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An example of Direct Democracy would be the independence referendium that Scotland in September... Weekly Competition #28 05/4/19
Brexit is like a hous being built because it starts with the foundations(the election for... Weekly Competition #25 13/3/19
Brexit is like a pufferfish because it's spiky wherever you touch it Weekly Competition #25 13/3/19
I love this! Weekly Competition #25 13/3/19
Brexit is like moving house. When you are a kid, you don’t get much say in whether your family... Weekly Competition #25 12/3/19
If knife crime is such a huge problem, then why are knives so easy to purchase? Doesn't the... Weekly Competition #20 05/2/19
Money matters to people in need; people without aren't free. Weekly Competition #13 07/12/18
I am most sceptical about the idea of a magic money tree because it is literally impossible as... Weekly Competition #12 26/11/18
We would invest the money in a technology company. The world's technology is always improving,... Weekly Competition #10 16/11/18
We would use parts of motherboards/microchips from old phones or computers. This could work... Weekly Competition #9 09/11/18
The curious cat wandered across the street looking for something to eat. He went to the pier at... Weekly Competition #5 10/10/18
We think picture A because picture B & C look as if they are on set making a documentary or a... Weekly Competition #4 02/10/18
Its very concerning the the Mayanmar crisis just gets worse and worse. We fell that the country... Weekly Competition #3 24/9/18
We think social media can be a good place to find the news, but you need to look elsewhere to... Weekly Competition #2 21/9/18