#8 - A Call for Courtesy!

30 October 2020

Winners Announced!

Thank you for your half-term entries! It's great to see so many still participating even when school is out...

Our two winners this week are:

consistent_starfruit of Michael Faraday School, who combined an eloquent and calm writing style with a powerful and urgent message, well done!

selfassured_journalist of Manor Park Primary School, who wrote with passion and drive and I could easily imagine it being delivered in front of a big crowd. Well done, too!

Two political rivals competing to be governor of the US state of Utah made the news this week, and the reason may surprise you! To enter this week's competition, watch this video first...

Chris Peterson (a Democrat) and Spencer Cox, (A Republican) have taken a refreshing approach to their election race. As you can see in the video, they have released an advert saying how they "can debate issues without degrading each other's character, and disagree without hating each other".

Many have seen this as very different from the personal attacks made in the presidential race, particularly in the first debate..

So this week's challenge is to...

Write an advert to encourage people to show respect to those they disagree with.

Showing respect with those you disagree with involves engaging with ideas and arguments, rather than making it personal. Our opinions can clash without nastiness and name-calling. Your job is to tell people why this is important!

  • Your advert could be aimed at politicians, or the public, or pupils in your school.
  • You could describe a poster or billboard, or write a short script for a television/radio advert, or another kind of advert of your choice! Keep your entry to a maximum of 150 words.
  • Try to come up with a catchy slogan/phrase to make your advert stand out!

The deadline for entries is midday on Friday 30th October. Remember the 150 word limit and good luck!

Comments (26)

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  • Detect And Protect Your Respect

    Every one on this very planet should make sure that even if you disagree with someone you shouldn’t get angry or start to hate them but respect the reasons they disagree with you. If you do things this way it creates a more civilized atmosphere, allows you to continue to have your discussion and creates mutual respect. You can not demand respect but you have to earn it. (73 words)
    Thanks for reading!!

  • not everybody is going to have the same opinion when it comes to voting

  • we need to make sure that we lissen to both sides and then make a choice of who we want to vote for, not everybody will agree on other peoples votes but it doesnt matter what they think it matters that we make up our own mind while we vote.its also important to vote fairly during the session.

  • "Voice with Poise"
    Disagree respectfully and share your opinions in a calm manner, instead of attacking the other candidate or person you're talking to. Applying this to everyone you talk to will ensure both sides are respected, as you are showing kindness to the other person and they will show you the same treatment. Aim to create an accepting environment for people to be comfortable with sharing their views.

  • agree and disagree Your Respect

    Every one on this very planet should make sure that even if you disagree with someone you shouldn’t get angry or start to hate them but respect the reasons they disagree with you. If you do things this way it creates a more civilized atmosphere, allows you to continue to have your discussion and creates mutual respect. You can not demand respect but you have to earn it.
    Thanks for reading!!

    1. Please use only your own words on the Hub, eager_fox. Copying someone else's work and claiming it as your own is not acceptable.

  • "Listen to everyone's vision"
    We aren't all the same, but we have the same rights. Listen to others even if you don't agree with what they say. It's only their own opinion. Everybody has these and you should respect them, not get angry and say something rude or interrupt them. This should occur to everybody. It will make them feel like their voice is accepted and think that they can share it with others, not to be laughed or mocked at. After all, isn't mankind supposed to be kind to one another? Control your temper and don't overreact - it doesn't cause anyone any good, especially yourself.
    Thanks for reading my comment,
    eager_reflection 😄

  • "lets debate but not incite hate"
    In life, it is totally normal for people to have different views on several matters. It is these differences which make each of us unique and hence creative. consequently, our community would be rich and teemed with skilful and talented individuals who would undoubtedly contribute to the thriving of our society. Therefore when we have a platform, like a debate stage, to voice these differences we need to do it in a civilized way and not try to tear each other down. More importantly, let's not forget that being disrespectful will not only offend the person you are debating but also many other supporters or advocates of the same ideas as his. As a result you will be the one to blame in the first place for creating a rift because, either intentionally or unintentionally, your inflammable words incited hate among members of your community and engendered that rift or division.

