#29 - Write an inspiring speech - Winners Announced!

03 April 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Thank you for all of these lovely messages to NHS volunteers (and a few for the NHS itself!)

Our Primary winner this week is eloquent_grasshopper of Lyon's Hall Primary School, who wrote a particularly impassioned speech, telling the volunteers about the specific impact they would be having.

Our Secondary winner is insightful_orca of Ormiston Bushfield Academy, whose speech was full of variety and different styles to engage their listener.

Well done to both of you, and everyone who entered! Look out for our new competition going live shortly!

As you might have seen, the UK government has called on members of the public to volunteer for the NHS to help manage the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time of writing, over 500,000 (that's half a million!) people have signed up. On Wednesday night, Boris Johnson said thank you to everyone who put themselves forward.

These volunteers will be filling several roles that are crucial for the national effort - from delivering medicines, to transporting patients, to making phone calls to people in isolation.

Imagine you have the chance to speak to these 500,000+ volunteers before they begin their work. What would you say?

This is your opportunity to give them a short motivational speech - to the PUBLIC VOLUNTEERS (not to NHS staff!). You might want to:

  • tell them how important their work will be
  • praise the kindness they have shown in volunteering
  • remind them of how much the country values them

...or anything else that you feel it's important for them to hear!

The competition closes at 10:30am on Friday 3rd April. We can't wait to read your speeches!

Comments (52)

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  • If I had the chance to speak to all of these people, I wouldn't say an individual comment, but an overall message. The NHS staff work day and night to make sure that we are ok and we don't always show as much appreciation as we would like to. So, I would say:
    Dear NHS staff, you might not know this but everyone in the country values the work you do for us being a dentist, a nurse or even part of the management team, you all play your part and you do it amazingly. During these times, when we need you the most, you are there for us, and you always will be. Every time anyone visits, they automatically know that you'll make them proud. The kindness you show is priceless, and the warm smiles keep us all going and I'm sure that we wouldn't mind coming to visit you again
    Thank you NHS, you mean the world.
    - intrepid_hurricane.

    1. Hi intrepid_hurricane . I think that what you have said is very true . We DO appreciate all the NHS volunteers and all the NHS staff ,who have already been working there, because most of them have saved at least 20 lives (working as a team). They DO mean the world to every one of us .

  • Edited. If I were able to speak to the half a million staff I would say how great they are.
    Dear all the all the NHS staff I first just want to say thank you.Thank you for risking your life for the people of Great Britain. Whenever there is issue you rise up and tackle it .Even though you had a rough day you answer the call for help .There are millions rely on you still seem to enjoy your job. Furthermore even though you sometimes don't get payed much you still continue and you do it with a smile on your face. Nhs staff keep up your great work saving lives.
    Your sincerely Productive Eel

  • If I had the chance to speak to all those people, I would say (to everyone who volunteered):

    Dear brave volunteers,

    First off I want to give you all a big thanks from everyone. I really appreciate all of you for volunteering to help at this chaotic time of year. I am very happy for this many people to apply for this frightening job. All you brave fellows here have a very important job and it is up to you to save humanity and our world. It is an extremely important job and I hope you suceed. Many people are relying on you so do your job well. I am really thankful for all of you to sign up for this job although the covid 19 is on the loose. I wish you all a wonderful day. All the country values you and it is up to every single one of you to help us. This job is to be done and it has to be done well. The whole country is relying on you and I wish you the best of luck. Once again I appreciate a lot for all of you to come save the future. Remember, even the tiniest thing can make the biggest difference. Wishing you all the best of luck and have a good evening. You may now start your work. Thank you for taking your day out just to protect the future of our Earth. Thanks a lot. Goodbye to you all, see you tomorrow.

