#4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced!

04 October 2019

Speaking Up for competitions

Weekly Competition #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced!

What a joy it was to read your diary entries this week. We recommend you all take a read of each others' entries as there are some superb examples of empathy and speaking up from another perspective. Well done to everyone who has taken part. Stars have been awarded to entries which showed a particularly good understand of the crisis in Hong Kong and spoke up clearly and thoughtfully about the difficulties people there are facing.

Our primary school winner is eloquent_recipe, who wrote beautifully about the feeling of disappointment in Hong Kong and the uncertainty about the future.

loyal_violin was our secondary winner. They spoke very firmly about the thoughts and emotions that come with feeling let down by other countries, and raised a number of very interesting questions that remain unresolved.

Thanks for all your entries - another bumper week! Why not challenge yourself to enter the next competition?

People affected by the stories in the news will be feeling different things. So this week, we would like you to think about the Hong Kong news stories that you will have looked at in your Burnet News Club.

Choose someone affected by events in Hong Kong. This could be someone you have already learnt about, or a made-up person.

Write a diary entry for them. In your entry, say who you are writing from, and picture yourselves in their position:

-What will you have seen recently

-How has this made you feel? Why?

-What do you think will happen next?

The best entries will use the SPEAKING UP skill to help other people understand what they are experiencing and feeling. 100 words is your limit!

Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

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  • Friday the 27 of September 2019.
    Dear diary 📔
    I am tired of living in a torn country,with violence and unhappiness because of China 🇨🇳.
    I have seen people getting tortured because of what they believe. I have cried my eyes out every night for the past month because of the violent protests.I am hopeful that Britain 🇬🇧 interferes so that the one country two systems law is in forced. I hope that the Hong Kong people get their rights back soon
    Hope speak soon
    night night
    Love from Chenguang

  • Friday

    03:45 am

    I couldn't sleep, so I'll talk to you. Today was especially horrible. I'm really annoyed by China They're fighting like babies! People can't just agree on one thing! China is treating us like puppets and I can't take it anymore! People are getting themselves killed, because of protests. Why can't China hear a person? A country is where people agree on one thing. If one place gets more respect than others then nobody will be equal. Stuck up people think they rule everything. I hate the police! T-they shot mama! It's gonna be hard to raise Lia...

    Lynn- Chan left.

  • Lynn-Chan is one word by the way
    Its a name

  • Friday 27th September 2019
    Dear diary,
    Why won't China listen to what we are saying? For weeks we have been protesting and yet all they are trying to do is shut us up, stop the other countries from seeing what is happening here. I am going to protest with my friends tomorrow. I am worried about being shot but I really want to prove that the leaders of China can't just control us. Hopefully, Britain will help us and we will go back to living without the fear of being killed.
    See you tomorrow (with any luck)
    Wany Xiu Ling

  • Friday 27th September 2019

    Dear Diary,

    I write to you today with sorrow and pain in my heart. My Brother, Simon was jailed today and has been sentenced to life in prison for protesting violently and speaking his mind. Why do China do this? What have we done to them? I question if living in Hong Kong is a good thing. I am thinking to move to the UK, as I can protest there. Why do the British not get involved? Why does no country get involved? Why can’t China keep their end of the bargain?


    Lee Chan

  • Friday 27thSeptember 2019

    Dear Diary :
    Today was a day like no other, today was really different. I can't stand it anymore, from a country which I used to be proud to be a part of, I'm now ashamed. Every week something new will arise and turn China into chaos, the government will be fighting and arguing, they treat us like we a just there to be used, and worst of all there has been an increased in the number of suicide committed because of this ongoing issue. I would make a protest and to get my opinion across but I'm scared. I wonder what's it like in England, because I strongly think that a country should be democratic where the people can share their opinion with out being afraid. I really hope that there will be a big change in the way we can get our view points across. I'll let you know if anything gets better, but there's a small part in me that doubts it. See you later bye.


  • Dear diary,
    Why, does no agreement, no promise, no deal ever last? Why, does our country have to be thrown from side to side, while we stumble around, trying to stay in our feet, live in a peaceful nation, and live lives that are not effected by conflict and politics. Why? Life is no fun when it is all you can do to get up in the morning? I look out my window and what do I see? Dozens and dozens of armed police and military men, charging at my brave brothers and sisters, knocking them down, like bowling pins. It brakes my heart to see this happen, and yet people in Britain talk of leaving us, abandoned n this mess, that really they got us in. I am sick and tired of this happening, but my one redeeming hope is that this cannot keep happening, and while some of these protesters may not live to see it happen, the Chinese leader can't ignore this much longer. All I fear is that with is mighty army we will be silenced. Silenced like the Chinese, stuck in his power, and as a proud Hong Konger, that is not acceptable for me. I must keep fighting, keep standing up to everything that probably s unfair, and show everyone, everyone, why I am fighting for what I am.

  • Friday the 27th of September 2019.
    dear diary,
    I just cannot sleep I hate to say but I cannot deal with this torture anymore.Every day I see children crying , police shooting and much more . If something does not happen soon then the conflict between Hong Kong and China will grow bigger and bigger and bigger until it becomes uncontrollable for someone to stop.I want a chance to be heard to be allowed to say what's on my mind and all of my ANGER with what China is doing to us . We should be treated like Britain citizens . I still do not get why just because we live in Hong Kong under the power of China we do not get our human rights . I hope that one day I will get this and that I can be heard!

