#39 - Your Virtual Festival

12 June 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you for these brilliant ideas - we'd love to attend all of your virtual arts festivals!

Our first winner this week is fulfilled_starfruit of New Horizons Children Academy, who put a great of effort into thinking through how their event would be accessible to everyone, and how people could get the most out of the virtual format.

Our second winner this week is amusing_bee of Highdown School, who chose an original theme (time-travel!) and explained how this would enhance the online experience of those taking part.

Well done to both of you, and everyone who entered!

Have you heard of The National Urdd Eisteddfod?

It's a Welsh youth festival of literature, music and performing arts.

It attracts a huge 90,000 fans every year, but this year it is going ONLINE- read the full story here!

So this got us thinking...

If you could hold a virtual/online arts festival, what would it feature and why?

What arts do you think children would enjoy accessing online, and how would your festival work? We're open to creative and imaginative ideas! Remember the big rule - it must be online, and not in person!

The deadline for entries is 10.30am on 12th June. Please enter only once. Good luck!

Example entry:

My virtual arts festival would include...

I would choose these kinds of arts because...

Comments (28)

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  • My virtual festival would include a variety of different arts such as music, singing, dancing and art.
    Music - the music would be a few different types of artists to please more crowds.
    Singing - I would show a few live performances from pop stars then I would post something where the kids can record themselves singing bits of a song and the next day I would post a new song with everyone singing different bits.
    Art - Art would be a few activities. One would be to create any piece of art with any shapes any sizes, it could be abstract or still its all up to them. I would then ask that to explain what the drawing is, why you did it and what type of drawing it is. Then I would do a post for a collage task and a few step by step paintings for all stages beginners, intermediate and expert.
    Finally dancing - There would be different types of dances already choreographed and they could copy.
    As some virtual festivals have been held on Fortnite { a virtual game } I think I would do that too.
    Thankyou for reading,

    1. Wow, radical_koala, your virtual festival sounds like nothing I've ever heard before! ( that was a compliment)

        1. It also seems very full and exciting, radical_ koala, super fun!

  • If I were to host an art festival, I would feature lots of colour! It would be at a street, so people will be able to hear it and come! I would also have a giant parade, full of colour, and lots of famous pieces of music! Then the food would be a rainbow cake, along with some sandwiches and a glass of iced water! I want to be a fashion designer, so there will be a free sale of colourful clothing! I might never do this, but at least I have a plan!🤪🥳

    1. Remember we have asked about a "virtual festival"! How would yours look if it were online?

    2. That seems very fun sympathetic_desert.

    3. Wow! I hope you manage to do that, sympathetic_desert!

  • in the website the festival takes place in I would make the back round abstract with not just colors but also historic images since those count as art too along with music notes, paintings E.t.c I would also put loads of modern and historic computer games, but there would also be links to get some info on ancient arts. Along side these there would be music and an area to type what they think art is

  • My virtual festival would have quiet, easy-listening music, as I am not very into pop music. It would have lots of people laughing and talking, uniting people from all over the globe, bringing a brief peace to the world. There would be lots of different types of food, curry, pasta, pizza, fruit, vegetables and crisps. There would be a place to listen to famous music, e.g Beethoven or Mozart. There would also be a bit for the pop/rock music loving people, where there is a stage to watch pop/rock stars sing and dance. I won the last competition, so I don't expect to win this one! But I want to enter for fun! Thank you for choosing me in the last competiton, I was really shocked and happy :0 :)

  • If I hosted a virtual art festival I would include some of the more well known paintings(example the Mona Lisa) and put them in a museum of art.I would also include different forms of art like dancing

  • i would display some online paintings do some fun games and deliver food for them try

  • My virtual festival would have a futuristic theme to link with the virtual-ness of the festival. It would be set out on a website like a sort-of time-traveling website, where each page would take you back in time to a different decade. On each decade page, there would be: a live chat with optional facetime so you could dress up; constant video clips of greatest hits and moments from that decade (from all music genres and for all ages); fun games to play with other people themed around that decade, e.g Piano Tiles with songs from the decade, dress-up games with fashion from the decade, racing games with popular cars from the decade, and truth or dare simulators to do via face-time. You can easily flick through the different pages/decades.
    Because of the wide range of music, everyone participating could find a page in their interest and because of the live communication, chats, games and face-timing, you could feel like you’re actually at a festival :)

  • I am a person that likes to face challenges. If I were to organise and host an online art festival, I would be most inclined to create a challenge to everyone's abilities and likes. In my virtual art festival not only do I want it to be educational and fun, but I also want it to be fair. An example of a challenge I have a vivid picture of would be a dance battle. Different families would receive an email with the password to participate. When they join the "meeting", they will be given a story. The participants will then have thirty minutes to create a short dance, showcasing the story. For this, they will have to include emotion, a linkable song, and any ability of movement. The winners will not be based on the dance but the creativity of choreography and song choice, both referring to the given narrative.