  • OOPS. pressed the wrong button there! continuing... I would say just this :
    To the most dear NHS ,
    Thank you most dearly for everything . You have (and are being right now) been everyone's stars every moment of our lives . Thank you especially to the extra volunteers that are being amazing in this time of crisis (choronavirus) . Our lives and our health depend on you ! I would also like everyone to know that the NHS /NHS volunteers especially should be much more grateful than we are because , without them,most of the people in Britain would be dead by now .
    Thank you again guys for risking your lives for us !
    Yours gratefully ,
    opinionated_ tuba

  • What I would say is this:

    Dear NHS staff,
    It is an honour to speak for you today in front of all these people. First of all I would like to say a big thank you to the time that you have dedicated towards our health. The reason I am here talking on everyone's behalf is because you the NHS are the reason most of us are alive today. The things that are going on today are affecting many of our lives and you are the people that help us fight these germs, diseases and viruses which makes you special to every member of the UK. The world is experiencing this traumatic experience and the people who are trying to stop it are you which is why we need to give you assistance by trying to wash our hands regularly and covering our mouths whilst sneezing. All praise to everyone in the NHS staff and hopefully more lives will be saved in the future.
    Yours sincerely

    This is the inspiring speech that I would write

  • Thank you for participating for this job, I am delighted that 500,000 people have volunteered so well done everybody. Your jobs will be very important, if you're delivering medicines well done because medicines are very important. If you hadn't volunteered, then people could get more hurt, and even some could die. Again, thank you, your vote mans loads to us.

  • I would say this:
    There are many positive messages I could give to the NHS and the people who volonteered. But today I will announce the most important ones. I just want to say that I am so proud with how many people volonteered to help our community. With the event happening,and having many people wanting to help, I needed to say thank you. You may have volonteered because you wanted to help but also you realised the importance of the situation and job. You will face many challenges and difficulties along the way but you must never give up. I believe that the work you will do will help the NHS greatly. The NHS and the community will thank you for volunteering.

  • Dear Volunteers,
    Thank you ever so much for stepping forward to help the NHS. You deserve to be greatly credited for your choices. Every single person across the UK is thanking you right now. The clap on Thursday 26th March was dedicated towards those on the front line who are keeping their foot on the pedal and not letting anything deter them. You are all those people who are doing that. Even though, it is a national and global crisis, you are all staying positive and we all know you are doing your best because that is all you can do. You can't do any more than your best. You are the people who will let children with exams do their exams, people who let university students graduate, you are the people who will eventually find a way out of this dark tunnel. We are all extremely grateful that there are people who have the courage to risk being taken away just to save everyone else. The UK deeply appreciates such a big sacrifice and will surely take it upon ourselves to look after ourselves and follow your advice. We all know that you are doing your bit but let's not leave all the work to you guys. We will be responsible for making sure we don't come into contact with other people (unwell or well), wash our hands regularly and avoid touching our face. We can do it if we all put effort in.Thank you NHS and Volunteers for everything you are doing.
    Yours Faithfully,

  • Volunteers,
    You all need to know how important your jobs are and how much your helping the country. You are having so much impact on saving the country. More than you think. People will be saying they owe you their lives at the end of this. Your bravery and kindness is whats going to save the world. All of you are saving lives as you work. You are saving the future

  • For the NHS...
    Thank you all for helping us when we are in a bad state and always doing everything with a smile on your faces we all thank you for working tiering hours on end trying to not let the Coronavirus spread any more further than it is! I feel really sorry that once on the news I saw that someone was working for countless hours and they when to buy some food and there was... nothing and they broke down in tears I felt extremely sorry for her! I hope it won’t spreed any further!🤞🏻I am so annoyed at everyone buying all the food and leaving nothing for the NHS staff to buy I think that they should have a secret stash of food for the NHS staff so they will have enough food! I am really great full for all the work you do for us! Keep going you are THE BEST! Hope the best of luck with the Coronavirus! YOU ALL ROCK!
    By loyal_lobster❤️ Hope you enjoyed reading it!

  • I need to say that the NHS is a good caring company and they need to keep up .There are millions every year and they're really good with giving them the health and care after all it does stand for National Health Care.