  • Hello I’m decisive_redcurrant and this is my comment
    If you have 2 candidates don’t just vote one candidate because you think he’s better than other than the other one. Maybe you could try and research about the two candidates or even ask somebody trustworthy.
    Secondly, you could think about who would do a better job of being the President of America as I said before don’t just vote who your friends are votingBut you think you’ll do a great job as being the President of America even if it takes long to decide let it take long the better it takes long the better you know who you will vote . If somebody has a different opinion to you and a different person they want to vote don’t force them to vote who you’re voting because in my opinion that’s highly disrespectful and really rude they have their own decision you have your own to!!! Everyone’s vote counts and not just yours.
    So kindness and respect to other people’s Vote because it’s just as powerful as yours Let people share their views with you and if you don’t agree you don’t have to agree everyone’s accounts and everybody’s views Count.
    Try and create a positive environment around you and others so then people will be happy and America will be a better place.
    Thank you for reading my comment

  • Hello my name is decisive_redcurrant and this is my comment
    We as a country need to welcome people with different opinions then us.
    In my opinion nobody votes is Higher or lower then anybody else's vote everyone's vote counts and everyone vote matters.
    Do not disgrace anyone or hurt anyone just because of there vote, think f they did t to you you wouldn't like it so dont to thing that you dont want others to do to you.
    If somebody has different opinion to you accept it, Nobody is the same everyone is different, everyone has differences everyone has different personality's. All i want to conclude is "ACCEPT PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THERE DIFFERENCES ARE!!"
    Thank you for reading my comment

  • Protect your respect and others
    If you somebody disagrees with you, you shouldn't get mad as everybody has an opinion. Example: Does everybody like cake? Well people might of chose they do or don't this called a opinion. If you were to vote for a election, you wouldn't just vote for one person. Eventhough you want somebody like say Joe biden to win, but you really think that Borris Johnson will lead a better future.

    1. Hi aware_maths - Boris Johnson is the prime minister in the UK, and Joe Biden is running for presidency in America, be careful not to get those confused. These men are not running against one another.

      1. I think aware_maths is talking about the personality of the two politicians and not about the actual people.

  • This advert is to tell people why you should not hate because in the little speech it said that we have disagreements but without hating each other or something like that .Well I think to keep this world a happy world all of you should work together or do your thing and do interfere with other people and respect.Show respect by not get other people's business ,or help them and respect their feeling
    Skillful_conclision ((73 words altogether))
    Bye hope you like reading my advert 😊

  • Disagree. Listen. Respect. Repeat.
    It's fine to disagree. That's natural. However, you also have to respect other ideas. Listen to them. Think through them. If you still disagree, tell the person who suggested the idea. You mustn't shout though. You should politely say you disagree and explain. You should never scream something like,"That idea is awful. Can't you see? You are bad at thinking." Remember, treat others how you want to be treated. People shouldn't feel bad just because you're angry and you disagree. Make the world a comfortable place to live in. Change for the better.

  • Listen and conclude
    If you disagree with something give you no reason not to listen . First, you need to listen to have a better understanding then you can ask questions. Imagine yourself in a position where you have an idea and somebody else doesn't listen to you how would you feel? Finally when you listen to this person's statement then you can conclude your answer when hearing both sides of your speech. I should know this because I used to attack people's ideas and not listen to them. It is better for you to listen and conclude this way you can hear more ideas.


  • That meassge needs to be heard more often when people are agreeing or disagreeing! I think this because people can often be angry if someone disagree. Kindness is a thing that everyone should have and being kind to some one even if they disagree you should still let them speak

  • "Think, and link"
    Whenever in a case of mutual disagreement, always aim to think about values and link your responses to respect. Implementing this little act of civility, and displaying maturity, to everyone will ensure that both arguments are heavily regardful, therefore creating a much more balanced world with more and more people to be less self-conscious to speak for themselves. The result is simple: if you are kind to them, they most likely would treat you in the same way. We need to pursue kindness, and listen in fairness to whatever your opposition is saying, as that may give you a reason to agree with them.