    If some cannot partake, there are more activities just as fun. Each game has a moral behind them so that you can still learn at the same time. Another challenge could be listening to a piece of music and recreating it in one frozen moment. For instance, you can infer this in your own way and express it on paper or with your body. Again, this will be judged on creativity, not ability.

    One more challenge I would like to include in my festival has the following instructions:
    1. Hear a clip of the chosen film
    2. Show the emotions either by music (this includes instruments, homemade sounds, and the power of your voice) or as a drawing/painting, etc.
    3. Email any models/drawings etc. to the host and show any pieces of created music in the "meeting"
    4. We will then show the artwork on a shared screen and decide the winners (these will be chosen by the idea, link, and thought behind it.)

    I have tried my best to include activities that can be suitable for all, but there will still be people that cannot take part. To try and resolve this problem, I would email a performance from a theatre to watch at home - displaying acting as a type of art. More challenges that could interest participators include martial arts and photography. I would host these challenges at different times along with help from my team.

  • My festival would run over many weeks. This is to prevent lag and any crashes that might occur. Lag and Crashes would make the festival disorganized, it is important everything is synced. However measures like this cannot eliminate any chances of lag and crashes so we would record the entire thing so that if a problem does occur then everyone can go back about to listen to what they missed. There will be 40 slots and people can only join one slot, which is one day, this means that there is less people in one call, to, as I said, prevent lag and crashes. Once you are in the festival you can join a private call which means you can still do everything at the festival but you can talk individually to your friends. Within the slot you have there are many other calls you can join to specific things like music, singing and dancing. I would use separate calls for these types of things so that the entire call can be on mute so everyone can listen to the music without disturbing everyone in the other calls. There would music, singing and dancing at my festival as I detailed earlier; video games that everyone can play together, we would make sure that these games require minimal external equipment so that most people can join in. I would have real life games such as a game I like to play where someone says a country and the other person has to say a country that starts with the letter of the word the first person said and this repeats. I would have games like this that don't require you to have a physical game so everyone can participate. There will be art as well, you can tour round a virtual museum of paintings and you can make you own art as well, there would be a competition and the best art will win. The creator of that art will be given an Amazon gift card for 200 pounds. For kids there will be many e-books you can download and there will be funny live performances.

  • My virtual arts festival would include many things that is like art. There will be only 5 winners and those 5 will/ or might win a cool, colossal prize but the only way to win is if the piece of art you have made comes from your heart you will have only a month to submit your piece of art.
    It'll have many enjoyable things included like fun "games" to play (which involves types of art). The meeting would be held on zoom as it is one of the best apps to join people together.
    There will be drawing, acting, painting and many more activities included along with it.

    I would choose these kinds of arts as the arts that I mentioned are entertaining; like painting- as you can have fun with it by making a mess!
    I think the children will like it and try and make friends (I assume) but will enjoy it overall. But before that they have to send in their art (it could be video or picture) they have to do it (by themselves) or be apart of it (like being apart of a play).

  • My arts would include music, dancing, arts, singing, acting and voice acting.

    Music- Would probably choose a few artists to please the crowd or would choose a couple of the most populist ones.
    Dancing-There would be some choreographers to choreograph a few dances and they could copy like Joe Wicks.

    Art-I would have a virtual gallery were you could send a video to me so I would edit them all in one.Or I would have an online competition so you either send your drawing by photo or just draw it on computer or any piece of tech.

    Singing-I would select something of the most successful and popular singers all types included and have an online concert or we could get some children to sing and put them in a collage.

    Acting-I would make a script and mini movie and you could audition for a part and you can send the parts by video and I’ll edit it into one.

    Voice acting- I’ll use the Internet so you could audition for a role and make sure the telegram is clear so I can edit it in an app so it makes the characters look like their actually talking!