  • Dear Volunteers,

    Thank you so much for the kind and generous participants in the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis. Your kind act will help millions through this tough time and after. The whole of Britain is supporting you, we need more people to be like you and put others before themselves , you are one of those idols who will encourage others to. You are making great choices within this time, especially due to the lack of NHS workers. Due to your helpfulness and many others like NHS staff we will achieve victory and will make it through this hard and tough time. People like you bring hope to many across the nation like putting people before yourself, kindness and courageous strength, gratitude and mindfulness. Even if it's just delivering medicine, transporting patients or contacting (calling) someone who is in isolation it can save someones life and it may not seem it but just doing these things could change the world or change somebodies life, I am so grateful people like you are doing things like these. Saving someones life would be a big honour to there family and friends. Just doing those jobs could bring joy back into peoples lives who sadly have somebody who undergoes the corona virus or in isolation. The last thing I just want to say to those out there doing things like these, keep your head up high and don't let anyone stop you doing phenomenal things like these that I have started above.

    Your Sincerely Eloquent_Grashopper

  • Also my mum just informed me that the NHS get a I hour early shop which is great! Before anyone else!

  • Dear All,
    I would like to start by saying how much this country values and appreciates you . Working in the NHS or even volunteering is hard.you are all putting your life’s at risk just to help this country and i am not sure that anyone will understand how much bravery / courage that takes . All key workers and volunteers are out there fighting corona for us . Did you know that over 500 000 people volunteered to help the NHS. That’s over 400, 000 brave people who are willing to sacrifice their life for others . It has also been a time where the UK have understood that the NHS are the back bone to this country . Whiteout them we would have serious problems .

    I would also like to mention that all NHS staff have a hard job . They have one bed and more than 19 ,000 people with Coronavirus cases . They then have to narrow down who is more than an priority to other and honestly i believe that everybody’s case needs the same amount of attention .

    I now hope that after quarantine and covid19 the world shows the NHS some appreciation . Thank you for all your hard work . Keep it up


  • To show my gratitude and my appreciation, this is what I would say to all of these hardworking people....

    To all volunteers,
    I would like to mention that you are doing an incredible job. Although you have risked going out, taking medications to other residents, or moving other patients from place to place is what I would call, and I hope others agree, heroic. During these times, we must have each others backs as we don't really know what's going to happen in the future, and with the help of our many volunteers- including us too - we will be able to overcome Covid19. I also would like to say that it is people like you that will allow the nation to return to their normal lives, to allow the children to go back to school and further their education. So, because of this, THANK YOU!!!!

  • First I would say thankyou so much for doing everything you can for us and stepping up to save the country. NHS is the most honoured community right now and that is because sadly alot of people have been diagnosed with the Corona virus so they have done all they can. So here right now please stay safe and stay inside to prevent the Corona virus spreading. People are not saying this so you dont have school for fun they are doing this for your safety. Thankyou for listening.

  • Dear the NHS,

    Thank you for all the things you’ve done for us even though people don’t show it.I think you all are very brave working or just volunteering to help in your spare time.I know working or helping at the NHS is very stressful and hard so keep up the hard work!!!Furthermore, remember the NHS is Britain’s ‘pride and joy’ so we can never let anything including hard work go by without a reward.The NHS volunteers all have chivalry and courage to risk their own life to help others.They show bravery that many won’t understand.They have also shown the bravery few people ever shown or even understand.

    Thank you for helping everyone through this sad rough time.
    I hope you are all well and never give up hope on saving innocent lives,

  • This is the most you could have ever done, you have volunteered on your own will, no one has forced you or begged you to join and help, this was your choice. The NHS can not thank you enough because you have really done what needs to be done, people's lives are going to be saved and comforted with the help of you. You can take some of the stress off of other workers and we applaud you for that. This isn't a fun job but it is the best job out there, you have the chance to save lives and help make new ones just you volunteering is a miracle to us but there is no way to show that better than this speech. You are risking your lives to help and serve the country but people don't know have much bravery and courage goes into this job.

    -Thank You

  • If it was my job to deliver an inspiring speech than I would probably say something like this: I know of the current situation and that it is one of many that have been vigorously thrown our way. Instead of thinking this is a dire situation think of it as a helpful experience. It has united families as well as countries it has brought to mind that we are lucky and should be grateful for the NHS working tirelessly to help us recover so all in all we should thank even praise all those who have taken part in creating thi gurdian angle we call the NHS.

