Weekly Competition #8

12 November 2018

good_hedgehog and honorable_bilberry

Congratulations to our winners this week! There were tons of creative entries, and strangely some suggestions for Queen Elizabeth II… who is already on every note!

Our primary school winner this week suggested David Attenborough, who lots of people had chosen, but they gave very clear and well-written reasons for their choice. Our secondary school winner was also well-reasoned and a wild card too, Boudica! You can read their full entries in the orange boxes below. Well done to everyone who entered!


This week sees the launch of our new Issue, so get ready for our first competition with a bit of a money theme! The Bank of England have announced that there’s a new £50 note being designed, so we’d like to know...

Who should go on the back of the new banknote and why?

Jane Austen and Winston Churchill are two examples of people who already feature.

Use your curiosity to research someone who might not be obvious to everyone, and make sure you give good reasons to explain why you think they should live in people’s purses!

You can read how the Bank makes their decision here.

Good luck! Winners will be announced on Friday.

Comments (77)

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  • I think that queen Elizabeth should although she has been on lots of thes £ notes she makes Britain proud

    1. which Elizabeth as there have been some . is it I or II ect….

        1. You'll be happy to know that Queen Elizabeth II is on every English bank note produced at the moment as she is the current queen. She is on one side of a note and the special featured people are on the other.

  • Florence Nightingale because she is a very good role model for women and girls. She was a nurse in the Crimean War helping the victims. Without her we would not be where we are today. Some men would not have been alive if not for her. Men underestimate the value of women, but without us they would not be able to survive. Men say that women are not strong but we are all equally strong but in different ways. Florence Nightingale shows us that women can rise to the top and make a difference.

  • I think that Sir David Attenborough should be on the new £50 note because he has presented Blue Planet in 2001 and more recently in Blue Planet 2 which was aired in 2017. He has shown the nation the damage that we are making to our oceans and the wild life within it. Even though it was last aired last year people still refer to it today. That is why I think that Sir David Attenborough should be on the new £50 note.

    1. I think that Mary Seacole should be on the back of the new £50 note. This is because from when she was a girl she and her mum would help patients in their family's hospital. Then when the Crimea started she begged the people reccruting for nurses if she could join them. Every single time she asked the same answer came back no. When this happened to set up using her own money the British hotel right on the Baclava battle front. But what made her so special is she would take any solider in where as all the other British nurses would only take the English and French. When the war ended she had used all her money and became homeless. She risked a lot of things for people who she didn't know and being of colour she had to overcome lots on the way.

  • I think William Shakespeare should go on the new £50 note because his plays changed the world, he is a very clever person but also because he is famous and he was born in history and maybe because he was known very well.

  • I think that Diana who was the Princess of Wales should go on the bank note because she was a well loved figure. Some people might not agree because she almost brought the monarchy down. However she was also known as the peoples princess and did a lot of work with ill children- and for that she should be well respected. I think that members of public would like this because they all felt that the monarchy was a bit sour towards Diana and that this could be a breakthrough. However this could bring up a few issues and could be a risky move.

  • I believe that Emmeline Pankhurst should be put on the £50 note because she was the de facto leader of the suffragette movement. Without her, we would still be stuck in the old fashioned, gender discriminatory ways of the past. She began as a pacifist protestor, but her disgust at the way another sufragette was tortured and injured in prison changed this. Without her, half of the world would be left to depend on their husbands, and wouldn't be allowed to vote. Since it was also recently the 100 year anniversary of certain women gaining the vote, I believe that she would be one of the most relevant and appropriate choices for the £50 note.

