#22 Say it with art!

19 February 2021

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Winners Announced!

The quality of your entries this week was absolutely brilliant - and we were particularly impressed by your creative thinking. All of your ideas were so unique, making it very hard to choose just two winners. However, after a lot of thinking, we’ve decided that they should be…

eager_reflection of Cheam Park Farm Primary, who cleverly explained how they would use a checkerboard to show the ups and downs of protest


comfortable_chemistry of Michael Faraday School, who designed a symbolic collage about protest, made from newspapers.

Your creativity blew us away. Well done!

So far in this Issue, we have seen lots of great conversations about what protest means...but what if we lived in a world where words didn't exist?

For this week's competition, your challenge is to think about how you could describe protest to someone by using ART instead of words. How could you SHOW what protest is all about instead of saying it?

You could describe a sculpture you might make, a picture you might draw or even a dance you might choreograph.

Don't forget to say WHY you chose this type of art to explain protest and HOW it would help someone to understand what protest means.

The best entries this week will showcase some superb creativity through clear descriptions and excellent explanations.

You could use this sentence structure to help you to get going if you need it:

My artwork to explain what protest is would be (insert a detailed description of your artwork here). It would help some to understand what protest means because (insert reason here).

The deadline for entries is Friday February 19th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

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  • Hello everyone at BNC,
    My piece of art that I designed is a sculpture that has two people standing opposite each other both holding swords that are clashed with a ting yang floating over them this represents fighting for peace and a good fair life one side against the other. It also shows that if you sacrifice you earn more than what you put in if you try hard enough.
    Thanks for reading :)

  • On a show called Britain's got talent, Ashley Banjo was called to come to Britain's got Talent as a judge due to Simons Cowell's bike accident. He performed an amazing dance about Black Lives Matter! The dance was SO powerful and it showed what black people were facing and what they are still facing today! It also described the unfortunate death of George Floyd. Overall, the whole performance was mighty.

    I think it would help people understand what the BLM movement means and why we should treat each other equally no matter their race, religion, age etc!

  • Hi shining_journalist here and this is my entry for say it for art!
    My artwork would explain what protest is and it would be wall graffiti because we have windows and we may can see it as drawings always can mean so much more than a image of a turtle that got stuck in plastic wrapping this can make a The turtle choke and people will have empathy for the turtles because being choked is not fun or pleasing.It would help some to understand what protest means because artwork can mean lots of stuff say for example it was more of sad drawing then it would make the person say why did the artist choose this style and why, not only that but the person would have some empathy towards the graffiti(I said this because as we humans have have feelings towards things)
    Graffiti can be a great way to let people spread awareness about issues and so on now you might be thinking HOW it might help we’ll its because we can see and look at things and question about things sometimes so drawings sometimes makes us humans ask what was this drawing meant to mean?
    So that’s why I think why graffiti may be helpful for people to rase awareness about climate change,BLM(Black Lives Matter)fighting for human rights and ect;
    Thanks for reading!

  • I would choreograph a dance that would be to a song like Word up because people need to start listening to people that are prostesting.I think this because people are not listening to others and then that will eventually lead to something outrageous and bad happening like sea creatures dying and global warming becoming worse ect.

    My dance would help to protest and help people that are bulling because it can really upset them and if it happens everyday then they will become more and more upset .This is why I think we should stand up and help people being bullied and try to stop it.


  • Hi everyone
    The art that I have designed today is about two girls holding hands but with a different skin tones this art that I have designed is a meaning to the world to say that everyone is different everyone has their thoughts everyone has a different mindset therefore you don’t need protesting to defeat racism you need to be yourself you need to believe in yourself and you need to be who you are!
    Ps: I actually drew this picture and I like it hopefully I can share it with you too!

  • My artwork to explain protest is a collage made from newspapers. On one side, there are glued cut outs of seven protestors and each of them represent the seven types of protest we have learnt this issue. They are protesters from different eras to highlight the history of protests. In the middle, there is a half destroyed wall they are trying to completely take down - it represents inequality. Words like 'human rights', 'equality' and 'justice' are on the other side of the wall.

    It would help some to understand what protest means because it shows the different ways one can protest and the obstacles they have to overcome to reach their goal. The half destroyed wall shows some protests have been successful but to completely take down the wall (inequality), more protests need to happen.