  • Saturday 28 of September 2019


    Dear Joshua Wong,
    I am fed up! Why can’t China listen to someone at least once or twice?! If I could I would really get Britain to get involved in this situation but I’m not sure if they would listen and I don’t even know how to get to the government in the first place . Anyway, China probably do know that people in Hong Kong are killing them selves because of the protest and if they do then they should try their best to stop them rather than leaving them to it. A country is where people agree on one thing . If one place gets respect than the other , it won’t be equal. When people work together the world’s going to be a bigger and better place. My advice is that someone from Hong Kong should go to China and make a speech , no matter what they say!

    Please take my advice.☺️

    From, succinct_weaver.

  • Merit Diary,

    I wish that the school next year will be beta than 2019 to 2020. Mrs Hofer though us all when I mean all is so many things like: you Though us how to be sensible inside or outside the corridors, you thought us how to come back from brEaK.
    Thanks for every thing you though us like I said 2020 will be beta than 2019.

  • Merci means thanks in French.

  • Saturday, 27th September 2019

    3:37 am

    I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd talk to you. Today was horrible. Today especially. I'm really annoyed with China! They're acting like babies out there! Getting whatever they want whenever. People are falling like flies out there, and they don't care! I cry myself to sleep every single night, thinking why am I in a world as cruel as this? They took Papa away... Shipped all the way to China. I pray that Britain makes the right choice, so we'll all live happily ever after.
    Got to go now.

    Lynn-Chan left the chat.

    ( This is a redo of my first entry )

  • Dear Diary,
    Last night was a was the worst night of my life. I couldn't sleep at all with all the people of Hong Kong protesting out side my house. I heard screams and shouting followed by a gun shot. I got out of my bed and looked out side my bedroom window. I saw my Mum and Dad shouting at some people with guns and they shot my Dad. My Mum ran in the house crying. Nobody has smiled since.

    Lyna Chen

  • Dear diary, im tired of not being able to sleep because all the noise.i can't sleep mainly because it makes me scared and feel like there is no were to call home . I'm worried i might loose everything. We are like at there beck and call i can't take it.

    1. this is not the life we deserve england please help us we cant solve this on our own

  • My Diary entry:
    Friday 29th September 2019
    Dear Diary,
    I hate China why can't we be an independent country!!!
    Tonight I couldn't sleep because of all of the fire in our street. Last night my neighbour Mr Fuji died from the fire.
    I can't believe people are losing there lives because other people can't come to an agreement I think that is so unfair , they also are losing their lives because of protests.
    In my eyes, China need to listen to other citizens as they speak the truth. I am also very annoyed with the police as they shot my uncle last week. We haven't even been able to have his funeral yet since all the drama. China are acting as if we are under their control. at the moment I hope nobody else gets shot.
    In hope of peace,
    Lei Macola

    1. this is just so heart and I think we should do something about it because we had the "one country two systems" agreement with China and they are breaking it!

  • Sunday 29th September 2019
    Dear Diary,
    I am living the worst life! First my school was set on fire, now my dad was jailed just because of his acts towards China! And now it is just me and my mum. I couldn't go to sleep because of all the protesting that is going on.
    It was just 5 years ago when the umbrella movement started, all we wanted is independence. On the street I can smell guns and dead bodies. I can't believe all this nonsense China got us into if it wasn't for the British, we wouldn't have any violent protest going on. I just hope that dad is doing well. My grandma recently died and just a few months later, the protesting started. I've never experienced something this bad happening in my life! I wish I could go back in time and change things.
    See you soon
    XOXO Lu Chan

  • Dear Diary,

    I am still afraid of what might come. The other day mum and dad were almost arrested for the protest. But I don't understand. Why are they doing this? Why is China taking over? We should have our freedom. We should have our rights. We should have a chance. Every one is being taken. Taken to China, away from our home country, and into the country we dread to be apart of. Please get involved England, and help us to understand the mess we have made. The mess we so desperately need to clean up.

    So Yang Chan. A Hong Kong Citizen.

  • - Sunday 29th September 2019
    Dear diary,
    It has been another day of protest,peaceful protest,that turned violent. I lost my purse and my sister all because of the police;the same police who are meant to keep us safe! I have been in bed ,crying ,all day because without my purse i have no phone, no money and no keys! All i can hear is screams and all i can see is smoke. Gun shots and marching are replaying in my head over and over again! I can't take it anymore! I moved from China to Hong Kong because of the difference in the way we rule but now... I regret even living here! I should of moved to America when i had the chance to!
    Will there ever be peace?
    -Jinj Jiang.

  • - Sunday 29th September 2019
    Dear diary,
    It has been another day of protest,peaceful protest,that turned violent. I lost my purse and my sister all because of the police;the same police who are meant to keep us safe! I have been in bed ,crying ,all day because without my purse i have no phone, no money and no keys! All i can hear is screams and all i can see is smoke. Gun shots and marching are replaying in my head over and over again! I can't take it anymore! I moved from China to Hong Kong because of the difference in the way we rule but now... I regret even living here! I should of moved to America when i had the chance to!
    Will there ever be peace?
    -Jinj Jiang.