  • I would say to these 500,00+ volunteers:

    "We are in a global crisis. You all need to do your absolute greatest. The world depends on all of you and the NHS. This is this momentous, predominant occasion, an opportunity for you to help the sick and people who has the coronavirus. Thank you for supporting helping out the NHS."

  • I would say this,
    “Thanks to all that volunteered to help the NHS And the people suffering this tough time. You are very loyal and kind as COVID-19 spreads around London and the globe, as a result, there are lots of sick people. But if we stay home, exercise and eat healthy, we will fight off the virus and things will be fine. But until then, we shall stay in quarantine for a while. Thanks to the new hospital, new doctors and health they are providing, we will be safe”🙂

    1. i like your comment but try to thank the volunteers a bit more then speaking about self isolating or quarantine

  • To starts off, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the people who are volunteering, and the people who normally work with the NHS, for giving up your well-being to save lives. Currently, the nations healthcare is the most important thing to our country and the NHS is doing so much to help with this global pandemic which is ruining the world. Especially to all of the people volunteering ; Medical students, office workers , cleaners, bin men and loads of other jobs around the globe are helping our nation out to fight through this crisis. I am going to also use this as a warning and disclaimer to stay indoors and save a life; always follow the guidelines given to you by your local council and the NHS and just remember during this pandemic, you see someone working in the NHS, even if you have no idea who they are, just say thank you. One last thing, if there is anyway you can help our country out during these hard times please do and get involved in any fundraising or volunteering but just stay safe. This is a big thank you and applaud from me to all those people volunteering in this pandemic.


  • Not only the NHS is responsible, we are to, it is so hard for them that they need help from us. They need us. And we need them. We respect them for what they do and the courage the show to everyone. They risk their lifes for our lifes. They never give up. They try to beat Covid19.

    Please stay safe wear the masks and gloves and protect other people from catching the disease. We will not make fun of it. We will not. It is very serious and it can be tragedy to people that have it.
    We have to try our hardest to help each other in this difficult situation.
    No one expected this pandemic, but if we stay strong we beat it- We can do this together.

    The easiest way to get Covid-19 is by touching your own nose eyes or mouth with dirty hands if you have to scratch your nose or eat a sandwich wash your hand for 30 seconds and rinse your hands properly.

    Stay safe and be safe, and remember to follow the rules to beat Covid-19.

  • Dear Volunteers ,

    you have shown a great amount of kindness by volunteering for a job to help the people of the UK.You will bring happy faces to loads of people,it is nice to see that people actually do care by not saying it, but showing it and your not doing it for money your doing it because you want to provide a need in the community during a very tough pandemic . I think I speak on behalf of everybody when I say that it means allot to us for you to do this job especially when this terrible virus has come upon us.

  • Thankful for trying to help the NHS by applying as a volunteer and trying to make a difference towards COVID-19 also known as the Corona virus . Thank you for being such brave people to encourage the virus to go away . You will really make the world a better place .
    Thank you for reading

  • Covid-19

    covid-19 is killing everyone it has killed 1789 in uk so save the people by staying home only go out for shopping and exercise stay 2 metres apart from people

    your sincerly shrewd_moon

    1. It's not killing everyone, although the infection rate is high. Can you write an inspiring speech? What would volunteers like to hear before their first shift?

    2. we where told to write a inspiring speech to volunteers try it out

  • COVID-19: We will not die, we will stay alive, we have a great army with can fight off the virus, doctors helping and some during, some GP's don't want to book appointments, so in that case, we will have to keep washing our hands, using hand sanitizer and be 8 meters away from someone if you are going shopping. Alot of people have recovered but not enough.
    I can reccomend you right now not wearing makes, because if you sneezed you would still have the bacteria from your mouth on your face. Stay safe and keep healthy.