  • I think Mary I (Bloody Mary) 1516 – 1558 should be on the £50 pound notes because , as she was England’s first female monarch, Mary I (1516-1558) ruled for just five years. The only surviving child of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary took the throne after the brief reign of her half-brother, Edward VI. She sought to return England to the Catholic Church and stirred rebellions by marrying a Spanish Habsburg prince. But she is most remembered for burning nearly 300 English Protestants at the stake for heresy, which earned her the nickname “Bloody Mary.” . She was the fifth child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon but the only one to survive past infancy. Educated by an English tutor with written instructions from the Spanish humanist Juan Luis Vives, she excelled in Latin and, like her father, was an adept musician. She moved multiple times and her half sister Elizabeth I thought Mary was going to take the throne so she had Mary's head chopped off. INTRESTING FACT : Mary was Scottish and Mary I of England and her half-sister Elizabeth I, the first and second queens to rule England, are buried in the same tomb in London's Westminster Abbey .

    this information was found at :

    1. I like how you told us where you got the information from well done

  • I think queen Elizabeth should although she has been on lots of them she makes Britain proud you can not imagine how this country would be like without her here are my reasons why
    Elizabeth the 2 can be considered a great queen, not because of the power she exercises, but because of the devotion to duty and the wisdom with which she carries out that duty over a very long period of time .Far more than almost anyone else spends in their working time .In that time she has very seldom put a foot wrong. It is a true thought that she has made mistakes. But she has learned from them that she is remarkably willing to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions. And I think there are many few people ,even among those who disagree with things that she has done or with what she represents ,who would say that she has ever ought to anything less than what is her best for the people of her seamles, as she has seen it at the time . Over 66 years she has regularly met with every priministers the United kingdom has had from, Winston Churchill and on . To make the country a better place.

  • My opinions is that Sir Winston Churchill should be on the new £50 note because as a politician he fulfilled his responsibility and did above that.

    Sir Winston Churchill was an inspirational writer, statesman, orator and a leader of Britain. He also led the country to victory in the Second World War. As many citizens held his prouding works in their mind strongly, he managed to become a Prime Minister twice since 1940 until 1945. This suggests that Winston Churchill had been a virtuous man who has the rights to live in people's purses to motivate and provide the power of feeling proud of the country because of him.

    Obviously because we won the World War ||,we have a totally different and a modern lifestyle. Each day the country is devoloping by technology and others however, if we didn't win the World War, I am not sure if we would've had the same freedom.This means Sir Winston Churchill gave us the whole freedom. So as an apreciation, we have that responsibility to celebrate the victory once again by placing his photo on the new notes.Even if he has been already recognised on the £5 note, he surely has a superior value therefore he deserves to be on the higher valued £50 note.

    Maybe, if Winston was alive now he might've done alot more for the country gainig back his Prime Minister post from Clement Attlee and others. So he deffinitely deserves to be on the £50 notes.

    1. Well done for explaining your reasons - not an easy to task to argue that Churchill should be moved from the 5 to £50 note. Good job!

  • I think that Emmeline Pankhurst should have her face on the £50 notes . I think this because she and the other people from the suffer gets fought and fought for rights of women and how they should be treated fairly. If it wasn't for them I don't know how fair today would be.

  • Also the women wouldn't have the opportunities that they have today. If it wasn't for amazing life changing people like Emmeline and the suffer gets he women would still be treated how they were before. That is why i think she deserves her face on the £50 notes.

  • I think Malala Yousafzai should be on the £50 pound note because she risked her life for her education and human rights and now she has inspired thousands of young women and girls to fight for what they believe in ,and is now trying to get a better education for them all by doing talks and of course by writing her amazing book.I hope you all agree with me.

  • I believe any activist should be on a banknote.
    Activists changed the world in a good way they have fought for freedom and so deserve a place on a banknote

  • I think King Alfred the Great because he Successfully stopped the Viking advance in England, encouraged education, proposing that primary education be taught in English, and improved his kingdom's legal system, military structure and people's quality of life.
    Alfred also oversaw the conversion of the Viking leader, Guthrum.
    King Alfred the Great successfully defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by the time of his death had become the dominant ruler in England. He was also the first King of the West Saxons to style himself "King of the Anglo-Saxons".
    Without him, we wouldn't have proper schools, or rather schools that taught the language English.
    The Great King of Anglo-Saxons worked extremely hard to complete all these tasks, and to finally become King, despite the fact that he was the youngest, thought by ALL his family that he will never take the throne, yet he did.

  • I think it should be someone that has made a difference in the world like William Shakespeare, Amelia Earhart, Ana Frank or Cristobal Colon...
    I think this because this people showed that a little change makes a big difference and what they did they did it to make a change to show the world that they don’t need to be scared of saying theyr’e own opinion. And this is why I think they should be in the £50 pound note.