  • I dream of life back in 1997 before our beloved Hong Kong was handed back to Chinese rule. Since then this countries been in turmoil, what started as peaceful sit down protests has now escalated into violence. Last month masked men entered the train station and violently attacked protesters. I felt devastated and petrified, all they had done was express their opinions and now some of them were injured. Its hard but we continue to protest and last week shut down airports, it’s a small victory. When will we be listened to by the government ?
    Lee Chan 23/09/19

  • Dear Diary,

    Today has been most chaotic…
    I listened to the headlines on the radio this morning; the protests had already began. Thousands of people stood, ascending. The police weren’t far behind. I soon joined them, my heart pounding in my chest. I’m not ashamed to say that at that moment I felt afraid – but we have to do it for our kids; for the future. We’re to stand shoulder to shoulder as one, altogether. We do realise that it is not going to be easy, but we shall do everything we can. People have died! We owe them…

  • dear diary,
    Monday 7:14
    Its really chaotic here Hong Kong is in crisis I'm not sure if they are ever going to stop I'm tiered of looking I want to do WHY ARE WE LOOKING AT OUR FRIENDS FIGHT . all of these posts we write up as one big family but we can help Hong Kong fight but not like they did we need to talk in peace and unity

  • Monday 30th of September 2019
    Dear diary,
    Today my father didn't come home from work...
    I fear China has taken him for protests like lots of my friends mothers and fathers,China shouldn't have the rights to do that they signed a deal with Britain to give us rights until 2047!

    Tuesday 1st of October 2019
    Dear diary, My fears have been confirmed, my father has appeared in a Chinese prison.
    I will join the protest today to stop China from taking anyone else... I might not write in my diary tomorrow so goodbye… Continue protesting save Hong Kong… Please...

  • Dear Diary,
    Literally, what is the point of our existence if we are not going to get the human rights we deserve? Or do we deserve human rights? The Chinese Government don't care about us and no other countries are bothering to help. Like Britain could help but choose not to and I honestly don't see why they can't. They value their economy and their trading with China more than us. Well, I guess it's none of their business, but why can't other countries just do something about it? Why can't the Chinese Government just leave us alone?

  • These days it takes me 20 minutes to get to work while I live just 10 away. The protests have become out of control and people who want to meddle with them will come out with bruises; I think that other countries need to help our Hong Kong and fight for freedom with us so that children can go to school without being scared again and serious emergencies like going to the hospital can be taken care of instead of slowly dying in these swamped streets. We need Englands help.
    -Chaeyoung Wang.

  • Dear Diary, 20th September 2019

    I cant believe what is happening , the protests are still going on ! Its going to be like 2013 all over again . the chinese government need to sort this out so there can be peace in Hong Kong once again . I have heard that Britain are trying to get involved with these problems but they should leave us alone . If Britain gets involved their trade business is wrecked and their economy will be completely ruined if they leave the E.U. as well. Please let China deal with these political affairs with these terrible protestors .

  • Dear Diary
    I hide under my table watching out the window. I see Hong Kong in chaos. I can see my friends being shoved to the floor by the police. It's so horrible. Can't we just make peace?

  • Dear Diary,
    Monday 30th
    Chaos reins once again between the people of hong kong and china's government.
    protests and fights once again are consistent and the Chinese government are control our people which used to leave peacefully and in unity. I watch as my friends fight and feud over political topics and views of which they are scared to share.

  • Monday 30th September 2019

    Dear dairy,
    I have been thinking that Hong Kong has really been in trouble, China has been ruling them way too much! This is too much for the citizens of Hong Kong and they should rule their own country because China has been taking over the country and making Hong Kong one of their own when they don't want to. England should definitely interfere into this arguement.

    Talk to you later!

  • Dear diary,
    Wednesday 23 of January 2020
    Every night I cry thinking of all the people of Hong Kong.I was told to see a phycologist because this is "not normal" every night I think of the people every night I lie in bed scared of the future I wait,hope for the end "expect the worst hope for the best" the worst is going to happen soon.We need to do something NOW but I am too scared too worried I want to but I can't, I was told help others,help the world but I want to but I can't I am only 9 a little hopeless girl.But I will try.

  • Dear diary,
    Tuesday 17th of July 2020
    Our world why can't it all be peace and love without our countries and if we don't work together we will all not help climate change at all and what is the deal with Hong Kong......Its so hot outside and I'm sitting here in my bed crying about what might happen in the future we have to stop this. Ive written a lot of letters asking for help but I have no response ,the best thing I can do is do litter picking in this heat because I want to save our world, our country anything really! I know I can get involved and David Attenborough says that it is a "devastating" for our world and us and that is why I want to make a difference but I'm only 9 "She will make no difference!" my father says but I believe I can! Bye for now....

  • Dear diary,
    Im stuck indoors because of people arguing because of Hong Kong and I'm sitting here looking out my window staring at the people missing school for a day because they are protesting. Ugh I would love it to go outside and enjoy the sun but my dad says that it is to dangerous because of the crowd our house trying to get onto the road,I can guess there is a long queue.I would love it if the whole world is in peace,I enjoyed it when we went on holiday to get away from the well what is the word...scary-ness? Im scared well off course I am my neighbour Maii is round my house trying to make my mind get away from it...
    Lots of love Ciao

  • Dear diary,
    I wish Hong Kong wouldn’t be ruled by this horrific country, China. It just annoys me how we are just being controlled by China like puppets.Hong Kong should be allowed to be themselves. I mean, would China like to be ruled by Hong Kong? We must have our own human rights.China should be ashamed of themselves, ruling our country, brutally imprisoning us. That’s why we are coming together to show our rage. Well, I gotta go!

