Weekly Competition #7

26 October 2018

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honorable_conclusion and exhilarated_globe

We loved your tag lines for the Hub and especially liked the emphasis on this being a space for young people to have their say, in a really constructive and supportive way! Well done to our winners this week, who both summed up the Hub succinctly. We thought they were very catchy indeed.


As it's half term for lots of you this week and the Myanmar Issue is wrapping up, this week's competition takes a step away from your sessions in school and focuses on the Hub.

Can you write a tagline for the Hub?

A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan, especially used in advertising. So you'll what to sum up what the Hub is or what students use the Hub for in one catchy sentence. The best entries might even be used by us to tell other people about the Hub!

PS. What's 'the Hub'? It's what we call www.burnetnewsclub.com!

Good luck! Winners will be announced on Friday.

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