    Thanks for reading,

  • If I were to host a virtual arts festival, I would have it on a website with a home page explaining what features there are to the festival and how the audience can get involved.
    The festival would be running for weeks and not days, so everyone can find time to explore virtual arts.
    The themes I will include are:
    Dance: There will be step-by-step routines to follow or you could make your own with your friends using the link to Zoom to send in your dance
    Musical Theatre/ Acting: The will be a selection of monologues for kids or teens, which can be performed and sent. You could also make you own!
    Animation: The competition for this type of art is freestyle, or you could just make one for fun and share it!
    Modern Art: This one is has lectures you can read or create you own.
    Paintings from famous Artists: This one is a freestyle one, too.
    I would also create a page where there is a competition for each art style, one where there will be 5 people who could win, for each category. All they would have to do is choose a piece of art they would like to create, or make their own, and submit it.
    For each website page, there will be a 360 degree virtual tour around the gallery, showing historical and contemporary art, according to the page that is clicked.
    There will also be a teen section and a kids section, with fun activities from drawing to lectures about the history and how art has changed over time. You could play art themed games, read about historical or modern art or use the 360 degree tour! The will be a section at the bottom with each header so you can see the type of work that will be created when people enter the competition.
    Tis is what I would include in my virtual art festival!
    - intrepid_hurricane

  • My virtual arts festival would run on a week end.
    Friday- Performances from Elton John and many other big names and an online performance of a pantomime.
    Saturday- A virtual flower show and a art gallery viewing and a drama on the radio 📻 and a premier of a brand new film.
    Sunday- A singing and acting tutorial by a famous singer/ actor and a poetry reading and a virtual reality game that can be played with a special headset that you will get sent.

  • I would definitely say to do art as it will help people stress by looking at something calm and respectful or maybe going outside in your garden and watching nature such as the birds and leaves flying through the fresh air glorious_bat.

  • My online arts festival would include dance routines, singing and reading poems. It would have the dancing because I am a dancer myself so I know that you can really BE YOU when you dance. You can let yourself go free even just for a while and you can express yourself which is something we should all have a chance to do in our lives. Dancing is also good exercise and it can sometimes even help you mentally by dissolving your worries. My festival would have singing because again you can lose yourself in the song and set yourself free. You can stay still while you sing and focus on your voice or you can loosen up and move around while you sing, do actions, dance a bit. It doesn't matter because it is up to you. Or you could pick a song that means something to you, maybe it played at a time that something really enjoyable happened, or maybe the words of the song helped you through a difficult time, or you could write your own song. And finally the festival would have poetry reading because if you write it yourself you can pour your heart and soul out into it. Or you could read a pre-existing poem that someone read to you when you were little and you want it to be like a little shout out to them. Maybe you have always though that a poem someone else wrote means something and is very important to you for some reason. It should be up to you which you do, what aspect of the category and why.
    Thank you for reading my idea.

  • Hello,
    In my virtual arts festival I would include paintings with classical music (eg. Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin) in the background to emphasize the feelings in the portraits. The music can also help you to relax and unwind. I would also include dance, from street to ballet, in my virtual arts festival so that everyone is suited with their favourites. Dance can lift mood and make you feel better and cheerful.
    Thank you for reading,

  • This would be my virtual concert:
    It would be a Yt live with only and my first opening act would be a show of music
    With people like billie eilish,Beyonce,Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande(mabye a bit of Dua Lipa)Their would be a Zoom call to call all the singers and mabye a little bit of dancers dancing to the songs
    Then we could have a bit of poems to wind down on our fun then we could have a few clips on the iconic dance moves from the performance and make a tutorial.What do u think?

  • My virtual arts festival would be a dancing tutorial because dancing gets people on their feet and it also lifts the vibe . Some dances make you feel happy and like you are having fun but some dances make you feel relieved as well as relaxed. So this would be by virtual arts festival / tutorial just because it brings nice vibes into the building or household.

  • My virtual arts festival would include pop dancing, where individuals would practise a routine at home and then perform. It would also include everyone involved in the festival learning a set of steps, which they would then perform together over Zoom.

    I would choose these kinds of arts because first of all children would enjoy seeing and participating in a dance festival. It is fun and makes people smile. I also think that dance is a great way to keep active so practising for a virtual performance would keep children busy and keep them fit and healthy.

  • My virtual arts festival would include photography, presenting photographs that represent life in lockdown. There would be different categories, for example pets, food, arts and people would have the opportunity to submit their best photographs. These photographs would be shared in an online gallery and people would have the chance to vote for their favourite. There would then be a virtual celebration where people would be able to talk about the photographs and how they link to their experiences.

    I would choose these kinds of arts because I think photography is a great way to document these unusual times, both for us and for future generations. During lockdown, lots of people have searched for new hobbies to keep themselves busy and having a photography festival gives people something to work towards.