  • I think that princess Diana should £50 note because she has inspired many people. She has been remembered as people’s princess and also a children activists so they can at least make everyone proud by putting up her face.

  • I also think that the people that deserve their face son the £50 note are the people that changed this world, helped make it a better place, Fought for human and women's rights. Introduced education and let people live their lives. People that stood up to beat slavery; made people better I the were sick. Here are some people who I think deserve their face on the £50 note. Mary Sea Cole, Florence Nightingale, Albert Einstein, members or member from the suffer gets ( Emmeline Pankhurst), William Shakespeare and many others.

  • I think Churchill should be on the £10 banknote because everyone should have a go on the £5 note not just him.

  • I think that they should ask the publics' vote first because it is only fair. It is good to be equals and the government should treat people like equals because the people chose them to represent their country. Also, the government keeps changing everything on the other hand, it is good to have a change especially when they have changed all the other notes

  • I trink Malala should be on the £50 banknote because she fought for women education and human rights. She inspired a lot of women to fight !
    She received a shot and she survive , that is how strong a women can be and we can be more than that ,we can't do whatever the people want , we have to fight!Like Malala did .
    Now , she is trying education gets better .
    Yo have to read her book , it's so inspiring.

  • I think David Attenbourough should be on the new 50£ note because he made everyone aware of species of animals and he travelled all around the world to see and film the magnificent creatures . His latest program blue planet || made everyone aware of plastic pollution and how it is horrific to dump litter . It can be eaten by sea animals , it could kill them or make them very unwell and now we know not to dump litter anywhere or you could kill a living thing.

    He also addressed that if we don't change soon some animals will become extinct and if we don't tackle plastic pollution some sea creatures will not be as wonderful or might not be around and never seen again because of they are surrounded by plastic.
    so i think David attenbourough should be on the 50£ note

    1. We've given this a star because you have given strong reasons for the contribution your choice has made to society.

  • I think Queen Elizabeth should be on the £50 note because she is the one making lots of important choices which changes a lot of things and is very important to everyone. Due to her great work (helping the government make important decisions) she deserves to be on the £50 note.

  • I think Meghan Markle should be On the £50 pound note ! Because She is the new dutchess of Sussex and she is new to all of this Royal stuff buisness £50 note is alot and Meghan Markle is 37 so a bit close to 50. the queen is on the £20 and Meghan Markle desevers to be on the £50 note!

    1. i don't think any royals should be on it because they have done nothing to merit their position and Megan has not done anything other to marry a royal

  • I also think that the king should be on the £50 note because although he isn’t known for much it could be a good way of increasing his popularity for himself( for people to know him).

    1. Hi mindful_skill. Do you mean the King of England? We don't currently have a King of England. The Queen's husband is Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh but he not king. Why do you think this is?

      1. I was meant to say the Duke of Edinburgh (the queens husband)

      2. It’s to make people know him better. He isn’t known for much things.

  • I believe that Sir David Attenborough should be on a £50 note as he taught a large population about animal crisis and tried & still is trying to save the planet. He also made lots of people aware of endangered species across the country.

    His most recent documentary explains how horrific plastic pollution is and how it affects the sea animals such as; turtles chocking on the plastic and fish getting caught in pieces of plastic. He also explained how this has killed a large section of fish and turtles which affected alot of people.This story did a massive impact to the country & already it's getting better.

    He also addressed how this impact on the animals could eventually kill them. Sir David Attenborough also puts effort into his work and never gives up explaining the reason why country is starting to change.- in a Good way -

    Another point is thathe never gives up on what he says, like if he said something he wouldn't just say it he would do it. Very Similar to "Actions Speak louder than words".

    Sir David Attenborough is a very inspirational man explaining why he should be the face of the £50 note.

    His most recent documentary explains how he thinks

  • I think that Emily Pankhurst should be on the new £50 pound note. She has changed our world for the better. She, along with her suffragettes, made active movements on women's rights. They fought valiantly, never giving up even though the future seemed dark.

