Weekly Competition #39

05 July 2019

busy_song and beloved_chocolate

There were some brilliantly open-minded links made between the Burnet News Club Issues. Well done to everyone who entered! We thought the reasoning given by busy_song was excellent, and liked how they linked the topics by finding odd ones out. Beloved_chocolate used Bagladesh as the common factor in their entry which was an interesting and open-minded approach!


This week, have a go at being open-minded! Can you link together two of the BNC Issues from this year? In what way are they similar?

Perhaps you can find a link between the climate emergency and the financial crisis?

We're looking for an open-minded and unusual link as well as good reasons to explain how they are similar. Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

Comments (29)

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  • I believe that Trump's wall and Brexit are linked because in both situations the people have a small say in what to do. For example, in Trump's wall Donald trump makes all of the decision on what he wants to do and in Brexit the parliament are deciding all of the details and all we got to do was vote.

  • the climate change links to financial crisis because they are both crisis that affect everyone.many people have caused these crisis. the financial crisis was caused by bankers and climate change is caused by us. these things happened because not many people have dont any thing to change it

  • I believe that I can link our latest issue[Trump's wall] with Myanmar/Burma.How I think I can link these two is the fact that they both are about two different groups of people arguing:Trump's wall was with America and Mexico; Myanmar/Burma is the military and ethical people. Also one side of the argument is suffering while the other side is benefiting. I hope I have a chance of winning.

  • Climate change has done more good than harm so far and is likely to continue doing so for most of this century. This is not some barmy, right-wing fantasy; it is the consensus of expert opinion. Yet almost nobody seems to know this. Whenever I make the point in public, I am told by those who are paid to insult anybody who departs from climate alarm that I have got it embarrassingly wrong, don’t know what I am talking about, must be referring to Britain only, rather than the world as a whole, and so forth.
    At first, I thought this was just their usual bluster. But then I realised that they are genuinely unaware. Good news is no news, which is why the mainstream media largely ignores all studies showing net benefits of climate change. And academics have not exactly been keen to push such analysis forward. So here follows, for possibly the first time in history, an entire article in the national press on the net benefits of climate change.

    1. Please only submit original work in your own words

  • I believe that we can link the issue on Trump's wall and the issue of Brexit together. This is because in the issue we learnt that Mr.Donald Trump had a decision of making a wall between the border of Mexico and the USA.We can link the Brexit issue with this issue because in the Brexit topic we learnt the Mrs. Theresa May made a decision of leaving the EU.

    Trump's wall decision

    To start of with in this issue Trump made a decision of building a wall on the border of Mexico and the USA. When he made this decision he did not ask anyone for this thoughts and he did not even hold a vote for this. This meant that the whole of USA did not know about this. But they heard about this wall after it was built. To think about in more details it sounds like an unfair decision that has made by the President. I think it is also an unfair decision this is because it does not mean that now your a president you can change the whole country without any suggestions.

    Brexit issue

    On the other hand we can link this issue with Trump's wall. This is because in the Brexit issue we learnt that the prime minister did make a decision of holding a vote and asking whether we should leave the EU or not. We can link these issues together because both of decisions effected the two countries.

    The only different is that in the issue of Trump's wall Trump did not hold a vote and in the issue of Brexit Mrs. May did hold a vote.

  • I believe that Donald Trump's Wall and Brexit because they are both contained to be with very hard choices with people on the yes side, no side or both.
    Trump's Wall:
    Everyone in Mexico and America loved to look at each others countries and nobody had a problem with it until Donald Trump actually thought that it would be better to build a wall between Mexico and America.
    In 2016, there was a vote whenever to make other people from other countries leave because they were using money from Britain and humans didn't think that it was right. That's why there was a vote to see if people in England wanted to increase the prices of money in shops and other places or not. Lot's of adults chose that it was good to increase the prices but a few younger people chose to not increase them. Without thought, people in England didn't realise that if the prices went up, then they would have to pay more as well because if you still told them that you were from England, they might think your lying and you'll have to pay more.

  • I think climate change and brexit because they both have a big impact in the wold and only the government have the biggest impact on the wold.

  • The financial crisis and climate emergency are incredibly similar because in order to help fix the climate it will take a lot of money and investment which in turn could bring down banks and the government's funds. But this is a problem the whole world will face so less developed countries will not be able to afford such neccesities. One thing relies on the other and so many risks occur.