  • If workers of the NHS actually make time to post videos about you being selfish, the you should absolutely listen to them. They work, and still suffer your abuse. They help you, and still suffer your abuse. The NHS are scared. they are worried about COVID-19, and all you are doing is putting them under deep pressure. You need to stop it. Stop it right now. They are just people like you and me. They worry, they have interests, they may even have children or other things to worry about such as covid-19. They have feelings. All you do is make them worry and put them into more and more pressure every time you complain. SO STOP.

    1. Ya stay at home only key workers can go outside you need food get 1 or 2 people to go outside.

  • I would say to the 500,00+volunteers:

    "Thank you for joining, helping out the NHS. It is a pleasure to have you all volunteering the NHS and stop the spread which is all around the globe. Our country, our world, our universe depends on all of you. Do your best and cure the people who has the coronavirus around our Earth. WE depend on all of you."

  • Dear volunteers,

    Firstly, I would like to express one’s gratitude for assisting the NHS in this severe pandemic. We are most grateful to every one of you who have put yourselves forward to help Great Britain. Even if you are just you are just making phone calls to people or delivering medicine, you could be saving someones life by just doing that tiny bit extra. I am astounded to think that over 500,000 people have signed up to aid the people in need during this tough time. Even when one person signs up it will make a difference. The U.K is honoured to have such a supportive and highly-trained healthcare system. The whole world is supporting you, relying on you because we believe in you.

    We will get through this tough time and defeat this global pandemic. You could be the ones who save our future, thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

  • “Thank you all for coming. Thank you all for volunteering. Thank you all for risking your lives for ours.

    This deadly disease has infected 29,474 people and killed 2,352, up until Tuesday in the UK. If we do not stop this now, I believe it will get worse before it gets better. So it is up to you. Our future is now in your hands. Our lives and future generations rely on you and your actions. We are astounded to see that over half the desired number of volunteers we need, has doubled. What difference can you make and what skills can you offer?

    Today, you stand before us as warriors and will someday return as saviors. With your bravery and determination, you can save infinite lives! We will always recognise and cherish you internationally across the globe- not only as people that saved the future but also as honorable heroes. Thank you.”

  • Dear my fellow people:

    Thank you all for taking the time to come here and especially all those who volunteered to help the NHS and help the country. I hope you are aware of why you are here. Tomorrow is a big day for all of you, yes the NHS and I have agreed to let all volunteers help, the more people who give up their time for the sake of others the more lives that could be saved and the more time is given for the NHS to find a cure to this invisible enemy. Tomorrow will be a scary day for must of you but, my advice to you is to stay positive, do not give up hope, because many people across the nation are depending on you, you are what people are seeing as a sign of hope. If you give up and show your weakness the country could fall under that spell. We shouldn't be afraid we need to show courage and show that we are a strong nation. Stating with all you who have volunteered the nation can build a strong platform, a solid ground a place of trust and safety so that we can tackle this disease. We can get more people to join which would be amazing. As it is said the more the merrier.

    Thank you.

  • This would be my speech : To the helpers who have risked their lives to help others
    Thank you for all your help and support . We appreciate you and what you have done to many people's lives. You have showed loads of courage. This virus is killing more and more people. But what you have done to help, has caused many people to become happy. It may not have ended now but together we can make a bigger difference. your bravery is pricessless and we cannot thank you enough.The nation and the while word are hoping it will end. It will end of we keep on fighting ! We need as many people to help us in the battle and to defeat it once and for all! By keeping everyone safe.
    Thank you.

  • Dear NHS
    Right now we might be in a large crisis but we are fighting and we might not be winning but that is not the not the towel being thrown in, but it is just the start the hardworking are soldires and are triumphing and every step of the way are learning new and more ificiant ways to deal with the coronavirus and all we can do right now is to do what ever we have to do and stay inside and we will triumph in the tough battle and end up victourious and we all have too respect the NHS for all they have done for us
    by serious_signature

  • If I was talking to all those people then I would say an overall message and it would be saying that all of the NHS staff work all day and all night and I just want to say thank you to them and they are saving everybody ,we could help them by eating nutritiously because if we eat more nutritiously then it could save them a lot and it could save people all over the world too

  • Dear NHS,
    We are going through a crisis but we're fighting and it doesn't matter if we're not winning at the moment we will win in the end. We are trying our hardest to prevent this happening but we do try our hardest and that is what matters.

