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The news are quite noticeably expanding on stories they want to and leaving more significant... Weekly Competition #39 04/7/19
The whole basis for the protest march was that the students missed school for climate change.... Weekly Competition #36 12/6/19
this planet is one of millions and millions out there but its our home and our future and we... Weekly Competition #35 05/6/19
Trump built a wall and parted more than countries. Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
My mother migrated from Australia for better job opportunities. It was quite hard for her... Weekly Competition #31 08/5/19
Trump (the spoiled baby) distracted playing with his Lego blocks (wall)blocked by his servant... Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19
I have chosen the 2016 election of USA president. It was a direct democracy however in the... Weekly Competition #28 05/4/19
All the power in our neighborhood went out and at first it was viewed as an unfortunate incident... Weekly Competition #27 28/3/19
Brexit is like a secret because everyone knows about it and have a different opinion. Its also... Weekly Competition #25 15/3/19
brexit IS a debate, an extremely long and stretched out debate. Weekly Competition #25 13/3/19
Pangea isn’t peaceful; we have only one culture and no discovery. It’s difficult to travel as... Weekly Competition #23 01/3/19