#28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced!

27 March 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Thank you for all the good news stories shared this week! It's wonderful to see so much positivity on the Hub!

Our Primary winner this week is genuine_cat of Hammond Junior School, who took time to clearly explain the importance of applauding our NHS and how it contributes to our feeling of unity. You can watch footage of this on our daily update page!

Our Secondary winner is free_iceberg of Ormiston Sudbury Academy, who gave a very thoughtful explanation of how one girl's attempt to write to people was having a positive impact on others, and importantly, is encouraging others to connect with each other in a variety of ways beyond a screen!

Well done to both of you and to everyone who took part. Our next competition is going live shortly!

There are plenty of good news stories at the moment as people are coming together to help others as the world faces lots of new challenges.

This week's competition asks you to share a good news story that has come during this uncertain time, and explain why it's good news.

This may be a something you've read in a newspaper, watched on the television/internet, seen on social media, or even witnessed yourself in your daily life!

You might want to try looking on BBC Uplifting Stories, Newsround, and you can keep an eye on our coronavirus daily update page too

It's OK if you post the same story as someone else, just make sure you explain in your own words why it was a good news story!

In your entry, try to:

Describe the good news story - e.g. "I read/saw that...."

Provide a link to it, if you can - e.g. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51924024

Explain why it was a good news story - by describing the impact it has had on people, or how it has made you feel, or any other reason you think is good to share!
e.g. '"This is an example of good news because.../ It made me feel.... / It shows that...."

The competition closes on 27th March at 10.30am. Good luck!

Comments (58)

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  • Something I found that lifted my spirits was when doctors have found a vaccination for the coronavirus!And I ve heard that its already curing some already.This has lifted my spirits because in the news all you here is the bad things of the coronavirus and now we dont need to react so silly.Although this virus has a vaccination it should nt stop our constant washing.It made me feel relived knowing all this chaos is gone
    Sincerly methodical _ocean

    1. Although scientists are working on this they have not developed a vaccination just yet, but they are starting trials. There are estimates that it could still be 12-18 months away

      1. But still that is good news as we can still hope

        1. So did you actually find a website which said they found a vaccine, because clearly you misread something. There is no actual corona virus vaccine as of now!

      2. Yes I heard they've actually got a vaccination but they have to test it if it works first they have to make slot more then we'll probably be going back to schools in the next few months and opening shops restaurants and cafés but if it fails then they have to make a new one make more and then they'll reopen everything and by then it'll have probably been 5-9 months and imagine if that didn't work either ( I'm hopping the first option by the way )◉‿◉

        1. No one really knows about the timescale of any vaccination, but we all hope something is found as soon as possible!

    2. oh my gosh that is absolutely amazing that has made my day I am too happy

      1. There is no vaccine yet curing patients for Covid 19, but they have many prototypes being tested though.

  • My good news is that there have been more people who have recovered from the Coronavirus than people who have passed away from it. This is good news since this shows the National Health service are trying their best and are hopefully doing what they can to stop Coronavirus. Furthermore, I think this shows that the NHS are managing there financial issues and are paying attention to Coronavirus patients.

  • The good news that I will talk about is the amount of time that the NHS put into their patients. I have chosen this because the NHS put a good amount of into their patients which is really vital at this point of time because of all the bugs they are dealing with at the moment. The NHS do put in a lot of time into people especially the elders who may carry a lot more diseases than an middle-aged person. The NHS put in a lot more time into a person with something that is life threatening than a person that has something that is not really harmful to life, this shows that they care to people who have done something that may end their life. The NHS take over a million calls every day and they all show hard work and manners to their patients which shows that they really care.