    Thank you for listening

  • dear diary, Monday 30th September 2019

    today has just been great I got shot in the arm with a rubber bullet and now im bleeding, well I guess its hard to stay safe when your protesting to keep your rights.All my friends are telling me 'stop trying ' ,there's no point ','just give up all ready' and 'your risking your life for no reason' but there is a reasonable explanation for why I'm doing this. I want the rights in Hong-Kong to be respected ..Bye diary speak to you another time .
    Love from Jungkook.😍😍🥰🥰

  • Dear diary,
    I'm totally overwhelmed right now if only the government could hear this and how he is just staying that calm and he is not even disturbed about this and how he is just staying in his comfort the zone. This is wrong even the police to start shooting rubber bullet at every single person who is protesting for there live . My own brother has even be sentenced to jail for this, was this why I was born to see my only brother flee just because of this rubbish new law. I will not give up for my country.

  • -Made up character, Location/place: Hong Kong

    Monday 30th September 2019
    Dear diary, every single day in Hong Kong is scary. Having to stay inside for safety, hearing people scream from excruciating pain, and seeing guns being used with my own eyes. I am filled with anger inside. Why is China doing this? Everybody should be able to speak up and share opinions on what they think. It's basic Human rights. There is not even enough space to express how I feel...

    I have based this on how I feel because not having this here is unfair on Hong Kongers. My first reason would be that it is unfair that they are ruled by such a powerful country that rules over them. China has the biggest army in the world so they could kill them if they liked. My second yet last reason is no country on our planet Earth should even have this. Violence shouldn't be used in this situation as well.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Dear Diary,

    What a pity. What a shame! It pains me that we are still arguing with China. We Hongkongers should be allowed to live ours lives the way WE want, to freely say what WE want to say without being punished! I, for one, DO NOT tolerate this nonsense. I wonder, how China would feel or react if they were being ruled, not having freedom or a say in whatever they do. We have our own rights and responsibilities as do China. Nevertheless, we shall keep fighting, protesting, anything that we can do, we'll do it. Either China goes one way or another.

    Chun Tao.

  • Dear diary Monday 30th September, I Am very tired of this because China Is acting Hong Kong very disrespectfully because why cant Hong Kong just be like any other Country with human rights. This make's me feel A bit annoyed because just like Britian People have there own Human rights.I Honestly Think that China is gonna take over Hong Kong again Or start war,On The other hand they might start respecting Humans Rights and Maybe Get Hong Kong Back To China. Thank You For Reading.

  • Monday 30th September 2019
    Dear diary,
    When will China realise that we have a voice too? The protests have been going on for 100 days and still China dont understand. Sometimes, i wonder if China will ever give in. Im just sitting here listening to the news about Hong Kong and China. I really think that England should help us as they were the ones who made the agreement. I also wonder how life would be in 2047. I think that if China felt how cruel they were being to us, they would just let us go like they should have done ages ago.
    Well, i hear the protests, let me go join them!
    Thank you for listening to what i say, goodbye!

  • Dear diary,
    I don’t understand why people disagree with us! We protest for equal rights! I know that it is getting violent, but we didn’t mean it to! I just want my rights, I want to be under Britain’s rules, I want change. That is why I am protesting.

  • Friday 3:15 pm. I hardly got any sleep at all! I've been out on the streets of Hong Kong and fighting for our rights. Before our beloved Hong Kong was cared by the British and there was no democracy. But now they handed us back after a long time to China. China is cruel! We sighned a contract for freedom and our rights but the government are trying to take our rights. What will happen?

    Sincerely,, Lee-Chan

  • Dear Diary,
    Same day as normal. A five minute walk on the streets of hong kong takes about 1 hour. The protests are just getting bigger and bigger by each passing minute. I just wish this whole thing will just stop, not only because I want china to go away, but also because I just want everything just to revert back to normal.

    -Yo kong chang.

  • the hong kong crisis is affecting the decisions of people in hong kong .may I state that they not alaway making the right choices as that i think that they should not be throw tier gas .

  • Dear Diary,
    I fear that I have lost count of days spent protesting for are freedom, they just all seem the same. No sleep. No safety. No progress. I worry that this endless struggle is getting us nowhere, china seem to prevail time and time again, managing to creep their laws into the country I hold dear in my heart. I cannot and most certainly will not allow the wickedness of china to drag this free country back fourth into their sinister dictatorship, the free city of Hong Kong should remain just that, free.
    In my deepest gratitude,


  • Dear Diary,
    This is unfair. Why does China have to do this? We used to live in beautiful nation, full of freedom and democracy. Now I live in fear of me getting tear gassed, just for standing up for what I believe in! I even doubt that they will treat us properly. Like any other person would. I have to use violence, just to receive a right every human deserves. I am heartbroken yet I am angry at the sinister monsters taking away my freedom, choking our democracy. Why does it have to be Like this, we DESERVE rights

  • Dear Diary,

    September 16th 2019

    The loud thundering shouting is still raving on. I can’t stand it. It is just constant swearing, abuse and violence that gives me horrid forbidden nightmares. Every night I hear my little- brother, mum and dad crying in sorrow. Ive been banned from going downstairs because I just wont look or listen to anyone because it brings me too much pain.