  • My virtual arts festival would include both traditional and digital art and would be an opportunity for struggling artists to showcase their work and put themselves out there. There would be competitions, presentations and an auction in where people can sell their work.

    I would choose these kinds of arts because I think drawing gives people the opportunity to express themselves in different ways, which is especially important during lockdown. A lot of artists are also struggling financially, so this would give them the opportunity to earn a bit of money and to become more well known.

  • My virtual arts festival would include different types of painting for both professional and amateur artists. There would be opportunities for people to take part in workshops so that they can get inspired to learn new skills and even to recreate paintings done by famous artists. There would also be galleries of paintings and talks by the artists about what they do and why they got into painting. It would also include talks about famous paintings and famous artists so that people can learn new things. Finally, there would be competitions to get everyone involved in the festival.

    I would choose these kinds of arts because painting is something that anyone can do and this type of festival would inspire more people to get involved and pick up a paintbrush. Painting is fun for all the family and has lots of benefits for mental health.

  • My virtual arts festival would include traditional cultural art that represents the diversity of our local community. There would be presentations from people in the local community about the countries they come from and the traditional art associated with that country. I would invite local artists to showcase their work and to talk about its relevance to their life. There would also be workshops where people would be able to create traditional art. People could even wear their country’s traditional dress as they take part in the festival.

    I would choose this kind of festival because it’s important to celebrate diversity and to find out about different cultures. People are very familiar with traditional art such as paintings but don’t necessarily have many opportunities to look at or find out about art from different countries. This would help them learn but would also be a fun celebration that would bring the whole community together.

  • If I was able to host a virtual festival I would do either a online birthday party or a virtual prom/disco thing because in our school sometimes we do discos and it is a fun way and you also get to see your friends!! And a birthday party would be great because some people are having their birthday party in lock down, and it is where they do fun activity hunting around for items and lots of other fun games and also you can just catch up and have fun!!
    Sorry if this is little!!
    By loyal_lobster❤️

    1. If I may comment on this comment :) " I think this is super good"

  • My virtual festival would have its WI-FI to avoid crashes and lags from other participants internet. My festival would also have tutorials on how to do the acts, so it would give more of an experience of if they were there in real life. To cover up for the interval for transferring to one act to another, there will be meagre video games to entertain them and keep their eyes transfixed onto the screen. To make it more of a public act and more enjoyable, my festival would be interpreted in different languages around the world. There will also be competitions during the art festival, the prize will be emailed to the winner in a PDF document, so they can enjoy it at home. I'll have a myriad of types of art. There will be verbal arts, such as singing. This would be a nice touch to the festival because it improves your mood, which will give you energy for the rest of the festival. Also, it would encourage other participants to sing if they are not too confident in the area. We will have dancing, as it would be good exercise and very easy for participants to join in with. The types of dances will be ballet, jazz and hip-hop. Once again, there will be live tutorials if anyone is confused. My festival will also have comedy, to brighten up the spirits of participants or enrich their experience. There will also be breaks to make the viewers have time to eat and do things and not miss anything. If that is to occur, there will be replays. We will have drama. This will be a nice addition to the art festival as it helps you come together more when we are alone. There will be a virtual tour of an art museum. This will be good for educational purposes as it tells us a bit more about the occurrences in life. Finally, to end the festival on a calm note, there will be aesthetic art. This gives a sweet and cool sensation and puts the atmosphere on a more tranquil tone. If the watchers do not like any of the performances, they can always go on the festival's website and will be notified when the next activity has commenced. As fun as this seems, there will only be a limit of 27 participants to prevent viruses and bugs, which would ruin it all. However, there will be different sessions and it will commence on weekends as fewer people have work and more people are satisfied. In conclusion, this would be my virtual art festival and I hope you'd enjoy it if it were real.

    Thank you for reading.

  • My virtual art festival would include music, theatre and writing. I would include these arts because people young or old can relate to many of the music aspects of the festival. The theatre is a way to relax and take your mind off of the stressful things that are going on everyday. I think that having an online festival going on that doesn't involve people gathering in a big group is better right now, especially with what is going on in the world. Sometimes being stuck at home can be a bit boring and this can be a way to make your quarantine experience more exciting. Some of us want to go outside and have some fun with friends and families but with this online virtual festival we can all safely have fun in a group without actually meeting. Adding music is a way to up the spirit about the coronavirus and by adding theatre it can also be a way to discover what you would like to do in the future and there are many outlets where you can complete these activities, such as in the theatre, or a musician. I would include poetry and stories as it could inspire people to write stories in their free time.