    This is good news that I think that should be shared out

  • It is amazing how the NHS is dedicating their time taking care of some patients. This is because the NHS are trying make this generation as long as possible. They take at least 5 hours of their time doing surgerys to other people. The NHS are a hard working establishment that the government have sent to us

  • I believe that we are all living in good news . I say this because , right now we could all have coronavirus or diseases much worse than that . One main thing that a lot of people having forgotten is that we are good news, making sure we healthy so we stay like that . Also , everyone is trying recover from the current news that has been happening in the UK . Frist Brexit , then Covid19 whats next ? I honstely believe that us as humans healthy and living is a good thing in its self .
    Right now, we could have a really bad contagious virus(covid19) which has alreadly stops us all from living our lives . We know we have to self icolate . This means are trying to consider every bodys health . Schools are even being shut down which means there be a possibility you may catch it from school , so we should think about how lucky we are to even be alive .

  • I believe that are world is filled with good news at the moment. I have heard that the NHS are still trying to do their best even with this event happening around the earth. I think that this is really good that the NHS are trying to concentrate to other illnesses such as cancer. This has a massive impact on the community in a positive way because any illness anybody has the NHS are still putting the time and effort that is needed even though their is another problem happening. Some people disagree and believe that the NHS don't bother any more but they really do.

  • I heard recently that a 103-year-old Iranian lady won an amazing battle with the coronavirus after a trying six-day period. Iran has suffered severely through the virus, with almost 1,000 deaths, but this lady, anonymously becoming the oldest person so far to survive the coronavirus, has inspired people to have hope, even if you do test positive for the virus. It should also help people to stop panicking about it so much. She has made a full recovery despite the evidence for COVID19 being most dangerous for the elderly. This is such amazing news which deserves to be shared.

  • The Good News that I have received is to do with the Corona Virus Outbreak! Many people, are worried and unsure about this outbreak but it is nothing to worry about, because the news states (which I have checked other sites to make sure it is true facts) that only 77 people have died due to the Corona Virus in England, and the population is 67,886,011 estimated since 2020, so that means you have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning then dying due to the Corona Virus or as some may say Covid-19. Most of the deaths are people who are classed as elderly or people who have health problems/issues. This is my Good News which has came to my notice over the past couple of weeks.

    1. It may feel like good news that these rates are so low, but bear in mind that now 281 have died in the UK, and that's still a lot of bad news for many people. Also, that population you mention is for the UK.

  • My good news is how people are helping other people during this troubling time. For example, two people were playing ping pong on their balconies. Also how a man stood on his roof to teach and exercise lesson to people who are self isolating. Finally, how people are giving the elderly and other people who are self isolating their numbers to contact them so that they can help them with any food or essential supplies. This to me is good news because it shows how people show love to one another even through this troubling time, also how people are willing to help through any way possible which helps builds a community. 😁

    1. I think this is good news too because even if we can’t be with our friends we can keep our spirits up and we can take our minds off what is happening in the news by helping each over cope with the Coronavirus. Helping people helps the people you are helping and yourself because you know that someone is feeling better or loved because of what you have done. 😎

  • The good news story I have seen is one which took place in Italy. Residents of a flat are on their balconies after being self-isolated, and are singing the national anthem. This shows that despite everything going on, communities are still able to unite together, and be proud of their country’s success. In addition, all radio stations (RAI Radio, Radio 105, Radio Capital, Radio Deejay, etcetera) broadcasted the song, so the residents could all sing along to it. At this time, I think some people are panicking and worrying but it is best to just stay calm and collected and sometimes to just sing the national anthem. People taking part were sharing the experience on social media using the #radioperitaly so the world could see them and take inspiration. The tweet of the incident has been liked by more than 138,000 people. This is a great example of what we are meant to be and I think everyone should take notice of this.

    Website(s) I used:

    by @succinct__leaves

  • The good news that I found was that most people are in self-isolation, this is an example of good news because the coronavirus will spread less and there will be fewer people catching this mournful disease.

    It made me feel jovial as the coronavirus will die down and not affect that much people. This shows that this new virus might disappear in a few years/ months time if this keeps up, the coronavirus won't spread that far.

