#30 - News Odd One Out - Winners Announced!

10 April 2020

Openmindedness for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took part - especially in the last week of a very different term!

Our Primary winner is brilliant_fossil of Upton Cross Primary School, who demonstrated how Picture B might lack the amount of opinion that the other two pictures had. This was an original approach to the challenge and was explained very well. However, it raises an interesting question - how do we tell what is information and what is opinion in the news?

Our Secondary winner is lovable_writer of Graveney School, who gave a very clear explanation explaining how these pictures could connect chronologically (in time order), and made a case for A being different to the other two.

Well done to both of you!

After the big success of our first 'Odd One Out' competition way back in September, we thought we'd give you another challenge!

Look at pictures A, B and C above. Which one do you think is the odd one out and why?

The very best answers to 'Odd-one-out' find similarities between two that the other one doesn't have.

Remember, the answer could be A, B or C - there is no right or wrong answer! We are looking for original and creative ways of looking at these three images. It's OK to go for a choice that someone else has, just try to come up with new reasons!

Make sure you explain your answer with good reasons and keep an open-mind.

There may not be a 'right' answer here so be creative, and give reasons for your choice!

Winners will be announced next Friday 10th April. Good luck!

PS: You might have noticed we've changed Picture A, as Boris Johnson is currently in hospital for tests and we felt it wasn't right to have him as part of a competition at this stage.

Comments (42)

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  • I think picture B is the odd one out because the information is coming from a source and is not first hand information so you will have to be skeptical however, picture A and C are coming from their information. But on the other hand, I think picture C is the odd one out because it is a protest however the other pictures are about other news in the country. And the picture A might be the odd one out since it is one persons chance of speech but the others a lot of people are showing their opinion.😇
    So personally I think the odd one out is Picture.......... A😃😱

  • I think A is the odd one out because in C, you can see people protesting and in B, you can see someone reading about the protests. So B & C are linked to protests while a is Boris Johnson making a speech,(which by the way, has nothing to do with protesting in any way.) If you actually think of it though, he could be making a speech ABOUT the protests.

  • The odd one out is B because the other 2 are reality. New on a phone could be fake news. where as the president in picture A and the people in c are face to face news both A and C will both be trying to get their point across with strong point to argue.

  • In my opinion, I think that the middle one, picture 'B' is the odd one out. This is because the other two pictures, 'A' and 'C', they are sharing their own opinion. The picture 'A' is showing a picture of Boris Johnson but how do you know what he is saying is true, he is probably making a prediction on what he wants. Maybe someone could disagree with him and make their own statement of their opinion. Picture 'C' is the same thing. Maybe someone does not want to make a change, maybe a person could think that the world is absolutely fine and if we make a change then maybe that could just lead to a disaster and if you think that there is a disaster then you could be making things worse and actually create a disaster because sometimes to much good things can lead to bad things. Finally, the picture 'B' is the news. The news is not really making any statements or opinions, it is just sharing with us some news that has been going on what people think. It is just updating people in the local community on what is going around in the world. This is my explanation on why I think picture 'B' is the odd one out.


  • I think B is the odd one out because in A boris Johnson is giving his own opinion and in C the people are protesting THEIR own opinion and not somebody elses. But in B if you look closely it says "publics opinion" on the phone so obiously it is not their own opinion. So I think the odd one out is B.

    1. The camera is not necessarily filming Boris Johnson.

      1. Tom said that the picture had to change because Borris Johnson is in hospital but officially it was a picture of Borris Johnson

        1. Yes it was, so we have changed it.

  • Using my open-mindedness and other skills , having looked at all of them and debated all of them I have come to the conclusion where I believe that picture B is the odd one out as my research has given me the impression of that this
    person is not attempting to change the world and the prime minister, Boris Johnson and the other debater is. To conclude my argument I am thinking that picture B is the odd one out due to my research.