    They were forced through horrible ordeals that no human should ever have to go through. They knew that what was going on was wrong and that it wasn't going to change on its own.

  • i think that the Queen and prince philip should be on the new £50 pound note because the Queen rules our country and prince philip is her husband so they should both have the right to be on the new bank note as some of the most important people in the country.

  • I would have St Therese Of Lisieux on the back of the new banknote because she waited 18 years to join the Carmelite nuns to help the homeless, feed the hungry and clothed the naked. I think she should deserve something more than becoming a St. People called her the Flower of Jesus and everybody need to follow her "little way". She inspires young children to follow the way of Jesus. This is the reason why I think St Therese of Lisieux should be on the back of the new banknote.

  • I think Amelia Earhart should be on a note because she shows an amazing amount of courage flying solo for an incredibly long distance . She could've broke down and had no one by her side to support or rescue her she could've been stranded for days . Amelia is a female heroine and encourages everyone to have courage and sets an amazing example of bravery .She inspires people everywhere and is a true idol to look up to , she's a real hero .

  • I think Little Mix should be on a bank note because it would encourage most children to be involved with all the financial problems.

  • I would have Saint Oscar Romero on the new pound note. He was born in 1917 in El Salvador. He served as the fourth archbishop of San Salvador . He was an amazing fighter for the poor and tortured people he wouldn't give up. He was killed whilst praying so killed because he was fighting.

  • I think leonardo da vinci because he is a famous artist from Italy that was born in 15 April 1452 and I think that he will be great because he is old and would be great in a note that has his style of painting. He would be great in £50 notes.

  • I think that Stephen Hawking should be on the new £50 note as he is a very influential and inspirational person who has been hailed as an equivalent to Einstein. I think that he has been a person that a lot of people look up to and so there should be a reminder of him on the banknotes of Britain, so that he can be remembered forever and be seen by children who have not been alive whilst he is alive to allow more people to know about his discoveries.

  • I think it should be diversity because they dance and have won the x factor and they were the ones who inspired me to dance and they preformed in front of the queen

  • I think that William Wilberforce should be on the new £50 pound note because he was one of the people who helped to end the slave trade and slavery. If it was not for him and others, slavery could still be an ongoing problem even maybe until the present time.

    This is a good thing because the slave trade was a very troubling event because black people were taken against their will to work for others. The things they had to face were horrific, such as being whipped and when being shipped off to another country; they were bad conditions to be in.

  • I think Malala Yousafzai should be on the new £50 note as she alongside her father have been such advocates for equal rights to education for both genders. She was also extremely brave when she was shot and has also been awarded a Nobel Prize. She is also an incredible inspiration and her book inspired me to be myself and fight for what i believe in. I am sure she also did this for many other people around the world, particularly young girls, teenagers and young adults. I believe she is a real inspiration and DEFINITELY deserves to be on the new note.

  • I think Rihanna should be on the new £50 note because she has taken many under her umbrella since hitting the big time. In 2012, she set up a foundation in honour of her grandparents, which hands out grants in support of health, education and culture. She has also fronted campaigns for fashion and cosmetic brands, raising millions for HIV and donated $100,000 to a food bank in New York after Hurricane Sandy, as well as another $100,000 for those hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. After her grandmother's death from cancer, she donated $1.75million to the radio therapy department of a hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados. she is a great person to represent our country and has changed our environment.

  • I believe that we should put on the back of the note Sir Henry Bessemer who was the first to refine the process of steel and was the founder of this mass production. Without this we would not have airplanes, trains, suspension bridges and boats. You see, Sir Henry Bessemer created a secure method of mass production of steel that paved the way to great inventors like Isambard kingdom Brunel and Harry Brearley who created stainless steel. without him the brittle iron replacement (the easiest and cheapest) for bridges would become the result of big death tolls and the travel in aviation would be rendered impossible by the weak material.
    Sir Henry Bessemer was an innovator in the modern era and he needs to be more recognized. if not the image of an ingot of steel will do fine.

  • i think the person on the bank of the 50£ note should be alexander fleming because if we didn't have penicillin people would die a lot more and it cures a lot of people.