    September 19th 2019

    Its 2:02am I can hear somebody banging on our door. I’m starting to get worried. Oh my gosh I’ve just heard the sitting room window smash, its piercing my god-forbidden ears. I can hear whispers downstairs it sounds like old drunken men having a slow slurred argument,theyre coming up the stairs,theyre shouting out for anyone one.
    OH MY GOD -------------------------------------------------

  • Tuesday 15:05 pm
    Dear Diary, As i'm writing this entry i am staring down at the sea of chanting people from my bedroom window. Today at school my own headteacher tried to get me to protest im sick and tired of people fighting for the attention of me and my generation while we are still school. I have aspirations of being a doctor or a teacher but if this goes on i dread to think of my future and the future state of Hong Kong. Isn't it wrong that i am being told to give up on my education and join the sea of screaming protesters.

  • Dear diary
    We have been protesting for ages, and they still don’t get it, why can’t they just let us get what we want? My dad has been protesting day and night, and I can just hear the noise of people protesting it’s scary, me, my brothers and my mum has had enough of this, so we are going out there. I have had enough of being hidden from everyone else, everyone should know about this, I hate thinking about it but it’s something you can’t forget ever, so it’s time to face my fear.

  • Dear Diary,

    I have been a part of an amazing journey since the day I was born. I have been oppressed, I fought for my freedom and I am still fighting. We locals who have been here for so long call this journey Hong Kong and we are not prepared to give it up, not yet at least. But we are losing, and every day we lose even more. We lose arguments, we lose fights and we lose hope. Every day. So we called out to the only allies Hong Kong has ever known with their power, with their strength and wealth I know that Hong Kong has a chance against China. We are still waiting

  • Dear diary;
    I don’t want to do this anymore. Mum and Dad have gone out protesting, but I have to stay inside. I’m scared. The Chinese government promised not to interfere for 50 years, but look where we are now. Slowly having what every person should be entitled to, taken away; our human rights.

    I can hear gunshots, the protests seem to be getting more violent by the day! I just want to live a normal life, away from all the aggression. But I guess that will never happen. I hope my parents are safe.

    Write to you soon,

  • Dear Diary,
    They aren’t listening. I’m so fed up! Why can’t we be an independent country? I’m tired of fighting, unhappiness and violence. What do I do? Do we stand up and protest like we are doing, or do we let everything go and give up? Life is so hard at the moment. I feel like crying. My parent’s area not here at the moment; they are in custody after being arrested. Where has democracy gone, is democracy now tear gas and rubber bullets? Help, anyone just help. We don’t care who you are just help.

    Composed_ guitar.

  • 390/5000
    關於英格蘭,中國,香港的巨大騷動真的讓我發狂,我一直睡不著,因為如果你想听聽我的個人觀點,我受到同伴的壓力,要求抗議,我認為英國不應該干預,因為這是我們爭取的權利 我自己在英國也有家庭,我不希望中國打開他們的大門

    (Friday thirteenth of October twenty nineteen
    The huge commotion about England china Hong Kong crisis is really driving me mad I’ve had no sleep because I got peer pressured to protest if you want to hear my personal opinion I think that England shouldn’t intervene because it’s our right to fight for ourselves I also have family in England and I don’t want china to turn on them

  • Friday 8:00 am
    I wish Hong Kong was still under England’s empire. I’m sick and tired of people fighting and protesting. I wish everything would go back to the way it was before China started pushing to boundaries of the “one country, two systems” agreement. I’m so fed up of all the protesting and how I can hardly walk to school without having the police getting in some sort of fight. I have always aspired to being a doctor or working with children in some way. Now that seems almost impossible considering all that’s going on.

    Sincerely, Chan-lee

  • Should I protest or should i not? I mean i believe i shoukd stand up for the rights of people across hong kong, and stand up to china oppressing the country.If i stand up for what i believe in, china could really punish me.I just dont know what to do.

  • 10月13日,星期五,十九點
    關於英格蘭,中國,香港的巨大騷動真的讓我發狂,我一直睡不著,因為如果你想听聽我的個人觀點,我受到同伴的壓力,要求抗議,我認為英國不應該干預,因為這是我們爭取的權利 我自己在英國也有家庭,我不希望中國打開他們的大門

    (Friday thirteenth of October twenty nineteen
    The huge commotion about England china Hong Kong crisis is really driving me mad I’ve had no sleep because I got peer pressured to protest if you want to hear my personal opinion I think that England shouldn’t intervene because it’s our right to fight for ourselves I also have family in England and I don’t want china to turn on them

  • Tuesday 1st October

    Dear Diary,
    Today has been horrific as usual, Joshua Wong organised an attack on the Old Government House. We looted it and set fire to the documents on the 50 years until the incorporation of Hong Kong into Chinese society…
    My Mum and Dad are out here with me, and some unknown stranger is looking after my little brother, and I am worried for his safety. As soon as I fall asleep, I wake up as I hear gunshots.
    I eventually fall into a restless sleep worrying about what will happen tomorrow…
    Cheng-Xiu Ling

  • Dear diary, sadly it's the same as usual. Protestors in the street ,so much violence and hate in this world. I hate china !!! why did they have to declare war, so many people killed! Why can't there be peace! And England oh i wish they will see that we need them badly. I see the soldiers go out and return with so few people. I just wish this war will end.
    sincerely, Andy Lau

  • 5:03am

    Every morning I wake up to see the horrific fights and protests outside. I don’t just see them. I can smell the acidic fumes from the huge bonfires outside. I can hear the cries of distress and anger. I taste smoke on my tongue and feel the cold air coming through my smashed window. I hate these protests I don’t know which side I am on. I don’t want the extradition law. Not many of us do. But I hate – hate is a strong word, but I do mean hate – the riots and demonstrations outside.

