really guilty that they found out that your are not the age that you were and that they found out you true identity. So don't use apps that you shouldn't have. Use the apps that are safe and can't be found out by other people. Ask your grown up if you are allowed to use it.

  • social media is not a good thing really because you can spread viruses which is really bad.

  • No because In social media there are people who tells us take news but also it a good way to check out what's happening around you.

  • Social media can be deceptive hence most of the time the news there is untrue. This is because this news can be misinterpreted or exaggerated by any common irresponsible people who use the news platform for their personal interests. No one is challenged if that news or information is not true and the law is still not tough enough to prosecute those people who are spreading untrue (fake) news or information. You should use reliable sources such as SKY news, BBC News, Al Jazeera, The Times and The Guardian to get reliable news and compare them to get the true nature of that news or information.
    In my opinion, we need to make an organisation joining all the countries in the world to make a tough law and implement that law to prosecute those who are spreading fake information for their self-interests. Moreover, we need to make a common web base platform to monitor all the fake information and that platform could also be used for every individual in the world to inform true and untrue information and condemn people who are spreading fake news.

  • In my opinion I don't always agree with what is on social media as it could possibly be 'FAKE' news which is bad because no won wants to hear rumours and lies about things that are supposed to be helping you with what is occurring around the world, but it can also be a really HELPFUL thing since instead of having to look in a newspaper you could easily look online or social media and send news around to different people in whatever place in the world.

  • Social media is not the best place to go to for the news because there is a possibility that it could be fake you don’t know who could be on it and they are probably not news reporters. But sometimes there are things that could be true.

  • Yes because it keeps us informed and updated about what's going on in other parts of the world. However, it is distractive when we become addicted and explore inappropriate information .It is safe and wise to learn to stay within our boundaries.

  • No, social media is not the best place to go for your daily news briefing. the social media networks are made by people voicing their opinions. you can post whatever you want on social media as long as the opinions are sound. on twitter or facebook people will post facts about stuff they heard and not the true facts. the people who you follow or the people you watch may say not be true or in fact some misinterpreted. the worst case scenario is the that it could be propaganda. However there is some trusted reports like BBC, Al jazeera, CNN, or ABC news.

  • I think newspapers are better because social media can sometimes have inappropriate things,and many people can edit it and tell lies while the newspaper just states facts.

  • I think newspapers are better because social media can sometimes have inappropriate things,and many people can edit it and tell lies while the newspaper just states facts.

    1. I agree- online news can be inappropriate and upstetting. 😊

        1. Yes, social media may have some real news, but its always best to check the news, like telegraph or bbc news because social media is not 100% legit news. My point of view is that I think its just better to look at the well known news providers. Stay safe! :)

  • No it is not a good way of getting the news because it is not safe and could be lies of just false information and a newsletter has true information and does’nt have anything too inappropriate

  • I think that social media can sometimes can be useful, but there can be inappropriate things, and might not be necessary and are not child friendly, or could be upsetting to younger children - a bit like the topic of Huricane Florence. I think that newspapers can be more child friendly. On Wikipedia, you can edit news - then the news spreads and becomes lies. I thing a newspaper is a lot more practical, child- friendly and true! 🤓

  • No since social media can sometimes have fake news but TV channels like BBC normally have the real world news

  • I totally do not agree with social media because sometimes people can be mean and start sending things that are fake so i would quit having social apps.

  • You can't all ways trust the internet

  • You can't all ways trust the internet

  • I think the answer the answer to this question is both yes and no.
    I say "yes" because my Dad uses it for his work and he can find out about traffic and so on.
    I say "no" because some of the items are "false news" - that means people can make things up that are not true and sometimes these things are not very nice.
    I would not trust social media to find out important news.

  • Finding news on social media is very helpful and easy, but, there is the dilemma of receiving fake news. It is extremely easy to make up anything you want and post it online. So I think you can go on social media to find out about the news but you should really check the social media accounts of news agencies to make sure you are actually getting real, factual news and not fake, harmful news that is easy to believe but not true.