  • I think Princess Diana of Wales should be on the new £50 note because she did so much for the people and I think we should give something back to her. She donated so much to charity, including her time, and when she passed away most people were devastated. She deserves to be on the bank note as she is a very powerful and well known. Some children don't know who she is so it would be a really good learning experience for children. overall Princess Diana should be on the note as she is an inspirational figure and someone most people look up to.

  • i personally think that Diana, Princess of Wales should be on the new £50 notes because she was an amazing person and she inspired many lives for the better.

  • Although we have every time before I think that we don't necessarily need a person on the new £50 banknote. This is because, although there are many people who are deserving of a place on it, I think by having an image, not a person, I believe that there can be a lot more meaning on a banknote.
    So what would I propose to be on the banknote?
    I would propose having the image of a poppy. This is for a few reasons. This year marks 100 years since the end of ww2. It marks 100 years since peace happened and a hundred years since the end of a big atrocity. The poppy would remind us of the bad things about war and how we should always strive for peace. Also, the poppy is a symbol of remembrance and serves as a tribute and a reminder to all the victims and the fallen from war. When you buy poppies money goes towards the Royal British Legion, which helps the charity looks after serving and ex-servicemen, women and their dependants who are in need. So the poppy in some way also represents and helps us think about those bravely serving in the navy, military etc. Also, a detailed drawing of the poppy and maybe some sort of landscape drawing behind it would be complicated enough to be difficult to forge.
    So in conclusion, we should have a poppy on the back of the £50 bank notes because it serves as a way to remember those who have died fighting in war, those who are fighting today and that we should always strive for peace.

  • I think Prince Charles should on on the new bank note because at the moment he is just the prince and people need to know who he is when he becomes king. It is good if people get to like him now. Also when he is king they wont need to change the bank note again!

  • I think William Patterson should be on the £50 note; he was one of the founders of the bank of England and after he was part of the union of England (1658 - 1719)

  • I think that Gabby Douglas should go on the new bank note because she could inspire people like me that love gymnastics , she would also encourage children to trust the bank with their money. Gabby Douglas won three gold medals when she was in the all-around Olympics she won two in 2012 and one in 2016. Gabby Douglas was born on the 31st of December 1995.

    1. Hi easygoing_mulberry. It's an interesting idea to include a athlete on the £50 note! Gabby Douglas is American, do you think that it's important that the person represented on the UK note should be a British citizen, or do you think they can be from another country? Can you find any other examples of a country that has featured an athlete on their money?

  • I think princess Diana should be on the new £50 note because she was a life-changer she cared about others really well .Her name still lives on . She has inspired others . All of us know we can do anything. She did not just change us but she changed the world. Many people look up to her . She will always be remembered for her kindness and love to the WORLD . If she was still alive more of these bad adverts about children not having water or education would slowly fade. She even made sure that schools had basic things . Whatever Diana did she would put her heart and soul into it. Harry and William do what their mother does going to different countrises and learning how other kids live the way they did it was above excellent. She will be remembered not because of the power she had but because of the way she knew how other people count as well. She might be a royal but she did try to see life if she was ordinary. For you,me and the world
    Do you agree with me .Yes. no.mabey. why ?tell me why🤔🤨😐

  • Very good people that have done lots of good stuff to Great Britian because they help the country's in Great Britian so they should have their faces in a lot of places

  • I think that Emeline Pankhurst should be on the British pounds and pence because she stood up for women and without her we wouldn't have rights. She was a confident and independent women that stood up for what she believed in and let nothing bring her down. She had all the qualities that we need to learn in BNC and we should always be grateful that we had people like her. She was brave and in the end, us women got our rights. That is why I think Emmeline Pankhurst should be on the British Pounds and pence.

  • I think Mary Jane Seacole should deserve to be on the new £50 note because she is best known for being a Jamaican-born nurse who helped soldiers during the crimean war . She was born Mary Grant in Kingston,Jamaica,daughter of a scottish soldier and owner of a boarding house .She was on 23 November 1805 her life ended on 14 May 1881 in Paddington ,London.

    1. I completely agree with this as there are no black people on a bank note 'yet' which is a shame as our country is so multicultural and has many people of different heritages that have become a part of our country. This will help people accept that are country is multicultural and that if they don't like it then they do not deserve the fifty pound note.

