#2 - Title Challenge

18 September 2020


This week, we have one primary school winner, involved_grapefruit and a secondary school winner, insightful_orca.

Involved_grapefruit’s entry was chosen because they explained what they meant and gave a whole host of examples to support their point of view. Insightful_orca’s entry raised an important point about mental health and how this picture can be interpreted to mean “say what you think” which we thought was excellent.

Well done to everyone who entered! Scroll down to read their comments in full and don’t forget to check out the new competition on the home page. This week's competition asks you to...

Come up with a title for this photograph and explain why you chose it.


There are lots of ways you could look at it - so you can be creative and interpret it in any way you wish! Remember to explain your reasons in a short paragraph so everyone can understand your thinking!

The competition closes at 12noon on Friday 18th September. Good luck!


My title for this picture is... I chose this because...

Comments (44)

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  • "Let's all comment on the American Election"

    Hello, I am protective_dusk and I chose the title let's all comment on the American Election. I chose this title because in the picture above, there are people holding up pieces of card or paper that are speech bubbles, and I chose the American Election because our Burnet News Club topic at the moment is the American Election in November. I chose the American Election bit though for a reason. In the picture, there are 4 people, and the American Election is something that is so inspiring, and so satisfying, you literally want to find out who will win now! Also, there is so much to discuss and debate about too. That is why I chose the title "Let's all comment on the American Election!"

    Thank you for reading my comment!

  • “Welcome to the BNC!”

    I came up with this title because I feel that the photo describes what we do in the BNC. I think this because the people are holding up different speech bubbles, like commenting or posting on the BNC, but they are holding it over their faces so that we can’t see who they are. In the BNC, there is a strict rule that you are not to reveal any personal details such as your name, etc, so I think that they are covering their faces as we shouldn’t reveal personal info. I also chose the title, “Welcome to the BNC!” because it’s sort of like an explanation to someone who is new to the BNC. This is my 2nd year on it now, but some others that started just this week may not know the rules that I do. That’s why I chose the title, “Welcome to the BNC!”

    Thank you for reading my comment!

    valuable_vegetable 😊

    1. Great idea, I like how you are referring to the club!!!

  • My title for this picture is:
    "Our rights."

    I chose this title as the picture reminded me of each of the signs' meaning.

    1. On the oval text, (far left) it reminded me of text as per used to describe emotions. We have a right to feelings and our own feelings. Emotions help us understand what others-and us- are going through. It could be in a state of luxury, or even a much poorer state, such as loss of nutrition and education and also entertainment.

    2. On the thinking bubble, (middle left) it displayed to me the type of writing that shows thoughts. We all have a right to thinking, and we all do. If you say something but think completely different, usually your thoughts are your opinion and can differ from words. They demonstrate how we are, and who we are.

    3. On the classical speech bubble, (middle right) it reminded me of the matter concerning speech. We definitely have a right to speech, but we should listen more. Talking allows you to socialise one-to-one and communicate with each other. Speaking can express our views, opinions, or what we want to hear. It lets us unite through a string of words.

    4. In the square box (far right) it reminded me of the little boxes in comic magazines. They narrate, and that is what I think it shows. We have a right to read and to write. Reading aloud helps us and others to understand a context much more. It means that face-to-face contact isn't the only way of discussing.

    We all have a right to reading, writing, thinking, listening and many more. That is the fundamental reason why I chose the topic "Our rights."
    I hope you like my comment!

  • My title for this picture is:“We may all look different but we are the same”I chose this because like is said they all look different but are the same for both the people and the speech bubbles.Not much to explain just they are all the same really and so are we

  • Or:”We all have a say in the election”

  • my title for the picture is we all have our say
    Because the different speech bubbles represent the different people and that we all have our say. I also think that it means that we all get our say in the american election

  • My title for this is free speech
    Free speech because in this photo there are pictures of speech bubbles maybe representing that everyone has a right to speak up about their opinion.

  • my title for this is Covid-19 news
    i chose this title because the people in the picture are holding speech bubbles also because of the coronavirus and how it has spread all around the world.People would want to talk about what to do if someone had covid-19 and to do if they have covid-19. So this is why I chose the title covid-19 news.

    hope you liked my comment.

    1. good I really liked that about the title that you put keep up the hard work
      From skillful_conclusion

  • I think they are holding up speech bubbles because everyone has a right to say what they think and have a turn off sharing there ideas with other people this links on to the America election every person who lives in America should have a say on what they would like to change in ther country where they live.