  • Social media was created for a few different reasons but one main purpose: being able to share things with your friends and family wirelessly and effortlessly. But over time it has been turned into a much more deceiving, manipulative place where you can be anyone you want, do anything you want and say anything you want and not face as many consequences as you would in real life. This includes fake news. Anyone could say anything to you on social media and you could possibly believe it. It is not only gullible people who believe this, anyone can, fake news is designed so it looks as real as possible and these days, there are fake news generators online; where you can write a few sentences and click a button and there! You have made your own fake news article. It is hard to know whether you can really believe something you find on the internet right? Social media can be used to obtain truthful news but you have to be aware of the risks that come with it. For example: Lady Gaga has recently opened up a pop up shop on London Road! That is an easy way of luring Lady Gaga fans into coming to London Road and finding nothing or even worse, something not safe.

  • no because you cant trust social media

  • Rea

    Really! It's just people typing, it's not official. It's full of random people and their opinions.

  • Social media is a good thing depending on your point of view because sometimes it could be just a bunch of people typing random things.

  • Social media is both a good thing and bad depending on your opinion and points of view also your experience .
    You could look at the side of bullying and "fake news " and hacking or you might look at the good side .
    like meeting new friends and not all websites are bad, this website for example is completely private and you can have nice conversations . So social media is a two sided argument .

  • Social media is a terrible place to find news and is full of unkind news and rude comments! So my awnser is no the internet is a terreble place to find news!

  • Social media is not the best way to hear news. news can travel really fast and can be altered to someone's personal opinions. Like with the Daily Mail; it may have the same as the Guardian but written in the reporters own words. Two newspapers using different opinions. Social media will report real news stories but they will be altered to the users opinions.

  • I think that social media is not a good place to find the news because anyone could have written it so it could be fake. The person that has written it on social media could have written it based on their opinion rather that true facts.

  • You can trust news on social media, if it is from a reliable source, like BBC, but it would be foolish to be completely certain, it is always good to be slightly wary. However, if the news is from The Onion, a known comedic fake news company, it is blatantly obvious that the news is fake. Whenever looking at news, you need to remember to use common sense, and not blindly follow anyone you find. Even newspapers inside the UK, which is relatively unbiased, greatly differ, especially when writing about politics.

  • Social Media is a great place. It means that we can keep up with world wide news and make are views known but like all popular things there is a floor. Because it is so easy to tell people what you think it is also very easy to share fake news. Many sites that share fake news can look very convincing and professional but it is very important that you try your hardest to identify it. If you are not sure about a website then its best to go to a trusted website like the BBC. So I think that if you look in the right places then it is a good places to go for news.

  • I personally think that social media is totally unreliable. Fake news is really common and most people can't tell whether news is fake or not. Friends would re-share news if it is fake but they couldn't tell whether it is fake or not because it was sent to them by their friends so they would assume it was real as they would trust their friends. Anyone can post on social media so it could be anyone posting this news. Social media does have age restrictions but anyone can fake their age so people of any age could be posting the news. The fake news could be just posted by someone to make it go viral but not to feed fake information to the general public. Therefore to conclude, I don't think we should get our news from any social media site as it could all be fake news.

  • Social Media can be a good place to find the news if used correctly. For example if you find a news story posted by a newspaper or an e-paper then it is no different to the published version, for example The Telegraph. However, with social media, then you can never be sure who has posted it. Ways to check if it is genuine are to find, for example on Twitter if it has the Verified mark on the account, then it can mostly be trusted. However this cannot always be true as accounts are almost never safe and it could be hacked. However sometimes some social media does not easily show whether an account is safe to read news from.
    Although friends can be trusted a lot of the time, not all people know what is fake news or not and so forwarded, retweeted and sent on messages cannot wholly be trusted. Therefore, if you can definitely trust a social media post then you can trust it. Else there is too much doubt involved in reading anything remotely untrustworthy on the internet.