  • The queen should be on there because she owns Great Britian and some people that are in the army fighting for us helping us be safe or people killing the bad and saving the good. People finding bad insects and animals and locking them away in a glass cage at a museum people that go up to space discovering stuff for us. Maybe someone from a different country that has helped us.
    The reason I put all this is because I think these people should go on it for saving lives discovering stuff for us saving our lives from things that can bite finding lions and taking them to zoos.

  • Charles Montagu should because he invented the first bank that was in England and he hasn't had a note designed after him yet even though if it wasn't for him there would be notes in England.

  • I believe that Stephen Hawking should go onto the new £50 note because he made many contributions to the scientific world and he was an extraordinary scientist, who dedicated his life to finding new perspectives on the science world we know, despite having Motor Neuron Syndrome from 20 years old. He died on the 14th March this year so it would also be like a tribute to him.

  • I think that a charity like Macmillan should go on the bank note because we have always had a Person who has done something great has been on the note but if you think about it they would not have got anywhere with out a team of people helping them and supporting them to help get them to where they got in life. I think we quite often forget about other people who are part of the team. Also if you were to put a charity on the front of the note it would help to raise awareness about the charity. I think that Macmillan should go on the note as they help thousands of people in health or financial difficulty and have done just as much work as anybody else will have done. This would be the first charity and team of people on the note. But I would not put any peoples faces on the bank note just an image of a Macmillan charity shop sign and underneath when it says about who it is I would write that it is Macmillan charity team of volunteers and staff. So that it is not just giving recognition to the people who set the company up but also to the volunteers and staff.

    1. We've given this a star because you've questioned whether it needs to be single person and reasoned why an organisation might be better

  • I personally believe that the person or character on the new bank note should be someone who is recognized and noted for a specific set of attributes. These, I believe, should be things like standing up against old and incorrect regimes or laws. For example women who fought for rights and all who have opposed against discrimination or racism.

    However I think that these people should also have a British or British as the note is an iconic and symbolistic part of our culture. On the other hand we should be diverse and open about our thoughts and ideas as England today is very multicultural and possibly a person of another race or background would reflect our attempts to be more acceptable and inclusive.

  • I believe maybe some of the new royals or royals later down the line of heirs because a new generation will grow up as this new note is being produced like we grew up with Queen Elizabeth II. Preferably Harry, William or their partners or both of them because in our generation, we are most likely to grow up recognizing them better. Maybe in another generations time they could be recognizable. Also Harry and William have fought for the country due to their RAF backgrounds and Harry's help towards bereaved families and veterans/soldiers during war with the Invictus Games.

  • I believe that Winston Churchill should be on the back of the £50 note. I am aware that he is already on the £5 note but Queen Elizabeth II is on many British £ notes but also on many ex British empire countries. Yet Winston Churchill has been lacking in representation on our currency and knowing the large amount of brilliant leadership he portrayed during the second world war.

  • Adding to my point, this makes people aware that they should not discriminate against disabled people, and this influences people to realize that people with disabilities are still one of us.

  • I think that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi should go on. Even thought that he wasn't English he kind of made Britain a better place. There was a time when white people thought they were better than those who were black but he stood up for those people and made people realized what they were doing was wrong.

  • I believe that the Queen is deserving of her face to be on money. Others could argue that she doesn't make the dissensions and only agrees with the governments choices. However, shes royalty and she's always supported the country and nobody's ever wanted to got against her majorly because pretty much everyone likes her because she's never gone against much and she's still growing strong. She is on the note already but there's no reason as to why she should be changed. Her struggles through life have never phased her and she has always been a strong independent woman.I would like to hear opinions on this and I'd like to see who agrees and disagrees!

  • I think it should be Winston Churchill on our new bank notes. While he was alive he fulfilled his responsibility and more than that.
    This is because he was elected as our Prime Minister and was told to help make our country a better place and help our country to make serious decisions. He did that successfully. He made Britain a better place. An even bigger factor is that he led Britain to victory during the second World War. Without his help there was a big chance we would of lost to Germany. Without Britain winning, our country or even the world would be a very different place than what it is today.
    He changed our country and made Britain a better place. This is why I think he should be on our new £50 note.