  • I think that Myanmar and Trump wall are related because in Myanmar and in America there is a leader not understanding what everyone's perspective is. There is therefore a divide in the country. Myanmar could be a future America but with a differnetvstory. Both leaders are in trouble because they go by on what they have heard not what they have seen first hand.

  • i think that climate change is like trumps wall because trumps wall is basically destroyed plants and and insects they both have a thing to do with climate change

  • I think that Trump's wall is very similar to brexit as they are both political problems

  • I think that the Financial Crisis and the Climate emergency are similar because in both cases, an individual person isn't able to make much of a difference to the situation because the government did nothing about the protests in London and any ordinary person who is nota banker would not be able to directly influence the economic crisis.

  • I believe that the Rohingya Crisis and Trump's Wall are similar as they were both topics that included immigration and segregation, the Rohingya Crisis in the forcing of Muslims out of areas, and Trump's Wall in the attempt to stop immigration of Mexicans to the USA and the physical dividing of these two countries.

  • I believe that knife crime and climate change link together as they both affect young people as knife crime makes children feel the need to join gangs which affects their future as they may end up in prison. Climate change also affects our future as if it carries on we may not even have a future, very similar to the consequences of violent crime and gangs.

  • I strongly believe that climate change is a huge issue and a threat to our future. if we don't take action now they will not be a future for a grand children's children . Knife crime is also a huge issue there are many people walking around with knives especially in London many people have gone toi prison for carrying knifes even for just self defence.

    Many people strongly believe that it should be legal to carry a knife but the other half think it should be illegal there is no right or wrong answer to this. If you carry a knife around for self defense or youse it in any matter of fact you can get arrested or get find really big money.

    It is a huge issue that climate change is a huge thing but remember no matter how much we cut it down one day we will all die from this action or will we? We Need to stop now
    people use this quote

  • I think the two topics that are linked together are Brexit and financial crisis, this is because if/when Britain leaves the EU it means that the UK have to pay more money to import and export things from other countries in the EU. Also, if/when we leave the EU we will make our own prices and run by our own laws which means shops,taxis,transport ect. Will increase and that means that people may not be able to afford certain things like to pay the house bill and the taxes which will put the family or the person in debt because they don't have enough to pay the person or people, which is financial crisis because they are in need of money.

  • I believe brexit and donald trump link together because they both affect the USA and the UK. The UK is being split in half due to this matter of whether to leave the EU or not and the USA is being divided on people liking and disliking Donald Trump's opinions and actions. However both countries are in a divided country meaning they are weak and vulnerable because they can not agree on what is best for their country. I also think Donald Trump and knife crime link together because there is a lot of conflict and terrorism in the USA at the moment which is causing a lot of deaths much life the knife crime crisis here in the UK.

  • In my opinion I strongly believe that climate change and financial crisis are linked greatly. For example, I believe that the Rohingya Crisis and Trump's wall is linked because they are both aimed at controlling innocent people.

  • Climate change and Brexit link because I think that Britain's government has been too occupied with Brexit and its problems when the climate change emergency is a bigger problem and affects more people . THis is a problem because people are trying to make a change but no is listening and nothing is happening to change it because they are too bothered about Brexit and its unimportant issues.

  • I think that knife crime and global warming are linked through danger. I think this because knife and global warming are both dangerous but can be stopped. Stop now!

  • I believe that knife crime and Trump's wall are linked through the lack of choice. Because if you are a teen in a gang then peer pressure may force you into committing a knife crime action therefore it links to Trump's wall because no vote was held from the public.

  • I believe that violent crime and climate change can be linked.
    In the topic of violent crime, we discussed how this could harm people or potentially kill them. We also discussed how the leaders of the country might not be doing enough to prevent this as their sole focus is on Brexit ( which links to another topic). In addition, many people protest against the use of knives and guns.
    In climate change, we have learnt about how , if we do not change how we are treating the environment, then the human race will be wiped out or seriously damaged. We have also learnt about how Brexit has had an impact on how people are dealing with climate change. Also, many people -children included- have been protesting about climate change and how we have been polluting the Earth.
    In conclusion, I believe that violent crime and climate change are connected as both have had a lot of media interest and both can have a severe impact on the globe.