  • During the last month covid-19 has gotten out of hand and has caused alot of stress to many people and sadly some people have not survived it but, out of all of this trauma there is one bright side to the dark story and that is how the community are all helping each other and helping battle the evil virus . The people are lending a helping hand to the NHS by following there instructions and also people who are health care workers, who are more likely to catch the virus still go to work to help the old do there daily duties. That, just shows how much respect the people have for each other and we should carry on fighting this tough fight and if we try we can all do it.
    THE END.

  • Singing has been said to bring people together and when you are stuck indoors, the sound of music can uplift your mood. Although the coronavirus is a threat to mankind, there are some things that people can be optimistic about. For example, there are now more fish in the rivers and birds in the sky; less pollution is being caused by humans, and families are spending more time together.


    The above is a good news story because Italy are using their time wisely- studying and having fun. I feel that everyone should be able to reduce anxiety, whilst taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Therefore, we should adopt Italy's positivity, and stop worrying and start living.

  • My good news is that people survived the coronavirus then dying
    I heard that 20,000 people had the coronavirus and only 300 people died😁

    1. Can you tell us where you found that statistic so everyone can check it for themselves?

  • i read an article about a girl with leukaemia who is having to self isolate, her 'hobby' is writing to her 26 pen pals she has around the world and is planning on using her 12 weeks of self-isolation to write more letters to her friends. She describes how she loves to decorate her letters and share them with her friends as to her letters are more personal and help you keep in contact during a time when you can be forced to be alone. This is a good news story as it can inspire people, especially younger people who spend more time looking at a screen then they do paper and pen. It also shows that you aren't alone and there are other people going through similar stuff all around you that you can connect with and possibly make new friends and learn about their life/culture.


  • I read that, because of Covid-19, many more people are not using transport as much as they used to because many countries are in lockdown and people are in self-isolation. As a result of this, scientists say that it has caused levels of air pollutants and global warming gases to fall. This is an example of good news because not only does it save other people’s lives but it also saves our planet, which is something that people have been worried about for a long time. It has made me feel that the world is not beyond being saved and that there is hope for our future. Hopefully even as things return to normal people will continue to think about the effect that their use of public transport will have on the environment, and this will encourage them to think about alternative forms of travel. It is really good to hear good news at the moment as it keeps people’s morale high which makes them feel better about everything that is happening.
    Here is the link that I have used https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51958714

  • to me, what is good is that the sun is shining and that gives me hope because it's like an early summer for me and the weather is kind of hot and it's warm

  • The coronavirus has killed many people.
    What could possibly be good about that?
    Well although this deadly virus is so horrible it has in some cases actually brought people together such as in Italy when all the people were singing together in their balconies and yesterday on the news it said churches and Mosques have all been finding ways to communicate on the internet!

    1. It's worth recognising that the competition asked for good news stories, and not suggesting that the coronavirus had been 'good' itself.

  • Good news to me is that every time when i am a wake the sun is already up and shining ready to make me happy and it makes me really confident and even more good news is that schools are closed that means that the coraviruse is going to spread less likely so not a lot of people can get.

  • I think that because of the Corona-virus, we stay at home and that's good because if we for example saw our friends and haven't seen them in a long time, people would want to hug. But instead you could just stay at home and not get too close to people like family and/or pets, but if you miss your friends, you can just call them if you have a phone, but if you don't then you could ask if you can borrow someone else's phone or tablet, etc.

  • On Twitter, a little girl called Josephine was going to have a birthday party. However, because of the coronavirus, she's had to cancel it. This isn't very positive. But she sent a letter to the Prime Minister telling him all about it and how she doesn't mind if her party is canceled because she "just wants everyone to be ok." This is a positive news story because she had to give up something that she really wanted and she was being selfless. Also, she's only seven. So that shows us that if a child can do it so can we. Furthermore, in her letter, she said: "I am staying at home because you asked us to." And as we recently heard many people aren't listening to the advice, and are deciding to leave the house for unnecessary things, like visiting the seaside.

    Here is the link:

  • On social media i have seen that in China some people have been able to go to school, i think this is good because they can now have education and they have healed from the Corona Virus.