  • I think that Mary Seacole should be on the back of the fifty pound note because she did the same thing as Florence Nightingale but was under looked because of her race. She helped with the Crimean War but didn't get any honor or praise because in those days black people were not especially popular. Racism was very common in those days. So I really think that she should be on the back and be remembered for all the good deeds that she has done.

    1. I agree because before seeing this comment and whilst scrolling through, I thought that a wartime hero such as herself should be rewarded in such a way. Although Mary Seacole died destitute, I believe it is our duty to honour her service in the Crimean War. In my opinion, she truly deserves a prize for saving so many lives and helping so many people. Also, she would be the first black woman on a banknote. Being on any note would give her name a revival and would show that although throughout her life she had an absence of money, she showed kindness to everyone she crossed paths with.

      It would be interesting to have a writer such as Phillis Wheatley on a banknote because she has such an interesting story. She was the first African-American poet to publish a book and to publish a book ,none the less, in England!
      Her intellect proved that women who were slaves could have amazing ideas (and I think many of them did ) when people thought that they were ignorant and knew nothing.

  • I think that Malala Yousafzai should have her face on the new £50 note because she is a good role model for younger people. She has shown that by despite getting shot in the head, she has accomplished an achievement that has changed many girls and women's lives’ and allowed them to have the freedom in order to receive education. She is an advocate for women everywhere and has shown that if you have resilience, you can face even the greatest threats and terror.

    By doing this she has shown that she has fully deserved the nobel peace which she received in 2014. However she is not that well-known, compared to other human right activists like Angelina Jolie or Emma Watson, so by her face going onto the £50 note she will become more well-known and more people will be inspired by what she has achieved.

  • Personally, I think sir David Attenborough should been the back of the new £50 note. Some people may argue that he is just a TV presenter but he is not. He is the voice of those who don't have one. He is the voice of the animals. He teaches the human race about the problems that the animals face and the problems that we cause and can stop/help.

  • I think princess Diana as she been a great person . she often spent time visiting the homeless and ill patient and
    all of those people were delighted to see her and responded positively to her.

  • I think that the new happy couple [Meghan and Harry] should be on the new 50 pound note because the people on the notes are usually very important royals,people or somebody who has done something great to the country. Windson Churchill is already on some of the notes as well as the Queen. Meghan and Harry would be really good to have on the notes as a memorial of their wedding. The note could be as a gift could be as a remembrance of their day and as a present. In addition, David Attenborough is only a presentor for blue planet and hasn't done anything useful to the country. So this is why i think Meghan and Harry should be of the new 50 pound note.

  • I think a famous bank should go like Barclays,Nationwide,Slantender,Loyds,HSBC and even the BANK OF ENGLAND itself because they are the people who keep your money safe so we should THANK THEM but they take our money and make us pay more butit IS A RULE

  • I think that Margaret Thatcher should be the next image on the £50 note because she was the first female Prime Minister in the UK. She was also a very inspirational woman who inspired other young women to strive to be in an important position like her. Here are some other significant reasons why she deserves to be on the £50 note:
    She was a very strong woman as she was the most powerful person in the country and was extremely well known for being tough and always sticking to her decision. (Which was why she was nicknamed ‘The Iron Lady’.)

    She was the prime minister for 11 years (which is longer than any other British Prime Minister so far) and during the time that she was in power, she boosted the country’s economy and played an important role in defeating Argentina’s army in the Falklands war.

    In my opinion, she should be appreciated for her hard work by being on the £50 note because of her important mark in history and her hard work.

  • I think Stephen William Hawking (1942 - 2018) . I think this because he has discovered many things in theoretical physicist. He also been very inspirational as he has been many other things such as an author one of his books "George and the blue moon". In 1963, Hawking contracted motor neurone disease and was given two years to live. Anyway, he still went on to become a brilliant researcher He was a fellow of the Royal Society and a member of the US National Academy of Science.