  • This would be my speech : To the helpers who have risked their lives to help others,

    The current health care issues in the NHS are the ageing population and it costs nearly 8x as much to look after a 90 year old than it is to look after someone who is a 30 year old, the amount of obese people has grown 28% since 1975, the cost of medicine and technology is going up dew to the fact that people are living longer. Also there are not enough beds for everyone.

    People should vote for me because I will improve the overall quality and quantityof the NHS by;

    -By building more reginal hospitals and A&E centres. This will improve specilisation and overall responce to accidents.
    -Fasttrack medical schools and A&E specalists, This is important because so we can increace more studants, more staff, more quickly.
    -Have more lectures in University, This will shorten the time to qualify.
    -Cut A&E waiting time, Using the additional qualified staff.
    -Create a fat tax, This will fund the changes by taxing the companys that preduse fatty foods.

    With emidiate effect we will fill low skill jobs with suitable benafit claimants and cut the cost of attending medical school
    Within the next 10 years we will begin to build the centers of excellence and the overall cost of technology. If this does not happen within the next ten years I will resign.

  • The speech that I would write is this:

    Dear NHS,

    "You have helped us fight through something which we wouldn't of been able to without you. You are risking your own lives to save other and that is something everyone is proud of. In fact we are proud of everything you do for us. Your support has kept us surviving through CoVID-19 and now we are all fighting. One day, together, we will overcome the virus and we will feel good about it. So, keep on going. You can do this."

  • Hello you wonderful kind people. I am speaking to you, on behalf of the whole country to say thank you. To the hard working NHS and the volunteers who will be united. These people help will aid the NHS keep the people alive through the devilish coronavirus. The NHS try their very best every day to keep hopes up on controlling the nasty disease and this helps scientists find cures to the coronavirus. So anyone who wants to help the NHS, will be helping the whole country. Thank you again volunteers for your hard work and stay safe.

  • Good evening, kind volunteers.

    Thank you very much for donating your help to the NHS and all of the people in the world who need your help. Even though our world is going through a crisis, you very generous volunteers are trying to stop this crisis by putting yourselves in a high risk of getting the virus. Having this job is a very important role for somebody's career. Also being a volunteer has its downsides for example not being paid. However, some individuals at hospitals who deal directly with volunteers may be paid staff members, such as volunteer coordinators or schedulers. But, that is not the point. In fact, your country praises you for being kind and helping out many doctors who need you there. You all are not just volunteers, but instead heroes who are saving the lives of not just people in the country, but also people all across the world who need you just as much as this country does.

    Thank You very much for listening

  • If I had the honour to speak to those volunteers, I would say:

    "I, and everyone else in this suffering nation, are eternally grateful for the support they have received. It takes courage to offer yourself up to save the lives of others, when you have never done such a feat before. But, the brave 500,000 who had the sheer courage to put themselves forward, we thank you. We thank you for putting this nation with your life. We thank you for volunteering to help those who need it most. This job may come unpaid with money, but it comes paid with saving lives. With saving the nation from this crisis. It pays you with the knowledge that you have become a hero for this nation, and everyone in it. You volunteers will be hugely beneficial to stopping this crisis, and we cannot thank you enough for the support you are giving us.
    Together, we can fight back stronger.
    Together, we can defeat this virus.

    I thank you all for listening."

  • If I had the opportunity to speak to volunteers, I would say this;

    It does not matter what job you have, at least you volunteered to do it, at least you took the job and wanted to save other peoples lives! Now a days, it is very hard to find doctors or nurses or dentists but with you volunteering and you helping it is so much better and it has created such an improvement for the NHS. Did you know, you are taking a risk to deal with the most difficult problems and health services. You put other peoples lives in front of yours and that just goes to show what a big and kind full heart YOU have. You should be grateful for this, for health care always comes first no matter what!