  • I think art is an amazing and extremely effective way to portray your opinions; it gives everyone the chance to interpret the message or moral behind the art.
    My idea for a piece of artwork to raise awareness to a campaign is to have various newspaper clippings from different periods of time through history which would overlap. On top of the newspaper collage - I would want there to be paintings of things that correlate with the main message for the campaign. For example, if the campaign that I am designing art work for is Black Lies matter - I would want there to be a painting of people of different races with their arms around each other. This piece of art would demonstrate how so many people are united against the racism they have to face every day. I think this collage of newspapers and the paintings on top of it will send a powerful message.

  • eager_reflection here,
    My artwork to explain what protest is would be a drawing of a checkerboard, with a checker king on the top of the board. This represents the government. The checkers of the same colour represent the police. Checkers that are the other colour represent protesters. Some hold banners and signs, which represent marches and other peaceful protests. Other checkers are more violent, and can attack the police. This can be shown by a checker capturing another. It represents riots and violent protests. The police can also capture checkers, this can be counted as being 'arrested.' The aim of the protesters is to get to the checker king, and persuade them to change the way something is done. There are players in the background; one represents the Prime Minister and the other represents the organisers of the protest, who both lead the checkers. Also, there is a commentator who explains what is happening. They represent the news, telling other people what is happening. The 'capturing' is shown by arrows showing where the checkers will go after doing this. As protests are a great way to get your voice heard, all the checkers will have mouths. It would help some people to understand what protest means because there would be labels explaining what things represented. It shows how the government has the power to change the laws and how each type of protest can still make a difference. The protesters can 'lose', and not achieve their aims, but they can also 'win', meaning that they successfully reached their goals.
    Thank you for reading.

  • Expression of my Art piece
    The piece of art that I’ve created is a picture of a world with 7 people around it but, instead of holding hands, they’re holding protest signs for what they believe in. Across the world, I wrote “ ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!”

    Explanation of my Art piece
    The world means protest, and I put seven people around it to represent the 7 different types of protests which is why they're holding protest signs, instead of hands to show that they’re united and equal, and they have come together in protest.

    Famous phrase
    In addition, I wrote the famous phrase; ‘All for one, and one for all,’ to explain the expression of the picture so it’s like the final piece of protest which has the people and the world ‘build’ up to it.
    I wrote it because it emphasizes solidarity and support within a group; the group will support its members and its members will support the group. The phrase was popularized in the novel The Three Musketeers.


  • I would do a choreograph dance. It woild be where a group of people are explaining the different type of protests. Props could be used there to show what the dancers are trying to say. Also I think this is a good idea because once I read a quote and it said actions speak louder than words which was very inspiring so show them what it means than words would be a good idea! So for a example you could pretend to do a silent protest but writing with a chalk or something on a flat surface. And so on for the rest. - Thanks!

  • I saw one day in London there were some people protesting for violence against women in a country (can't remember what country). I saw some women had put selotape on their mouth and their hands were cuffed to show that women in that country were not allowed to say a lot or do things they want so basically they were not equal to men. I liked that I think it showed what they wanted to say.

  • My art work would be a painting of everyone gathered round in a circle looking at the one who is speaking. They would all be outside in the open and the art will be representing a peaceful protest because people should be able to express themselves with words and they should have their voices heard. Violence isn’t always the answer so this also shares the difference between violence and peace.

  • Hello, reflective_artic_fox here, my art for protest would probably be some sculptures, which demonstrate how different people react to protests. For one, it would be leader shaking hands with a protesting leader. For another, it would be someone trying to respond with a counter protest. One more could be the leader ignoring the protest. Second-to-last would be them trying to pick a fight with the protestors. Finally, one could be them joining in with the protest, or helping making it a reality.
    I chose this type of way to display protest as it focuses on usually the key aspects of protests: to make it work, or to change something. These can be negative, or positive. For the first sculpture, it made the protest quite successful, as they now have the power of the leader to back them up. In the second, it would have a negative impact, as that counter protest could change the impact your own protest has. On the third sculpture, that would also have a negative impact, as the protest would not have the effect it was hoping for, and there would be a lot more time- or none- until they can meet their aims. For the fourth one, that wouldn't be very positive, as the fight could eventually spark a riot, and those are viewed very poorly for some people. Lastly, joining in with the protest would be good for the protest, as it would have one more person supporting their protest, and even better if they are in a position to really help their protest. Above all of these sculptures, there would be the famous John Kennedy's words, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."
    This would help someone understand what protest means, as it is basically saying what the protest is about, and how you can view a protest.
    Thanks for reading.