  • Dear diary,
    Each day, I look out of the window and see the horrific scene if fights and violence. China is turning a blind eye to what we want and what we deserve. Why can’t they understand that we want to be an independent country and abide to our own laws? Why can’t we make an agreement that everyone is happy with? It would be so much better than what is happening now. No more death and no more violence. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop! Why must we watch our friends and family taken away or killed?

  • Hey, today’s been bad as usual. Nothing’s gotten better and the city is just being torn apart and broken. I hear the protests outside my window nearly every night, with screams and shouts of pain. I’m not sure whose side to be on (I’m not sure I know enough about what’s happening to formulate an opinion ) . But something needs to happen, maybe England to get involved , or China stop trying to enforce its laws on Hong Kong. But I don’t know, so.

  • Monday 1 October 2019 8:30 pm
    Dear Diary,
    Again another miserable day in Hong Kong , I do not understand why Britain can not help while we are in such distress . Every day people in Hong Kong are getting injured and sent to jail all the way in China. I was protesting today so I may get thrown into jail soon. If Britain does not help I will be disheartened. It is sad that China can not keep a rule (promise/agreement) . Anyway write later .
    Sheun Lang

  • Sunday 15th September 2019
    Dear diary,
    I can’t believe that England isn’t helping with my people’s protests. I think it’s ridiculous! They have the money to help us yet they choose to watch from a safe distance. We have been trading with them for ages and we have become really close as countries. I would like to think that if it were the other way around we would help them. I understand that our problems may not be their concern but it would be nice to know that they have our back in tough situations.
    From Ying-Lee

  • Wednesday.
    Dear Diary
    Today has been horrible as usual. I've had enough of China Messing us around. Peaple are protesting more and more every day. I wish China would leave us alone or for Britain to intervene. All I see when I go outside is the most devastating fights ever! I wish Hong Kong would be as it should be. Why is it like this?

  • Dear diary,

    I cant believe what happened today.Im from Hong Kong.Right now,China are trying to take away our rights.It's not fair!Our country has had riots and have been fighting.I have seen riots,violence,and protesting the whole time.I feel so angry because this is our country and China is their country.They should deal with themselves.There not keeping their promises!I think that the next thing that happens is that they wont listen to us, then Britain will help us.So that is it for now.Please try and help us Britain!Bye!

  • Dear Diary,
    Today I went protesting in Hong kong for our freedom. We started riot and broke government buildings. I feel excited but angry at China! I'm going to riot until we get to vote for are government. We need to get Britain to help us because they still have the two system one country. They will surely help us ...well i hope, I need the to help because when they ruled us we were fine but now china owns us its annoying. I hope Britain saves our souls from (the devil) china. So save hong kong.
    From Chang

  • Wednesday 2nd of October

    Dear diary,

    I am appalled that i am living in a country that is ruled by another country .Its unfair!why can we not have our own leader and decide who is the ruler of my country? When are Britain going to help or intervene .In my usually quiet neighbourhood. There has been fighting abuse tear gas and some arrests.
    Why is it like this .

    Jimmy Quanchen

  • Dear Diary
    recently my people have been protesting China to be let in but its Chinas choice. This has made me feel worried and angry as well because my people can get hurt but were not being let in China. A lot of violence is happening, like the police using tear gas and rubber bullets. Now i feel horrified incase my people get hurt,Ive had enough of this. I wish Britain would intervene. Why are China doing this stuff? I feel that angry i want to intervene. I think if our people stop China will do the same. Please stop China!

  • Wednesday 2nd October

    Dear diary,
    Today has been horrible like usual I wish China would stay out of our buissness . Every day I see protesters and police men I'm trying to avoid the arguments and tear gas . But its hard to stay out of it when Chinas taking over your country . Britain help us ! Its time to stand up to China I miss opening my door. and saying lets go for a walk but now you cant because of China causing war you need to help us Britain !
    From mei lei I hope you can help us !

  • uDear diary
    It has been a horrible day day like usual china why wont you listen to what were trying to say? For weeks we have been protesting and yet all there trying to do is shut us up, stop other countries from seeing what is happing here. Why wont they be fair? Jus be nice you and why carnt you and hong kong just start again please dont nake world war 3

    Nice cherry

  • 2.10.2019
    Dear diary
    Yet again, it's a protest. This month has been as horrible as usual. I am tired of living in a country with only violence and unhappiness. I've had enough of China's unfunny rules. I wish the britain or us have a greater army than China. Just because they are ruling us doesn't mean they can control us on almost everything we do. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like it if we control them, but it's too late. Is your life the same as mine?