    The reason why I would say this because a lot of people think that they are not worthy when actually they are. The NHS volunteers do such a fantastic job yet they think that they are not at a expected level yet so they blame it on them selves. They have no idea what they have been doing, saving other peoples lives and putting them in front of theirs. I wanted to say this because I wanted to remind them of all of the great work they have done and they should be really proud and successful for themselves. I really hope this message gets across to them because people really really appreciate their work but they do not know.


  • Dear Volunteers,

    It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the NHS. This is the most amazing thing that could possibly happen. Having many people come and help at times like this makes us so happy and we are confident that you will make us proud. Volunteering is out of the kindness of your hearts, I hope that you have an experience that you won’t forget and I hope that you will help again, if we need it. If you like working here, and you would be interested in a job, we will welcome you with open arms. Working for the NHS will be a moment that will change your life forever, helping people that need help is wonderful AND IT MAKES YOUR DAY. I would like you to know that the NHS staff are grateful that you have come to volunteer here. This hospital has people come in and out of it daily, so it might be a bit busy, but don’t let that scare you. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing for us and not only are you helping us you are helping everyone that needs it, needs your support, and needs your confidence. Your work will make a difference to the NHS staff and to the people that need help. You are helping us and we are so thankful for that. Have fun while volunteering here, it will help so much if you decide to work with us as a job. We hope that you are comfortable with what you are doing and most importantly have fun. Thank you for helping the NHS while the Coronavirus is still out there. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the NHS staff?

  • I would say:
    Thank you so, so much for stepping up to save lives, that is a very selfless thing to do and for that I and the rest of the country are grateful. When you take up this role just remember how much what your doing means to us. Many of you will be anxious but that's okay because it shows you care.
    I have said this because because I want to motivate all the volunteers, I said 'it is a very selfless thing to do' I have said this because I want the volunteers to know that what they are doing means that they are putting the country first and that means a lot. I think conveying that it means a lot to everyone that the volunteers are stepping up because this is a big part of motivating them. That is why I have gone on to say that: 'When you take up this role just remember how much what your doing means to us.' I have also said that me AND the rest of the country because it means a lot to the entire country not just me and it will make the NHS volunteers more motivated. I have also said ' Many of you will be anxious but that's okay because it shows you care.'

  • Sorry I pressed enter, continuing: I have said this because many volunteers will be anxious and I want to tell them that it means they care, I hope this makes them feel happier.

  • My message to people who are volunteering themselves to the NHS:

    First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the people of this country, 500,000 people to be exact, who volunteered for this role, the NHS and the country values you deeply. Together, we can defeat this virus once and for all, we value you, we really do. Together we can save lives, change our future and stop this virus in its tracks. The jobs you will take up, will not pay you money, but value and respect from the UK. From my heart, we are extremely grateful to have people like you, on this Earth. The people, who want to make a difference and want to change not just our country but the Earth. You will be putting yourselves at risk, but you know in your heart, you will change lives and fight for the greater good. Together, we will fight, fight for our lives- we can do this, you can do this! Thank you, to the people who have put themselves forwards to volunteer and change the lives of thousands. Thank you, yes you!

  • To the public volunteers,

    It is in my honour to thank you for how much of a difference you would make for people fighting for their lives. Most hospitals are becoming overwhelmed due to the increasing amount of people being infected by this deadly virus. This has resulted in many staff handing over segments of the NHS over to private companies, increasing the death toll as many people would not be able to pay the amount of money the private organisations require. You will replenish the number of people who do not work at the NHS. Nurses will have to work fewer hours, which will increase the amount of staff that there are in the NHS. Your contribution will make a great difference to the UK. The more people there are, the more heads there are to put together, doubling the chances there are of getting a cure. For example, China is the country with the most population and they have found a solution to decrease the death toll because they worked TOGETHER. Therefore, if we work as a team something positive will come out of it. Even though times are not picture-perfect with Boris Johnson being tested Positive for Covid-19 and Princes Charles being infected also, we should not have low morale. I and the UK have your back. Every Thursday, millions of people clap for the NHS, carers and you. You have millions of people admiring you for your good works, the country values you like something priceless because you can never buy genuine love, you can only get it. Keeping this in mind, try your hardest efforts as what you give is what you will receive. If you give great efforts in your works, great things will be what you receive. However, if you give bad efforts in this, it will be bad efforts you will receive. Choose what is best for me, you and the whole of the UK. Because you and many others are the NHS (soon-to-be). Our pride and our joy.