  • my title for this speach is, gathering thoughts or freedom of speach

    i choose these two titles as thats what came to my head when i looked at the photos ,

    1 because gathering thoughts from everyone can give you a bigger picture,

    2 because everybody is entilted to there own freedom of speach

  • ''Welcome to BNC ''

    Hi its me skillful_conclusion and i chose this title because i want to welcome new people to BNC and its a good way to treat people when they come in or log on to BNC or on to other documents on google or internet explorer and if you say welcome to new people it can make them happy that they have a new friend or person that is kind to them . Also any person can say welcome even if its your family or a carer.

    Well that is all from skillful_conclusion okay bye now

  • My caption for the picture is " You are what you feel." How we look on the outside is not always how we feel. It is important to talk about your feelings and not keep it as a secret.

  • My title would be ,"speak out loud" I choose this title because the children in the photo are holding speech bubbles and in speech bubbles you talk. I chose this photo so children learn to talk more! As so my self need to talk more in class,I have ideas but I don't like putting my hand up so I'll try to contribute. I also chose this picture so children can feel free to speak if a teacher asks them to!

    1. Good title! I got the idea of children learning to talk from U!

  • "We are what we think"

    I chose this title because we are what we think not how we look like. Everyone in the photo has a speech bubble covering their faces.

  • My title for this picture is "Thoughts on the American Election". I chose this because there are lots of different speech bubbles. And the people are hiding their faces with the bubbles like their scared to show who they are on the outside but we don't know what their like on the inside. But once you get to know them they will probably soften up not just to you but to everyone else.
    Thanks for reading

  • My title for this is sharing ideas speak up and show. Ideas

  • Saying you're opinions and thoughts because burnet news club is about sherering your thoughts and opinions like the picture. It shows children thinking and sherering the ideas. In this case there brainstorming ideas to each other about the American election and how should become president.

  • My title for this picture is peoples felling on the inside and on the outside I chose this name for it because the people with the bubbles around them are covering there faces like they don't want to show there faces if they did show us there faces and they were all pulled a happy and smiley face that doesn't mean that there actually happy because they could be pulling a happy to coverup what there actually feeling they might be feeling sad angry or disappointed in the inside so we don't always know what there actually feeling in the inside

  • "Let's let everyone have a say". I chose this because it looks a bit like they are talking.

  • "Let's let everyone have a say". I chose this because it looks a bit like they are talking.

  • My title for this one is called everyone has a different felling and opinion to themselve and I choosed this name for it because if I had a bar of chocolate and we I had more then the other person they won't think that's fair and they might say hey that not fair how come she gets a bigger peace then me and then if i had the smallest peace of chocolate I would say that's ok you can have the biggest peace it's not that bad so that means that we both had a different opinion to it because she was really angry about it but I was fine about it and we both reacted to it differently.

  • The title for this picture I would choose "The opinion of the America Election!!"
    I would give it this title because it shows lots people holding speech bubbles up and hiding their face because they are scared on showing their faces because they might not want people that know them in real life to judge them and they want their opinion to be heard rather then judged on their opinion. And let's say your a adult now and you are voting on the election and you ask your friends what they think and then they go all quiet and then you leave your app with your opinon on it and your friends go on it and read it and then they judge you about their opinion that is why most people are scared to show thier opinion to their friends or sometimes family!
    (Sorry if this all sounds bad)
    By willing_radio <3

  • "Freedom"
    I chose the title freedom because for many people being heard can mean a lot. When someone listens to you you feel understood, accepted, important and valued. Many people as we speak are marching through the streets just so they can be heard.

    But this picture shows that you are aloud to speak up, that you are respected and that everything you say makes a difference to others opinions. Everyone is entitled to speak and to have there own opinion.

    Thanks for reading.

  • I think is it 'making your voice heard' or 'think about the current issue 'because they have speech mark and they have also have thinking mark as well so they could being thinking about the current issue.

  • My title for the picture is " Different colours can speak " because there are speech bubbles and they are different colours, also the people that are holding them are different colours and this picture shows that everyone is equal. Also women did not have the same rights as men which is so unfair, without women you wouldn't be alive and that is the same as men without them we wouldn't be alive and that is a good example that everyone is equal.

  • I would call this picture "everyone should have an opinion" because it is filled with speech bubbles and people that have a opinion I would guess and because everyone should have an opinion, a voice.