  • Hello , my say is 'You can always agree to disagree'
    now, you might not always agree with other people, but it's no reason not to listen as open mindedness is key. listening to certain things from other view points is a vital part of burnet news club. here we may not always agree or we even may agree to disagree, but everyone has a right and every say is important. you always need to have a better understanding of where people are coming from and why from both sides of the argument so you can come to a conclusion and even make your own out of what others have said.

    1. Well done for linking the skill of listening with open-mindedness, impartial_shark!

  • "Positive, not negative"
    If you get along with your opponent in an election, you can just be happy and you will actually like the person. You don't always have to agree, agree sometimes but mostly disagree because if you always agree and had the same ideas, it wouldn't matter who the voters vote for so difference is important. They treat you the way you treat them so be positive, not negative.

  • Education and environment

    I think Pupils should always try their best n their tests and always try to help the environment because without a

    healthy environment you wouldn't be able to live your life properly. education because if you don't have good education

    you won't get your dream job such as a scientist you need to be good at science and chemistry you always

    should try new things .

    if you want to be a teacher you have to be good at a lot of subjects you need to be educated as well
    here are the the key subjects you need to be good at a primary school


    From Jovial_eel

  • Everyone is entitled to have an opinion!

    Just because someone's opinion is different from yours, doesn't make them less important. It is always good to listen to each other so that you can work out your disagreements. Even if you want to disagree with someone's opinion, do it respectfully. If you are a candidate in any kind of vote, (school council, Prime minister, president e.t.c) try to be kind to your other candidate(s) while you still debate your point.

  • Listening to others doesn't hurt!
    Anyone can disagree or think that an idea is what they think it should be, but there is so need to be rude about it. Think about why the idea is not suitable and then say that you disagree and explain.

  • Listen Debate Understand Respect.

    No matter who you are talking to, no matter what they say and no matter what you are voting for be respectful. Even if you disagree try to show kindness and listen to others opinions. Just because you don’t have the same choice as somebody else doesn’t mean you should show hatred. Understand what they are saying and explain your opinion. So in the end everyone can let there point be shown.
    Thank you for reading,

  • Listen,Understand, conclude and correct
    People can disagree with your opinion and you can disagree about other peoples opinions but don’t take it personally And don’t hurt others feelings.
    Show kindness and show respect to others listen to what they say and they will listen to what you say if you disagree with a point that they said explain to them that you don’t agree and give good reasoning why are you disagree.Force people to vote for a pacific candidate because you are voting for that candidate then vote for who they want and let there voices be heard

  • Listen learn Explain and complain
    Sometimes I really wonder why people hate each other listen to everybody’s opinion even if you don’t agree with it give good summarising and good reasoning why are you disagree And they will do the same thing back to you. One key phrase I want to say is Treat others how you want to be treated. Don’t force people to vote for a candidate because you want them to vote for that candidate and let others vote for who they want and let them have their own rights. Everybody should have their own world with their own opinions and their own thoughts. Let others be heard and yourself also Everyone’s vote counts and everybody’s voice should be heard.
    Treat others how you want to be treated

  • Showing respect to the candidate that you don’t agree with can help the person that you agree with get more votes or help more people to use the vote that they are given. Even if they don't show respect back, you can always be the bigger person and if you show respect to the people who are voting then that can persuade them to change their vote. If the candidates show respect to each other it might make the election more enjoyable and it can help the people who want to vote by giving them a sense of what the candidates are like and how they act in difficult situations, debates, or how they are going to act with the public after the election. If the candidates show their respect to one another then it could rub off on children and other people who aren’t voting. Respect is something that everyone should have.

  • Not everybody is going to have the same opinion when it comes to voting because other people are going to vote for what is good for them and who they want to pick. There is no right or wrong , answer it is your opinion and your opinion only.however values like freedom and equality for all races, genders and sexual orientation are hugely important when choosing how to vote.