    Thank you for reading,
    Memorable orchard.

  • To present gratitude and thankfulness I would mention to the courageous volunteers:

    Dear brave volunteers,

    I would like to say to each and every one of you, who have volunteered, thank you for putting your self forward in these extreme times as the NHS is under a huge quantity of pressure. Your work will abolish the strain on the NHS as there are more people. You have demonstrated a lot of bravery to volunteer and save lives. You are risking your lives to save others, which is really generous of you all. The United Kingdom values you exceedingly in these times of difficulty. I feel truly appreciative for these considerate volunteers. Thank you.

    honourable _ meerkat

  • " I stand here proudly having the opportunity to express my views over such a phenomenal healthcare service. We all should appreciate that our National Health Service has been beating the heart of our country since 1948 and I may I it has brought an era of its kind. I have supported the clapping for the dedicated NHS staff and I believe that such bravery will take the National Health Service to the next level. I also have to include an honourable mention to all the retired staff and people who have offered to volunteer and play their part to overcome this global pandemic and bring back the orderly -mannered hospitals,” " Thank You"

  • Good evening volunteers and welcome,

    I want to start this speech off by saying thank you. Thank you for doing this for your country and for the NHS. Thank you for thinking about others before yourselves.This really will make a difference.

    Firstly, I want to remind you of how much our country values you. The NHS is going through difficult times right now that affect many people's health: like staff shortages and them struggling to buy new equipment. You have shown great determination and courage and this will always stay in our hearts.

    We need you the most now, especially during this pandemic, and here you are standing up for your country. It might seem as though you are not making a big difference delivering food or making homes for other people but it is. It is because the whole country is relying on you to make a difference.

    Stay strong and you can do this!
    Thank you.

  • There are many positive messages I could say to NHS staff. First, I would say that everyone appreciates there hard work. I would say this by saying something like 'your hard work is beneficial, and we acknowledge your work. Most live day by day, hoping to last another one. Without the NHS, the country wold be a mess. We need you to fight for the countries well-being, and let our countries continue to thrive.' I would also tell them that it does not matter what job they have in the NHS, or whether they just pick up phone calls or drive ambulances, but as the Tesco motto says; every little helps. I would say how you could have any job in the NHS, or just someone who stands by and watches operations take place, and it would not matter. They are doing good for the country without even realising it. I would also state 'difficult times are upon us, and that without the NHS, we will not get through this. The NHS have been running for over 70 years; why quit now? You save lives. You help others. Your the reason most of us exist. Don't quit. Don't give up after all your hard work. We need you.' I would tell the volunteers 'you are needed to get us through COVID-19 and as a country, we need to work together. You would be of much help to the country and having more doctors and nurses, could save up to double the amount of lives. One doctor easily sees and cares for hundreds of patients a day, meaning the more doctors, the more lives saved. We need you. Volunteer and save millions of lives as a country, to battle COVID-19.

    The reason I would say this is because I think we should value the doctors and nurses in the NHS and let them know how much we need them and how helpful they will be to help the country battle COVID-19. I would also say this because they need to know how many lives they save a day to make them feel proud. NHS staff work hard every day to treat us people of the UK so they should continue. They are already under enough pressure as it is so we need to have more volunteers. They are very much needed.

  • Our earth is made up like a puzzle, you have the people who work hard, the people who save lives and then there’s the people who do nothing and just stand there and watch it all happen in front of there eyes. Why may I ask why? Why just stand there get a job with the NHS, they are the ones saving lives don’t you want to be a part of that, because our country is proud of the NHS and we wouldn’t be here without them. So do everyone a favour and be a little more careful stay safe and don’t go to the NHS for help without the need to, please. Thank you