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Now teenagers be careful when it’s christmas and do not spend too much money ,because like this... Weekly Competition #15 15/12/18
The bank keeps money It lends you some when needed And gives useful loans. Weekly Competition #14 14/12/18
Money matters because it gives us all peace of mind Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18
I am most sceptical about number B because if there was to be no coins from 2019 so many... Weekly Competition #12 26/11/18
If I had 1000000pounds I would use it to make a football club for kids and teenagers and 70% of... Weekly Competition #10 14/11/18
I would use a type of common stone and shape it into a small thin coin with a small picture of a... Weekly Competition #9 05/11/18
Think BIG: Think Burnet News Weekly Competition #7 19/10/18
a life without ideas is a life without resolutions a world without opinions is one without desisions Weekly Competition #7 19/10/18
They say never be curious ; that's just bland, it all got the better of me... when my sister was... Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
In my opinion picture c is the odd one out because the surrounding is not showing many evidence... Weekly Competition #4 01/10/18
I think picture b is the odd one out because the surrounding is empty and looks more like a... Weekly Competition #4 28/9/18