  • Using my scepticism and my open-mindedness, having looked at the pictures and debating on all three of them, I have come to the conclusion that picture B is the odd one out. I believe this because this person is just looking at the news however he is not being open minded himself. To secure my argument the other two pictures show it in person, and picture C looks like an opinion

  • I think that A is the odd one out, because B and C are the same thing. B shows news of what is happening in C but A is showing the prime minister, Boris Johnson, making a speech.

  • I predict that picture B might be the odd one out as you cannot trust everything online and can be false and the others could be true. I also think that option C can be the odd one out because no body is protesting and that can be fake not like the others and it doesn't really relate to picture A and B because of (maybe) it includes politics.
    But at the same time, option C can involve politicians or politics because the person, who is holding the cardboard poster, possibly trying to send a message to the politics.
    Picture A could be edited. But can't, as you can search up shutterstock.com and search up Boris Johnson it'll be there.
    But overall, picture B must be the odd one out as now fake news/ rumors are being told by people and it must be on the internet.
    (My opinion.)

  • i think picture B is odd because they are not actually looking and listening to real life they are looking at the internet which is not always true

  • I think that picture 'B' is the odd one out because if you look at picture 'A', Boris Johnson is making a live speech and in picture 'C', the protesters are live on the streets as well. But in the middle picture, picture 'B', the person reviewing the news is on a phone. Now, we know that things on the internet aren't always true and same goes for news on other viewing screens. We also know that the first and last pictures are sharing their own information, one being about the country and the other being about a change. Even though both could be totally unrelated, I still think that it is 'B'. So, after using open-mindedness, I think that it is the middle picture because it is the source most likely to share fake information whereas the other two are looking at it in a live perspective; sharing real information even though unrelated.

  • I think that B is the odd one out because A and C are about people using the power of their voice to change or make a difference, whereas in B they are doing it over the Internet. Also, it can also be added that B is the odd one out because you can't always rely on the news that you hear over the internet or on any social media which it's what B is showing. However, you can always rely on the news that can physically see and hear the person saying which is what A and C are showing.

  • Picture C because it looks like a protest, but picture A and picture B are about other past news events.

  • I think it is picture C because the lady is holding up a sign saying we need a change. I think she's talking about climate change and global warming. Picture A and B are mostly talking about the news and world events . picture C is talking about protesting about human rights .They are having an arguement maybe about Boris Johnson changing things or politicians not listening and doing nothing about it. I also think it is picture B because the perosn looking at the "news" might be fake. People make up things to trick you and lure into something that you don't want to do. It's always safe to ask an adult if you are not sure.

  • In my opinion, picture B is the odd one out because picture A is a speech made by Boris Johnson and picture C is a parade of people asking for a change to this world. This makes picture B the odd one out because they are using technology to find out about the news while the other pictures are done in real life. Also, the news could be fake because random people can make fake news on fake websites but if you are doing a speech or parade it is true because they are infront of people doing a face-to-face speech. Also if you tell people fake news they don’t have to believe you and it will be obvious, same with a parade. Another reason is that the person who made the news wrote in everyones opinion but A and C are their own opinion. This way we will know what a person wants because not everyone wants the same thing. For instance, people might think that the Covid 19 is a good thing because not a lot of public transport is used but they also might think it’s a bad thing as it is a very dangerous disease. One final reason is, picture B is on a website mostly everyone sees because in picture A it is Boris Johnson talking and making a speech and not everyone will watch people taking a speech. Picture C is a parade and not everyone goes out to see a parade. Picture B is the one people will look at the most because a lot of people have a news website to read what is going on in the world.


  • I king of think that each one is odd one out depending on what the situation is! How? Well for A is odd one out because Borris Jonson could just be giving a speech! That doesn’t link with B or C does it? But also he might be giving a opinion so that would link with B or C because they are about opinions! B could be about opinions but it could be about something completely different! So therefore it doesn’t link with anything! C could be the odd one out! Because Borris Johnson could be suggesting something and for B They could be like showing there opinion online? B isn’t protesting because it could be something like they are giving comments on what Borris Jonson suggesting!
    By loyal_lobster❤️

  • I think that picture B is the odd one out because picture A and picture C show signs of speaking and passionate about something. For example, picture C says that 'We Need A Change'. The woman seems passionate about something because she is protesting by chanting and making a sign. I also think that the prime minister is being passionate as well because it looks like that he is making a statement and he is confident when he says it. So i think that B is the odd one out because information is coming from a phone and not a human being.