  • I think that the Rohingya crisis and climate change are linked because all of the refugees from Myanmar are travelling into Bangladesh, and sea levels are rising due to climate change. These two factors combined are causing Bangladesh to become extremely overpopulated: there are more and more people coming into the country from Myanmar, and there is less and less space in the country because the sea levels are rising and submerging land in water, meaning a higher density of people because there is less space for more people. This has become so large that Bangladesh does not have enough space to inhabit everyone. The two topics are linked because they both contribute to this.

    Also, they are linked because for both, it is causing people to be forced to leave their homes, for example the Rohingya muslims and the climate refugees from flooding in Bangladesh. As well as this, both are huge humanitarian crises (though climate change is not just humanitarian), and deserve a lot of media coverage due to the vast effect they are having on people.

    Another link is how both have been ignored by a powerful person, and the people responsible not stopped or prosecuted. For the climate emergency, it has been ignored by Donald Trump, and the factories responsible have not ben stopped, but allowed to continue ruining the planet. With the Rohingya crisis, it was partially ignored by Aung San Suu Kyi, and she did not do anything to stop the military, who were terrorising the Rohingya muslims.

  • Britain’s leading companies, investment funds and pension schemes must show by 2022 how the climate emergency could jeopardise their finances, under government plans to boost the UK’s green credentials.

    Firms must document within the two-and-a-half-year deadline how extreme weather and changes to climate rules, such as a ban on plastic packaging, could hit their profits.John Glen, the City minister, said the green finance strategy would help establish London as “a pre-eminent international centre for green finance”. He said: “The UK has a long history of leading the way in tackling climate change, but we need to do more to protect our planet for future generations.”
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has opened a parliamentary debate, calling on MPs to declare a national climate emergency on climate change.
    And I agree with Rebecca Long Bailey who said this is "the first step towards taking more radical action".

  • I believe that Brexit and the financial crisis are closely linked.

    Already after only three years Brexit has cost the UK £66bn so no wonder that we still don’t have enough money to fund the NHS. In theory a “No deal Brexit” will cause another financial crisis thanks to a rise in prices and a loss of value of the British pound (inflammation).The cause of past financial crisis was generally the lust for money and this seems to also be part the cause we voted for Brexit in the first place.

  • The news are quite noticeably expanding on stories they want to and leaving more significant issues in the shadows such as climate change and deforestation. Of course they still talk about these but they elaborate on political issues such as Brexit which has been talked about more than any other subject and continues to be delayed and constantly re-interviewed about. It is a very important event for our country but they aren't really expanding on other issues such as the climate change march which is presented as the same story every time; a protest march for something important and the government make another excuse. In addition to this the news often offer misleading results to political events such as the apparent increase of knife crime over the last five years when it has really been decreasing overall in the last twenty years. They often mislead you to see things in one light when its actually the opposite. I think this connects every aspect of the news, You only really see what they want you to see, not the whole picture.

  • I believe two issues that have certain links to each other is Trump’s wall and Myanmar: the Rohingya crisis. The reason why I think this is that in both news stories, there are world leaders and presidents with armies that are pushing migrants out of their area. However, the only difference in both cases are, in Myanmar, they are pushing away people from their own land to an outside neighbouring country called Bangladesh and in Trump’s wall, they are stopping the migrants going into the USA. In both issues, the migrants feel disheartened and are unwelcomed by other people in the other side; they feel unwelcomed and alone themselves. Migrants are also trying their hardest to cross the high security border; people from both side have family members that they both want to get to and have been separated from them. The leaders from both issues (Donald Trump and Win Myint - businessperson and former government minister in Myanmar) have strong views that they do not want any outsiders coming into their country and both leaders have a fierce and brutal military to prevent the migrants from fleeing to their country.

    I believe another two issues that have certain links to each other is Climate emergency and the financial crisis. The reason behind this is that in most of the news issues that we have learnt, these issues normally affect or have an impact on a particular country or a particular continent however, the Climate Change Emergency and the financial crisis are the only issues that are affecting people all around the world, globally. These two issues affect many countries so there are more questions, perspectives, aspects, opinions and discussions formed.