  • Social media can be a place to find news. I don't think that it's a good place to find news though. News on social media is people writing their own takes on some news that they've read, possibly from another social media post. What they write is based on absolute truth, or what they think is true at least, mixed with their opinion of that piece of news. this doesn't allow you to access all of the true information and form your own opinion about it. also, people could not only adapt the truth or what they have heard, but also write anything else they make up that sounds vaguely believable and post it as a joke or to see how many people believe it, share it and repost it.
    Because of this, I don't think social media is usually a good place to find news, but if you really think something is true, make sure it also comes from a trustworthy source or at least do some further research before you go around telling people you're sure it's true.

  • It depends on what website you're on. If you're on BBC Iplayer,it's very unlikely of you finding fake news, wheareas, if you were on Twitter or somthing, it is highly possible to find false stories

  • I think that if you trust all the things on social media and if there is a piece of fake news then you will not Know if it's true. So if you find a piece of what you think is fake news it would be a good idea to check a news website

  • I think it depends on what website you are using for example newsround are very unlikely to make fake news because it is a children's program. but this don't mean that it does not produce fake news . websites like twitter are more likely to produce fake news with more opinions.

  • The stuff on BBC news and Newsround is all true because it tells you everything that is going on in the world and also adult news is all true news papers but sometimes it can be fake news on stuff like google, twitter and Facebook.

    1. Are you sure all of it is fake shy_context's

  • I think that although the social media forms of actual newspapers are usually credible, there are many spoof and nonsense articles that are promoted as truth (e.g clickbait, biased stories). Additionally, the topics you find on your feed on sites like twitter are catered towards your opinion, and therefore are likely to recommend articles they think you will agree with. This means that you are unlikely to get a range of opinions on a topic, so your world-view will be narrowed.

  • i dont think social media is a good place to find the news because someone could fake news but it could be a good place because bbc news could post something that is really true

  • I think that although the social media forms of actual newspapers are usually credible, there are many spoof and nonsense articles that are promoted as truth (e.g clickbait, biased stories). Additionally, the topics you find on your feed on sites like twitter are catered towards your opinion, and therefore are likely to recommend articles they think you will agree with. This means that you are unlikely to get a range of opinions on a topic, so your world-view will be narrowed.

  • i dont think social media is a good place to find the news because someone could fake news but it could be a good place because bbc news could post something that is really true

  • No because it could be not true like fake news. For example in 2017 they said that obama and Michelle were going to divorce! This was not true! However sometimes it might be true

  • I do not think that social media is the best place to find the news because on twitter you can copy, change then repost.
    on youtube, you can have really awesome thumbnails but it is all fake (called click-bait). The best place to get news is either on the official website or the tv (BBC)

  • I don't think that social media is a good place to thind news becuse people migit not of seen the whole story like whene there was a fire at the town hall five years ago so it can kind of be fake news and another exampele there was a fire this year in portagul in the monchic mountis some people didan't know much about it , becuse it was a masive fire!

  • You can always trust the Internet!

  • I think it depends if it is someone you know in real life then fine but someone you just met on social media or someone you know from the internet and have never met you I think you should not trust them but if it is someone who’s job is to write about the news then i think that is okay as well.

  • You should only trust it if it's an official account.
    It might be fake if it's called Have I Got News For You as it's unlikely to be real as it's the name of a TV programme. The news on social media has to be something you know is real.

  • Social Media is not a good thing to check for news as it could possibly be fake and it can manipulate you, its best to search it up thoroughly to see if its fake or not, and if its a post by someone saying something then you should check what this person has recently said. Always check the news that is by a verified news providers like sky new, bbc news and more, these news companies do have social media so check their social media to see what is happening and make sure they are the real dead, alot of these news companies, they have a little verified tick next to their name and that is good thing to look for, if you are checking the news on social media, look for the main news places. Its just best to check it by the verified news provider. Stay Safe!

