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My title for this is free speech Free speech because in this photo there are pictures of... #2 - Title Challenge 14/9/20
'What Is the Most Important And Why' I believe the most important aspect would be the number... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 13/3/20
The rule I would change would be to always respect others opinions which is a current rule but,... #20 - What One Change....? 31/1/20
Why did you chose your specific job? I chose this question out of all of them because I truly am... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 17/1/20
I would be a space scientist because i could discover many more prodigious discoveries which may... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 13/12/19
I believe they should create more satellites to help us understand how to stop climate change... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 29/11/19
I would send a message that would talk about if they did not make it they would still go down in... #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 22/11/19
My motto would be 'new space exploration opportunities are like a light year, constantly... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 22/11/19
I think that space tourism is a diabolical idea because what if a normal civilian who goes on a... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 15/11/19
The words I would use are "this is just the start of the extraordinary things we may accomplish"... #9 - Time-Travel Challenge - Winners Announced! 08/11/19
I would use the words gargantuan,admirable and bewildering because space is extremely enormous,... #8 - Three Words And Why 29/10/19
Ways you could check if the thing you have inspected online may be to ask a teacher or an adult... #7 - Design a test - Winners Announced! 24/10/19
I disagree because if there is two systems running one county there will be to much controversy... #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 18/10/19
I would try to inform everyone about the Hong Kong protests so Everyone could hear it because it... #2 Editor for a Day Winners Announced! 16/9/19