  • I think picture B is the odd one out because picture A shows Boris Johnson giving a speech and picture C shows a protest but image B shows some one online.

  • I believe that picture C is the odd one out because it is first-hand news. From the framing of the picture, it looks like it is a point of view shot where we, as the viewer, are taking part in the protest, and from the camera angle, we are looking over the shoulder of the girl with the placard. It would leave me to conclude that as the viewer is a part of this scene, it would be first-hand news experienced directly by that person. On the contrary, picture A is of a camera recording a news event, and picture B is of a smartphone that has access to reports from journalists. Therefore, both pictures A and B are second-hand news because the viewer would be relying on the interpretation of the camera in picture A and the journalist's online report in picture B.

  • In my point of view, I think B is the odd one out as - since it's on a website - there will only be news on what has already happened. Presumably something that has occured maybe 3-4 days ago, infact, sometimes they even talk about the future!
    C, though is related to A because that youth holding the placard is probably engaged in a protest, which will be ongoing RIGHT NOW, therefore meaning that journalists will be there and where there are journalists, there are cameras, recording the protest LIVE, which is what A is portraying.

  • ( Edited ) In my opinion, I believe that Picture C is the odd one out. The reason behind this is because Picture A has an umbrella with the label sign of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Picture A is the normal news you would watch at your television just at the shooting spot not from your home. Picture B is a news website but it is still the news just not in video form so it can still be counted as a news. Protesting is a whole different world to the news so Picture C a protest so it may be an article on the news but it is not the News itself so that is why I think that Picture C is the odd one out and that Picture A and Picture B have a connection between them. Cheerful Photograph.

  • I think B is the odd one out because in picture A they are filming Boris Jonson which is happening in the present and it is his opinion. Also in picture C someone is protesting which is live and it is their opinion, whereas in picture B someone is at home reading news which could be old,fake or in the future. Adding on to this the person in picture B is not showing their opinion.

  • I think the odd one out is picture C for two reasons.

    Firstly, I think that C is the odd one out as it is the only one that is not giving information, as picture B is getting information from a website, from technology, and picture A is Boris Johnson making a speech, and he would probably be giving information about something, whereas picture C shows someone protesting for something that they want.

    I think that picture C is also the odd one out because it is the only one that does not show some kind of technology, since picture B is a phone, and picture A now shows a camera instead of Boris Johnson. This shows that in picture A and B, the way to get news is advancing into the future and constantly upgrading, while protests are staying and remaining the same.

    I also think that picture B could be the odd one out because it is not a direct source as it is a website that someone has put the information on, so the source is not direct from a human, and that some people use fake news inside of technology to make people think something good about them, or to just change their viewpoint. So picture B could be the odd one out as the news it shows might not necessarily be true.

    Equally, all of the pictures can be the odd one out. The reason why picture A can be the odd one out as a camera is not giving information or news, and it is not protesting. It just captures something that you could use in news as evidence or a type of reassurance. It could be the odd one out as picture B is the news, and picture C is a direct source but picture A shows something that just creates part of the news, not the entire thing.

    In conclusion, all of the pictures can be the odd one out because the all have a difference but they also all have a similarity; they are all related and linked with the news.

    Thank you for reading!

  • I personally think A is the odd one out because B and C are pictured and news about protests when the camera in picture A is simply filming something, and that is not necessarily to do with pictures B and C.

  • All the pictures are the odd one out for different reasons. Picture A is the odd one out because whatever anyone does is being shown to the nation, however, pictures B and C show things that may not be believed or seen.
    Picture B is the odd one out because pictures A and C both have physical evidence to show that the event happened, however, picture B does not have physical evidence. It also could be bias in its writing where the others could not be.
    Picture C is the odd one out because it is not news related and is instead about protests.
    I believe that pictures A and B have the most in common, bringing me to the conclusion that I believe that C is the odd one out.