    1. I'm not sure how far the country has 'healed' but they are reporting less new cases.

  • After reading so many news articles and so many clips of the news I'm not sure what to think about the coronavirus but after reading on newsround (a website I thouroughly trust) I found out that as of people either self-isolating or just staying at home this has caused a massive decrease of the usage of cars especially now schools have closed and even though its only March compared to last year the amount of pollution has dropped by over 50%. Reading this made me smile and raised my mood and now I feel that global warning can be delt with if we only work together and do our part. Even if everyone used less plastic or decided to walk more often and changed it all by 1% , think of the impact that could make.

  • Good news that I have heard is that people are helping each other to shop and even looking after each other. I felt that this is good news because it means that everyone is working together as a big team so we can all get through this as a group. When I heard this good news I was relived and I could tell that we would get through this disaster easily; together. The fact that people can actually be bothered to help each other and buy them food to keep them alive is just fantastic. However, it surprised me even more when I found out that there were three old women living together and helping each other to occupy time as well as to stay happy and healthy. This is a very brave thing to do as if one of them caught the corona virus then the others would probably catch it and then they would all be at high risk of death. But by doing this and risking death just to stay entertained is amazing. This is a good idea because many old people are lonely, and especially because of lock down, it means they become very bored. By doing this it means they can be entertained and no longer bored, as well as someone to talk to and catch up on.

    Other good news I heard was that because there are less flights (if any) and barely any transport, is that there is less pollution. It is scientifically proven that over China pollution has decreased, giving the Ozone layer some time to recover. This could potentially lead to the end of global warming if COVID-19 continues for the next few years or at least provide the Ozone layer some recovering time. This is good because it means global warming could slow and that we may decide afterwards to spend more effort on the state of our planet.

    The corona virus can also be good because it gives scientist a chance to study and improve medicine by looking at today's disease and finding a cure. By studying COVID-19 scientists are able to relate it to previous global catastrophes' and it would give them more information about disease. They would be able to create new medicines that work for over problems as well and could potentially save the world from disease.

    COVID-19 is mainly a bad thing, but as proven here it is not always. Corona virus can help us in many ways.

  • That there is a vaccine for the coronavirus. This is an example of good news because there will be a low risk of people dying, people won't become ill and the population will be able to increase more. This is good news as we all humans will not worry and panic a lot and we won't be needing to use so much hand sanitiser, masks and other things. It made me feel untroubled as there won't be lots of issues about COVID 19. This shows that the virus will disappear and everything will go back to normal and will become tranquil.

    1. You're right that a vaccine is currently being developed but it will have to be tested a lot before we know it is safe for humans and effective. At the moment, there is no vaccine but we can be hopeful that scientists will be able to produce one.

  • A good news is that know scientists have discovered that the medicine of malaria can be used on this situation and like when we have a fever we have medicine malaria's medicine can work for coronavirus.

    1. I don't think this has been proven just yet, but it will be interesting to see how the scientific research develops over the coming months.

  • The good news that really uplifted my spirits in this uncertain time is people around the world drawing a rainbow and sticking it onto their windows. Many people are doing it around the world as a fun activity even with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It was made to help social distancing as people will be looking for the rainbows in different areas. However, now it is also an activity to take their mind off all the stuff that is happening in our word currently. In addition, it also gives kids and even adult something different to think about and fill up their time with by drawing a rainbow and looking out for them. I found this topic very encouraging despite what is happening and wanted to share it.

    1. That Is very Good News and I fun thing to do, to up lift your spirits. I myself have drawn a rainbow and displayed it in my window. Also Sensitive introduction meant world not word.

  • I saw on television that ecologists are happy because this will heal our Plant if we stay home cause of The covid 19 all the gases will go away like air over time like fire

  • To me good news is that COVID-19 will soon end and people are doing more to help the environment. This is good because people won't litter and animals won't die or even possibly go extinct. It shows that people like Greta Thunberg actually care about the Earth and about our future too.