    I also believe that all of the issues share the same link except from Brexit. Every other issue has simple solutions that can happen: Trump can help the Mexicans to see their family and a small amount of people can come at the same time. We can reduce Global Warming by doing things that are not going to produce any greenhouse gases. Bankers can be rewarded with money if they make safer lends to people to stop another financial crisis. The Myanmar leader should act more kindly to the Rohingya refugees and not discriminate people for their religion. We should educate young people and invest more money for youth clubs so that violent crime will decrease. Brexit however, is a different situation. Should we leave or remain? Should we leave with a deal or no deal? How are we going to work out a compromise between the UK and the European Union? How can we establish better trading with the deal? How is the EU going to react to the decision? Will we lose the EU as a friend with this decision? Should we let the politicians decide or the UK citizens decide? There are so many consequences with choosing one option. “It is like separating all the ingredients from a cake once it has already been baked”. Brexit has no simple solution and with all the possible solutions to solving it, there is always devastating consequences to face after.

    Two issues this year that are linked together is Myanmar and the Climate Change Emergency. In Brexit, the EU are sharing what they believe and helping UK with their decision. Even Donald Trump is giving some assistance with Brexit itself and giving advice to Theresa May of what to do. The government are investing money to youth clubs and for knife crime education to stop knife crime. The government and politicians has found ways and applied the ways to stop another global financial crisis. People all over the world are bothered about Trump’s wall that is separating USA from Mexico. However, politicians and governments are mostly ignoring these two issues: the Climate Change Emergency and Myanmar. Trump himself thinks that Climate Change does not even exist and that it is a Chinese hoax to stop the American factories from manufacturing items. Politicians from the UK have not changed their minds of Climate Change and the only thing that has been a positive difference to Climate Change is that in London, there is now an ultra-low emission zone. This is a small difference but the toxic air from outer London can still reach inside London. They make a lot of money if the vehicles, which has high emissions, enters into the ultra-low emission zone but the money they make is questionable if they really invest to reduce Climate Change. They are only successfully pushing away the high emission vehicles that gets into the ultra-low emission zone. The UK is not really bothered by this at all. In the Myanmar Rohingya refugee crisis, only charity workers (like the British Red Cross) are helping the Rohingya but no country is helping these people through what they have been through and what they have suffered over the years.

    All of the issues are linked to each other except from the Climate Change Emergency. Trump's Wall, Brexit, Violent Crime, the Financial Crisis and Myanmar are all issues where there is politics and debates however, Climate Change stands in a different position. As well as it being part of politics, it is mainly about the environment and science: how the harmful greenhouse gases are produced from burning petroleum (fossil fuels) and go up to the ozone layer. The ozone layer becomes destroyed and after, the harmful UV rays can come from the sun to the Earth, which is overheating our planet.

    I also believe that the issues are all linked except from Trump’s wall. Trump’s wall is a physical barrier where refugees cannot go through. All the other issues have mental barriers where you need to persuade and change the mind of politicians, leaders, prime ministers, presidents and parties in order to find a solution to it. Trump’s wall issue (which has a physical barrier) was just as hard to find a solution to than all the other issues that you had to change the minds of MPs and politicians to find a possible solution (which has a mental barrier).

  • I firmly think that out of the numerous issues we have done, Brexit and Climate Emergency are strongly related. Both topics have been associated with many protests and many arguments between politicians.

    For example, Brexit has caused people to go into the streets and argue that we should not leave the European Union; this has also started many violent acts within our people due to our different opinions. Climate Change has also began disagreements between citizens and our government. People such as Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, protests about the short amount of action politicians are doing about it.

    Every person has shown that they have a voice and they will fight for what they believe in. I believe that Brexit and Global Warming have demonstrated how passionate and serious our people are which proves that both subjects are clearly linked.

  • This may sound weird but...
    I think Brexit links with Trumps wall a bit and the climate Emergancy a bit. I think it links with the climate Emergancy because the climate Emergancy is something that we are deciding or choosing to happen and Brexit is something we are choosing. Another link between the two is that it affects everyone in that area. The area Brexit is affecting is the uk. The climate Emergancy however affects the whole world. Trumps wall also links with Brexit because they both mean something to do with leaving. Brexit is when Britain is leaving the EU. Trumps wall is people leaving their country or immigrants not being allowed in.