#33 - Ask the author!

04 May 2020

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Winners announced!

Our first winner is versatile_molecule of Hammond Junior School, who asked a very good question about the sources Anita uses for her books. Identifying good information is crucial for anyone, whether writing a book or interpreting the news!

Our second winner is credible_football of Irene Secondary School who asked a very good question about overcoming obstacles when there is not a lot of resources to use. Anita's answer will be very important in helping us understand how to make the best of what we have available.

We'll be sending these two, and three other chosen questions to Anita next week - watch this space for her answers!

Well done to both of you!

Anita Ganeri is the author of the "Horrible Geography" books, including Stormy Weather, Desperate Deserts and Planet in Peril!

We are delighted to say she is joining the Burnet News Club to answer your questions. So here's your chance to submit yours!

What would you ask Anita Ganeri about writing on extreme weather? Why?

When you plan your questions, think carefully about what would be really interesting to find out.

Remember, as a children's writer, Anita will need to use many skills that we are trying to develop in the Burnet News Club such as finding knowledge, open-mindedness, scepticism, and speaking up. Communication is really important, especially when your job is educate children about how the world works!

Please submit questions here about Anita's job as someone who must find out a lot about something, and then communicate it to others - a bit like someone who works in the news!


Competition entries close at 10.30am (UK time) on Friday 1st May. Good luck!


My question for Anita Ganeri about writing about extreme weather is...

I would like to ask this because...

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