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Recently, lots of children have missed school to join climate change protests. However, some... Weekly Competition #36 07/6/19
I agree the world would be better without borders, because once one border is made, the world... Weekly Competition #32 10/5/19
Not very long ago, was Palm Sunday when Jesus migrated from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem.... Weekly Competition #31 03/5/19
I think they should and shouldn't be looking over the wall, because, maybe there is something or... Weekly Competition #30 26/4/19
In my local community, we have built a lovely garden and almost all the children and parents... Weekly Competition #27 28/3/19
When I was younger, I was terrible at English because I didn't read. I didn't like reading... Weekly Competition #24 01/3/19
I think actions are stronger than words because if you just act happy that doesn't mean that you... Weekly Competition #6 19/10/18
I think 'a' is odd because it has lots of vehicles and it looks like war and fights. Weekly Competition #4 02/10/18
Nervous and angry All that those poor people have done is live their life. The should not be... Weekly Competition #3 21/9/18
Social media is a good place to find news but it can also be dangerous, because people might... Weekly Competition #2 14/9/18