  • My good news story is that many people are safely recovering from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It makes me feel relieved to find out that many more people are recovering successfully than are dying. This makes me feel happy because it shows me that people who I care about and other people in this world will have an opportunity to recover from this virus and that, although it continues to spread rapidly, there is a large chance of survival. I think people are often focusing on the fact that people are dying rather than the fact that many people are able to recover and get on with their lives without any lasting effects. In the context of the NHS, it made me feel happy to think about all their hard work having a positive impact on the world.


  • Personally, the best news for me recently has been the fact that the coronavirus lock down have had a positive effect on our earth. The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) has revealed that China's pollution has decreased by 25% and in Northern Italy, pollution has decreased by 10% per week over the last four to five weeks, resulting in a decrease of 40-50%. (https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/air-quality-information-confirms-reduced-activity-levels-due-lockdown-italy)

    A video that I had watched (https://youtu.be/55NOGeiKX2g) had shown that Italy's canal in Venice (usually coloured green, full of gondolas and boats) showed crystal clear waters, full of swans and other animals.

    It's really helped me think more positively about this situation since at least something good is happening from this situation. Whenever I see stories about COVID-19, all anyone can talk about are the negatives, and I don't really mind and everyone should be informed about the news! However, it is really comforting knowing that the Earth is benefiting from this.

  • Can you do more than one good news story?

    1. Go for it! Two maximum, please.

        1. I have two good news stories, which are below.

          The first one was found by my mum on social media and it is about an Italian priest who had Coronavirus and sacrificed himself for a younger patient who was a COMPLETE stranger to him. He gave up his respirator and soon after passed away.

          I don't think the death is the good part of the story, but the sacrifice he made was very generous, that is why I believe it is a good news story. Someone even said in the comments that there is a reward waiting for him in heaven for his kindness, which i agree with, and is a very kind thing to say.

          The second one is about how people are entertaining themselves, others, and providing lots of resources in this crisis when everything seems down. One person made a video about a puppet eating cars and people are trying not to worry over the virus. This is good because if the were not entertained or worrying, they could get sick from that worrying and possibly bored. This might pressure the NHS and government.
          Remember, Stay home, save lives, Protect the NHS.

  • I heard that some major supermarkets are prioritising the elderly and NHS workers by letting them shop before all the other members of public get there. This is good news because now the elderly and NHS workers are able to buy everything they need, especially toilet roll! This news has made me feel a lot happier, not for myself, but for the elderly and NHS workers.
    Before this was in place, I kept thinking to myself, " If the NHS help us and save us, it is only right if we do the same to them! "
    It is important that the elderly get prioritised, especially in this situation, as they are far more vulnerable than we are.
    This good news story shows that people are starting to be selfless, and that is extremely important at the moment.

  • The good news I have heard is that more people have recovered than died in the Uk. All you here from the news and onTv is mostly negative as so many people can agree with, and we haven't her a lot of positive things in the last 12 months due to the Coronavirus.This tell us we should not be miserable for the next few months.Have you heard that they are creating a vaccine in the US.I think that the vaccine will be available to everyone in the next 12-18 months unless it fails.Thank you


  • My good news is that children are able to see their parents. Even though their parents are divorced or separated, the government has allowed the children under 18 years of age to be able to go to their parents home from time to time.

    I think this is good news because, since many people are going under quarantine, and also Mr. Johnson says that it is better to stay home because of the Coronavirus. Children are still able to see both their mother and father. Also, because of the new rules the government has created, adults are only allowed to leave their home in some cases (for example, buying food if low in stock, and also getting medicine). One of the reasons adults are to leave home, is for child care. However this would not happen if the carer/parent of the child is for example sick, and trying to self-isolate so it does not spread, and also if their parent is vey cautious about the disease. Finally, if the child cannot go in under any circumstances to their parent's home, they can still keep in ouch by sending messages or FaceTiming each other.