  • I think A because in B you see someone reading about people’s opinions, in C you see protests the result of people having different opinions to the Government but in A you see a camera with some sort of umbrella on it and has no sight of any human life

  • They could also all be the odd one out because on A there’s a camera, on B there’s someone just standing outside which they shouldn’t really be doing and C could be seen as the odd one out because there’s a large gathering(the protest) and that would now not be a good thing to do due to the ongoing situation and unlike the other ones there’s not a mass gathering.

  • I think that the odd one out id Picture A. I think this because the other pictures show public opinions, and protesting. If you look at picture B, it is a person scrolling through their phone, to a website that says 'public opinion'. This is someone looking at somebodies opinions. In picture C, somebody is holding up their opinion to make people aware. Both of these have something in common, making n opinion aware. The picture A is a camera, supposedly recording for BBC news. Although this is still making something aware, it is not in the same format as the others. The other pictures show someone telling people of a unpopular opinion, but picture A is someone telling people what to do.

  • I think that picture C is the odd one out because it hasn't got any news things in it just a sign but that can be expanded. For example: it doesn't look like anything that you would film for the news but, A does not have anything that shows a human feature or any human things. B is also an option as the news on the phone isn't present as it is not being filmed right now.

  • Any of them can be the odd one out for very-is reasons such as
    C is the odd one out because it is the only one that dos not have any thing to do with the internet wile the others do,
    A is the odd one out because it is the only one that has not got a human in it,
    B because it is the only one that shows some one on the internet.

  • I believe that picture B is the odd-one-out for various reasons.
    In picture A and C everything is actively happening and the headlines are being made .
    Also in picture B it doesn't look like reliable news as it doesn't even say the name of the company , let alone source just NEWS. However, in picture A ,in the whereabouts of the umbrella, it says BBC news . In picture C as I previously said the news is actively making the HEADLINES this is therefore why...

    Picture B is the odd-one-out !

    Thank you for reading,
    Persistent_effort .

  • In my own opinion I think that Picture B is the odd one out because everyone doesnt have a phone to see the news so therefore it is the odd one out. Picture A is not the odd one out because more people can see it and its professional to be on the TV in your house but in Picture B you cant believe everything you see on the internet. Picture C is definitely not the odd one out because everyone needs a say in things and that's what they were doing in that picture.

    Remember dont believe everything you see on the internet!

    Thankyou for listening,

  • Out of all the pictures I think that the odd one out is picture A
    I think it is that because it is showing a camera that would film what is actually going on, and pictures B and C are showing the actual news and it on the internet.
    The picture B shows someone reading the news on the internet and about to click on one of the titles leading you to a page. I don't think that is like picture A because A is it being filmed as B is about what it was filmed by.
    Picture C is about something you might film or picture. It is not like picture A because that is what you would film.
    Picture C and B are like each other because they are what the public and viewers would see as the camera is what you would not see because that is what would film or takes the photos.
    Thank you

  • I think pic A is the odd one out because B&C are what are on the news but A is a news channel.

  • Personally, I think that C is the odd one out because the other two are all about news. Picture A is the recording of the new and the evidence and picture see is viewing it. However this is a very weak argument. I think that all the pictures are different from each other because the all represent something different. Picture C is a protest, picture B is someone viewing news and picture A represents the evidence of an event by filming it. In a way I think that they are all different but picture C is the most different because it is something completely different to the other pictures. It represents a protest and wanting 'a change' whereas the other two are a lot more similar as they both involve the journalism behind the news; one picture is reading the news and the other is capturing/recording it. However, back to my previous thinking; they are actually quite different. When I started my comment I had to read many others to see their opinion and inspire mine. I think it is a hard decision to come across. Nonetheless, the one that is the most different is picture C as it has a slight difference to the others. The other two pictures also involve technology whereas picture C does not.