    Xang Lee

  • Dear Dairy

    I can't believe what happened today .I am from Hong Kong Kong. When the UK gave our country back to china it got worse what is the point of having two chinese presidents. There is one in china and one in Hong Kong. I have had enough of of china messing our country there is riots all the time some kids can't even get to sleep . People get injured everyday. People have been protesting more and more everyday. There is a fight everyday.
    Please do something we need Britains help i just want a peaceful life bye

  • Dear Dairy,

    I am trying to survive from this issue China has to respect what they have said to my country. It is important to have a good life for it can end very soon because of China's greediness. My friend Su is in prison for helping a woman in to the airport, and her little girl got caught and now she is staying with me . I will do anything to help my friend and country. Many children's childhood got ruined . China you are going to have to stop.

  • Dear Diary

    Today I decided that I've had enough . I'm sick and tired of seeing gunshots and violence. I'm gonna try to protest the name of Hong Kong and my family. I'm fed up. All we need is Britain's help. Come on give us a chance . I wish everything would go back to normal . China is getting out of hand ! Even some of my family is protesting ! All we can do is hope that Britain will help our community

    Be back soon

    Yoen Tan 😊

  • Dear dairy,
    As you know China has been annoying us , and nothing changed. Hong Kong feels like we are now stuck this way forever ! China even chose our leader . We all try to speak up but it never works . This situation is getting worse and worse by the minuet ! It feels like Hong Kong is scrunched up paper that is thrown in a bin . Britain needs to help us .
    Okay bye dairy ( hopefully tomorrow will be a better day) .

  • Dear dairy,

    My life is tiring because of the people that want to change the law Hong kong is destroyed and we got let down . All that i want is for my family to be happy but if this goes on i don't think they will be especially because nana and grandad live there . I do hope that Britain so we can try and stop his

    Hope to speak soon bye !

    Love chen

  • Dear diary
    Hong kong lets start with it .So if you didn't know what Hong kong is it's a place with bad people it's not really but some are so here's England and there's china so let's talk about what happened it started of England so Hong kong was happy living till china took Hong kong and then said we will look after them but they didn't.
    So now they have had a problem it will be sort out but it was not so they but people from Hong kong and but them in prison in china

  • Dear Dairy,

    Today I am write say that Britain should help Hong Kong because China want Hong Kong to rule it.I feel despondent about them have it and if Britain say no doesn't that mean China has to listen and scared because if Hong Kong takes over then they will be mean and Britain have let Hong Kong live alone well China are going to try to rule Hong Kong angry because we should be free.My question on my mind is ...will Britain help us ? if they do help. I don't want war to happen

  • Dear dairy
    Should britain help china or hong kong
    I think we should help Hong Kong because they are getting flash bang and getting tier gas so i think they should do us a favour and make us some more cars more pencils and pens and fancy restraints.Also we should not get involved with it because we have a close relationship with china so i would not recommend to get involved and china has made us so many things. if my best friend. went then i would.

  • Dear diary,
    I live in Hong Kong and all I want tondo is live, eat and sleep peacefully! Our country is torn apart. I want Britain to help us get out of this situation and get our human rights back, so we can tell them STOP!
    The police are working for China not us when they should be working for us. I hope that britain interferes so that the one way systems law is forced to start again. We should do what britain do, get us to pick a prime minister.
    Bye lovely_acorn 😁😁❤️

  • Wednesday 2nd October.

    Dear diary,📔
    Why is China not making a rule with us were we agree with?
    I can't sleep,I hear so much noises.
    Today was really different, like no other days.
    I and a think more people wanna an change in this, day I see children crying,police shooting,people screaming and much more.
    I can't believe people are losing there life because other people can't come to a agreement.
    People are protesting every day, more and more.
    I hope this will quick stop.
    Okay, I need to go,bye👋

  • Dear Diary
    Today, in Hong Kong China is trying to control Hong Kong people I wish China mean chary
    make they lisn to them. So wiy cor UK shuund do and the pls is you rutblos ,China shunt not get mor people to do went they say Hong Kong should do went they do .With out
    China on they back Hong Kong should be about to do went they wont wen they or not tsing
    to them to of the million.💕

  • I am disappointed in the fact that my own country are fighting against me. I was part of many of the movements and have been through the gas attacks and shootings in Hong Kong. I am scared to even go next door to my friends as police are parading the streets. No one will listen to my thoughts as ‘I am only a child’ and ‘I don’t know anything’ but it’s just not fair! I don’t believe in these new rules but how can I show that?

  • Days are going by and all I can feel is pain as China has taken away all hope,all happiness. I would go to sleep but my life is a nightmare so my dreams will be nightmares to. My life is slowly falling apart, it feels like a you know your going to die but you had so much more to live for. Trouble is spreading from country to country before you know if we are all going to go crazy.

  • Friday 27th September, 2019
    Dearest Diary,

    My anger has brought tears to my eyes. It's NOT fair! We should be treated just like everyone else- by we I mean my country and I. This needs to stop. It is unacceptable! I can not bare the lack of freedom anymore. I can not bare that we do not have the right to vote! WE DESERVE TO VOTE! I wish I was born in Britan. They have the privelledge of voting, but I will never know how that freedom tastes. As a Hong Kong citizen, it seems that the prosperity that we've enjoyed for around 100 years is in jeopardy. I look forward to a time when the dreams of yesterday will become the realities of tomorrow...

