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I do think that politicians deserve more respect For one, we criticise them a lot for making bad... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 07/2/20
I think that it is worth the dangers of human space travel to explore space with people because... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 15/11/19
Introspective - yes, the stars are far away and very certainly not a part of ourselves, but... #8 - Three Words And Why 31/10/19
I am sceptical about Quote A because it states that children should not be allowed to vote on... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 11/10/19
I think that the Rohingya crisis and climate change are linked because all of the refugees from... Weekly Competition #39 03/7/19
When I was much younger, I met a family who lived on our street. They had three children, two... Weekly Competition #31 10/5/19
My school has decided to have a meat-free Wednesday, meaning that on Wednesday they only sell... Weekly Competition #27 29/3/19
Brexit is like a round of chickenpox. Nobody can see it coming, but when it arrives, everyone... Weekly Competition #25 14/3/19
I changed my mind about Caster Semenya competing in athletics competitions. When I first heard... Weekly Competition #24 06/3/19
I think that the news story on Greta Thunberg striking school and staying outside of the Swedish... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
I found a story about 60 people who attended a man's funeral even though they did not know him,... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
Why does our government and justice sysytem not do more to help and support young people who... Weekly Competition #20 04/2/19
I think that the main reason to put people in prison is B in most cases but in some D. I think... Weekly competition #19 01/2/19
I know it was just an accident, the small foot which got in the way and tripped me up, but... Weekly Competition #17 18/1/19
Banks: lend, loan, save, store They can make you or break you Will you take the risk? Weekly Competition #14 11/12/18
Money matters because it can keep people alive: it can give them food water and shelter; in... Weekly Competition #13 04/12/18
Thanks, I also really like your idea for splitting the money and helping homeless people, even... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
I really like this idea because it is great for the environment but also good financially, good idea. Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
If I had £100,000 to invest in a business, I would invest it in something which would positively... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
I like how you have used a creative and storytelling narrative instead of just explaining what... Weekly Competition #9 09/11/18