  • the link that I used is this:

  • I have a lot of good news that I have been doing or I have seen. Such as every morning at 9am I have woken up in a good mood and decided that I should start getting more fit and healthy I have started to copy joe wicks. He has lots of fitness moves to show us and for us to try and complete. Also I have seen that. It is also good because staying at home has given the rivers a good impact like in London the pollution has got a lot better also in Venice the water has now cleared. It has also impacted on sea creatures like dolphins and turtles which are now being seen at shore more which is great to know that the virus spreading has given some good impacts on the environment. Families also get to spend more quality time with each other ,which is a good time to start making more memories. This just shows that the virus isn’t all so bad so all we have to do now is hope for the best and stay safe. By genius_chocolate.

  • This week, on the news I have heard, people stuck in Quarantine in Italy, Sinning from their balcony tops and from their windows. This is great news, because everyone needs some help and support during this dark time, and I imagine this would have been very uplifting for them to hear this as they can not get out of their houses.

    I have also heard that the Tottenham Hottspur Manager, Jose Mourinho, has been helping others, at food banks and around the community. I feel that this is good news, as it sends a message to others saying no matter who you are, or what your job is, or how much money you make, the CornonaVirus is a thing and we need every person we can get helping others through this dark time.

  • Recently, I’ve heard that Starbucks and McDonald’s are aiming to replace 250 billion paper coffee cups with recyclable alternatives. This is good for the planet and environment because humans are using to much paper and the rainforests are getting cut down. For example, Cadbury’s are using palm oil in their chocolate which is bad because palm oil comes from trees and their chopping trees down to get it and it’s the cheapest oil to use. If we keep using palm oil and paper, not only will it be bad for the rainforests, what about the animals? We will get less of each type of animal to. We need to at least try and stop this from happening more because it will just become worse.

  • I think being in lockdown is a positve thing to happen to the enviroment.

    I've been reading news and came across a photo.


    It was how much China had its polution reduced.
    China is currently on lockdown and so are we. No virus is good, but being in lockdown has reduced polution because we are not using gas, speaking of gas, we are saving lots of resources. If we stay in lockdown we can probably remove all polution!

    This is an example of good news because we've been experiencing troubles but at the same time it is bringing solutions to our other problems.

    It made me feel relieved because not only slowing down a big spread of an illness, it is also helping our enviroment.

    It shows that even if we are not happy about what we heard, there always has to be a good side of the "bad news" we hear everyday in the news.

  • My exciting News Is That In China There Is One Doctor Whose Name Is Li Wenliang Has Discovered A Small Dose Of Medication For Covid-19 In TEA! What Really Caught My Eye Was When It Says The THREE Compounds Methylxanthine/Theobromine And Theophylline Simulate Compounds That Can Ward Off These Viruses In A Human With Atleast An Average Immune System This Means There Is A Blessing In Tea That Keeps Us Safe! -Balanced_Chemistry

    1. That's interesting, I wonder whether this has been tested and the extent to which it helps prevent people from getting the virus.

  • Therefore I think it is a good story because the Coronavirus is a current situation it isn’t a past situation and it is really interesting to hear what is going on with the Royal family at this current bad situation! It is interesting that Prince Charles got tested and it was positive and it is saying what he is doing obviously he would be isolating so he doesn’t spread it even more than what it is! And also the Queen decided to move somewhere else away from everyone!
    By loyal_lobster❤️
    The one I wrote before this is not really informing as this one you just read! The one I wrote before might not get posted but oh well! This one I tried really hard to make it more informative!

    1. I just got informed about Boris Johnson has the Coronavirus!😱😱😱

      1. Yes, Downing Street has confirmed this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52060445

  • I probably won’t get a star or even win! Because it was so bad!