  • The title should be called PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE "'

  • My title is “ We have rights to speak our heart”

    I’m saying that this should be my title because we are all equal even if we’re different in many ways we have rights. Like the rights we all can buy that, the right we can be equal and the right we should have our voice heard, The photo with the children I think of this by different people holding different speeches which I see as representing different voices and each voice is different from colours of everyone of us.Big or small, tall or short everyone deserves to share their opinion and have their voice heard unless they don’t want to. We are all extremely lucky, because we have burnet news club and the BNC staff to help us out while we learn all this stuff which most children don’t even have this chance we were provided with and have a chance to have our voice heard.
    Thank you BNC for this chance!

    Thanks for reading,

  • I think that this picture means that we are all equal no matter what because every person if they are big small tall short we should all have rights and all of us should be able to speak without feeling left out. It also shows speeches which are different colours and size. Each person different we should all be treated equally.

    1. I Love your idea but don't forget to add your title!

  • My title is “Your Opinion Matters”

    I chose this title because a lot of people are told that “no one cares about wat you think” and I think that isn’t fair for others who want to share their thoughts. The picture is showing different people sharing what they want to say about the topic anonymously as they will get put down by other people if they reveal their identity.

  • My title is ''Don't be scared to speak out'
    The reason I chose this as my title is because there are people getting bullied online or in real life. They are scared to speak out. Why? It's because they feel that telling someone won't do any good and the bully might continue hurting them or make their lives worse. Another reason they might be scared to tell someone is that they might be labled as a ''snitch'' (a snitch is someone who tells somebody off to someone else).
    Thank you for taking your time to read this!

  • I would give the title "Speak up" for the picture because the way I see that picture is the kids in the photo are holding up signs of speech bubbles saying that everyone has good opinions and that you shouldn't keep them to yourself because you may make someone else think or inspire them.

  • My title is "Children have voices".

    I chose this because there are children in this world who have important information like Gretta Thunberg . She is such an inspiration!

  • "Listen to our voices"
    I chose this title as the people in this picture are backed against the wall, by themselves. There is no one there, listening to them, and they are sat cross legged in the corner. I think that their empty speech bubbles are a way of telling us how they feel their voices are not being valued or listened to.

  • The title i would give for this picture is " Your voice matters" . I chose this because at the moment, many people around the world are protesting for what they believe in. Helping the environment, other skin types matter, these are all examples. However, most citizens don't feel like they are being heard because of the people that hear them. Children like

  • The title i would give for this picture is " Your voice matters" . I chose this because at the moment, many people around the world are protesting for what they believe in. Helping the environment, other skin types matter, these are all examples. However, most citizens don't feel like they are being heard because of the people that hear them. Children like Gretta Thunberg have amazing points, but aren't trusted by many.
    Your voice Matters!
    - Involved_Grapefruit

  • For the picture I would pick the title “ Say what you think “, I would pick this title because the speech bubbles are over the person's brain and mind. I also think that this is a good title because we need to speak our minds to help relieve whatever stress or relieve everything that you are bottling up throughout the day. If we speak then that might help us clear our minds and prepare us for the next day which can help with mental illnesses.

  • "lets let the talking and thinking do the work not are face"

    I picked this because on the BNC we interact with are comments and share our ideas so it doesn't matter about our face it matters about the effort we put in to these project :]

  • "Speak freely" I choose this because it looks like they are holding speech bubbles and they have their own opinion.

  • Speak for yourself

    I think that the tittle should be speak for yourself because everyone has a right to speak and that is very important. You should not let other people speak for you or over you because you could then loose power over yourself and your choices. Then the person who spoke for you has the power over you and your decisions. Let's say there were two cups of water one fizzy one still and you didn't like either and there were two choices: A or B. A is choose for yourself. Or B which is let someone else choose. What would you choose keep your power and choose for yourself or let the other person take your power and choose for you.

  • 1. People should always have the right to have their own opinions to things.
    2. People should never tell people that the can't have there opinions and always let them make a comment about things.
    3. Everyone doesn't know if people's opinions will be helpful or not so if you need to say something and it might not help you always have the right to say this will not help what I,m about to say I shouldn't say it.

  • Speak what you think not what others think

  • Because everyone has the right to speak up

  • Under 18s should be able to have their vote in the American election! I think that because they are all children and they are holding thought bubbles so it’s like they want to have their say and they don’t want to wait until they are 18.