  • I think that in some way social media is a good way to find the news, but you also need to take in the factor that some things that are posted on social media aren't true or have been changed slightly to create more drama. So as well as being the fact that social media is the quickest way to see current news you also need to make sure that you careful in what you believe.

  • Social media in most circumstances, cannot be trusted. The amount of people on some social media sites portray a fake persona or create fake news or stories that are really not so trustworthy. Actual news sites like BBC News or ITV is a trusting place because professional journalists have studied certain topics but on social media almost no-one is a professional story writer or journalist most of the time.

  • I think no because there are a lot of sources on social media where you can get 'news' from and each source usually has different facts or they lie. Also, there are a lot of fake rumors and news that gets spread around social media because as they get passed around, they may get told differently. In today's society . But on the other hand, it can be a good place to find news because most official accounts or websites are true.

  • I am in the middle, because although people do post news on social media, that news can be both fake or right, judging on their opinion. You can't always say that news is wrong, because if you look at it from a different perspective it could be right. Despite this there are quite a few people that do post fake news, either for their own amusement or that could be what they think is happening around the world, due to them not reading books or not watching the news. I think that if you do want to know what is happening from the news, you could watch newsround/bbc news (etc..), unless you fully trust a website and you feel comfortable reading what they have written, as you constantly read from that website.

  • No because not everything that you find online is true because there are things in the past where people have said it's true but you later find out it's not.

  • I think that social media is a bad place to find news because it sometimes has fake news on it and when you are scrolling through the pages things come up that you don't necessarily want to see which is the cause of a lot of bullying because people get self conscious of other people and younger people might just be trying to get to new news which might be fake and come across something completely inappropriate for his age

  • My personal opinion is that on social media, you need to just chat with your friends, not search the news. This is because people spread rumors and fake news exists. These sources are unreliable and they could be dangerous in a few cases. This is why you should always watch the news as these sources are more reliable and they explain with more depth.

  • In my opinion social media is not a good way at finding out news, despite some news being true there are lots of fake or exaggerated news. Therefore you can not tell what is real and what is not. There are many different ways of finding news but social media is not one of them but could be in the future, better ways of finding news is by watching or reading a reliable news source and not using social media like Facebook as studies show that Facebook is one of the biggest fake news suppliers.

  • I disagree because not everything on the internet is correct e.g. on some websites you can change what it says. This means you cannot trust everything.

  • In my opinion I don't think you should use social media here's why.It may not always be true,it can sometimes link you to a different unsafe website!

  • I don`t agree with this point because you can`t trust everything on the internet as there maybe people who are trying to make you believe what you believe so then you don`t get everything correct.Furthermore, when you look on the news you can believe it because its live and people check to see if its the write information.

  • Hi BNC members!

    We've had lots of great resons for why social media is a bad place to find news. I'd like to challenge you to think about why it might be good?

    Think about:
    Freedom to say what you want
    Speed of sharing news
    Places where getting news is hard

  • Hi BNC members!

    We've had lots of great resons for why social media is a bad place to find news. I'd like to challenge you to think about why it might be good?

    Think about:
    Freedom to say what you want
    Speed of sharing news
    Places where getting news is hard

    1. Social media can actually be a good place to find news if you think about it, social media is used by millions of people around the globe, so its easier to find news as lets say kids, they could find out news and be interested, but if its on tv. Not alot of people will see it compared to social media as its a much bigger platform. But you need to make sure its legit news.