  • My good news story is that “Raffle raises £2,363 for YPCS (The Young People’s Counselling Service)”, I think that this is good news because this raffle was to help raise money which provides free counselling to young people with emotional difficulties. I read that many people like Scott Smith who runs Slimming World in the Hamptons and The Charity’s patron and actress Annabelle Davis were there to run the raffle. While doing the raffle Scott Smith invited The Yaxley based charity. Annabelle Davis didn’t only draw the raffle she also gave a talk on the importance of young people’s mental health. This raffle was an amazing act of kindness and respect towards people that need the support or just someone to share all their feelings with, this could help people who have lossed a loved one due to the Coronavirus. Michelle Lay, vice-chair and trustee of YPCS, said: “We are thrilled to be able to work with Slimming World and continue raising money for young people with emotional difficulties.” and “This money, and partnerships like this, will really make a difference.” These quotes go to show that this raffle meant a lot to people. I think that this needed to be shared with everyone because it is so wonderful that people will do this to help people, people that they probably don’t know. Even if it’s only a little thing it will make a big difference.

  • A fantastic story I saw is that China's death toll has reduced drastically and civilians can return to their day to day lives. That goes to show that lockdown is effective and that the remarkable temporary hospitals built by hardworking builders, though I'm not stunning as China does have a lot of money, helped them overcome these unprecedented times. Also, scientists are very close to developing a human vaccine,but we will have to wait longer as they are not yet even finished with the animal vaccine.

  • My good news is we are actually thanking the NHS . It is good news because they finally get what they deserve. This is why this is amazing and good

  • The good news I have is that the government successfully recruited 250,000 helpers for the NHS! This is good news because it would decrease the strain that is put on the NHS, meaning fewer people are on the waiting list in a critical condition. When fewer people are left waiting in waiting lists, it halves the choice of privatising as there would already be enough staff. The good news I have is that the government successfully recruited 250,000 helpers for the NHS! This is good news because it would decrease the strain that is put on the NHS, meaning fewer people are on the waiting list in a critical condition. When fewer people are left waiting in waiting lists, it halves the choice of privatising as there would already be enough staff. Recruiting 250,000 helpers for the NHS is quite beneficial because that would mean that the NHS does not have to get nurses and doctors from overseas to come and treat the patients. This would worsen the disease for already infected people, spread to more patients meaning they would need MORE doctors and nurses from overseas and possibly infect some of the doctors and nurses, which would be costly and the NHS need as much trained staff as they can get to fight off this virus so people can go back to their ordinary lives. Is it quite good news for the environment that 250,000 helpers have been recruited as that means less polypropylene would we wasted as the virus is more likely to be cured and fewer surgeries are taken out on people tested positive. In conclusion, I think it is good news that 2,500,000 helpers for the NHS have now been recruited!

    Thank you for reading.


  • The good news is that the air pollution and Co2 is reducing. In China, over 75,000 lives are saved. There is over 73000 lives saved of people over 70 and over 4000 of children under the age of 5. It has also reduced countries pollution by over 20%! This has improved so much by the lockdown of Covid-19. Even though over 500,000 had caught it, the pollution has been decreased and saved about the same as the amount as the people who caught the virus. There has also been a vaccination for it but we don’t if it is going to work or not. Less trees has been cut and we have protected ourselves from leading into a massive extinction. We had also New York has reduced for nearly 50% from last year. The lockdown is really good for us and the environ pimento for the future generations but the people who had the virus is getting worse and worse and only about 180,000 has recovered. This is great news because the pollution is definitely improved and led us into a really good time and helps to grow more trees and the carbon dioxide is reducing by over 5%!

  • A good news story was that people were singing from their rooftops in Italy during quarantine. My guess is that this has drastically improved people’s spirits in such a hard time. They have not been allowed out for much longer than us and must be starting to to be bored but a song and an unusual event like this will cheer up everyone and raise the spirits of Italy with a nice song! I hope people in England can see this and do it to bring people together in such a hard time.

    I have also heard that the owner of a football club called hoffenheim has found a vaccine for the coronavirus. He has tested it on a rat and it worked. It is still a work in progress but is very hopeful that soon we will have a vaccine for this invisible killer. He is the owner of a healthcare business and they are doing very well to fight the virus.

    1. There's been no confirmation of a working vaccine anywhere yet, but trials and tests are due to begin in the near future.