    However, my mind moves to a different perspective for the other pictures. As well as thinking that picture C 'is the odd one out' I also think that so is B. B is a secondary source because it is someone else's perspective of the story where as the other two are primary sources because they are at the scene. In picture A, there is a camera that is recording a scene (it must be there to record it) and the protest in picture C they must be there to protest.

    However, my strongest 'odd one out' would defiantly be picture C as explained above; the others involve technology and are to do with the news. This is my opinion.

    Thanks for reading

  • Picture A could be the odd one out as it doesn't necessarily have anybody in it.
    But picture C could possibly also be the odd one out as it has no technology involved in it

  • i think A would be the ODD on from given list and there is no use of equipment in picture C.

  • I think Picture A is the odd one out because instead of showing the public responding to and accessing the news, it showed the news being prepared for the public. This is really important because it is almost as if they are on a chronologically ordered timeline and there is a significant change between picture A and B where the news transitions from being developed and prepared for the public to the public consuming and responding to the news. In other words, Picture A is before and Pictures B and C are after. My argument is crucial because the most intriguing part of the news system is the interaction between the media and the public through the news. A lot can happen in between Picture A and Picture C.

  • I think that picture 'B' is the odd-one-out. I state this because 'A' (BBC News), they speak for others. For example, they report the daily news for our benefit, which is doing something for the US and that 'something' is speaking. Therefore, they speak for others (Us - the UK.) I additionally think that C is not the odd-one-out. My reasoning behind this remark is that the female with the cardboard sign that quotes, 'WE NEED A CHANGE', which is speaking for others. Even though there is one person there, she is speaking on our behalf, which is speaking for us. For example, the kind people who supply food and beverages to elderly people. It would still be beneficial for many people and not just themselves. The reason why I said that picture 'B' is the odd-one-out is that if you look at it close enough, you can faintly see the word 'Public opinion'. The public means everyone. If the word 'opinion' is in front of 'public', which I have now pointed out means everyone, that automatically means that it is everyone's opinion. Everyone has their own opinions, which means that they speak for themselves. Everyone's different opinions sum up to a Public opinion. They speak on their behalf and for their benefit, it is beneficial for THEM and not as much for others. In conclusion, I think B is the odd-one-out as what is going on is only beneficial for a single person other than a large group of people.

    Thank you for reading.

    An original idea by memorable_orchard.

  • I think that Picture C is the odd one out because it is the only one that does not have a man made item in the image and it also has people that are together, standing for a statement they are trying to get across to other people and it's the only one not news related. I think this because it is a different way to get a statement across, it also shows that many people will stand together to make a change and the strong statement “WE NEED A CHANGE” on the sign shows that people want to make other people change their mind. It shows what people want to see, it also shows that people want to share what they think with other people. People show what they feel or want to change on paper and not in words, so this might be the way some people express their feelings so that everyone can see them and want to feel them to. Picture A and B have information in electric forms that correspond with technology which means that picture c is the odd one out as it doesn't involve technology. People writing down their thoughts on a piece of cardboard is good because other people can express their feelings as well and that can start a statement that can change the world with one small thought. Not being news related means that it isn't known around the world which means that the place where it is, is the only place that knows about it and some people don't get to experience what these people are trying to get across to the world.

  • I think picture C is the odd one out(i thought this would be a common answer but i decided to do it anyway).I believe picture C is the odd one out because its the only one without electronics.Picture A has a camera and picture B has an iPhone screen.I think these pictures are showing different ways of protesting.Some news companies can film about something or broadcast something.The phone is representing that you can write about something and publish it online or on social media.If you think about it, to do all these things it costs money (the camera equipment is surely a lot of money and for a phone you need to pay bills).You can pay lots of money to show something on facebook or broadcast something live, but you can always just stick to the original way of protesting in public.Thats why i believe picture C is the odd one out- it does not involve electronics

  • In my opinion, Picture C is the odd one out as A and B are about getting news whereas C is a protest. A is BBC filming to receive news from the PM or whoever they are filming and B is about someone trying to retrieve news from a website. Picture C is someone who is creating a protest.