  • 'Social media is a good place to find news'
    I both agree and disagree with this statement because there are so many advantages to it yet so many disadvantages too.
    I like it because my social media gives me a place to share news and share my opinions whenever and wherever I want (as long as I have Wi-Fi connection of course). I can share whatever I want as well, I can share my opinions and things I find interesting. Another bonus is that with social media there is more of an opportunity to interact with other people. It sometimes feels to me that I am surrounded by people who generally have the same viewpoint as me. That seems all well and good, but its gives me no challenge, I never have to think carefully and reason why I hold a certain opinion, I could say something and not have to justify it. However, with online interaction you can have a conversation about your opinions with someone who has a completely different viewpoint to you, who might live on the other side of the world, who has a different opinion to you and so you have to justify what you think. Social media exposes me to so many different viewpoints and it’s always nice to see those viewpoints, as it sometimes makes me see something from a new perspective and changes my opinion too.
    Unfortunately, as with all seemingly wonder full things, there is a catch. With all this ease of sharing and technology, there is a lot of bias, misleading or downright wrong information. Unlike something from the BBC or telegraph, etc., people can far more easily either purposely or accidentally tell a lie and not get in trouble for it. You can also get a lot of out of date information too. Take for instance, when I was doing a piece of R.E. homework on Martin Luther King Junior. We had to find ten facts. One of the facts that I nearly put on my work, from what I thought was a reliable website was that 'Martin Luther King Junior was the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel peace prize.’ This sounded perfectly believable. In actual fact a girl called Malala Yousafzai is the youngest recipient, who was awarded the prize at age 17. This is just one of countless examples of times that I have found false information on the internet. In this case, it appeared to be just an out of date website. Luckily, I had a nagging feeling that it wasn't right and so I scrapped that fact and wrote a different one before I became just part of spreading wrong information.
    So, in conclusion, social media is, in no doubt a wonder full thing and a good place to share news. On their news is accessible and you can interact with others. If you are finding information on social media, or online at all, it’s just important to remember not to trust everything that you see, don’t assume that every fact is true, it might be bias or plain wrong. Question things, look on multiple sites and most of all, use your common sense and then you won’t be misinformed and can make the most out of social media and the web in general.

  • I think a yes and a no because not everything you see or hear can be true , however sometimes some things you see are perfectly true like live news but on Wikipedia and YouTube what you see may not be true so it really depends ...

  • I think this is wrong because you cannot just trus anything you see. For example: if the internet told you that when it rains, the clouds just disappear and nothing get’s wet, would you belive it?

  • In my opinion
    I think that social media isn't a good idea but here is come reasons it may be.
    I think social may be a good idea as it is quick and easy to access. It may also have a positive impact as people from all over the world that uses all of these social media apps can learn about different countries that they wouldn't normally see on their usual news app/website!
    It can also be a good idea as people that don't normally read the news can read it. Also, it can help the social media platform stay alive as they would have to pay to link their channel/show. Sometimes, it could be valuable, exiting and super-excellent

    Here is a few reasons on why you shouldn't use social media
    It may not always be true like the wikipiedia that can be edited by anyone in the world! It can also give you links to different unsafe websites that may give virus's to unexpected people.

    Still the question still remains, is it right to have news on social media

  • I think social meideia is a good plase to find news becuse you get to actuly see it with your own eyes.Somtimes they hold back news from you becuse they don't want you to know to much about some news.

  • Social Media can be a good thing or a bad thing. One of the good things about social media is that you can talk to your families around the world. I love that you can do this because I have family that lives all across the world and apps like Facebook Messenger gives me a way to communicate with them. However using the internet can be very deadly. Bad people can hack into your account and also give your device a virus. Just one click of a button and your files can be wiped of immediately. This is how bad people make money: using technology.

    1. Great reasoning - well done for giving examples and explaining them!

  • We think social media can be a good place to find the news, but you need to look elsewhere to back it up. If no-one else has posted the same story, the likelihood is that it's not true. Stories can be fake, so you need to be alert. Check the website - is it reputable? Be aware of where you are getting your information from. Is the source someone who hardly has any followers? Are there spelling mistakes in the writing? Is it someone you've heard of? If you're looking on Twitter, check for the blue tick so that you know the person is verified. It's the same on Instagram. Look in the comments too - sometimes the actual person a story is about will have posted. Go to the accounts page to check how many followers it has there. Has the story got good sources, or evidence in it? Is the person who posted known for other stories which are fake? Trust your instincts as well - if it sounds out of the ordinary, it might be fake.