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The clip is from the song "Hall of Fame" and I enjoy listening to this song because it carries... #26 A moment for music 23/3/22
To you, the beautiful girl who only suits you for leadership and progress. Have striving and... #23 What should they hear? 25/2/22
1. The book I read is “The Little One Can Make a Difference” by Greta Thunberg. 2. In it, I... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
journalist J: Job is research, knowledge, and deduction o: overcomes odds U: Understands and... #8 The News 25/10/21
THE NEWS t .... The teacher explained the importance of the news h... He said its meaning is... #8 The News 22/10/21
1. I listened to Hernán Payaguaje 2. The most important thing he said is that all people from... #7 Share the expertise 18/10/21
My dream job is to be an environmental expert, which is very beneficial for the environment... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21
A problem in my community is electricity. To solve it, I will take advantage of the sun’s rays,... #5 Innovation for your nation! 01/10/21
I think that honesty is the most important quality that a journalist should possess because it... #4 Because... 27/9/21
In my opinion, honesty is the most important quality that a journalist should possess because it... #4 Because... 27/9/21
A journalist is a reporter who conveys news to us and sometimes risks his life in order to cover... #3 Caption this 17/9/21
The focus should be on interactive stories that engage children in them, as well as on games and... #2 Children's news channel 10/9/21
Interest in various issues: The media has multiple goals, as it is not only concerned with... #1 Topical Talk triangle 09/9/21
Delivering information and news: and everything related to it to the general public, in an... #1 Topical Talk triangle 09/9/21
the media contribute to the decision-making process as they provide the quantity and type of... #1 Topical Talk triangle 08/9/21
Knowledge: The news is a window through which viewers in their homes view the big world, because... #1 Topical Talk triangle 08/9/21
To clarify the role of art in society, it should be noted that art is of great importance to... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 05/6/20
Art is important because many believe that arts have no meaning or significance, but you do not... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 01/6/20
The arts are important because the fine arts always play an important role in human society, and... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 01/6/20
Art is important because ،،، Arts are of great importance to society, because it has a great... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 01/6/20