  • I believe that Tony Blair should be on the new £50 banknote. I believe this because he was a previous prime minister for ten years. Also, Tony Blair believed education was important as he said "Ask me my three main priorities for government, and I tell you: education, education and education". Education is important because it helps in later life and Tony Blair understood this. In addition, I believe this because he strongly wanted democracy and equal votes. This was shown when he stated, " The people should have their say at a general election or in a referendum." Also, Blair believed in global change. This is important because we are ruining our planet. Although I partly agree with the statement, others are saying about David Attenborough because he speaks about the environment ; however, many others speak about this. In my opinion, Tony Blair was a great prime minister and deserves to be on the note.
    Information found at: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Tony_Blair

    1. Great reasons and use of evidence, well done!

  • I personally think that the person on the back of the banknote should be someone who is a British role model.
    They should be motivational and either part of England's culture and/or history. This would mean they would be recognised by anyone. Also, they should have ties to current issues which would mean they are relevant to today.
    So, I would narrow my search of UK icons to Ada Lovelace and Elton John.
    Ada Lovelace was widely acknowledged as the first computer programmer. She was instrumental in the creation of Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. This was the first computer. It was, in essence, a calculator. Ada designed the algorithms that would control it. She is famous as well as a role model for women.
    Elton John is a famous for being an English musician. His works are well known by many generations. This has made him part of England’s music culture. What makes them relevant currently is that they are still alive. As well as this, he is bisexual (attraction to both genders) and a spokesperson for LGBT rights. This makes them especially relevant.
    All in all, I would choose Elton John.
    They are both role models but I fell that Elton John is more widely know though I still think Ada would deserve a place on national currency.

    My sources were….

    For Elton John: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elton_John
    For Ada Lovelace: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace

    1. Fab reasoning, well done!

  • I think Diana, princess of wales should be on the new £50 note because of the profound impact she had all over the world. She did so many charity work, including Great Ormond Street Hospital. She also campaigned to ban landmines, she advocated ways to help people affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer and mental illness. 'Her overall effect on charity is probably more significant than any other person in the 20th century '(Steven Lee director of the UK institute of charity fundraising managers).

    Diana showed the nation a new way to be British. She imbued her role as royal princess with vitality, activism and glamour. She is widely known for her encounter with sick and dying patients and the poor and unwanted. The New York times stated that she is a breath of fresh air and she is the reason why the royal family was known in the United States.

    Even after her death, her sentiments continues to shape our society.

    In my opinion and I think I speak for every British citizen, Diana, princess of wales is the queens of hearts and should be on the new £50 note, so she will always be remembered.

  • I think that Mary Seacole should go on the £50 note because she was a very determined British Jamaican person who helped a lot of people. She travelled to different places to share her medical ideas a give further help to patients or casualties. Then she travelled to England again to approach the War Office and asked to be a army nurse and be sent to Crimea for wounded soldiers. Although she was refused by the War Office, she was not discouraged so she decided to make money to make her own trip to the Crimea and provided a place for sick people. She would also visit the battlefield to nurse the wounded and soon became known as 'Mother Seacole' because she helped everyone . I also think she should she should go on the note because I personally think that there should be a black person because ever since there has been significant people on notes, there hasn't been a race other than white. Nevertheless, overall, I think Mary Seacole should be on the money because she made a big impact on people , was selfless as she always thought about others and helped a lot of people.

    1. Great reasoning!

  • I have two ideas the first one is Malala Yousafzai because when we were doing the topic `Great Women` we learnt about her and she technically changed the world for woman and without her women wouldn't be able to vote and participate in anything.My second idea is Teresa May because she is the Prime Minister of England an she is a great role modle to oters (like Malala)

  • This is a bit of a different idea but here goes.....

    I think maybe Boudicca could be on the new £50 note because she was a queen who fought for her tribe and her right to freedom. She rebelled against the oppressive Roman regime to try and save her people. She was also a powerful QUEEN in a male dominated age.
    I can also think of some reasons why she shouldn’t be on the new note. She wasn’t really BRITISH as such, she was the queen of the Iceni. Also she was very brutal in her fighting.

    All in all I think she was an inspirational woman who deserves this honour.

    1. Great reasoning and open-mindedness!