  • The good News story I would like to share is that some pupils are writing emails to the local care home to cheer the elderly up as they cannot leave their home. I strongly believe that this is a Good News story because:
    Firstly, the elderly people at the care home will feel very happy that people are showing that they care about them, it will make their day.
    Secondly, it is a great example to others of what they should do to spread happiness in these difficult times, a good deed like this means that others will be motivated do do this in their community and therefore spread joy.
    In conclusion, I think this is a good news story because it will motivate others to do the same and spread joy and the elderly will feel really happy that many people care about them, it will make their day.

    Hearing of this good news story made me feel more optimistic of the future because I know that many people all over England are spreading joy, if this type of thing continues past the crisis then everyone's lives will be better.

  • On the 19th of March, I had read that a homeless man had rescued a toddler from a burning building. He had catched the young toddler using his own sleeping bag just so the toddler would have not died from a falling death. To me, this is good news because if the homeless man had never saw the toddler, the toddler would have died to his own death! It could have been the end of the world for that young child. It would not be very amusing for dying at a young age. This just goes to show that the homeless man had a caring heart no matter what type of condition he was in. To summarise this, it does not matter what state you are in, it only matters on the lives that are at risk.

  • At 8pm yesterday, the entire country went into a round of applause for 'the country's carers' the NHS. This showed a sense of community and strength as a nation to fight Covid 19. It showed that actually, as a country, we could be united rather than Brexit-torn. I think something like this is really very important at this time because it showed the NHS that the UK appreciates their tireless work. Another point I want to make about the NHS clap that makes it good news is that it evokes a sense of not just unity or appreciation but also shows that we can get through this pandemic and it will end. Also, from personal experience of doing the clapping outside our front door, I wanted to say how much people were mingling together in large groups doing small-talk! We need to show unity but not by huddling in large groups, quickening the spread of the enemy!


  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52005204
    Mikel Arteta: Arsenal manager says he has recovered from coronavirus
    Though I am not an Arsenal fan I am happy that Mikel Arteta is feeling better. He gave a motive to watch the game with his calm attitude and respect towards all players. He is a role model to all football fans and I remember admiring him at a young age. So, when he is better it makes me feel happy. I hope the world recovers from the deadly effects of the virus. We will go through the pandemic together as a country.

  • (Edited) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52005204
    Mikel Arteta: Arsenal manager says he has recovered from coronavirus

    Though I am not an Arsenal fan I am happy that Mikel Arteta is feeling better. He gave a motive to watch the game with his calm attitude and respect towards all players. He is a role model to all football fans and I remember admiring him at a young age. I believe that we should not worry about it and we should follow all the instructions that the government are instructing us to do. I hope everyone affected by the virus recovers and feels better. As a Football fan, the Premier League getting cancelled affects me a lot and also the European Cup has been postponed to next year likewise the Olympics. I feel bored at home and I feel like I have nothing to do at home. So, when he is better it makes me feel happy. I hope the world recovers from the deadly effects of the virus. We will go through the pandemic together as a country. By the way, I have provided the source that I got some of the information from.

  • my good news is that less people are dying because of covid 19 because it is really sad that people are passing away and it also shows that our courses of action are working and that less families are suffering .

  • I saw that, yesterday(26th march), there were much less deaths due to COVID-19 than there were the day before(25th march). This is a good thing because it shows that the deadly virus might be in the process of being singled out and destroyed.

  • I saw on the news people in a care home they placed balls on the floor added a basket to the end of a broom and played hungry hippos! This is good news because it shows people having fun and stuff you can do while in isolation. I also saw on this morning a child drawing on the pavement with chalk. He drew lots of colours and a message. It said colours make people happy. This is good news because if your in a bad mood it can cheer you up. My mum also told me people are putting rainbows in their windows so if your on a drive/walk it will be more fun. This is good news because its a fun game for people to play if their on a long drive.

  • GOOD LUCK you all wrote down amazing new storys!