    With hope and good fortune,

    Chun Ping Chang

  • 02/10/2019

    Dear diary,
    I am in tears right now, I can feel them dropping down my delicate face. This is just UNFAIR!!! Our country needs to be treated better because right now this is just CHAOS!!!!!!!! I wish that Britain would be control of us FOREVER!!! They were helpful and kind to us. They even gave us more human rights and now we barely have NONE! Many other countries have the right to vote but we, of course, are not allowed because China has to decide everything for us and we don't even get to say or vote for anything. I wish somebody will help us......

  • The crisis between Hong Kong and China is a serious problem. The Hong Kongers have a right to fight for what is right . The feuding between these country might lead to a Third World War. There was peace before when the British ruled the lands. The Chinese have a promise to all of Hong Kong. We have to do something.

  • I’m brought to my knee as anger pumps within my body . My own country is fighting against one another,Police swarming the streets ready to fight and protesters battered to the ground. We deserve freedom now

  • Dear Diary,

    Do you know what is happening now? Well,I am angry and sorrowful right now there is a reason why. So far, if Hong Kong people gets imprisoned they have to go to China and get punished, IT IS NOT FAIR! Each time I hear about this my anger rises more and more. What will happen next? China broke our promise,now (I guess) war might happen I feel things will go wrong.😢I guess I need to go now,BYE!

    From memorable_raccoon.

  • Dear Dairy

    Its been weeks on end now and China has not stopped.Im proud though that my country have not stopped protesting. Its hard to go sleep at night. My family got took by China last week. Ziang and Zoey my friends are going protesting tommorow but i hope they come back fine. Hopefully ill be here after they its stopped. Please can someone get involved soon. Zen_Chong

  • Dear diary,
    as a child i am really scared because last night my uncle was shot for making a speech that Britain should go away and leave us alone .I have been begging my parents if we could move to Britain so then i can say a speech.

    if you like please leave a like or a star.From Mia Chen .

  • Dear Diary
    I am finished with China taking control of Hong Kong . We should be independent with our choices. We are protesting but they aren't going to listen,it isn't fair for us ...

  • Dear diary,
    I'm really starting to freak out! The Chinese have imprisoned me and my family just because I was having my say to the rest of China. It's not fair because the Chinese citizens don't treat us equally. I feel really sad and furious because Chinese people don't play fair and don't treat us equally . Recently, I have seen Chinese assasinators killing Hong Kong go-byers. I think that China and Hong Kong in the future will get along.

  • Dear Diary,

    The days in Hong Kong are getting worse, and worse.
    My brother got arrested for trying to speak out, but he got shot!
    I wish that I was in Britain because the British people get to have their rights but we don’t and that’s really unfair! I’m scared even to go out on the streets to see what is going to happen because the people will send you to prison even if you say anything about your rights! Why has China done this to us? It is just getting more and more chaotic.

    Yours sincerely

    Mei Wun-Chang

  • Thursday 3 Oct 2019
    Dear Diary,
    Today was appalling. I've yelled so much that now I lost my voice. China is treating us like camels. It all started when the government wanted to introduce this stupid, new rule which meant, criminals from Hong Kong would be sent to China to be put on trial and if found guilty, punished there. Us Hong Kongers knew that this would make China have a higher aim on us. Now that we're protesting, people have been put to jail even though we should have the right to do this.

    Got to go now,

  • Dear diary I was woken again by angry 😡 protesters I will not be joining as two wrongs don't make a right I will protest peacefully for well peace Hong Kong have been violent like china but I believe we could get along so I brushed my teeth to the sound of gunshots and ate my cereal and went outside I was immediately welcomed by angry shouts and screams but I forced myself outside and fought peacefully for peace I feel as if if we tried we could just get along then lurking around the corner was a beefy man in a black uniform holding a gun I ran into a dark miserable alley covered in trash he cornered me as he saw my defenceless body he placed his gun on the floor and helped me up I looked deeper into his eyes and realised he meant no harm even if he was Chinese he stamped on his gun and started to sout in the streets people we can end this violence we can live in peace then people were breaking their guns and shaking hands that day the war ended and we lived in peace.

  • Dear diary,
    I am so glad that China hasn't invaded us with there tanks to show their importance and control. My older brother's out there showing how much our family believes in democracy and rejects communism. From the window, the banners wave in the wind of disappointment for the country. I can't bare to think what will happen. I would love to protest but Mum says it's to dangerous, I know she's right but I hate to admit it. I feel devastated. What has become of our country and what will china do?

  • My life is going by like the clouds drift. I feel like passing out, there is just so much going on, happiness is no more. As I walk through the streets I see people wearing masks, hats, gloves and all sorts, but that's not right people should be who they are. China may have broken their promise but that is going to change us. Every time I wake up there is always negative emotions and no sigh of positive ones. Day after, day after, day after it's the same thing. My head is spinning and I can't concentrate and I wonder if there will be a tear of joy instead of a tear of sadness.

  • Thursday 3 October 2019

    Dear diary,

    I am writing to you today with the pain in my heart. Yesterday my parents went to protest but they got prisoned . Why is China doing this with us? Why did they pick us? What exactly have we done to them that's wrong? I'm wondering if living in Hong Kong is the wrong thing and I should move to the UK. Why does Britain not get involved? At least they could help us . If they don't, l won't stop thinking about this ending.